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While most styles of bags aim to provide a wealth of space for you carry your daily accessories and oft used items, they are not always appropriate for every situation. Bags that can carry a lot of items are also large, heavy, and do not always feel the most comfortable when worn for long periods of time.

The top 10 most popular Crossbody Bag and Purse based on sales on the website BestReviews.Tips. Updated daily.

1. Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Crossbody Leather Bag – Most Styled Crossbody Bag


Michael Kors prides itself as a brand that can provide designer fashion for all people and occasions. Moreover, the eponymous founder and famed designer stresses a philosophy of elegance and sophistication. That is why it is no surprise that the Jet Set crossbody bag is the most styled we reviewed.

With 21 different styles to choose from, there is certain to be a bag for every occasion and every person’s taste available. Moreover, The Jet Set also uses high quality Saffiano leather, a type of crosshatched top grain leather. Aside from providing a chic look, the Saffiano leather also makes this one of the more durable crossbody bags.

Unfortunately, that luxury comes at a bit of a steeper cost compared to other crossbody bags. Moreover, this bag is definitely on the smaller end, little more than a wallet. To make matters worse, it is the only bag we reviewed without any compartments.

  • Saffiano leather is one of the best used
  • Comes in 21 different styles
  • One of the more durable crossbody bags
  • Is exceedingly small shoulder purse
  • Does not provide many compartments
  • Is somewhat expensive

2. The Sak Iris Crossbody Bag – Best Casual Crossbody Bag


While it is undeniably a designer brand, The Sak is actually far more well-known for its hand woven bags than its leather ones. As such, leather bags made by The Sak have a bit of a hit or miss reputation. This is a bit surprising considering The Sak uses artisans to craft their products.

Of course, part of the issue with The Sak leather bags are the fact that they most often use genuine leather, the lowest grade of leather. This can lead to a number of issues, but with the Iris, durability is definitely one of them. The rings that connect the strap is known to separate from the bag’s body.

However, the Iris does offer a wide variety of styles, 14 in total, which is more than most other bags. Moreover, this bag walks the line between being small in profile while roomy enough for common, larger items–like a cell phone. Finally, the Iris offers a good variety of 5 compartments for organization.

  • Provides a good number of compartments
  • Is a reasonable price
  • Offers an adequate amount of storage
  • Comes in 14 different styles
  • The bag has a strong chemical odor
  • The strap and lining are not at all durable
  • The leather is a lower quality

3. Coach Signature File Crossbody Bag F34938 – Best Vegan Crossbody Bag


As one of the biggest name in designer bags and boasting a sterling reputation as a master leather maker, it is a bit surprising that the Coach bag is the only one on our list that is not made out of real leather. However, with cruelty-free campaigns and the rise of vegan lifestyle into the forefront of culture, it makes sense that the brand with the most experience in leather is also able to make the best faux leather crossbody purse.

Using a proprietary form of PVC leather, or polyvinyl chloride, Coach is able to make a bag that looks and feels like leather without the moral ambiguity. Moreover, this bag comes in 13 different styles to choose from and uses a sateen fabric for its interior lining.

Still, this crossbody purse is definitely on the smaller side, though it is by no means as small as some of the clutch-sized crossbody bags. Unfortunately, it does not offer much in the way of organization either with only three compartments. And of course, as a designer vegan handbag, it is somewhat pricey.

  • Body made from PVC
  • Coach crossbody clutch comes in 13 different styles
  • Lining is luxurious sateen
  • Does not provide many compartments
  • Is somewhat small vegan leather purse
  • Is somewhat expensive vegan crossbody purse

4. ILI Women’s Leather Shoulder Handbag with Side Organizer – Most Compartmented Crossbody Bag


ILI may not be as well known as some of the other brands on our list, but like Coach, ILI has a focus on making some of the highest quality leather accessories on the market. Unfortunately, unlike some of the other leather-centric brands on the list, ILI does use the lowest grade of leather with their products–genuine leather.

To make matters a bit more frustrating for this bag in particular, though not necessarily representative of the brand, the lining of the ILI is made out of a synthetic vinyl material as a faux leather. Finally, the bag is a bit on the small side.

Still, the diminutive size may not matter quite as much, because this bag has more compartments than any other we reviewed. In fact, the ILI has an entire side organizer that is intended to be used as a wallet–freeing up the space the main compartment does have for other items.
  • Provides a surprising number of compartments
  • Comes in 12 different styles
  • A reasonably priced crossbody bag
  • Is a tad on the small size
  • Genuine leather is the lowest grade
  • Lining made out of synthetic vinyl

5. Lecxci Small Luxury Genuine Leather Crossbody Purses – Best Large Crossbody Bag


Unlike the other brands on this list Lecxci does not focus exclusively on fashion clothing or accessories–though the majority of their products are in that market. In fact, Lecxci offers a number of items that are designed for utility more than anything else–like phone stands and carabiners. Furthermore, the brand does not even utilize storefronts and focuses exclusive in online transactions.

Still, the Lecxci does offer a decent crossbody bag, and arguably one of the most convenient and useful large crossbody bags. However, this size may be a bit more than desired, though it is by no means as big as a shoulder bag for women’s. The Lecxci also provides a wealth of compartments for all of your smaller items.

However, it does have some issues with its leather. For one, the body of the bag is surprisingly stiff, though not so much that it completely holds its shape. Moreover, it has strap issues similar to The Sak Iris, except this time the problem is with the strap itself and not the connecting ring.
  • Offers a good amount of storage
  • Provides a large number of compartments
  • The lining and zippers are durable
  • Small crossbody purse comes in 5 different styles
  • The leather is not soft
  • The strap is not that durable

6. Fossil Preston Crossbody Bag – Best Expandable Crossbody Bag


While definitely a well-respected brand, Fossil is not necessarily a name you hear tossed around with other major players in designer fashion. This is largely due to the fact that the brand specializes in making high quality watches, though leather products is actually its second largest market.

Still, Fossil definitely has a tendency to focus more of the utilitarian aspects of their products than the designer elements. In this regard, that focus definitely show both positively and negatively. For instance, the Preston only comes in 5 different styles and has a shorter drop than is ideal.

However, the Preston is a good sized bag that features a zipper expansion to allow more storage capacity if desired. Moreover, while the lining is made of fabric–often a risky move–it is a cotton twill which is both soft and durable.
  • Twill cotton fabric lining
  • Fossil purse offers a good amount of storage
  • Cute shoulder bag for school can expand to increase storage
  • Has a shorter shoulder drop
  • Fossil leather crossbody bag is somewhat expensive
  • Only comes in 5 different styles

7. Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Large Phone Crossbody Bag – Best Lined Crossbody Bag


Michael Kors actually has two different crossbody handbags in its Jet Set lineup. This one is designed to be more of the chic crossbody bag for more specific occasions and will not fit what everyone is looking for in an everyday bag. However, this is arguably a more luxurious bag than the other Jet Set.

For one, this bag uses the Saffiano leather that Michael Kors often favors with its leather products. The Saffiano leather is soft while also remaining durable, providing the best of both worlds. Moreover, the Jet Set Phone crossbody bag also lines the interior of the bag with leather.

Unfortunately, the “Phone” designation is a bit of a warning in some respects as you will not be able to fit much more than a phone, cards, and money in the bag. Furthermore, the bag only sports a single extra compartment, so every small item will either need to fit there or sit at the bottom.

  • Saffiano leather is one of the best used
  • A snap closure balances security and ease
  • Lined in soft, durable leather
  • Michael Kors designer clutch comes in 8 different styles
  • Is exceedingly small mini purse
  • Does not provide many compartments
  • Is somewhat expensive

8. Cluci Leather Designer Satchel Purse – Best Tote Crossbody Bag


Cluci is another brand that has eschewed the traditional format of a designer company in favor of a more agile system. This brand does not own storefronts and does not sell their goods in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. However, the brand is somewhat dedicated to fashion products and accessories.

Moreover, this is the only tote bag we reviewed that uses full grain leather–the highest grade of leather available. These Cluci leather purses for ladies are made by hand and use excellent stitching techniques which reinforces the already durable full grain leather with a sturdy construction.

Unfortunately, that high quality and durable full grain leather does come at the cost of comfort. In fact, this bag is extremely thick. This may not be much of an issue otherwise, but its size will only remind you of how firm the leather actually is.
  • Full grain leather is the highest quality
  • Handmade construction is exceptionally durable
  • Offers a good number of compartments
  • Comes in 7 different styles
  • A fairly stiff crossbody satchel
  • An exceptionally large crossbody bag

9. Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Cami Convertible Crossbody Bag – Best Clutch Crossbody Purse


Kate spade is a brand that can be seen as in direct competition with Michael Kors. The brand was originated by a fashion journalist and onetime editor of the Mademoiselle fashion magazine. Similar to Michael Kors, the brand aims to blend sophistication with elegance.

Also similar to its competition, the kate spade Cedar Street Cami crossbody is made from crosshatched leather, though the kate spade does not use the same Saffiano brand. Still, this provides an excellent blend of comfort, durability, and style. The latter of those three is only reinforced by the Cedar Street Cami providing 13 styles to choose from.

However, this is actually one of the smallest crossbody bags we reviewed. In fact, it is so small that the brand recommends using it as a clutch in the evening. Aside from the sparse space, the kate spade cell phone purse with shoulder strap also only provides a single compartment which will further limit the convenience of this womens leather clutch.

  • Phone purse comes in 13 different styles
  • A snap closure balances security and ease
  • Made from high quality crosshatched leather
  • kate spade crossbody clutch is exceedingly small
  • Does not provide many compartments
  • Has a shorter shoulder drop
  • Is somewhat expensive

10. The Sak Silverlake Crossbody Bag – Best Messenger Crossbody Bag


Though it is made from leather instead of woven like classic bags made by The Sak, the Silverlake still manages to blend some of the South Asian influences the brand is known for. The fringe and beaded tassels add a striking contrast to the leather.

While not the largest, the Silverlake still provides a robust amount of storage space and complements that with a good number of additional compartments. Moreover, you can choose from 16 different styles, some more adventurous than others.

Sadly the brand still has not figured out how to avoid the durability issues that comes with using the lowest grade, genuine leather. Moreover, the ring that holds the shoulder strap sits right on the collar bone which many people find uncomfortable for long periods of time.

  • Offers a good amount of storage
  • Comes in 16 different styles
  • Provides a decent number of compartments
  • A magnetic closure is the least secure
  • Is not the most durable crossbody bag
  • Does not have the most comfortable strap

Buyer’s Guide:


The most common type of material used for these crossbody bags is leather with an exception here or there. However, not all leathers are the same with varying grades of quality, not to mention a number of manufacturing and embellishing processes to add flair to a classic design. If not leather, these crossbody bags will instead lean on a proprietary material, like Coach’s PVC leather.

Genuine leather:

Genuine leather is the lowest grade of real leather used for clothing and accessories. Instead of selecting a layer of skin, genuine leather is actually made of various sheets or strips of leather adhered by either glue or thermal bonding. Genuine leather is the least durable type of leather, but it is also often significantly less expensive than higher quality grades of leather.

Top Grain:

Top grain leather is technically the middle grade of leather, but it is often preferred for use with clothing and accessories. This type of leather uses the uppers layers of skin and each layer is distinct–rather than being multiple pieces. Top grain is often the softest grade of leather and is significantly lighter than full grain leather. However, it is not quite as durable as full grain leather, but is often less expensive.

Full Grain:

While full grain is graded as the highest quality of leather, it is not always favored when making clothes or accessories. This is because full grain leather is both fairly heavy and not nearly as pliable as other grades of leather. However, full grain leather is also the most durable grade of leather, often lasting for years and potentially replaced just for novelty and not necessity. Full grain leather is the most expensive grade of leather.


While there are a wide variety of different types of textured leathers, most share on thing in common: they are generally made from top grain leather. This is because top grain leather’s pliability and natural softness lends itself better to texturing process than full grain but can still handle the manufacturing processes that make the texture–something genuine leather cannot always do. Suede, pebbled, and crosshatched are the most common types of textured leather.

PVC Leather:

Generally when looking for leather clothing or accessories, you will want to make sure that you are buying the real thing. However, people who have a moral objection to wearing or using animal skins can still appreciate the beautiful appearance and feel of leather. Unfortunately, most synthetic leathers are made simply to provide a less expensive alternative, and are not generally that high of quality. Still, some designer brands make it a point to develop high quality synthetic leathers so they can still appeal to customers that do not want to wear real leather.

Shoulder Drop:

While the drop of any bag is important, whether shoulder or handle, the shoulder drop of a crossbody bag is more important than the drop on most other bag types. This is because the crossbody bag will ultimately require a significantly larger drop than all but perhaps a satchel silhouette. Of course, satchels are often designed to be worn on the shoulder, so even that is not consistent.

However, a crossbody bag is almost to exclusion designed to be worn crossbody and not on a single shoulder. As such, this style of bag will need a shoulder drop that is no less that 20” but generally closer to the 25” range. Moreover, because a crossbody bag has to accommodate three dimensions, instead of just two, it often needs to be adjustable as well.


One might think that because a crossbody bag is often selected as an attempt at simplifying that the compartments of the bag are less important. However, the compartments of a smaller bag are arguably more important than for a larger bag specifically because a judicious use of the available space is more vital.

With a larger bag, a poorly designed compartment will not necessarily be as bad, because the larger bag is liable to have other compartments that are more functional. On the other hand, a smaller bag needs to ensure that each compartment is optimally useful since there is less room for waste or error.


Pockets are often the largest type of compartment after the main. These pockets will be designated for holding a phone or a larger item–depending on the overall size of the crossbody bag. Moreover, these compartments will come with some type of closure–generally a zipper, snap, or velcro. A crossbody bag may not even have a pocket, and rarely will this style boast more than three.


Slips are the most common type of compartment associated with a crossbody bag, because they are much smaller in design. Whereas a pocket will occupy a certain amount of space whether empty or full, slips are easier to lay completely flat and will not occupy as much room if unused. However, slips do not have closures making them far less stable and potentially allowing the held contents to spill out into the main compartment.


Because they are carried in a more stable manner, the closure of a crossbody bag is not necessarily as important as it would be with a clutch, handbag, or shoulder bag. Still, the closure of any bag is relevant, because a poor closure can result in the contents of the bag spilling out. Moreover, more secure closures act as a protective measure against thieves.

What about the secrets of The Queen’s handbag revealed ?


Zippers are the most secure closure–assuming they zip entirely. If the zipper leaves openings at one or both ends, contents may still spill out of the bag. Still, this closure is popular for its utility. While zippers are not necessarily inconvenient, they are also not the most convenient closure, making them less desirable if you expect to go into the bag quite often. It is also important to look for higher quality zippers like YKK.


Clasps are one of the least common types of closures for crossbody women’s handbags. For one, a clasp will not close the bag entirely which can lead to security issues or spillage should you drop the bag. Moreover, clasps are the least convenient type of closure, often requiring two hands to undo. Finally, the aesthetic benefit of a clasp is often lost on a crossbody where it is often too large for the bag.


Along with zippers, snaps are some of the most common and favored type of closure used with crossbody bags. Depending on the design of the bag, a snap closure can be fairly effective at preventing any contents from spilling. However, snap closures are some of the least secure–especially in urban areas with heavy commuter traffic. Still, clasps are an excellent balance between security and convenience while taking up or requiring less space.


A similar alternative to the snap is the magnetic closure. This type of closure goes for maximum convenience but does so at the loss of even more security. Where a snap closure will generally remain closed even if dropped, a magnetic may not. Moreover, it is far easier to open a magnetic closure without the wearer noticing than it is a snap closure.


Whether for fashion, comfort, or utility, there is a crossbody bag on this list that will certainly meet your needs. Granted, few bags can accomplish all things, but that is why there are different types of bags.

Still, there are a number of hybrid crossbody bags that can convert as the situation may call. For instance, the Michael Kors Jet Set Phone Crossbody bag can easily be converted to a night time clutch with its folding silhouette and small size.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Lecxci or The Sak Silverlake both offer a wealth of room while maintaining a nice profile, while the Lecxci and ILI offers the most organizational options with numerous compartments.

Purse NameSize, inchColor 
Michael Kors Styled Crossbody Bag miniMichael Kors Styled Bag
Review & Video
9 x 6 x 221Check Price
The Sak Iris Crossbody Bag miniThe Sak Iris Bag
Review & Video
12 x 11 x 314Check Price
Coach Vegan Crossbody Bag miniCoach Vegan Bag
Review & Video
12 x 10 x 113Check Price
ILI Side Organizer Bag miniILI Organizer Bag
10 x 9 x 212Check Price
Lecxci Crossbody Purse miniLecxci Purse
Review & Video
11 x 9 x 45Check Price
Fossil Preston Crossbody Bag mini1504/Fossil Preston Bag
Review & Video
10 x 8 x 3 5Check Price
Michael Kors Phone Crossbody Bag miniMichael Kors Phone Bag
Review & Video
7 X 5 X 28Check Price
Cluci Tote Crossbody Bag miniCluci Tote Bag
Review & Video
11 x 8 x 6 9Check Price
Kate Spade New York Cedar Bag miniKate Spade NY Cedar Bag
Review & Video
7 x 5 x 1
13Check Price
The Sak Silverlake Crossbody Bag miniThe Sak Silverlake Bag
Review & Video
11 x 9 x 3
16Check Price