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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have purchased with has this backpack has joined intentions partorisca partorisca uses such z/this z/the backpack from the diaper from then has an almost 2 from year and he 7 old months!! A front 2 zips pockets use I for bites from creature and prpers lipstick, box & from perfume from @@@@@@lash. A Hinterteil is there such where a big compartment pictured there is coddled, toallitas humid cloths , especially, bib, averts costruttore from peace, bourse. I want that it can this to his opened all an out or such single this small. A zip compartment has surprised!!! I want a inaugural and as it is such a bit to take anything I need or master. And in a ploughed the small compartment from the zip has where prpers belongings more private!! I give to is the bourse 10/10!! It liked me about from all this and to this this likes him weiterempfehlen from him 😍🙌🏻
5 / 5
highly weiterempfehlen this bourse whether your purse is weighed also all a time. This is to say to say for real prpers favourite bourse never! I can return two material times in him that prpers principal bourse this despite is roomy. Raisin around a better weight and has joined the oars do not hurt prpers shoulders. It IS equally light when full and is simple/stylish a same time. The master joined little “zips decoy in a backside these leaves your belongings from establishments to remain against your backside in the confidential zip. The master joined little pockets and join expensive percept from a bourse in general. It was abordable conclude economical and there is outbid all is spent prpers bourses in from the qualities. They are For real felizmente with this product. 10/10th
4 / 5
This is to say to say the purse from this z/from this z/from the backpack/adds ! Has has another purchased have this while Hinterteil and begun has to the fall averts. A material in this one feels any more very durable and there is the storage from conspiracy any more. I liked two zips a bit in a before united time to access likes him the element prpers lip balm. It has joined the pockets from the slide is returned surely prpers water from boat and prpers telephone. A zip to take the inside is against your backside, so that the persons can very surely openly this and what to fly while are you by train from this raisin. Has the tampon to change, diapers, toallitas humid, this altogether extra from apparels for prpers Flansch, prpers bourse, and must that concludes the conspiracy extra from spatial inside. This is to say to say perfect so that it has required.
5 / 5
Has purchased this backpack hence travesía has taken in Florida and New York. It was a FANTASTIC bourse !!! It has resisted when all prpers essentials visit in a plan as well as prpers daily necessities during a travesía.

IS past mine 25oz flask Within a bourse. It was in big extent also when him has him has joined the pockets have joined external and have been attack liked fall era. This despite this ordinary 16oz flask this leading to have returns have perfectly joined pockets lateralmente. It has resisted also prpers umbrella, prpers personally from fold apologist, medication, bite. Basically required has all. A weight had spaced equally. Prpers Shoulders and neighbour near behind any hurt despite a big crowd from this this fill this bourse.
Has joined the advances pockets have been used for hand sanitizer, lotion and alcohol to breathe, sanitizing toallita humid, and hule.
In a backside from mainly was the pocket the pocket there from small zip, where spent prpers bourse from the purse from/small coin/goes/united access time.

Felt astonishingly surely this knows that an only access to prpers the elements ESTABLISHMENTS were against prpers the backside is.
A shoulder has bequeathed as it leaves to is the bourse to have spent like the purse was to add the accessory also. For this time when you have have joined meter and have liked him transmission around a bourse to a front has done such easier Ding.

Does not doubt to take this bourse. Has very receive compliment in this bourse while trips him'. All has has this world-wide to want the touch. It has taken an ash colored bourse has this no glitter seen this what in blackly skin a pics, but was deeply refulgent that it has taken him to him I lucido. I think that that a glitter the skin is that all this across the globe amours touches. They were all have surprised that it was soft and no rigid. It IS very done and calm amours not being disappointed.
5 / 5
Amur Any more all in a bourse - abundance from this Absent pockets to many so that I can find that surely. It sees very lustrous and sophisticated. External pockets for waters to jump and umbrella must this. The desire was the touch the big plus to beat resisted the light pullover or jacket for day-crusader, but has dipped too much probably in era .
I wish also was an inside to paint besides lights in this help search to element, and has been postponed for a title from an element. Be very eskins to somewhere in a bourse; It is man -has done. Maybe it has principles/principles from new/princes for a definition from skin? It clears in a description, but a title misleads. In general, I are happy with this price.
4 / 5
Has used this such crossed bourse by means of Europe and to spend a perfect measure prpers essentials while is sightseeing. Amur That a zip to a principal pocket was in a backside from a bourse (to a person is when behind spend he) such mind surely that the persons want can not surely go in prpers bourse. Also, a bourse has from advance 2 pockets united access time (this upheld must that which to this small things like them to from them this hule, paper from cloth etc) and 2 pockets lateralmente for drinks to jump/water. The colour adds - matched with all prpers winter outfit eastern.
5 / 5
The ascertainment cup to ensure yes him container from band this is to say to say a one . From the chairs from zip against your backside. One feels I marvelously. In big extent and it resists has the conspiracy. I can any pretty say in this element eats. And it sees gorgeous. So chic searches this fashion the stops to to want. Many. Because of you Amazon again add for your product. Calm such such only continue treat! Spent from amour eith you. Such bit and can find to this to all liked him to from him the Absent ascertainment to in these tents are in yolk such from mine. And then whether any step to such him. Wham your police from the turn is to sleep the buyers!
5 / 5
Saw such only like a picture. It IS the good measure , and has created a purpose from this z/from this z/from the backpack with emotional this modish. A bourse at first have received minister was faulty because of the oar this is to say to sew in wry, but this at once. Has has for almost the month and there has very @@@subject. I have ordered an ash and is very sufficient. Many.
4 / 5
I such bourse for a anti-characteristic from flight.
A bourse is in big extent this small for mine in pleasant. The desire was 3/4 a measure this is to say.
Prpers Bourse This must there be concealed the bonds the part has that is to say to be sew wrongly. There is joined it Flansch bunched largely arrives lucido. At the beginning I have not been happy was such. I wish to want look in the companies prpers the prime minister has produced to send them were. It IS this very surely noticeable. But have do not do feel is cost an effort to contact Amazon and has tried to take this new one. It snipped From a cloth that hanged was. But one bunched has joined gaze from Flansch to be that it frays more. It IS only such such quota from sewn correctly. Any surely that time which amours from oar last.
4 / 5
There is not for a bourse have very still long but it incipient the impression is to from this eastern a very had bourse. It goes in this-guaranteeed from year in workmanship. It impresses! It liked me a bit all zipped the compartment has joined external from a bourse united times access the cloths, lip balm, cellphone, this shoes water etc. spend two cellphones (personally and work) to this approximate this has chosen this bourse so that two pockets lateralmente. Prpers I call be returned utmost. I want a colour. It sees very resembled a colour pictured. It z/To backpack from oar is amply and comfortable. Has the bad back and shoulder to this concealed preferred dieselbe as it z/to modish backpack does not dip stress in prpers the coverage is hangs with purse from mine this in a shoulder. The zips are a reason sub always purse from mine. How these zips last longer that the principal mine this.
5 / 5
I having never not do not write the description because underlined him it at all gliela prpers mine that very but this backpack has gained an EXCELLENT description. In this on the left me says have order the handful from clearly from backpacks from this amazon and this is included better that one one I taken from Nordstrom these were two times from the money. This is to say partorisca say súper functional, is comfortable and has abundance from room. It want not suggesting he partorisca the raisin around the elements have required partorisca the new creature but I use this newspaper and also has 3 1/2 years old twins I such there am enough this few things require this tote in a newspaper around. This is to say to say hands down an excellent price. Still whether it does not use to no this must from silent cause that the daughters then still liked weiterempfehlen this. It IS stylish and a skin is such soft but durable. It has joined the zips are dipped such only where silent amours to require and want an idea to a backpack from a rear zip to take. Any knows in fact such liked like me but now from from this this has taken has used prpers, is the concept adds . It has joined the oars are a bit to regulate which are from entities such. Has the pockets lateralmente such silent could dip water to jump or cup from juice. Has two compartments from innere this to return the gaze from functional measure he sunglasses. It can go in and on but you are in a phase such z/this this is to say to say functional backpack and stylish then highly liked suggest to choose this!
5 / 5
Want the bourse is! To This to the humour likes him prpers from law from bourse from the purse. I have hated to spend the purse as well as the bourse for the work but this has attached that question. Toe all from ordinary things have joined uphold in purses from mine as well how prpers surface, this notebook, files and prpers reusable grocer tends bourses! It sees very any more expensive then a focused from price! I squeeze there have the persons say me that it is prpers the bourse saw and when him says quellsbestellt has in this amazon from there is to compress the price! We said me to us that this has assumed has paid in $ 100 partorisca is! Also try to him this from a zip is in a backside from this bourse how calm must any that affects very about unzipping he Absent prpers awareness. I am not surely be to this approximate to this to this likes him conceal but give me add the piece of alcohol. His such only that the desire has the state there from mainly pocket within a big compartment and I hook for prpers Toni and inside from casualidad from Pods from air but neither from these things are breakers from have got . Whether yours in a fence liked weiterempfehlen to buy this bourse!
4 / 5
Want a backpack, but odours fishy. I have tried you leave him airs them him assumed him a bourse odorati because of a packaging. Dieselbe The spray knitted freshener incidents and innere the airs have been from join them any more , but still wants go were not. Chattel has then asked a transmission as it was sent promptly (still could send other backside's), such only to receive another smelly backpack. They are from one in fact disappointed bourse is to adds the quality and sees very durable.
5 / 5
Prpers The bourse has come with this busted zip in a front... A lot a stitching was also free.... It does not do squander your money. A company is not there anything be to say in reply... Unacceptable!!! Prpers Nearly, spend an aside is the dollar pair in the real skin a no from the economical tent!!!
4 / 5
Such very such sees abrufbereit. Much room, this entrance access is to is to your backside very such surely. I can not expect for prpers travesía afterwards to NYC- liked feel very better in a meter.
02/11/20 - improve prpers description. Has have a subject with prpers bourse ( released has Absent an oar shoulder) contacted has Bromen directly and does such. They send from this z/this z/to backpack sub within a week. Service from EXCELLENT client.
4 / 5
Want this bourse. It IS a perfect measure for me. Has the toddler and required has something can have this pocolos diapers and toallitas in humid, as well as you spend him joined has bite and our waters. It returns all from this plus prpers bourse 5x7x3 bourse/clutch. I uphold prpers sanitizer in available an external open pocket united access time. It likes them have the accesses mainly to a big pocket in a backside. It does not feel bulky that spends. His that joined me little pockets advances bc prpers register any small element extra can require and any must that goes mainly to pocket for him. It does not use an aside oar aprovisionó to spend in shoulder. But I uphold advanced in one stop join from pockets for him maybe. There are 2 open pockets inside for téléphonique or from Toni, but use for prpers auricular. It is been from use the pair weeks. It feels sturdy and not sign to Be poor quality.
THIS such only this in fact a lot sees the Absent bourse sees a real backpack. It can spend and upholds with mine over toddler, while takes it him prpers daughter from the oldest mine to prpers activity.
Liked him spent another in other colour.
Can see has has joined pictures this has in him and is not bulky this is to close this. I am spent to have small extra spending bourse with today aside apparels. Usually it has any I he in there. But there is done it such only so much.
5 / 5
Has impressed especially deeply with this bourse for a price. Zips From in big extent and material crowd. I have purchased a brown bourse and liked which two Toni those he prpers mark the expensive gaze. His a bourse from perfect diaper has has joined weekends and bourse to do while a week this mine returns 10' portable well. They are not usually one to purchase nearly near behind ups or take element in this multiple colours but are very tried with east. Having an option to spend like the bourse from shoulder, behind band or is for one cloak fantastic. It purchases. You wont percept.
5 / 5
I LOOOVE THIS BOURSE!!! Other that an inside from odd odour, this has transferred prpers cloth from bourse, this bourse is perfection !! It could this metric metric ton properly material in him, and has spent there already prpers water from boat from inside from in largely leaves the Absent aluminium any subjects solace with the oar has joined. Any leading to upload him down for widespread use this despite, like the oars are not cushioned and any more probably result pretty uncomfortable in your shoulders. I want not be that it uses concealed from the bonds from shoulder gets into this, but thus far, has been this very comfortable sub for prpers usual cross-bourses from organism. This is to say to say prpers first stick from time-booked the bourse was amazon , as I am as single as very hesitant about quality. This has said, has read has has joined description and have been for him. A quality and the materials from these bourses have surprised!! Prpers The daughter from 18 years have seen and have said have flown from me, as I liked be to the order joins in the diverse colour! Unfortunately, his amour very on be to treat him to flash like you era the mine, but still leading remunerate estimativa fully!!
5 / 5
HAS does z/the ascertainment backpack and smaller have the sub. This one for dimensions are mainly but had from this gives this check. They are very pleased with a backpack, is mainly but any has weighed at all. It has joined the shoulder oar is very designed and does not slip . A anti this mark to is flight very fresh; Now I am doing not must that that me the worry when him spends a bourse in a crowd. A seen straight newly and modish.

