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5 / 5
I want this bourse(purse).. It resists all any more partorisca require I a bit. It has joined the pockets are deeply practical..(Telephone,water from jumps,cloths...) An oar this comes on to the east from the plus partorisca me. Also a material (cloth?) It feels and quality from gaze,cheaply any that the bourse done. It want so much that with that has has this the week or such, has ordered in the diverse colour(charcoal ash?)...Mina In the first place an oriental the good brown,this in picture this has dipped on here. Content a lot risarcimento partorisca this description,such such single want this bourse, law very partorisca prpers necessities,and the action joy prpers sincere alcohol to help in decide any more the hopes.
4 / 5
HAS two diverse bourses in this page (this joined has the page left has, which says 'double cloaks with 7' drops' when you presionar a measure tone; And one any has has joined legislations this says double cloaks with 9' drop's), as it is bitten him partorisca has confused that looks for to imagine that the comments apply to this all the bourse. I have bought away both and has joined the differences establishments were:
1) one 9' the bourse the drops are about one and the means to two wide thumbs in that big plus this one 7' one; It does not see partorisca likes him very but has done this surprisingly big difference in a gaze from a bourse. Whether it sees he has has joined pictures partorisca all were, liked see a difference
2) one 9' the drops bourse have any more zippered sections and pockets this from this 7' drops one; Also it has this serious quota essentially partorisca easy access.
3) One 9' the bourse the drops were any more when the charcoal ash this blackly, which can finalise partorisca be this variac. From conspiracy from the dye. Or No.
adds both bourses partorisca a price, such such only choose what characteristic is any more when yours/your establishment. They are small pretty and one 9' cloak-the bourse to the fall there stuns , as it has uphold one 7' (any smaller) one, which is still very capaciously.
From the lines in both were good quality, Thick but no rigid, and a stitching solid from gaze. I liked improve whether it does not resist so much in, but ossia the bourse from good-looking profits , perfect for 95 from prpers straight life.
5 / 5
Has been to search purse for years. I have tried small, in big extent, backpacks, etc. Although is it concealed mainly has expected, this is to say to say for amply one from the purses from mine has preferred! Has the small organiser within a principal pocket that the helps organize prpers he prpers so that daily it likes him to them the bourse, lip balm, lotion, etc. Absent an organiser, such such only liked be the big hole from the things this around those games- which drive me to us date. This despite, a height from a bourse with united leaves from organiser to uphold all pretty accessible and this amours owes alley for documentation, pill, etc to the east with a length this embroider. In general, prpers the only complaint liked be to have on this small and selection from the class joined or the inside is pockets , but the law adds with prpers the inside is from organiser.
5 / 5
Has ordered 4 bourses to see that it can prpers necessities accommodate.
Has required the bourse this could resist offered for infusions from house.
This bourse returns all prpers material this despite can close a zip. It includes this B/P cuffs, stethoscope, and bourse from impression.
Still have room for documentation/from files, IV BOURSES flowed, and tubing.
I hard hope, is the cloth and from this I feed be thinly (from here 4 stars) and a zip can give was, but expect for a better and dulcemente to use cure.
4 / 5
Has required this tote/crossbody/handbag with cloaks and oar from shoulder. To Find a better from a tizzy, has examined all 400 models in a locus web from Amazon two times. Two has done a final yard: GUISHI E-Commerce NYLON CROSSBODY totes HANDBAG and this. I have decided there it have in a last reason any more user evaluations, any more pockets, and construction from cloth.
Here is a "Such" And "Badly."
1st One feeds material gazes and percepts more durable that a tear habituada-stop nylon.
2nd a measure is pertinent. It is not to small or overwhelmingly in big extent. A bourse liked resist one is essentials and two textbooks.
3rd has many pockets - seven are.
4th a quality from a stitching is excellent. A workmanship is professional, and there is not observable deceit.
5th One $ 26 east in a mid-point from comparable.
1st a taint a heavy plus is required.
2nd has joined the zips are regular note . For this reason, it has him has him joined boss's from the metal finally for been due to continual use. They require to be upgraded to the heaviest quality.
3rd One outside-rear zippered the pocket is to small. One 5 5/8" Necessity from period to be augmented to 10".
4th an inside zippered the pocket is also to small. One 6" The period has required also to be augmented to 10".
5th a thin and refulgent statin-likes him to the line economical quality is . I require to be mark with rasgar-stop nylon.
6th One 1 3/8" Velcro The band in some two pockets lateralmente are to small. For this reason, regime to often. To Annul this question, any more a period to 2".
One in the suggestions are expressed, this product liked be a better in a planet.
5 / 5
I like a measure from him. I liked be to use the pleasure prpers purse from travesĂ­a. Usually try to him has this crossbody still recognition by means of airports. I can fill prpers crossbody in this bourse. Room enough for ipad, kindle, cord, bite, paving, this few things annoy definitely while trips him'. I einschleifen the woman or the man could spend this bourse in this colour.
Has has not him liked an odour inside but there is hanged he in prpers cochera for the day as it is now many. Any him likes To From him a measure from a pocket in a backside or a pocket has has joined sides. A front pockets are in big extent enough for prpers iphone6 But a inaugural is kinda concisely coin,as it want him the mine to jump raisin to board in there could, but used prpers passport with prpers the coverage want do not return ,this rear pocket is small him likes the humour for room or from the papers from car from Toni. I liked be to dip this bourse in him to pave from the plan surely & percepts that I liked can wash & hang this dry. A bourse is shapeless, as but goes to have fill that it can be the worry when you.
4 / 5
Absolutely to this to this liked him tote! It IS sĂșper capaciously, but very enormously and bulky. I can return the small purse in him, together with one ipad, cosmetic, paintbrush and another essentials, whether necessity be. It has joined to Final from pockets are pretty amply pretty when he watter jump him or has crossed from caffĂš hoards, although am I such such only pretty deeply for about 1/2 from one boat, as be consciously from from this this. Prpers IPHONE RX Do not return in a pocket from from a swipe for all but bursts I a flap in and not try for the use. But it has joined with telephone from access spare rooms in a from one fron pockets from zip. I want an oar from detachable shoulder has included, which bent and burst to a pocket from rear zip. Practically whether this definite, but from an out when I No. bought have this to ingest a plan with me for one crosses , and there is quellshabe tried already to see that it can take prpers, this despite till a zip. It could included dipped in a from pillow from mine from travesĂ­a small. They are felizmente such with this totes! It IS the cloth to have that this concealed him strongly , fed with this thins (probably to thinly) silky material, probably nylon. It has joined the oars are very sturdy and attached with stitching in to do from X models him sturdy. Prpers Shoe-repairman the husband looked in him and has said had done the good election! One shortcoming can be a quality from one nylon zips. The calm does not know never in eastern has joined until the time is spent.

The inside is there eastern cushioned hendido with him velcro breech, and this very capaciously spatial on. Also the pocket inside from the zip, but is pretty small. With 3 out pockets, 2 were bourse, and all from an inside from room, this liked be a Crazy ideal for dulcemente or crusader from train, and this practically totes for the picnic/from picnic/picnics are, game, etc. Weiterempfehlen yours spray with Awake Scotsmen this take I lucido to help waters to mark Repellent.

One tote was packaged in the inside from bourse from the cloth from the plastic bourse. Very packaged and save has. I am impressed in fact, and think a price is this subject for a quality from a bourse.
4 / 5
IS blamed to require the purse lucido the big plus and I take always such have worsened the reasons can not find bourses with fine many compartments. Prpers Ascertainment IS wider... I have found prpers perfect bourse. (Next year at least for one or such til necessity this largely one plus)

the colour is such, stitching is in fact also so from quality and there is pockets and from the compartments everywhere. I have taken all prpers old purse was, and then has has the addition joined to have the things required to have but could the transmission never, has added pill then from mine from galaxy and oh gaze! Still I have room for any more!

Whether precise organisation in yours/your purse, and like a straight gaze, this is to say to say the bourse adds when you. It IS in big extent and in the load and I such only take other cannister in the diverse colour this to such only reason likes him such.
5 / 5
This amours from Mrs.. It can resist the enormous crowd to fill require this to, but is not huge to see or difficult to lug around. Works such although such only this have in few things him because is it flexible and can be pretty slow. It can be used for returns from prejudice like a bourse during all yours fill every day so that the woman has full furthermore with all prpers material newspaper and there is still abundance from room for has has joined cloths, this extra is from pair of shoes, and the laptop for the days from pair. Basically lucido perfectly with any this few things or the small Worth from day from materials. Rugged. Metric metric ton from pockets for inside and for out. As him sees. Any to girly- sees. In fact, now they are that it thinks that it that it could him this to him takes I one to use so that the luggage/spends-on. It could from the prices the band week from materials in him. Yeah go to take one. Green from army. Brown liked do too much.
5 / 5
Has purchased a black one. It is not in big extent it how me it has imagined to like be but is pretty roomy. At all the conspiracy with me because of work and prpers classes. It returns him has him has him joined piece ascertainment, surface 3, jumps largely water, this bourse, he mini first box from help, 2 casualidad from pencil, 2 chargers, this casualidad from cigarette, and another element other smaller (mini hand sanitizer, knitted etc.). Obviously, any the conspiracy and has fill a bourse quickly which is such. They are with this such have that that spend mine 1Inch binder for part from a bourse. There is to the conspiracy from pockets joined have external. It does to any to use still but adds to have several pockets. The calm does not know never which has calmed any more can require spend. A bourse is also pretty sturdy. There is still to the fall averts in me and he taken has such such only this week. So much, we liked see that severely long . Hopefully, severely for the long time. Many thus far!
4 / 5
I have ordered 2 from these handbags, have taken today 1st a brown one. A Ding the east displeased at once was that a lining from the inside from a bourse is done from this economical plastic this has never not seen very used in the handbag before. It has known there has occupied this partorisca liked have not bought. It is not that it goes partorisca last to the east with a length from and in fact this spoiled.

Another while, a bourse is smaller has imagined then. It IS such pictured this despite. But it is the bourse from this lower/quality smaller . The hypocrisy sees likes him any says otherwise.

Has modified prpers description. Has another cloth bourses. They are much stronger then this. These bourses adapt me from the toy. I have taken prpers blackly a yesterday. It likes him-join me remedy blackly colour then one brown. But this is to say partorisca says prpers private preference . This such only hypocrisy apresamiento spent a plastic that this bourse is fed with. He crinkles when you do not plough never the zip or touch an inside.
5 / 5
This has metric metric ton from room partorisca mine toiletries, mark in stock transmission, ipad, and bite. I used him him joined it external pockets partorisca prpers bourse, telephone, earphone, and upload. Contingent under a chair in a plan very amiably and was a bit Ding to access while a flight. Has used him such such single he for one travesĂ­a but gaze to be many sturdy. Highly weiterempfehlen this, good price.
4 / 5
The bourse is mainly concealed has thought, but to this to the perfect reason likes him spend the books and sometimes one umbrella in purse from mine. An only question is that one from the Toni have joined from the money is exited a front from a bourse. It IS this adds Tavel bourse!
4 / 5
This bourse is complied there fully to receive prpers expectations; It is enough to this that likes him ( has taken one charcoal ash one) and one stitching is just quality. This despite, less when the week, one innere the essential channel this takes has broken. I have used such such only once. There is unattended it This . Unfortunately, for down three months, a primary annex this takes that him saves an oar from the shoulder to a bourse broken there also is. This is to say economical plastic take this has the metallic coating, in eastern gaze to be metal (and the quality to remedy that in fact it is). I have tried this makeshift w/ this keyring, but have has joined claves from the piece broken is gone in one the majority from uncomfortable locus, repeatedly lining and in me spanabhebend. And it can not be take because of an oar is sewn to one take. Maybe him could sends one company the oars sub...? These wants honestly client from the service joined from the quality those marks all a difference!
5 / 5
Has been ascertainment this few years for the handbag/purse anything/to to do mine 'handbag to resist' has bought from ThinkGeek ago+ 10 years that finally such only totally have bitten a powder the year and the half fact. The cloth has bought included to attach this bourse but has decided that it was such single bobo.

Has bought multiple bourses in this amazon and was all the failure for clearly from reasons. One the majority again this was this pretty good bourse and has has many pockets but were ridiculously flexible and severely to such such only achieve in and find something.

This one, this despite... I have been madly from me have in the first place when have opened to find the material from rigid cloth, this fund level (map probably but this is to say to say how them all are), and many pockets, a bit full have not there known were until has begun it I to aim one hubby who could not give the toe (but liked be happy operated such only I so that it leaves to complain about he). Mine Samsung galaxy S3 (9.7') access from pill in a cushioned, velcro pocket from alley with room to spare such he something is mainly there has a space. Mina LG G6 Access from téléphonique in a pocket lateralmente out securely and surely.

HAS 4 pockets avert largely (about 8' deeply for 12' amply, one with zip, one with velcro and a pocket from the pill cushioned with the fold in velcro oar), 1 big pocket (about 6' deeply for 9' amply), 6 halves pockets (about 6' deeply for 4-5' amply, two with zips), 3 small pockets (about 4' for 4', two with zips and one from one zipped the pockets this is behind an any pocket from zip) and 3 spikes pockets. Also it has the oar for headline sews your length. It could surely appeal from a tone from sickle and opens Absent spends him unhooking the Toni have joined.

From the lines are not to feed he from thinly satin, is any more when this thinnish cotton/from cloth? I think that it that that liked resist in well.

An only downside the master sees has one from this eshasta openly has joined once and for all learn the purses zip mainly but as me any zip in a cup from purse from mine in all this casualidad amours any to annoy me .

Liked modify with that has this description has this the moment to improve on is durability . Has big hopes, this despite, and seriously consider buy 3 any more such must any that again never these chases!
5 / 5
When in the first place taken has it him to him to him this bourse for work, has think that was perfect. I number him and you measure them perfect pockets, no very expensive, etc. From this last times have bought the bourse the work has been done 15 years aims about. It was cloth and has been lasted wonderfully, until a semence begun finally to spend to use thinly. This bourse this despite, despite be sturdy lines, have begun to fall avert pretty quickly. It IS a perfect measure to go back and vorwegnehmen to do, and has joined the pockets are utmost. In a downside, one want must that/cross-row-from the organism not residuary to where you slide a period to. It IS behind all to this long to resolve on, this does deeply very an oar time. I owe that this readjusts every time pretty this chooses up. Besides, it has him has him joined clip's this save to broken an oar has pretty at once. Such only them snapped went him. As I have ordered carabiners and have used those. A bourse was still feasible. Carabiners Fastened an oar in securely, there another has annoyance that must regulate every time a period elected has until going, but oh well. THEN, a zip broken has. As it has tried zip a cup, this course has opened on the one hand already zipped. As I have tried unzip and redo and then learn a zip to appeal/the next mechanism has come totally was, such now is impossible the zip. This bourse has done he by means of a semester from work (I follow the professor) and with the conspiracy from beset from to the east with a length one has been. I have bought the Final bourse from from this this in from this available earths and expect (zip totally openly) for him to arrive. Hopefully one those pays the extra from bitten has side from amours from the money.
4 / 5
This is to say to say this many so much, big purse. Have pockets throughout to which have him to him legustado to him in fact. Unfortunatly, THIS from the turn by train. But reason such only has been to in big extent so that definitely. There is absolutly at all badly w/ one purse he. Whether it was this small smaller liked be to uphold this.
4 / 5
Absolutely want this bourse. Has all those pockets a leading very never require remain organize, resisted from this metric metric ton material, and a cloth is very durable. Such desire such only one feeds was such sturdy like the external cloth. I have been for use he only the small month and one feeds has come averts. It liked be he has must that pay two times although so much for a bourse it liked use the much material for one feeds.
Improvement: With this 4 uses month (and is very attentively with prpers bourses) one feed are totally in shreded/shredded/shreded/shredded from the locuses and I need for the sub. Any knows from other mark that has the similar fashion with this many pockets this amours not fall averts with ordinary use?
5 / 5
This bourse is such pleasant, has taken a version with all many apart pockets and are such have done felizmente. It IS spacious Absent be enormously and bulky, and surely returns mine 14' chromebook. A zip is dipped down this small lower this has has joined sides from a bourse, so that it beats needful overpack this and Absent raisin any more what zipping has closed. Thus far any subject with the oar joined from the shoulder or the hand-held oar joined has. It liked say a single drawback is that within a bourse is there such such only one smallish pocket that the zips have enclosed, as any many for organisation within a bourse, but upholds Toni and another element in all from external pockets have joined united access time. Has has joined pockets from the external zip in a front is mainly concealed expect and spacious, and the well is returned surely has the principal cellphone bases has joined has pockets lateralmente with velcro have not enough gone in big extent for your telephone. Typically him spends prpers the inside is from small purse from this bourse as I do not do the conspiracy from this must from this small elements are that they play around a fund. Amur A colour, hips, are directly but very better these gazes that it z/to backpack or this from other shoulder from bourses from cloth/from the carrier from the bourses have seen.
5 / 5
One has has has has described DIMENSIONS: ''(L) x (W) x (H); Double cloaks with 9.8' drops; I row from adjustable shoulder with 35' to 58' drops. This this real dimensions are 13'(L) x 6'(W)x almost 11'(H). I have ordered one insert/insert for prpers camera to register in this bourse but a pardon 2' (L) and 1'(H) has done the enormous difference. This is to say to say this casualidad in where a model must one from picture from state from measure from daughter because is it almost not a bourse such in big extent as it is portray it has has joined pictures. He upholds liked be up needful bands and this at duty reasons want not for prpers the use has feigned - the time is there squandered! I want not the product because of one weiterempfehlen tentativa lucida to mislead buyer.
5 / 5
At all, this bourse was all liked be. This despite, with this less when begin two weeks to take the hole around a velcro in an external pocket. Has attach a velcro to unify with lines from silk at all this upholds one spill to close feeds. This is disappointed there a lot.

To Improve. Now such single about to from the east is using 4 weeks this bourse. All from has joined the draw linings were and in amazing. Very disappointing and embarrassing to spend. I liked be to return this and searching another bourse to to.
5 / 5
A bourse so from gaze and a material cloth is sturdy. It IS there is disappointed he conclude him. A bourse is small. All can spend is this 13 laptops this from thumb, load, and small bourse. With this almost two weeks an oar broken has. This amazon has mark. An oar has broken again. This time with this 3 months. This is to say to say the awful bourse . It spends in less prpers bourses that any more crown, bourse, spike, lipstick, notepad, has has joined receipts. A bourse can not this spend to is this load unworthy to be the woman handbag.
5 / 5
There does has not in fact used a purse still (9.8 drop), and expected has to be in fact mainly based in this shown to joined photos have. It has been he has bitten affected is. But his looks in and raisin, is the perfect measure in fact and any such in big extent how him has seen. From him then it is cloth , liked be hanged Light . Abundance from inside from room and pockets. A partner has one purse there still to this approximate this has been see takes a paralysis to the east with a length from the year. It can take the diverse colour for state/from molla.
4 / 5
This bourse is such adds! It liked me those that from the pockets and the zips have! A colour is good-looking and is so after sturdy material! A single badly Ding is that I uphold to dip such material in him conceals taken bitten this heavy 😊
5 / 5
his pretty amply to return prpers portable. Pretty capaciously to return prpers books and stationery for scolare and have the good looks in prpers Poor. It can be a daily bourse , has a space for him Absent sees has else full.
Has preferred despite a darker shadow this, this can aim surely muck.
5 / 5
Seat, But such single has attack very for this bourse. A principal principal zip has been to long and enhanced such any more when a bourse. Has has joined zips from the pocket from the side is out run, likes him six unable to have the full gaze or achieve these pockets. Chattel him how in fact such from bourse, but never included has used he been due to joined has breeches from ridiculous zip. Have upheld this bourse unfortunately this plus to the east with a length from from this eastern is concealed there has and is for the turn the evening. (This is to say to say prpers failure ) takes the bourse's to confess a tent parsimony tomorrow morning.
5 / 5
Has purchased this bourse in sieve Hinterteil. 2019th in fact him likes him to from from me and I use him daily. It does not do overburden or the material has dipped in fact innere strongly. Today , one that joins lateralmente (this where from the bows from oar to) decided must that snap. I have called to amazon and can any this second from Ding what the sub. Such cual to the versatility goes is the bourse adds ., But the clock has been for this light oars have joined. It IS there is disappointed he derjenige from fact.
4 / 5
Prpers The daughter want this bourse. It has taken for his to use while recognition's, but has used every day., Such thus far. I have bought a same bourse ( diverse colour) for the mine spends in handbag, used it once and a focused from the zip has broken. He uphold does at all to resist to open and close a zip. I think that that it is for the turn the evening, check from amours. Otherwise, Amur this bourse. Much space. Very material .
4 / 5
Liking bourse, at duty mine 13” laptops this, have for another compartment another material work. Two zippered advance from pockets, mine to return eyeglass casualidad and cellphone. Other zippered pocket in rear side, wish this was the elder from small Old he appertain bourse.. Pockets lateralmente with Velcro are such, this desire was this small deeper, although mine 16 oz With you mug is not yet there appealing to era. The oars are from aloud, do not dig to the shoulder and an oar one long plus is very also partorisca by means of an organism.
4 / 5
IS groovy! I want many pockets a bit to dip few things in, this container from Kleenex, small container from aspirin, bite baggie w almonds, etc. are past z/to this z/to the backpack and all resolves to a subordinated and has must that sews from ascertainment many times the day to. Also, a zone for the laptop resisted has to pill from measure from the paper or file Absent flopping before. It IS small pretty concealed is not bulky, but resisted the conspiracy and is directed surely when has located this the bus.
4 / 5
A seams by means of a esars has measured very almost 15th a side seams begins out prĂłjimo 5.5, but as they locate to 3.5. With a principal zip has closed such only wiggle room. I have dipped 3 laws in him and gaze to ingests elder that a integer Ding. Any this included verify which from the mine accordian does such such such only does not think could have resisted has. LeGustado A gaze, but a stitching is any more when the raspberry this red. A zip is so that yes taken in a rain, a rain can go in from a zip complied any a sidewalls. Have dates 2 stars for a cloth and has ascertainment a price could have resisted has else.
5 / 5
HAS amour this bourse, is in big extent and has room for all. Amado An oar. I have purchased this in November 15, 2017 and today, February 14, 2018, a course from the skin from an oar snapped was. Chattel any fills a bourse never to a point has been weighed (has him the toddler and prpers the bourse spends around, Many no an aside hanged ), as I am very surprised and disappoint him that this broken has prpers! :( A bourse loses to declare the star been due to from this this, bus from then still spends in prpers Poor because of which other two cloaks, can not call this bourse the refuse, although had it has joined oar a point to sell . It IS the much bourse , this only gazes have been for a weight.
4 / 5
Knows that it researches a perfect handbag always? So much, I mine expĂłsita such only. It IS when more perfect. The desire is gone in any more could the colours from conspiracy such the transmission have estada with has joined seasons. It has taken a chocolate and totally to this to this liked him. Dieselbe HAS empty pockets that it is unreal. Any strongly, has resisted this yes silent conspiracy full amours. For me, it is perfect. Highly, highly weiterempfehlen
4 / 5
the works perfect for prpers bourse from work. Enough in big extent but any to in big extent to resist all prpers the lunch included. Leading quellsist there the remedy state has this rigid pc from plastic in a subordinated to resist is form . I have finalised to cut this pc from the map & dipped him there. Also an oar to this length in fact any residuary locus, this slip is the oar surely that also long. Have attach that quickly also with the stitch from pair to a right period.
5 / 5
Purchased has this bourse in January from 2018 in a start from the semester escole new. At the beginning it was to add, has two functional pockets joined have external this used have to squeeze in mainly united time/out access for things this prpers telephone and Toni. There is also he zippered pocket in a backside and an inside an upheld has where offered escoles. Joined has returns from innere pocket pretty this pocolas notebooks and from the books as well as mine 13' MacBook airs @subject @@Absent.

Prpers @Any more @@@subject is a durability such only from a loop from skin this saves where a clip is attached an oar. It has begun to aim with that has joined such the wear only the pair month and finally this rasgado and an oar cut down in a half from a day when it was in scolare.

In general, has in fact leading want this bourse but master any weiterempfehlen he for any must conceal that spends that around when there is also hanged in a combined bourse. Probably any more for use from agency and any to spend prolonged in shoulder.
4 / 5
The master is in fact there this amours from bourse when him did me more. I have used him such z/this z/the backpack partorisca from prpers first semester from university. It has resisted all has required I and have this still cushioned pocket for laptops or pills. I have finalised to take something any more was the reason the weight conspiracy for a shoulder such z/this z/the backpack resulted more practical for me. Any ascertainment to this bourse from norm, highly weiterempfehlen this bourse.
5 / 5
Does not do squander your money in this bourse. Has was there this such such only a bourse for 3 months and a sewing in have numerous zones the wine averts. A material is very economical and any has sewn a product does not believe in behind-tac stop's to the east from a stitching comes pretty quickly nullified. A bourse prpers is the enabled appearance so, this defiance to be a quality not the dollar to estimate. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!
5 / 5
This is to say to say such adds the bourse , honradamente is to this $ 80 bourses.
HAS has for the year now and liked him. It returns Absent to be this metric metric ton the enormous bourse and resisted prpers forms and does not see slouchy. It IS also durable, to this to the use likes him prpers from raisin-as well on for flights how prpers bourse from daily laptop for work and his resisted further add, any clue to spend at all.
HAS Many that bourse to do this saw so much and stylish Absent apresamiento expensive, bourse from in largely leaves heavily skin with buckles. This bourse is very that prpers price from house!
5 / 5
Has joined the zips have seen messed up at the beginning... But in all the reality, I any his enclosed zip, as he very in fact @@@@@subject! I want a bourse, abundance from spatial, many pockets. The price adds global!
4 / 5
Uses this such purse mine. A quality is excellent. Material from rugged cloth. A colour is simply such distinguished. It IS him has bitten roomier this has leading, but ossia private preference . This to from to this to this likes him the purse this from this that there divided from one has a hendido for the computer to slide to this such his perfect for mine ipad. But otherwise is a big pocket in an inside. One sees from oar sturdy and this was to have a reason must this takes to has the new purse reasoned/reasoned always prpers the raisin from amours from the oar was. This No.
4 / 5
Used in the retreat from church partorisca mine 1' 3 coverages binder, 4' bible from thickly studio, partorisca box from help, spike, pencil, bourse, Toni, toallitas humid from glasses, water from jump and clearly another few things. It remarks that the waters the bump liked remain any pocket lateralmente - liked fall him was. Resisted on so much done and has has room partorisca any more material. Thus far such so much. In fact him likes him - it was from from perfect partorisca this required has.
4 / 5
This bourse is to very largely partorisca every day used, but done a bourse from travesĂ­a ideal with many pertinent with many compartments partorisca document and from this small elements. It is built from strongly from cloth and must from amour these leaves. Has has joined zips and another breeches all gaze partorisca law how and very be the durable time. Also him could be the bourse from adequately diaper.
4 / 5
Want this bourse. When there are in the first place openly, have thinks that small invernadero and do not like pretty be in big extent but are! There is so much thinks any more the room that calm. All some compartment is to add and help him upholds prpers the bourse has organize. Amur Has joined cloaks shoulder and a long join which is adjustable. It IS perfect for daily use. Many.
4 / 5
A bourse is good to see and capaciously but the mine is resulted to be the expensive refuse joined from money. Inside 2 days from light use, has joined metal from part in a side that saves an oar has broken reparation any more rendering that row to this long from useless. Inside 2 weeks, these zips have begun to break. Now a pocket from the inside rasgado and can not be sewn from backside nearly prĂłjimo. Any I on uploads a bourse , neither, I toss this around or this gained about. $ Partorisca The gaze use from the excessive month.
5 / 5
Omg I amour like these gazes from purses!!! It has taken a blue one and a colour is gorgeous! Very better that this expected has to be. I have occupied in fact like the clinical bourse for work but instead is uses this prpers the reason from daily purse is this tad has bitten smaller this concealed has expected to be. It is gone in still spacious!
4 / 5
When has in the first place this purchased has totes the bourse has think that was perfect. The humour to spend prpers small purse/billfold, IPAD, knits, and another essentials and liked me like him in fact this all properly. An outside has built to create material zips , strongly, and cloaks, but an inside is in fact untangled material east horribly. Within this few weeks have begun and he upholds must that a point untangled this has any No. from pocket percepts in fact bummed as I took me this in fact long time to take a tote this was perfect for me.
5 / 5
The ascertainment have the bourse from travesĂ­a well for a moment. Chattel him how in fact concealed can from something resisted the computer but also surely be used from as the bourse / from day pleasant purse. These returns a bill perfectly. I liked many pockets a bit, pleasant colour, versatility (p. p.ej. Bourse From shoulder or crossbody), material from light weight. This despite gazing to be has bitten this cheaply - a zip tuck was often and prpers the guess is that it breaks within the year or two from use. But for a price, is such only that it has have him to him in alcohol.
4 / 5
The colour is such single to this approximate this has described. A new ash, has such such only likes the clue mine him, this reason goes with all! A measure is crowd ! Prpers Accesses téléphonique ago pocket. I part from out zip to do not ensure leading fall was. He this does very accessible! Within the compartments he the easy fact to organize all prpers material. It IS very sturdy, as it has done! It takes strongly this small, but this from has joined the things spend are not light. This very surely liked buy again!
5 / 5
Very storage, and a material is strong. It is resisted until daily use to and from work, and leaves me to uphold the elements have parted as (small game in innere from drink!) It likes him enough, it included him it has considered from from this second to take how the longest use one 'in a gone' bourse for our family.
An only Ding the desire liked I be better am a long oar. It tends to turn to the conspiracy and a creation could be improved to uphold he to take turned around.
5 / 5
IS the beautiful bourse , these gazes the qualities add, but these measures are bad. Prpers Portable this is to say plus any small this 13 thumbs, do not return in a compartment from laptop. It requires to return. It could very included in force. Very disappointing. Has the bourse him wide plus? A measure from the width is inaccurate to a bourse has received. Has very known whether this was one oops has has joined bourses.

Top Customer Reviews: Womens Purses and ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5 Nancee
This bourse is in fact pleasant. It is not to small. Which is lovely. The quality is done so much. This is not this branded bourse but saw one. It IS in fact he quellskaschiert has surprised
5 / 5 Kathy
Oh prpers the goodness is such pleasant! SĂșper Spacious And can take all in this bourse organize to add from the bourse is obsessed
5 / 5 Kallie
Sturdy and enough in big extent for me. I can dip 2 notebooks and have included jump he from inside waters small he. Raincoat. Professional from gaze and ripe. Support from service from good client and fast nave, also. Also try to him that this handbag is Eligible for AmazonSmile from donation.
...In this on the left me knows Prpers Pics Was Useful!!..
4 / 5 Shanon
Surprised has has in a quality in fact for a price. Odora Likes him the skin and is done so much.
5 / 5 Carman
Has used this purse for less when 3 months and a skin oar has resisted this a D-coverage in a side that you clip to have a shoulder from the oar broken, these games have joined happily while has been it in a checkout line from a grocer tent from tent. For real sadly to this approximate this has amour this purse in general, a measure, has has joined pockets, a colour, etc., which is reason is by train from from this this gives from in the locus 2 stars 1st unfortunately, is spent a time to turn such can do not return.
MODIFICATION: The vendor contacted me with that a description and has offered/offered to send from me the purse freely sub from load. I have received a new purse quickly and is in the state adds. They are felizmente a lot to receive a new purse and the hard hope longer that a prime minister one. Because of you to do this legislation!
MODIFICATION 2: The New purse has broken with that in was a same 4 uses month. Many do not ask or use another purse.
4 / 5 Georgetta
Want the purse any such such only does not see stylish but is a perfect measure especially for the heart five there has has not him liked something enormously and this is to say to say small but has taken the room conspiracy still I amour he
4 / 5 Lanny
Spacious and severely for the purse from this price. I have bought in this purse specifically to use a animate agreement in Jose Santo, APPROX. it has surprised to do fault prpers purpose. 1st have them amour the purse with an organism & from oar from adjustable comfortable cross. 2nd have required he to be measured despite from half these returns many elements in him.
3rd has has has has had to that that this still gazes reasonably pleasant. I have found all 3 in this creature. Has an option from totally detach a yes required oar has. An oar is sĂșper comfortable and does not dig to your shoulder. I have directed to return 1 big laptop still, a iPad, and 2 iPhone 6 any more cellphone in combined with prpers usually Intrepid bourse and Toni. Has have this purse partorisca in 6 months now and tend to abet this use in from the weekends. Dieselbe Directs this lug around this enormous aluminium yeti cups from full mark from water in him. Has 3 zips pockets and I amour like a pocket in a half divided has a purse for the half. This very surely liked buy again this purse. For a side surprised me his that the time is lasted. Any rasgando or shell from anything. Any odd odour when him arrived him. It was sadly has received any purple was lighter that in a picture in have expected from the shows partorisca this inhabited by heart lived from the deepest plum and the light has received. But it has seen to add still.
5 / 5 Leslie
Want this purse, impressed with a quality. A colour is perfect for molla. One purse has abundance from room and several compartments and pockets. It includes that it want must this bond. Very pleased with side.
5 / 5 Emmanuel
Buy has for the violet colour handbag mine pocola niece for prpers final examination from institute. For this besides juvenile daughter, this is to say to say the good handbag for prpers the university life to begin/from starts/start's. It want was the Asian, and this bourse is a real Asian fashion this is to say young and appeal. Far it was to see this bourse is in big extent in fact marks that bourse these gazes. A material/skin from one handbag is in fact utilize with small texture. I think that that it is grazed skin . One admirer is in fact very and pleasant. One downside from this bourse has has joined buckles from the husk from the metal is quality smaller . Also the buckles from a zip. Whether you see closely one in fact can the silent bourse say is not the bourse from in mark from largely leaves. It has joined the details have sold this bourse was. So much, it is $ 25 and for the adolescent. Pretty good.
Improve: One cloak such such only broken
4 / 5 Laveta
there is handbags a lot, expensive and no expensive. All has must that one worsened has me in an out or other. This bourse, has one beige, is wonderful. It IS so, a bit to organize, stay in prpers shoulder, in fact stands up. Has for the bourse very those stands up or the rests dipped have in a shoulder. For a price, this bourse is the masterpiece. It sees this beautiful like the bourse from designer. It liked me derjenige from out that will buy blackly in for has joined any more from month very cold. Single calm cannister very gone badly with this well, unbelievabley auspreisen handbag. I owe that quellskaschiert confesses that when it has booked I this has expected something such, something economical sees. The boy has been bad. One watches the east from this bourse this classical.
5 / 5 Shelba
I want this bourse. It had dipped this in prpers bourse lateralmente partorisca a moment. Have think that that I liked be him this largely partorisca me. But when have taken I , it is smaller these gazes. It IS perfect and returns prpers I tampon in him partorisca the church and these were this must that partorisca me. I liked be partorisca take another in the diverse colour. It want.
4 / 5 Charles
Here is the description when you, this dates have this bourse prpers lady for Navidad; Ago forty days about. In joined last there ten days are appeal to literally avert bonds the time. In the first place a point for from annex from the metal one from the oar joined is from the bourse from the hand appeal to there has averts. Has then come a shoulder oar averts. A second hand-held bourse the oars quadrate the point joined has had with this Captive uses, know, reason another there is broken already.

This element is nearest absolute .

Want do not expect anything from this costruttore or a vendor this has sold.
5 / 5 Tianna
Has liked from him one this beautiful bourse sees. I have chosen a colour from light gold. It is not pretty such in big extent to this to this equal that had expected, but is still capable of from to return all I inside from necessity. Cual From has joined the zips have been designed to avert when it arrived him, but I zipped his enclosed, and then king-has opened and was many. Chattel have does not do had he for period, as has any idea any that the times liked last, but are excited tomorrow for the use!
5 / 5 Rasheeda
Is not the purse person, but has has liked he something concealed has not gone to small, but any such in big extent, and this a perfect east! Has a piece that breaking that two sides, as I can prpers bourse and purse from coin ( has the coin purse) in a side and bite from mine in other haha. As This-me this have has joined as this also Poor oar when him spends in prpers shoulder, also! And it sees kinda to this approximate that this paid Absent the conspiracy, is in fact please declare where has bought he from!
Works for me, as I are happy with him!

Improved with this 3rd lucido:
One from the oar joined has broken was, and this has a piece from the ray but he did not like residuary . Still works, obviously, those uses one arm oar, and was such single $15 so much the guess 3rdÂșt the comprehensible mine lol. Chattel him have him attached photo to aim
4 / 5 Kerri
wow, is during be to purse from measure from the half and is simply gorgeous! I want a bit dangly the bits have included with one purse. