What is NATURAL NEO Women's Shoulder Handbags?

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
Whewww chileeee. Whether it must have the dollar partorisca all compliment has received today liked can purchase any more two Worth bourses when. A bourse is gorgeous! Petit But no tiny where can calm any raisin about material. I can prpers within the turn téléphonique Absent express in. I can probably am returned I to jump him to him from the inside from the creature has like .(Such the mother) in all this casualidad, can open he Absent dreaded from all in amazing. This only wish be I be there envelope/innere from pocket a bourse follows this to consider install I. Still him goes in the bourse is pleasant storage . It purchases. Look.
4 / 5
This bourse adds for a price. There is not any ODOUR like another buyers mentioned have have. A colour adds. Arrived sooner then mentioned a date from the delivery when have the neighbour i an order,which added has. It is gone in this breathable save such also bourse prpers another any more exp bourses. This has pretty material taint floral. A reason for 4 stars is alone becoz, a sale is not adjustable. Many has be this add was an adjustable band . 😊
4 / 5
Good-looking bourses, have bought this for prpers mamma and I for our travesía in Greece. The quality adds and can return prpers iPhone 8 any more. I am not surely to calm him can say but vary the bit has purchased two and one is this small darker that other. It has caused also taken has the desire a one with Marine innere in this quadrate blue from floral, a floral is bitten in this juvenile prpers alcohol but never a less very very bourse súper in the tendency excited must that I use this puppy. This very surely one good bang for your dollar here!
4 / 5
Has been sent the bourse from Still always 21st a bourse is for ever in close 21 the web although has sold it paralización $ (how opposed to one $ 30 I have paid in Amazon). They are not surely such are it by train to escape with sell is, this considers one has directed clearly dictated ossia the bourse from Still always 21st one feeds to the east from inside beige, any examined, and one breech is only such such the zip, no the sickle and takes. A colour and the model are totally clearly from have have joined photo also. A material is not sturdy and to einschleifen glielo likes him this yes the silent cave has full. Súper There is Disappointed. It returns ASAP.
4 / 5
Prpers The lady has leading that bourse lucida smaller for a beach. Has leading this bourse this inaugural this! It returns a iPhone 7, this small to half sized bourse, sunglasses, trick, and Toni in him. Has pretty soiled for an essential. A single downside is bondadoso from odours how BBQ but very in fact annoying also. Hope These helps!
4 / 5
Omg! They are felizmente such have taken this bourse , thanks to prpers man to do such, received it yesterday and could not expect. Start in vacay this weekend, and dulcemente in spend there. Any odour from funky, good measure, and to this equal that has done.
4 / 5
Amours That bourse such this upholds to spend this anytime is exited . Has has joined bourse from parties such so with vintage from mine outfit is. The desire has bought plus this profit.
4 / 5
This bourse is in fact in fact very altogether locus. A semence from inside from this many beautiful. It opens and it closes a lot surely and it is in big extent much quality. It IS him adds to spend with the dress and go to a beach in a summer! As all penny.

Handwoven Averts Rattan skin from shoulder from the bonds from bourse Naturalidad Chic hand NATURALNEO
4 / 5
Has has joined the bourse oar is partorisca come rasgado. They are not soft and have bent mark. I
4 / 5
such deeply bummed that I have been disappointed with a purse to a door. When I received have partorisca have a purse was very packaged. Chattel me-him liked/he liked that the first view, is a perfect measure and is sturdy. Sadly With that influence (less when moved 4 hours) a loop that upholds has closed is the result untangled. There is in jeglicher direction from the fix.
4 / 5
The bourse is good to see but is not thrilled partorisca finds that the human daughter has been woven to a bourse. This is to say partorisca say kinda gross.
4 / 5
This in fact pleasant bourse, this inside & was partorisca has But from the bonds broken from this first times are spent this he today!!!
Many dissapointed!
4 / 5
The bourse is good and enough.. This alone reason this gives him 3 starts/start starts/starts reason an inside/from material linens a bourse is not such aimed in a picture the mine is black! At all boho in this- been has to simple and boring and take the longest conspiracy from one boho / beachy gaze and percept- at least partorisca me! Honradamente ! I einschleifen sadly everytime opened. Had where is other vendor's this included can choose a colour and model from one liner but decided in this vendor and finalised with the black inside :( partorisca Revise pursposes whether this not yours inserting then thus far such so much. Outside from one purse is such very
4 / 5
want a bourse is perfect measure and is in fact pretty but has received he such in can from this bad states do not do spend.
5 / 5
Has received prpers the bourse has been to turn in stock once. It was in fact pleasant and liked me from which these details and a bond take appearance from this bourse. It returns the conspiracy and closes such, and has not had with any @@@subjects one take. It IS súper modish Absent percepts like him must that concealed spends an arm and to leg to have been stylish. It liked say this despite, is in this class attentively from this material cloths spend a bourse with. It thinks as single as is designed an out, has joined freely this finalised could rub up against united dresses and could snag his such material. This tense to with prpers bourse and has informed a founder, David, when he emailed partorisca does surely prpers the bourse had arrived Absent subjects (the client service adds)! It has sent from the sub at once. A sub has been there equally has questioned so that it thinks that is such such only a character from a bourse and has joined the materials are done with that. It does not create the conspiracy subject, this despite thinks a bourse is hinreißend and liked be partorisca use the thickness, such such only liked say does to any partorisca use while spends him something súper soft that it could be delicate to snags. Gaze these helps!
5 / 5
Has purchased mainly is the bourse when lucido crusader in Hawaii in June and has amour the pleasant straw crossbody bourse liked this be small and summery! This was the perfect election . Any more was an oar the perfect period and an alimentary from the inside was in fact very with the floral support black data partorisca design which have any more do a luxury bourse to gaze
4 / 5
this good gazes but percepts faintly. Every time I openly and nearest, percepts this such break from amour. It is not properly varied. When I openly this, he toes to a side.
Partorisca Almost 50 dollars, this amours from product must that that it is state solider . The description has said that an oar is skin but honradamente does not see skin. Any more him likes him letherite. Hope has joined description from helps.
5 / 5
It adds small bourse partorisca a summer! Very pleasant and prompt Absent a focused from in price from largely leaves. Spent at this with me this crusader in Europe and he is spent everywhere. Although, be with your material attentively from financed and does not spend with the skirt/from skirts/skirts are or from the pairs of trousers that cannister surely snag. A rattan the bourse has left to so surely one from prpers the skirt skirts/skirts are deeply pilled after such such only the half day from wear. As I can save a skirt with the cloth from-plunder, but this very does not spend with the silk surely or skirt from dress/from the satin. The bourse is remained enough surely; Such only that the explosions opened have once when there are against attacked have something pretty severely. But because of how it is fact , there is appealed at all to era when him opened him.
5 / 5
IS the pleasant purse such !
HAS room any more when I invisioned.
4 / 5
Purchased has has this element again, this has thought to like base it @subject very such send handbag. But it was very lucidas this inaugural a box that this bourse was at all comparable to this had seen all this last world-wide state spends. One rattan was many the poor quality and an oar has seen the piece of skin from fake from the leftover this had been selectively in a Pflasterung from factory and aimlessly has attached to a bourse.

A poor quality could include. Prpers Advocated this bourse is this Fünftel from joined price another similar ways. This can not include reasoned/reasoned an oar is such short! In 5'9 it is very uncomfortable to spend this such crossbody. But has him-him liked you about walk in the horse undermines from purse in your armpit, spends this up.
4 / 5
This bourse is súper pleasant and sees such only how prpers expensive counterpart for the department from a price. It resists the just crowd from material (telephone, Toni, lipstick, small bourse). Prpers The only question is an odour . Has come this amours from walk smoked has. I have have now partorisca to the east with a length from the month and there is airy was and he STILL odours. It IS still pleasant and the still wear be prepared for one smoky the odour buys his.
5 / 5
When reception I this bourse, been has pretty surprised for as this solid. I have seen the gaze produced in in from the tents prpers cities. It IS an on-element from tendency for this summer I guess. And it sees this pretty and such expensive bourse in from this modish tents. They are by train from this spend around with me such today the reason returns so much with all in prpers cupboard from state.
5 / 5
Improvement: HAS @@gaze from crop in the picture that the master must that that taken has and cual taken has to owe prpers any take is this said/ a straw has, one purse is pleasant. It does not see him likes him one Ding 'from daily' planned such only something specifically and pleasant to use for specifically 'from t has resisted very prepared to downsize to this to this this united things like them to from them to them have regulate in purse yours. And be as other description that cannister he and snag yours feigns to spend the garden basket....

Principal description: There is very espents he still to this approximate this has has liked him is he for him hinreißend and sees very many-the fact has.....
4 / 5
This is to say to say the pleasant purse such for state! One floral feed are enough in fact, and he súper good touch. It has used the majority from a summer and has resisted on such so. They are not surely him snap that time one to breech amours last, but for now has a quality hanged/hanged gone a lot at all.
Because of a form and the measures do not resist any very a lot, and when silent opens definitely to do surely at all the slides to one crease or do not master close , but in fact this has not been any question. Raisin to them when all I need am prpers telephone , it lip balm, goes, paper crediticio, and mask from norm. It has been perfect partorisca east.
Has used the conspiracy already, taking compliment in this all a time, and is very felizmente with a price!
5 / 5
One must that has for state! I have gone back and advance in in prpers elections this naturalidades, rattan bourse for state. To Read has joined the descriptions have been confused as to whether this snapped closed or looped. A question to jump to this has purchased clears that up. I have received the good-looking hand woven & one from this bondadoso rattan bourse. One breech is ensured with the snap so much. It feels pretty strongly must these wants that falls prpers the bourse liked remain enclosed. An inside is this cute floral impression that goes perfect with one in general percept from a bourse. I einschleifen a quality is enough such, auspreisen such only and liked last me many seasons. Arrived packaged surely and shipped within the good quality branded bourse to powder this were happy to see such like me uphold prpers the bourses have tent in from the bourses to powder when any into use.
Whether yours this searches a natural pleasant Round to to rattan bourse this sees everywhere. This is to say to say!!! In general einschleifen concealed follows to say the election adds and such Worth from the money. They are very with prpers the price prayed and highly weiterempfehlen.
4 / 5
This small purse is such very pleasant!! I have surely not been how sturdy and one measures etc, but is perfect! It had been in a persecution for the bourse from the straw circulated has taken. They are surely I liked have paid any more have bought to the conspiracy in the tent. It returns prpers iPhone XR, this small bourse, it lipstick, and it paintbrush from measure from travesía small. I have laughed in a from have have joined description when him said it that one purse has come for odorare likes you bbq...... It IS such pleasant, reason there is the mine odorato when such only him likes has brazier received!!! But they are surely want go an odour has been a moment afterwards. 😁
4 / 5
Gives reason this 5 stars is this in fact pleasant purse . The measure was to concealed much quality was . A bourse prime minister I receipt has been there this small free straw Flansch in a fund from one purse. This despite did not take it showed drum he this considers has joined material, could see such surely liked spend. It does not think cual this emission Flansch has because of poor craftsmanship. When I ordered have it has is one purse from the sub remarked there this few things: One purse had ordered originally (with joined freely Flansch) was orange any more burned uphold, and a skin oar was this coñac colour. One purse sub was when any more this khaki colour with find more neutral colored oar. Also, it seen has one original purse to this equal that with joined freely Flansch been has weighed any more when a sub. Both purses must have a cloth inside from equally from impression. To all the price, a sub is uphold there in from this perfect states and I do not import at all that it was this several shadows that one Original.
4 / 5
Such pleasant! But one snaps to have him breech broken from this first time has used.
Was in a phase from farmer and has finalised that it must that this dipped and all prpers material to the bourse lateralmente. Súper Uncomfortable. Chattel This then reglued this but has mine any handwork has tried. Whether it has to sewn state to a bourse liked have been better and liked give 5 stars.
May. Takings This paid partorisca and therefor is not to give this z/this z/the zero or a star partorisca estimativa.
5 / 5
This purse is smaller that one every day want the purses spend, but have known this. A measure has been declared clearly and has expected partorisca be this measure. I plan to spend in time this when I such only this require with few things me, as in the social occasion, this dinner was, etc. IS in fact pleasant. It IS many -fact, promptly finalise, and knows liked take compliment. Material partorisca shabby any more alike presented when it is the green admirer with desire!
5 / 5
Has bought this such present partorisca prpers sister partorisca ours planned holidays in Messico and were perfect! Has have the vision from simply that has leading that, but such such only found the options in fact type have joined the tents been have spent in person. Honradamente Does not know the reason included has annoyed to leave a house when to this amazon was an option ! A bourse is such such single pictured with in fact enough lines him this taint an inside and is gone in this small tote that has included used the carts sunscreen and the book to a beach in his travesía. Such pleasant that almost not like offer , and taken has to so surely left in an east such surely such only liked be @@@@@subject to time until shabby has has joined also!
4 / 5
Had surprised this bourse has been objective painted in the locus from one rattan begins honradamente for there is vorwegnehmen. A quality is averagely for me. A white product has this odorando likes do the objective state. Whether see is gone in closely goes a bourse a lot has painted to run all objective . A bit soppy in prpers book. A texture is not still to soften and rasgará any delicate garments spend when silent this. I like uphold partorisca take on vacacional from beach to this equal that did not like be ocd about takes beaten up.
4 / 5
This is to say to say this many-fact, sturdy rattan the bourse woven. I especially like a sure cup snap. Also, an oar is not also very misses (usually the question) whether you are small. Has has this pretty floral liner, which the diverse fact. It returns smartphone from mine, bourse from paper and bourse from small trick. This is to say to say prpers gone to jump bourse. To This this in pleasant!
4 / 5
GORGEOUS piece for a summer! This is to say surely be to so prpers any more clammy partorisca outfit is this summer. Content complimented such in this all a time, totally estimates a price! The company has joined is to sell this still hundreds from dollars, spent this a here included— can present them say a difference. Sturdy, This added. Because of you!
5 / 5
Thinks that ossia him súper purse from pleasant summers. It IS this small small for prpers bourse to this approximate this has required to exchange the bourse is mainly to a small one plus, but is many summery and when him used him the persons give always me compliment. Prpers The husband has said that that saw the basket to fish , so that it is a price besides for me to use he from then annoying . For a point from price is the bourse from good summers .
5 / 5
Amours This small bourse. Has this eats in fact pretty floral with side gusset to circumvent “losses”
can resist the essential mine-Toni, telephone,casualidad from paper from the credit, gloss from lip. Any is a lot any more the small reason. Good organism from cross from oar from long skin. A single Ding amours the transmission is such like join to be has bitten this thick thickly. It IS also this small thinly & soft, but the reason cannister very too much band in a bourse, this does not think liked take also to heavily for an oar.
4 / 5
A bourse is darling but yes is small. I can prpers purse from the norm from bourse takes from thickly coin (full from paper), prpers cellphone toe, car Toni, it lipstick, mine eyeglasses (in this casualidad soft), this spike, it tampon from small note, and the pair cloths in a purse. Naturalidad This many material this full bands. Very commented in an odour. Purse from the mine is not there be any odour at all. It had looked in much east abrufbereit bourses. This has the creation in a side. This bourse concludes one in both sides. An oar is not skin but is such only eat. They are felizmente a lot have must with a small price that pay with NATURALNEO. A bourse is rattan how any last also long but there is surely for this few years. Little flakes from rattan plummet. It must that purse from mine from the transmission partorisca party from mine outfit is from here such does not spend daily. The mine feeds is this pretty navy impression with flowers & from pink heart. A cloth is from good quality. Spent one liked be happy also.
4 / 5
There does any not has occupied handbag never from first Amazon - such concealed is not surely be such to expect. This purse is perrrrrfect for our travesía in Hawaii this winter. Súper Quality for a point to auspreisen abordable. One breech is perfect and want a cloth to this to this equal that can open he with abundance from room to take what precise inside. A skin oar is pretty very time for organism from cross. And it is gone in saves bourse what liked be adds for the storage until summer comes around. This very surely liked weiterempfehlen.
4 / 5
I have purchased this partorisca prpers the lady and has arrived yesterday. Any pleasant odour, snaps breech this is to say concisely estimate and arrived does innere from the bourse partorisca storage from sustainably. It thinks why a reason can other be take something other that this bourse is partorisca estimate to a fact this has purchased he partorisca his by means of prime minister. But it is happy with this price and returns all his essentials: Téléphonique, Lipstick, small bourse, sunglasses (in his casualidad) casualidad from lentil from the contact and small boat from solution from lentils. Whether it steps the conspiracy material or spends the big bourse this is not a bourse partorisca you, but have said that it is a perfect in stock transmission from tendency partorisca state.
5 / 5
Has bought this purse partorisca takes on vacacional to Messico. L The purse canteen is in fashion to this approximate this has ascertainment the centre version from the beach! This a there is not disappointed! A product is very done and wine with the bourse from storage. Also one feeds is the good touch like the lid does not open all a from this circumvented yours belongings from fall been has. A period from an oar is from to the east with a length bc can spend such only in prpers shoulder or such crossbody! It returns prpers telephone, sunglassses, and the room does there partorisca any more but this has not required partorisca raisin a lot in a all has included!
4 / 5
Such there is disappointed. The oar has been attached to this rovescio. The toes purses were that this ploughed is down. There is not in jeglicher the direction can attach was such securely glued in.
5 / 5
A bourse is so many and a cloth in an inside is pleasant, this despite a taken in the mine is diverse. I have chosen specifically have this purse to reason the skin tone takes despite in a photo this a one I receipt has done the fashion from the loop was to derjenige to the material likes still him the bourse. It does not think partorisca has the rests have closed also and possibly wear out faster.
5 / 5
Want the purse! A semence in an inside is so, and one purse has very done. One latch is very ensured, and prpers iPhone 11 accesses in a purse. It had read that revised about does not see a picture, but a one I receipt is simply such distinguished. I can not expect use this partorisca state and in prpers the majority vacacional joint's!! It adds one perfect touch in any outfit!
5 / 5
This bourse is such hinreißend and has been excited such partorisca use this partorisca prpers custody to dine. He much fact from a group still to print from hotel partorisca taking any more to this long from prpers dinner and an oar broken has. Has must that bond he in the hitch to take by means of dining. To a dinner, as it has walked from a restaurant, mine another oar is broken there. I am not surely such spend but do not do squander your money in this bourse much reason this metric metric ton included can filter a house with him touches in.
4 / 5
Has bought this purse when lucido crusader from state to Portogallo; They are the bourse person from the luxury , and has not him liked raisin $ 1k+ purse with me in vacacional, as it has has liked him something promptly and functional that could spend at night the day during a whole 10 travesía from day. This is to say to say sturdy, animation, functional, and matches all. I have included him directed partorisca spill butcher is while east and was capable of from from this dries has been with small in any sadly (grace in part to one feeds from inside). It does not feel to like one the majority from expensive bourse in a world, and this imagines a lot leading for ever last, but for a price is for the fly!
5 / 5
What the beautiful bourse! I have bought this element for the cruise. It IS in big extent enough to resist essentials but pretty small any to go in one has been. They are according the principal description that a floral impression is bitten this juvenile, but is not this breaker from has got. A many from the centre from a torsion is exited the bit when it has arrived, but behind has burst in basically.
4 / 5
Has received purse from mine a very next day. Many and plan to use in prpers prójimo few holidays. It sees single similar pleasure such a picture. I wished him him opened it at the beginning in this small any more I this despite think that that it is in fact better that he any (less casualidad from prpers contained that the fall was whether they are in united gone calm). They are 5-7” and when it is such only in prpers must that appeal to such also in mine (which legustado).
4 / 5
Has been ascertainment to the purse such and is such has found felizmente is one! The quality adds; At all I yard from hinreißend. Perfecto For month/from state from this molla. It resists all the necessities I comfortably. The oar is not adjustable but is perfect period. The inside cloth is such pleasant also!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
4 / 5 Mickey
It IS such very fact . It IS very small! Maybe a thumb a wide plus that the CD. Fantastic Worth partorisca a price. It has taken in much compliment Giamaica.
4 / 5 Kecia
Has liked him is this pocketbook such only a such right measure. Enough space for Toni, lipstick, iPhone 8 etc.. It IS quality very good and very sturdy and has joined the oars are adjustable. Nice For a time from state!!
5 / 5 Stanley
This in fact pleasant bourse!! It sees good quality . I have ordered one 20cm and am smaller this has thought but is still this súper to this that likes him the bourse for state. Many and a quality for a price!
5 / 5 Yael
Has bought this bourse for vacacionales, but was unable to the use has called because of the mine this to return this big in a bourse. Has the note 8 and a lot once liked try nearly. Sounds the lovely bourse for small telephones or very téléphonique at all.
4 / 5 Mazie
Purse's very pleasant, this defy a portion gaze from lowly stands very faintly and affects is rasgará and a purse liked almost very remain. We liked see whether this cannister until reggae the stronghold resist openly when a world-wide again. Cruz prpers Toes!
4 / 5 Reagan
A bourse is so and such has done well! It was for a very impressed detail and character from this purse.
4 / 5 Melania
Take which paid has the stop this. This has created prpers purpose but a streaky material in prpers bad real dress. I owe that quellskaschiert adapt any to spend anything silky or to this to the neoprene likes him uses when this
4 / 5 Nena
From this bourse is pleasant but such cheaply fact and very small. Prpers iphone 7any more and see him are sunglasses returned any. They are for real very surely what this access from equally bourse. Flip and bought has a same modish bourse in TJ Max this is to say to say many principal and principal quality for a same price.
4 / 5 Sophia
Want this bourse. The question has must that decides cual to take in there with all some bourses styled, but finally decided is one. I am thrilled with this new bourse. A detail is perfect and a bourse is such stylish, utmost measure and such very enough.
5 / 5 Helen
Loved prpers purse. Arrived very quickly and is perfect so that has has liked him partorisca. It does not resist the whole conspiracy, but yes calm only definitely partorisca your cellphone, small bourse, gloss from lip - liked take him done a work. I have been contented with a quality and price. I have seen for a same bourse in a shopping mall $ 30th this was for the fly!
5 / 5 Ethelyn
Bourse From straw very pleasant. Bought this such present but seen has very sturdy and a bit to spend. It was about smaller this has expected but was also deeper. Well bourse.
4 / 5 Marx
Has bought he partorisca prpers this better vehicles! And I go to buy now one for me! It IS in fact gorgeous. Such him has lucido his. Perfecto For time from summer
5 / 5 Mariko
is very last to open and almost, and what to jump and take them were to spilt in the guarantee. The oar is also very time and bad locus, like the bourse any residuary locus. Poor creation. It liked be returned but has launched from a slip the container and postcard focused. It liked very weiterempfehlen ,
5 / 5 Dolores
very pleasant and surprisingly spacious. Content very is compliment.
4 / 5 Brynn
Want the bourse is! It was perfect for vacacional in Giamaica. It IS small but return this has required. This very surely any the daily bourse to this equal that sees delicate but add for vacay!
4 / 5 Sheree
Adds small bourse. But little. Prpers IPHONE Any turn included in him. I can this do not use .
4 / 5 Leigh
This is to say to say one him purse from majority from hinreißend straw. Mina tween (12 years) this amours from daughter. It IS a perfect measure for prpers glosses from lip and private elements. To Him spends him to him likes him to from them the cross organism. A vendor has surprised like with party from straw the present good/gesture.
4 / 5 Elmer
Gaze such only like a picture. It researches to be done very too much.
5 / 5 Odilia
This is to say to say one purse one pleasant plus , and is light and comfortable to go through half from a @@@@@@cofre. It resists a perfect crowd to fill such you the hypocrisy has dipped too much in yours/your purse and any detection anything. Súper Pleasant and leading weiterempfehlen to other.
5 / 5 Lea
Like such can be ! It IS him has bitten fragile but liked be perfect partorisca while severely
4 / 5 Earle
Súper pleasant and sturdy but severely to near. You owe that this concealed spends mark and from the insurances from minimal elements that these dishes to jump from the elements or any stacked against all another reason want not an altogether bourse .
Side besides.. It has taken the conspiracy compliment is.
4 / 5 Letisha
Such such only has not been a quality that thought has to like be . It was difficult from this altogether gone back to approach .
4 / 5 Wallace
Want the purse! Such only I must any @to @give that prpers iPhone 11 did not like return in him. 😞 He the dials have for a principal measure one.
4 / 5 Donovan
Sturdy And has a perfect period for an oar. Like. It want.
4 / 5 Dorothy
Bourse Very beautiful! This despite, a scent is bitten this unpleasant. But, it is anything . Also I liked one adjustable and oar from mine 8any more to surely access very (20diameters from cm). Be surely to verify first measured to purchase.
4 / 5 Tonja
This is to say partorisca say the lovely bourse ! Very ascribed workmanship! It liked and there is leading quellsauch prpers Present from a vendor :Or) thank you
5 / 5 Maegan
want a fashion from this bourse. The desire was only such such the elder from small Old how prpers cellphone (iphone 6 plus) any appertain innere. Other that ossia a lot do and the gazes add. It liked be to use this in prpers holidays down from this from this sud on time.
5 / 5 Margart
Was such only concealed has seen in Amazon . An element is for me and his liked !!
4 / 5 Norbert
Must want this purse! But it is material economical and has scared want pause
5 / 5 Hee
Hinreißend purse - perfect for pair from garden. Any hips in big extent but want lipstick from mine from the turn, telephone and small bourse
4 / 5 Lilian
Súper pleasant but must that squish prpers telephone from this turn to take more to this long from, otherwise sees was more expensive that is to say and content compliment about and the questions where are from
5 / 5 Jennefer
To small have has have has had to that that this confess the mine neice, unable to dip prpers bourse in him, prpers the fault to order also small from the purse.
4 / 5 Kristopher
Pleasant purse.. Such pictured, perfect measure! The cloth that the lines mark surely do not fall your elements when open from a silent side, and is súper sufficient!
4 / 5 Cecile
Very pleasant, was this small also small. It want not return prpers iPhone 8any more.
4 / 5 Sierra
The quality is not to order..
Has joined the oars see economical.
Mina Personally has joined any Worth coins.
4 / 5 Providencia
To Well sure want this wood purse measured prpers more perfect for the small daughter has bought this for prpers prime minister and liked him and amazing
5 / 5 Sherise
measure from the purse has not been concealed has expected. Has has odd odour also.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
5 / 5 Ellis
I want this bourse. It IS very done and súper pleasant. I do in the winery and there is remarked all from young lady has joined this goes in with east in a summer. I have decided to go for him and I can not believe those that compliment has trace. It has been said include partorisca the lady joined has joined in younger prpers life was this in tendency haha.
4 / 5 Tandra
Was a perfect accessory partorisca goes with prpers dress partorisca the day party.
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4 / 5 Berna
This purse is such pleasant! And this to spend a perfect measure this few things for the day has been. A quality Korbwaren was such so, very better this has expected, especially for the point from price, and a global gaze from a purse is very Good. Physical appearance from a purse: It closes in a cup with the snaps breech (a side is sewn on and other side is this strong súper adhesive); This pretty blackly, is trace, this floral cloth marked an inside; I oar is time very and thinly (any insurance to this to this equal that to regulate them, but are a perfect period for me in 5'8”), an oar and the emphases are dud skin. This very surely like go with any summers outfit!
5 / 5 Yvone
Very usually write the descriptions but this bourse are so that it surprises♥️ Prpers such only that it gone has him to him suchennach.
To So surely weiterempfehlen.
Thank you Amazon to add that he auspreisen.
5 / 5 Maritza
This bourse is designed fantastically this despite is not still to soften and to good sure hitch in from this delicate cloths and possibly yours can shell or from the clave from hands. They require to find this out to soften this product was to concealed to the reason can annoy.
4 / 5 Tuan
Want the purse!! It can not expect spend this. This very surely liked weiterempfehlen to buy this .
5 / 5 Yong
This is to say to say a bourse a pleasant plus ! Capable of from to resist prpers cell, sunglasses, your fob, and gloss from lip with prójimo the small room has left! Swipes From period in prpers swipe and can be Out organism from shabby cross. Súper Pleasant and highly recommended!
5 / 5 Raye
STINKIN HINREIßEND! Perfecto For summer, and like go with any outfit! They are 5'2 to this equal that is to say to be affect an oar liked be to very time, but is adjustable! The only remorse has purchased profit no longer :) Leading!
5 / 5 Everett
Amur This bourse! It lights and it can resist prpers téléphonique bourse and this pocolos cosmetic small. I add to exit. This very surely weiterempfehlen to buy from this vendor to this approximate this has saved in $ 20 from east from retail options have researched previously to purchase.
4 / 5 Lanette
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5 / 5 Efren
The product was hot glued any more nearest. Had still Flansch from hardened adhesive in a breech and in an inside. Scandal partorisca be altogether this bad locus is not prpers bourse very small returned and iPhone 10 with a measure. It liked it do upheld this whether it does not have been from such poor quality done.
5 / 5 Angele
I ees have have SUCH SUCH SINGLE a purse for this little days now, but are such pleasant and such pictured and have described. It IS a perfect measure in fact for your necessities in the holidays and such, with a bit access.
5 / 5 Daren
Amour This purse from summer and I take compliment in this all a time!
4 / 5 Shila
THIS such only súper pleasant. Take all compliment a time. Enough in big extent to spend all some needful things. Téléphonique, Paintbrush, lipstick ect. Good quality.
4 / 5 Garrett
Pleasant purse, such only such described and a lot in inside from out a moment. This despite return to the swimming in him... Has a iPhone XS Max which accesses, but then at all any more when beat in fact. Also him can snag in your cloths from surely material.
4 / 5 Keenan
Such the pleasant purse! I have taken compliment such in him in vacacional. It does not resist that very but it was perfect for prpers necessities - have resisted prpers telephone, bourse, and Toni. Good quality and súper pleasant!
4 / 5 Tracie
Amours This handbag! This to spend a perfect measure an essential, sunglasses, I-téléphonique bourse , small, lipstick, and small mirror. Liking exit to dine or those careers with friend around! Such felizmente the experience has this bourse!
4 / 5 Pearl
It likes him- join me measured from a bourse and a floral impression in a cloth has been fed with.
4 / 5 Katheryn
Want this small bourse! He any more soiled that calm thinks! Such single down can him fall snag in your cloths. Such such only be attentively spends a cloth. With tejanos and the material is such.
5 / 5 Troy
Not resist enough. Whether you have dipped your telephone in him, yours any are returned Toni . It IS him is returned.
5 / 5 Chaya
Severely to return that in Round to form been due to, but light and very pleasant.
4 / 5 Denita
This bourse is perfect!! Same quality such any more expensive bourses. Leading weiterempfehlen in any searching to the fact the hand this rattan bourse from clearly
5 / 5 Eura
such the pleasant straw crossbody bourse for state. Enough in big extent for any more essentials. It does good very and reasonably auspreisen. It has taken the conspiracy compliment is.
5 / 5 Natasha
I in fact such have been the purse has surprised that as it was.
THIS small to this approximate this has must that minimises joined material but from this work for me.
5 / 5 Gricelda
Has ordered this pleasant bourse for prpers net and liked him. Husk prpers that in him and is spent at once!
5 / 5 Nga
Have dates this like the present from the anniversary and prpers to this to partner likes him.
4 / 5 Teresia
Liked have him what pleasant and such only is this purse, percepts this conspiracy more expensive this was.

Top Customer Reviews: Retro Straw Bag ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
4 / 5 Darryl
Nice rattan the bourse saw has perfected partorisca any casualidades ,any cloths spend. I can prpers jump téléphonique,headline from papered and has joined daughter from thing .
5 / 5 Sharell
THIS such felizmente this has purchased this bourse. To Look in this diverse bourses have decided are one. They are felizmente such this have done. Prpers Principal reason for so is concealed this bourse has joined the oars are totally adjustable. It helps this any must that the holes I so that it can regulate an oar to return me properly such crossbody. This very surely liked weiterempfehlen for daughters from measure from the plus and all this world-wide any more lol.
HAS must that goes back and revise this description. I have left prpers original comments for reference but to use a purse for a first time a subordinated latch has broken. Turn to includes purse because of a purse no longer properly.
5 / 5 Julianna
THIS disappointed such! This bourse is hinreißend and such such only a right measure for state. I access a plus from IPHONE, sunglasses and Toni perfectly. This despite, is gone in warped? This is to say to say was a better can describe. It sees him is turned in a frame, as he einschleifen very equally in a fund. Sadly, this fact has sees in fact economical. Whether it can take concealed is not warped, highly liked weiterempfehlen!
4 / 5 Velva
This is to say to say the purse from perfect summers - return prpers telephone (iphone 11), mask from face, bourse and essentially fob. I take the conspiracy compliment. Needs the small bourse, concealed is not obvious. This very surely weiterempfehlen.
4 / 5 Marvin
Absolutely want this purse only and received has such is amply better this expected has has!! It is done in fact such, sturdy and from the lines are good-looking! Perfecto to dine
4 / 5 Zita
IS SÚPER pleasant but does not plan to dip any more sews when this small pairs in him. Surely full and is impossible to close.
5 / 5 Lupe
Bourse From this the majority from pleasant straw! He SUCH very - BITS this small but perfect for the party from cocktail from state! Any odour was bourse with that from plastic nave for just the day!
4 / 5 Hana
Like such can be . Enough in big extent goes & for the cellphone/paper crediticio, chapstick. Perfecto When him liked him to from him something that likes him & small. The gazes add with dresses from suns/from solos/solos
4 / 5 Elenore
Hinreißend bourse for state! A shoulder oar is time very and from the lines from cloth is a hinreißend touch .
4 / 5 Ginny
Súper Pleasant! Abundance from room partorisca returns a necessity. This joins from class from gaze thinly and economical.
4 / 5 Nikita
Has liked him this little is better concealed has expected and has like one little lines inside!
5 / 5 Ross
Liked me that in fact stylish and from compact am! I add to compliment the dress from good summers.
4 / 5 Anisa
Olin Very pleased with a creation from prpers bourse from straw. Very sturdy & stylish, returns prpers basics.

Top Customer Reviews: Straw Bag Boho ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Novella
It IS the beautiful bourse . Prpers The partner liked this such liked be to purchase a still prpers also.
Percepts sturdy And as it has done.
4 / 5 Rolf
IS past tense likes he the best Present was this expected him. It was felizmente a lot with a purse.
5 / 5 Carmen
There does compliment in this purse such! Has a IPHONE 11 ProMax these returns perfectly innere! This very surely weiterempfehlen this purse! ❤️
4 / 5 Seth
Liked me a fashion from a bourse and what versatile is to spend with in clearly outfits a molla and state
5 / 5 Malinda
has bought for the promise like the anniversary. There like. It IS perfect for this boho saw from summer
5 / 5 Randee
Bought this eastern such Present partorisca the vehicles and liked him! This despite has not gone has impressed in fact nearly from a quality but again, has not been very expensive anyways

Top Customer Reviews: Straw Bag Rattan ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5 Drucilla
I have required any more this small, stylish purse partorisca state. It has taken this and could not be happier! It IS in big extent enough to return all from an essential and while . It IS very it light which is very also. Also it has the small pocket in a big plus which can surely paper crediticio properly or cash. A creation and the craftsmanship are crowds! Content compliment in this all a time. Amur So much think about from this expensas that other away!
5 / 5 Rob
IS súper pleasant, such only to return a right measure called him, bourse and small other necessaries. It likes him a pleasant and simple boho fashion and colour from tan the break's when with more when this. I add such right or any dress in gaze. A snap the gaze breech sturdy and is a bit to manoeuvre. I prefer a silent to spend this crossbody styled purse this is to say to say smaller. Has the good floral liners innere that in fact to resist the easy fact openly (while still spend) and fish from the bourse or téléphonique and has not joined the content from the loss was while a locus.
5 / 5 Sanora
IS very pleasant to exit casually do not return the conspiracy but is very hinreißend seen correctly an outfit for a beach chic directly
4 / 5 Heidi
so, any big east but perfect for this few things.
5 / 5 Na
Many and all this across the globe what this amours from comment too much. Derjenige To the skin likes him has from emphasis joined and from the oars gaze real.
5 / 5 Eda
Absolutely hinreißend. Room for the photo, paper crediticio, goes. And lipstick! This calm more precise!?
4 / 5 Dave
IS this very good purse . A bit smaller thought has does then in the first place.

Top Customer Reviews: Boho Straw Bag ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5 Latesha
It has been surprised in fact partorisca a quality from this rattan averts from straw handbag. All is such perfect in only like a amazon from picture. I those plans to use this summer this creature how madly and under very crossed with this boho bourse. I want a cloth from the inside such coloreado, enough, cute impression. It was person very surprised sticks the description in from this this concludes. A must buy whether this Brisk to this modish grandson boho handbag. One Present adds for all one modish cup in your life.
Any remorse in this price. A delivery was kinda to the east with a length from but that well. It has joined the skin oar adds to like complain quality for a price to buy.
4 / 5 Consuelo
There there is sooo very compliment in this purse! The single Ding want the transmission is that this deeply . It ails in from this bylines with prpers telephone, bourse, and inside from Toni.
4 / 5 Craig
Has received the conspiracy compliment in this bourse. It beat silent turn very many in him but he with a well occupied this upholds your telephone, bourse, Toni in. It researches to be done so much.
5 / 5 Mamie
Like handbag, has very this small compliments taken spend when about city.