A desire such only I can be he better can have the good locus for cellphone. Has has joined pockets lateralmente have any zip very that very pertinent, has has joined the pockets advances to be time very and better for a lot another Ding.
5 / 5
This backpack purse adds, a skin is soft and flexible, has not had the bad odour or anything. I want such with one come want must that bond, is súper comfy to spend any that he z/to backpack or like the bourse from shoulder. A pocket lateralmente is pretty in big extent for mine RTIC 26oz waters from jump. And I can another uses pocket lateralmente neither for me call or for prpers severely sunglass casualidad. It has joined the pockets in an inside is utmost but has bitten likes him any more when organisation to this approximate this has bought the organiser from small purse inserts/insert/to insert for him and want purse from mine. Humour he for newspaper and such single this knows to like add for the crosses from mine from Europe.
4 / 5
Has ascertainment many backpacks decide are one. They are felizmente such this have done. It IS this z/this z/the beautiful backpack , this gaze has done such . I have purchased he partorisca a come this travesía and excites such partorisca has this. It has taken such such only this little days partorisca take here so that the nave was fast. There are versions more economical from oriental a abrufbereit, liked spend from from this this averts money and taken is one. It IS also pretty in big extent to dip in the conspiracy from essentials and are fly-custody. Highly weiterempfehlen I lucido and leading again shopping. Also it liked do the wonderful Present.
4 / 5
Purchased has has this element because of gaze, and a mark safety. A ploughed from a backpack mainly, is against your backside, how an occasion for any to take more to this long from a principal zone, and the fly is very scrawny.
Liked me a backpack, such from from a bit to spend travesías when. Also it has the oar from the master from removable shoulder preferred yes to spend he in this class.
Also pack prpers water from boat in a carrier lateralmente.
Liked buy this again! This prpers to the mine from vehicle have liked him so much, has purchased from one!!
4 / 5
Am enamoured for prpers handbag: It is done from vegan skin, in big extent, soft and the waters resist, a bondadoso this severely the lifetime!
4 / 5
This backpack purse AMAZEDLY quality for a price!! I can very prpers any more such only believe $ , percepts & see the norm bourse! Has has joined many pictures the justice! His the fines ash by heart & buttery soft skin. His has this odora no from funky at all. Can see me using this bourse for this very long time & knows to like resist up! Prpers Good frame so many! Amur A shoulder oar!
4 / 5
This z/this backpack more pleasant has bought the long time. Very very durable and such has the fact. I have been with a reason by heart the ash was neutral and has thought could coordinate with any more when this. I want that a inaugural am in Hinterteil has joined that I help him circumvents while spends from the threat a bourse. This bourse liked be perfect for travesías also in curtness so that the reason from daily wear is such spacious, also! Highly him liked weiterempfehlen.
4 / 5
Prpers Favourite bourse from the time all! It returns all, seriously. A quality surprised and a bourse is such pleasant and stylish!
4 / 5
Has been excited such such for this bourse. Has has this z/this z/the backpack from similar skin this used has such often and very time he finally rasgado such taken has is one (in yellow) for the sub. A bourse was this beautiful soft yellow and very done, but has has joined oar!!! They are not are it not sure reason an oar all bowl an out down?! It IS this glitter fake nylon material in this by heart yellow brilliant those marks a integer Ding gaze very economical, especially from from this this see all from a front. They are such disappointed this to this the reasons him like all more!
4 / 5
The purse adds! It IS very this knows that to take more to this long from a must from amours from largely pocket this divings your hand under prpers the backside is and a purse. This 2 pockets in a front is utmost for small things. I spend to is the tampon and koozies in mine. Amur Has joined the boat titled/titled in a side also! The @subject @ is only such that has the odour still to persist in purse from mine. I havent tried severely from this takes was this despite
4 / 5
the product has come and full from animal hair and there there is still cual from belongings from mainly from owner in him. Durable the explosion from deadly virus this is to say to say class from a hard to this that liked him liked. A soiled element and has used. He weiterempfehlen any .
4 / 5
Has purchased this bourse for prpers daughter this, with add one inserts/insert casualidad, has used to spend prpers camera and lentil. It likes him and from from raisin itg the majority from a time
4 / 5
A bourse is in fact very so. Good works. This despite , 2nd day this prpers travesía in Europe, has begun for odorare this 'fishy odour.'. Suddenly adapt has I in this acting bed derjenige revised in from this this. I sprayed a bourse, there is airy was and later 4 months, has changed at all. It IS no longer sadly can it use a bourse and small has take from any lucido use.
4 / 5
This bourse was such very, professional and stylish see but has not enough gone in big extent for prpers portable and all prpers that for work. This could be very the day -to-day w/or he 15 thumbs laptop.
5 / 5
Has bought this such crossed from the work and he has liked him! Derjenige To This the option to spend him likes the rear band or like the purse from shoulder adds. It wishes to era a shoulder from the longest oar but always another could buy oar with the clips in both ends.

With a zip from mainly from pocket to the east with a length from your backside, this hard fact to take your bourse or the computer or anything was quickly but estimate a safety from him.
4 / 5
Want this backpack purse! Has from ascertainment the “purse mamma”. I have required something concealed can take prpers this from in regularly purse And all prpers daughter this in also such any must that band the diaper bourse also. It IS súper pleasant and good quality. It is gone in well bourse to ship also. This very surely liked weiterempfehlen!!
4 / 5
There has lucido any enough to know that very severely but know with that him having this little days are the odd odour there. I have received Monday and for evening from the Thursday stunned for the comic from odd odour from a bourse. Other that this quellswar perfect!
5 / 5
IS súper pleasant with the conspiracy from room. To any likes him To from from him a rear zip tho the hard fact to in fact fill a bourse up. The desire was the principal zip .
4 / 5
Must like this z/this z/the backpack to trip that I didnt spend on liked be such the fearful money from the use.
This was in fact economical, this gaze adds in fact and was pretty in big extent for prpers SLR camera, bincolars and this few books.
Zippered Inside from the compartment added for prpers goes and papered crediticio. I have finalised to use this exclusively any more when those immersions prpers the fold from the inside from the bill. Compartment lateralmente such for the cellphone. This hooked in prpers car Toni to unify oars and has been promptly this partorisca goes.
When have the entrance i didnt go back at once at the beginning from purse to this approximate this has thinks that that this invernadero enough to goes to very an agency's also
5 / 5
all this directs in this bourse! It IS a perfect measure , this colour adds, and a bit to go in and era. A be from zip in an inside ,(nearer from your backside) was súper appealing for travesía. Especially his that this-me that two external pockets scrawny for the pop been has gone in from dulcemente and sunglasses. It liked buy but and again!
5 / 5
Ehhhh No prpers preferred like the oars are not all the skin. But it is the pleasant bourse .
4 / 5
A measure from a bourse is crowd, resisted the conspiracy. A single Ding to this to this does not like him is that from this adjustable oars do not remain to dip such; You him slide unangebracht every time has dipped in a bourse prpers shoulders. They are all to this long from that this must that king-his ruled.
5 / 5
I have bought this partorisca prpers daughter partorisca used what prpers bourse from work. Absolutely it want this bourse. It uses usually for the short time and bores with bourses. Any eastern one. Has the room this despite material. It IS to adds a bourse everywhere .
5 / 5
Has purchased this backpack for many reasons, this selection was by heart very and was anti flight. How the photographer has has liked him something stylish this liked resist prpers camera and be sure. This bourse done only such such concealed. Dulcemente In big extent in order more colours.
5 / 5
IS at title prpers description. One broken in red gazes utmost & dresses in any outfit. It can use to begin & from work. There such i only desires have pockets any more or any more such from this deeper pockets. The things have have a tendency to fall estada been due to from this this. Leading weiterempfehlen, especially for a price. Worth he.
5 / 5
Am obsessed with this backpack! I use mine like the bourse from diaper/daily purse. It liked him to from him him likes him gone back definite all I from diapers to trick! Prpers Has abetted the characteristic is a discreet principal compartment . The person any more can take reason prpers bourse from the faces from zip prpers Hinterteil! It loses or there is prpers the bourse flown is a less when to affect about now! Has this has never not used a lot eastern z/to backpack like the purse before, but honradamente can say not leading go back ! It IS a lot as in that there is prpers the delivery is spent freely or cure from prpers creature.
4 / 5
I in fact like a measure from this bourse; This despite, this amours from desire be there prendido attention to unify oars. They are vinyl , any skin (legustado) and done a gaze from economical bourse when him sees one name-oar from skin.
4 / 5
Want the bourse's! They are this mamma from 3 Young - 1, 5 & 8 and how me that it can him this to him spends a bourse in a shoulder or in mine Hinterteil. It returns the abundance and cual this external pockets are useful. In general is it such only concealed has him ascertainment. They are that they animate these wants durable check.
5 / 5
Has required this z/the purse backpack could this spend the new life this saves medication in. Prpers Purse from the principle has not been sufficient. This law adds, any slid from prpers shoulder. Has easy access to a principal compartment. Glielo Likes him the conspiracy.
4 / 5
Has liked him all in this backpack from purse. It IS big abundance , with surely zip to a backside. The colour adds. Has many compartments. Prpers Mina From the vehicles liked have ordered so much one to.
4 / 5
Soooo Much room and a fantastic price. Amur A versatility from the oar joined from backpack and an organism oar from the cross. Prpers The only complaint is an out opens, this calm is concealed there apresamiento was yours behind to take more to this long from , still amours to buy!!
5 / 5
This bourse is such beautiful! We are felizmente such from this receives! Currently we are when use like the bourse from diaper and has has joined the pockets joined have this utmost sides for jumped and a backside opens all a from united time and fast access to all your things. I can pretty any anticipos Ding in this amazing bourse says! Many ours!

Top Customer Reviews: BROMEN Women ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
4 / 5 Devona
I want this backpack. Interest, is spent to from the hours this ascertainment the pretty sub partorisca prpers old backpack. It liked from me one this was in big extent enough to return that I have required but any to in largely course this has taken the locus. It has been included to perfect to add mine prpers own pin. It was such attentively packaged also! It IS also on time to revise prpers lifespan, but is contented to so surely with this price, especially was the reason originally nervously to buy he from there has any photo then there has not joined the descriptions despite clues add.
4 / 5 Cinthia
This is to say to say this economical swipe was and probably any value one $ 32 I paid for him. It IS obviously very the skin and a recognition touch this. It forms like the distance gaze but must this directs this rigid, these percepts greasy, plasticky this! It IS also to small to be useful for the student, included although
4 / 5 Cole
I want a colour! I have bought he partorisca this travesía negotiates and his best that pictured. It likes me all some compartment, abundance from spatial partorisca prpers pill, bourse from pencil, bourse and all prpers the accessory is from travesía partorisca this travesía negotiates. The equal door when I from this this required prpers pill. Sound a purse from perfect backpack. All has is pocket or adequate bourse. I add partorisca uphold yours has the bourse organize
4 / 5 Penelope
there is outbid all prpers expectations this backpack !!! In the first place, a designer is so and súper stylish! A bit and practically partorisca directly! And that quality this bourse has !!! It IS in fact very and marvelously !!! Has mine from amours! Enamoured And felizmente !!!
5 / 5 Nu
A perfect bourse for busy mammas! I have hurt Prpers year from the shoulder done and hurt prpers shoulder to spend the regular purse. This bourse is perfect from then can spend such z/this z/the backpack. Has many compartments and zips to store all something!
5 / 5 Shea
In derjenige from fact looks forward to this to use this bourse! I want an organisation, and an out opens in Wide. It returns prpers happy planners goody very amiably together with another essentials this prpers stop's from iPad. They are by train from this give 4 stars for now bc have joined the zips have been clave . The appearance liked run with the use joined has bitten is the majority Slick.
5 / 5 Andres
This for real is prpers the purse has preferred. It is not in big extent and bulky like another purses. Has this utmost pockets and I amour to this approximate those develop. It likes him orderly and has organize then this is to say to say a purse when you. I liked never very another shabby purse.
5 / 5 Cleta
Want this backpack. It IS in person such more beautiful. A skin is a soft any more . Has the sections from the inside so much that this the mark perfected for daily use or crossed has equally. A red wine to paint simply is stunning. I am enamoured with a bourse. It IS estimativa alike for a money and calm takes this a lot any more produced from remedy. Silent to surely so want must that do this cost.
4 / 5 Karisa
Has purchased a backpack again, as I can very many say prpers durability, planned that is to arrive adds in the state and sees very sturdy: Stitch in the locus, correctly sewn, these zips and this very functional compartment, organize, and capaciously.
Liked me especially from prpers from the appearance cleaned --I have purchased a light ash one- and strong oar , still delicate ashes these leaves partorisca hang him determine and stylishly in mine Hinterteil. One this vegan skin is the plus for me, because of the mine increasing awareness from animal sufferings.
4 / 5 Christiane
Has taken a navy the colour and is gorgeous! I can return so much in this bourse, usually spends 2 pills, law from file and notepads together with prpers bourse and misc element in this totes big bourse to do and this bourse returns all. It could included it is returned prpers portable he attractive required and has joined only zips lateralmente until has resisted it in the locus (this despite this returned in other pill there). Material is so much very quality, these oars are very sturdy. Amur This bourse!
5 / 5 Mignon
This purse is only such has this ascertainment. His fiys all a necessity and this. It is gone in done the desire with the zip from gold but designer from still looks in an amazing price. Gaze to be done well and must from amour that last the period toi.et
5 / 5 Merilyn
It can you sew very many pretty aloud have said in this backpack! I have been ascertainment such such only a backpack from right measure partorisca raisin in the locus from the purse and this is to say to say. Abundance from room and a lot stylish see. Many!
5 / 5 Theodora
Want the bourse is! It returns mine 13” laptops this perfectly, adds travesías still!
4 / 5 Annabelle
Súper Pleasant and spacious!! It liked him to from him all a compartment and spaces within a purse. They are the principal lady and was fearful to like watch small in the rear mine but is a perfect measure !
4 / 5 Twanda
Has used this purse to do daily. The quality adds and capaciously with pockets. I add spentcoma
4 / 5 Paris
This has produced is surprised! Humour this bourse daily, is the student , mamma, and business owner. I can prpers textbooks gone back, bourse, planner, diapers and wipe within this bourse comfortably. It IS very durable and so very material. It IS similar hips stylish! Highly weiterempfehlen he this bourse!
4 / 5 Felecia
Like and stylish!! I want this backpack, to order legustado a blue an afterwards!!
4 / 5 Coletta
In fact súper impressed with this bourse. It sees small but supervise thing such! I have been he researches to the bourse partorisca resisted in prpers enormous planner and returns perfectly!
5 / 5 Dagmar
Giiiiiirrrrl I AMUR prpers bourse! Has such spatial (I am that it describes partorisca spends prpers whole life with his). It IS sturdy, and to this that likes him that never.
5 / 5 Maragret
Has better expected then. The quality adds. It resists the conspiracy and has joined the zips plough fully. It want!
4 / 5 Eryn
This backpack has SURPRISED! One from has joined the backpacks from the quality to remedy there any does has not never had. HIGHLY weiterempfehlen he this for all the world!
4 / 5 Rebbecca
Very comfortable, and so liked buy again in fact liked acting ❤️
4 / 5 Kaila
liked have him all a compartment inside! This very surely the plus and help upholds all has organize!
4 / 5 Nenita
Has has joined photo very this bourse justice! It want such. The quality adds in fact and this amour all from an inside from options from the pocket. I rev a f this bourse in any
4 / 5 Mable
a skin is such soft and in fact can use has has joined compartment
5 / 5 Sharda
this bourse is to add the measure , returns prpers planner, this book, and all from the mine another personnel (norm from purse) element perfectly! A gaze crowd from the quality and want a colour! They are not surely him declared in this spends z/the backpack like the purse, but is by train from this liked thus far.
4 / 5 Marcella
Has bought such only this and is rasgando already. Highly unbalanced.
4 / 5 Loni
A second zip from day has taken has has stuck concealed is gone down such only from point. Very disappointed to this approximate this has have an occasion to answer. It guesses him him took him this has paid partorisca
5 / 5 Antonetta
is obsessed seriously with this bourse!!!!
Súper Pleasant & has metric metric ton from spatial + pockets!!!!!!!
In such state adds, is every day prpers is gone the bourse!!!!
4 / 5 Ayako
This in big extent Final gaze, many pockets, perfect measure, textured and stylish
5 / 5 Lynda
has produced Excellent. Shabby Many from this vendor again.
5 / 5 Gonzalo
A skin is by heart good-looking... Perfect measure for school or right wear

Top Customer Reviews: BROMEN Backpack ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
4 / 5 Carlyn
This bourse has surprised, percepts & see the name mark from in big extent Final bourse! This hand fines brown colour, buttery soft skin & this copper oars are stunning!! Metric metric ton from room partorisca all prpers material & while ! This liked prpers bourse be from travesía & from daily bourse all in a. Amour A shoulder oar partorisca option from bit diverse door. It does not leave to calmed a price fool any more this reward bourse when $ in prpers alcohol! Such felizmente decide must that takes this!
5 / 5 William
Not going the lie, opened does once has thinks prpers container those saws very small partorisca this z/this z/the backpack but I was bad! These accesses bourse so many and is súper comfortable. I want a mark oar from the shoulder, there is remarked partorisca be useful that is in the career and such only necessity grabs too fast and goes. A forward returns from pocket prpers iPad perfectly with spare rooms. In general, I am felizmente a lot with him!
5 / 5 Takisha
Prpers This z/the backpack is beautiful. A material is from excellent quality, a creation is incredibly and cual this innere the distribution surprised me ours. Has amour this bourse and I weiterempfehlen highly a product.
4 / 5 Merlin
A remedy there has the bourse not purchased never! It want. It IS a perfect measure . It watches like be in a same side but he can return such! His to spend a queen prpers house in purse from the mine and I can return all prpers material this required is perfect! Prpers The only complaint is with that a adjuster has has joined slide's from oar this pocolos also surely but is enormously not this @@@@subject.
5 / 5 Luigi
Súper More Pleasant and enabled backpack can these be this several ways have used. I have ordered an ash one and has liked him so that such only a colour! A bourse is quality pretty such with good zips. Abundance from spaces from storage a lot still to in big extent. It liked me also to see this from a fund from oar has joined is confirmed, very there clearly another bourses that quickly him begins for rasgar from a cup from an oar. I produce add global!
4 / 5 Lisha
THIS pleasant and tiny but has hell from spatial. You can dip your laptop, pill and another Ding a same time. Calm included can small steps lunchbox in him whether this goes to do. It goes with any norm from directly/from formally wear, any once require to think to change while want handbag do in this diverse attire.
Highly liked weiterempfehlen this.
5 / 5 Lorene
Seen has this bourse in Instagram and is enamoured. Has has has has had to that that this has. A backpack has come innere 4 days to order and in the state adds. A material is súper the qualities add and soft. It was in conspiracy from this Absent storage be in big extent or bulky. I want use how prpers the diaper from bourse is dieselbe is this this mamma from 2 young daughters, but are also in fact add for the students with the advance from pocket thins for a ipad or portable. Highly weiterempfehlen this these products!
5 / 5 Gabriel
Want a creation from this backpack. Humour for travesías small. It returns all that it is the necessity . Document, bourse, cellphone and a lot any more this. I in fact like a colour and a material.
4 / 5 Bridget
Absolutely want this backpack! It IS such versatile! It can be used like the purse or the backpack and this at duty steps add element! Has the pocket still from good measures against your backside surely this upholds! Absolutely weiterempfehlen!
5 / 5 Myles
This backpack is very beautiful! In fact him liked! Has a prpers quote from excellent adjustment, work such z/the backpack or the bourse. It IS very soft, a zip is so much very quality ! And has this spatial to spend jumped. It IS fantastic!
5 / 5 Latoyia
Experience this backpack in Brown and liked him absolutely! The quality and the perfect measure adds. Material is soft and is some prpers colour. The master spent the present again.
5 / 5 Lorie
This backpack purse is such pleasant! It IS to measure in big extent and very spacious. There are multiple compartments partorisca this from tent. This this adjustable oars are from Strong. A bourse has this prpers soft chair. Partorisca A price is this very he a lot there is surely has validated!
5 / 5 Keren
Want a material from this bourse and liked me have also those that from the pockets. A anti-the flight pockets are to add the measure and felt surer spends there prpers bourse. Has two ways to spend and to this equal that have these options. A pocket lateralmente returns such prpers water from boat such only so many.
5 / 5 Liberty
IS the bourse is fantastic, has several compartments, are obsessed with prpers colour! It liked, whether has the boys to spend the good option the things from your daughters and yours!
5 / 5 Thi
A colour is to add because this Light blue be but any this coloreado. Has two pockets parted have to have a rear pocket is to dip any more sentive which reasoned such is the document bourse anti-flight and another east to dip to this this anything liked him, from classical and pleasant. Humour with prpers niece when we go to estacionar still to dip prpers wrist.
5 / 5 Lavone
Has liked him. Good-looking colour, this quality is such. Very weiterempfehlen
4 / 5 Tennille
this z/this z/to the Wonderful backpack liked him there. Súper Severely, súper tendency
5 / 5 Dannette
this bourse is an accessory a pleasant plus ! It could not expect use this. Has so many pockets and from this such diverse ways from this spends.
4 / 5 Shawnna
Has the bourse excellent material! The quality adds and is súper well and practically !! It liked him to from him he taken to somewhere gone ! It returns the material from prpers creature and prpers material also! Has amour a measure and from the colours!
4 / 5 Robt
HAS ascertainment the bourse such for a time a long plus. A measure is perfect and a quality is crowd !
4 / 5 Yun
Pleasant backpack. I have been with an ash, which is the light ash . Controlled this small labtop, or ipad and 24 oz hydroflask together with diverse another element. Stitching Saw partorisca be from good quality. Stylish Becar Liked be practically partorisca cross come!
4 / 5 Tashia
Has bought this backpack partorisca prpers lady. There it is legustado the reason is material the good quality and joined has the oars are very thickly and durable. Measure from meso and can resist strongly in thing.
5 / 5 Ima
No in that has such spatial in a forward from this how this must opened for a backside. But it surprises, a colour is good-looking. A material is perfect
4 / 5 Prudence
Fantastic mould partorisca goes bourse, feels comfortable in the rear mine, this material is good quality ... Hard hope the long time. Amur An ash by heart!
4 / 5 Cris
HAS amour a backpack, this ability adds and good quality.
5 / 5 Season
It z/To backpack smaller and a bit the zip. A bit those that pockets, any to many very to pocolos. The oars can regulate.
5 / 5 Adolfo
Am enamoured in this backpack! So, comfortable and practically

Top Customer Reviews: BROMEN Women ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
4 / 5 Taina
The bourse adds! Access from mine 15” laptops this, loads, trick.. Súper Pleasant and comfortable to spend! A form is thinner and is not bulky to spend while about run but enough in big extent to return this has required!
4 / 5 Tonda
Has taken a colour from caffè and wow is gorgeous! This deeply expensive looks in person, no for $ 34 which has taken the stop this. Big storage for such east midsize purse/from backpack. I have bought to go in crusader with and uphold the lunch averts, this waters have jumped etc with me. He the mines are appealed there in fact estimate to a compartment been from the underlying zip in a backside to this equal that amour anything to take flown while while in from this long lines and owe worry in firm. This bourse is so And functional and súper abordable and goes with all there is advised Disney yours loungefly mini the backpacks but I have known to do not master resist Hinterteil am any more when this very at 100 and any $ 90 neither although sees him. And wine with hang bull's this says must 12 months guarantee! This is to say to say fantastic, can not expect use this!
5 / 5 Aliza
Has bought prpers lady for Valentines day. A light and practical bourse done from soft skin. The calm can use this such z/this z/the backpack or bourse from shoulder to this approximate this goes in this long adjustable oar. I owe that quellskaschiert says that a material is skin and waterproof. From this ploughed from zip from a backside, no from a front, like the risk from flight is minimised. Having this many options from pocket aprovisiona stood from use. Have for the pocket in a side Drunken is besides another mark. It IS this very surely estimate to buy in this price.
5 / 5 Anna
This bourse surprised and a quality is crowd . One vegan skin percepts to surprise and do not feel faintly. A bourse has one opens in a rear portion, which is much reason the chair done like your elements are surer that any regulates bourse. Any plus when him affects any flight about something from your bourse while is diverted it you. A bourse is also lights and has abundance from storage for elements from generic purse. I weiterempfehlen him!
4 / 5 Gretta
The Ding is such altogether to perfect, but has 3 deceits. 1st odours this economical plásticoes- just like a toy grupal inflatable, hopefully was from essences fast. 2nd have joined the oars are ‘adjustable' but do not resist to dip such every time send the touch the oar this unangebracht which can be enough are in one break behind him regularly the use. 3rd a colour: It licks caffè ‘s and like the person this operated in an industry from caffè his must this concealed says whether your caffè is that colour spits was & Awake from poison from the call! A colour is that this brilliant from the orange skin this takes sometimes & has has joined oar refulgent copper colour . I assume this caffè half dark brown, this d has called this leaf from arce or Squash, has included Karamell - many caffè or brown. Liked like me send behind take & to the east of the diverse colour as it does not match anything this foreseen to spend he with but a delivery was almost 2wks late (USPS failure, any Amazon) and a crusader purchased him he to begin/from the starts/starts are like any time tomorrow. A physical bourse, a creation from him, is perfect, and for a price has touched this such shot, as whether these deceits are not to treat this breakers prende silent - take.
5 / 5 Kasha
Such only spends purse from backpack. It IS easier concealed that located and better that has 4 Young and a principal mother to affect for where the necessities your delivery to release all a time, any more is better for your locus. I have purchased again they am one have with are blackly and ash nylon and this one is very Good. There is quellshat has such such such only this are little days not surely are wear and global lifespan but liked have him! It liked him says quellskaschiert has joined the colours are the bit to confuse . Based in joined colours have, a colour I orderly and wished is any more when this darken camel, or rusty brown.
5 / 5 Thad
IS in fact enjoy this backpack purse! I have bought he for the holidays this little months and have has liked him tries quellswar him paralizaciones there is vorwegnehmen. I have taken the conspiracy compliment such amply! Prpers The only complaint liked be I wish must bitten this small modish pockets the organisational plus within an organism from a purse. Has has joined pictures, also gaze cual this smaller pockets do him bit more hidden. I have bought this purse so that it has thought has been has has hidden pockets and a anti-organism from flight. It IS him has hidden any pockets clearly, as whether this is to say to say this go paralysis... This could very this be. It liked do such this despite, not such such only wants uphold valuables in these pockets. In general, they are by train from this enjoys. I liked prpers the description improved there are any transmissions.
4 / 5 Nohemi
Seldom write the descriptions but I have have have have had to that that such only in this backpack. It has been excited such prpers backpack to receive until has opened it I lucido.🙁 A prime minister that there is remarked is this backpack is not skin this is to say from has one joined the reasons purchased him. The appearance such economical far gazes and cheaply have done. A description deceives such. It liked that must that that fish uselessness, this vegan or the SKIN grazed but any skin. Just order in your own risk.

Liked be to contact Amazon .
4 / 5 Leo
Has bought this backpack for prpers daughter that visit in Europe in April. Has amour a creation and prpers perfect measure; Any to in big extent, any small hips. In fact him likes him-him a colour, prpers sweetness and a fact that are very capaciously innere. Has many pockets and from the compartments to securely tend your laptop, Toni, your telephone, this big bourse, and casualidad from trick. It IS much fact , zips to locate joined and down calmly and a stitching are very unitary. Bourse very orderly!

I amour such one liked take in prpers proper name afterwards.
4 / 5 Zenobia
Absolutely want this backpack! One is @@@@subject small is any more Karamell colored (any more Orange has has joined stairs) that shown, but in fact do not import concealed. It IS stylish, has resisted this metric metric ton, and has joined the oars are súper versatile this this. The master joined little pockets zip from the side - perfect for Toni or AirPods. And a safety added from a rear zip that opens is this utmost characteristic.
Highly liked weiterempfehlen! United persons from metric metric ton (included ignored in a meter) has asked where has taken this .
4 / 5 Yun
I have bought this purse in prpers proper name. Purse from good skin and was measured a lot to this that likes him partorisca this z/the backpack purse. But to this which to this only parts do not like them are there where a front is ploughed one purse, from all from your things want were the falls every time when silent open.
4 / 5 Prudence
This is to say to say in fact very see backpack. Fact with skin from good quality. Has pocket very and spatial.
Joined has the oars are a bit to regulate and right period. The measure adds partorisca element to jump. This is to say to say such only sees this picture. Highly recommended partorisca other.
4 / 5 Margo
A product complied prpers expectations. It likes him that as from from the lady from measure from the plus these accesses bourse so many in the rear mine. In fact him likes him to from from me and he been has this spends the week. Pretty capaciously to return all the necessity I.
5 / 5 Isabel
HAS from ascertainment one prefect backpack travesía for month in this all web put first from stumbling to this one in incident, and could not be happier! It IS better that any gracefully $ 200 anti-he z/to this z/to the backpack from flight has found elsewhere. It IS a perfect and impossible measure for thieves to take longer. Highly weiterempfehlen!
4 / 5 Jeffery
Is not surely such to say. A global gaze and percept from a bourse is at all concealed has expected. Taken likes him stop to pay this. I liked be to return and spending more.
4 / 5 Genny
Has lucido any looked for z/to backpack from purse and something such to this to use likes him the diaper bourse. This is to say to say for toallitas humid the good measure from bite and diapers and see such.
4 / 5 Herminia
HAS leading, this material adds, a bit to achieve innere, all fijamente perfect, these oars are material soft , a bit to direct, weiterempfehlen him.
4 / 5 Denny
This bourse is beautiful. Utmost Pockets. Spatial adds! It sees him adds with all also! Pics Come on time
5 / 5 Tashia
taken has this backpack hence travesía and was many. Helpul Turn prpers shoes and jacket
4 / 5 Ima
this bourse blew me have been! A quality surprised and is súper pleasant! Also him liked him that a zip is in a backside from a bourse that the mark perfected for travesías. Highly weiterempfehlen! Any more pics in mine IG xo_alexam.
4 / 5 Madison
Fantastic quality! Súper The light weight and a colour has surprised. I have used today such single and thus far in those liked. Such mamma in a miss- this is to say to say a perfect accessory to resist prpers essentials and prpers toddlers also.
5 / 5 Dori
Want this backpack purse. Abundance from room, but any to in big extent. The price has added. This very surely weiterempfehlen this element!
4 / 5 Season
The product adds! Amado This sees much purse where also could spend prpers material creature. This is to say to say perfect to return jumped, pill, private documents, mark on and bite... All in a same purse! Very felizmente with a quality and a colour such only is to surprise! This very surely weiterempfehlen this product!
5 / 5 Cris
Has bought he for the month and has many to be thus far! I have used every day in fact and it is spent was all require I !!
5 / 5 Terresa
One Present is from DATES SO . I have taken 3 fully add in a colour and creation
5 / 5 Adolfo
backpack from the purse/from bourse adds
is very comfy and súper versatile, can spend in from this diverse ways.
IS this small lustrous but not patent.
The Ding adds!!
4 / 5 Loyce
This z/this z/the backpack adds. Stylish. He a lot any more soiled this has expected. I access the laptop, books, jumped, bite, etc. Thestaps THIS such small seatbelts. It looks forward to visit with this bourse. I do not expect this element to spend was anytime punctual.
4 / 5 Gordon
Sturdy, And modish. To This to the humour likes from him the diaper from bourse/from book from pocket occasionally.
5 / 5 Dovie
This bourse is perfect!! It does not have used this but is very spacious and so, such only has required this!
5 / 5 Tiffani
This is to say partorisca say this adds sees bourse with abundance from room. Súper sturdy Construction.
5 / 5 Cheri
Prpers Ago impression, an outside is the gaze from this many blackly the skin but a form court pretty and at that it had expected him this.

This backpack is there slick and soft pleather. Any leading to consider as 'in big extent-hardware from note' but is pertinent. To any likes him To from from him an inside to feed brown, is not soft and has such single stitching, and sees economical in an inside.

HAS in jeglicher direction your elements to achieve from a cup, has an advance from small zip this opens and one this big/principal zip this opens by means of a backside.

In general, leading weiterempfehlen this backpack. A fashion is classical and can go with any outfit. An outside is better concealed is innere but the returns have required all to properly are the inside, prpers umbrella, iPad with casualidad, telephone, bourse, pullover, and novel.

Thank you so much to take a time to read this description. See an information concealed does aprovisionado your decision this small easier.
4 / 5 Arlie
When in the first place I see a silent backpack cannister any sees such such only that the room is in an inside. A principal zip is any under a big plus cloak. An inside is capaciously to this equal that can dip prpers iPad, bourse, jumps with water and bourse to trick equally any more room. There are two pockets from the inside cannister dipped where you your telephone in an and from Toni in another many access from time. Besides it has two zippered the pockets joined have there are the outsides concealed are not such deeply but again united access time to Toni and another element other smaller. In this all the side from a bourse in an outside to dip open pockets waters from jump or essential any other jumped abfüllen has can use such a bourse z/this z/the backpack with adjustable oars have joined. You can spend he for a big or silent plus cloak can attach an oar this is to say to include to use like the bourse from organism from the cross. This is to say to say a perfect bourse for travesía/ from agency this despite for daily use. A quality from a skin has surprised. Has this resplandor his and is very soft. A stichig is very stagnate which say me liked have this bourse for the long time.
5 / 5 Jeane
Has asked the reason an access always the face backpacks outwards or is in plus such largely he any can unzip Absent knows... Until east one!
Finally. A creation a contrary was: A zip from the principal compartment is against your backside & this is to say outward is simple. Finally.

Spends this metric metric ton but is not bulky... Chattel has fill with prpers iPad, big bourse, water from jumps, all the classes from misc. The material can not Absent any elements + be to needs from a day I. It has joined the oars are partly this halftones nylon that the gaze & percepts very strongly.
A bit those that pictures the mould is attentive & a skin is pretty refulgent. It has taken a colour from Caffè this is to say when more in fact orange this has thought to like be, but still him likes to from me. I liked him called him he any more when the butterscotch.
Partorisca Down $ 35, this backpack is an excellent Worth !

(Estimativas To Read this & hope is Useful!)
5 / 5 Candis
A Bromen this z/this z/the backpack is very functional and enough. It IS perfect for work or game. One this vegan skin is this enough, rich, buttery-brown. This is to say to say this z/this z/the traditional backpack and an oar from optional shoulder. There are pockets lateralmente in a front. It opens from a backside and can resist the material conspiracy. Surely silent can dip material from ordinary purse and this small electronic device (I.et., Kindle Or iPad) innere. There is side also and zippered innere from pockets. In general, this is to say to say from the fantastic bourse for lady all the ages, more juvenile to Old Middle. I liked weiterempfehlen him.
4 / 5 Zenia
This is to say to say the spacious bourse with the just crowd from pockets. Has this such percepts prpers and a quality is such. In a delivery is good to have a anti-characteristic from flight from a be from mainly from pocket in a backside but in other hand the fact this small difficult to take in Ding there quickly. There are two zips lateralmente the pockets but he can many prpers the bourse returned from full measure.
A reason has taken from the star has reasoned/reasoned to from this eastern “ “ “” a “brown “ “ “ the “ “ “ orange. No the apologist from a colour.
4 / 5 Vanna
Prpers The daughter has have already this z/this z/the backpack that takes on travesías from day, but when has seen it I this anti-fly one, has imagined liked be practically for his to have. Many. It IS only such such the elder from small Old this prpers old bourse, this despite such good measure and any to in big extent. One quality percepts and the gazes add. Has this pocolos diverse and easy compartments to store anything is that it has him to him legustado takes together with you. Very practically, and it is so in fact.
4 / 5 Juan
This is to say to say this in fact enough the bourse in the price adds! It IS in person very, it resisted all included this prpers the laptop and the gazes add on. There is the compartment conspiracy and is very stylish see. It likes him that it is waterproof and must from a anti-flight 2 zips have retreated to open characteristic. Also it is a very comfortable bourse in prpers shoulders and goes with all. Very felizmente!
4 / 5 Robbyn
Utmost Measure. In all the returns here and then that but touch very enormously and bulky. Nice, This z/the flexible backpack softer.
4 / 5 Rosamaria
Backpack from gaze from the lux this is to say partorisca says a perfect measure partorisca every day essentials. Such him has lucido his.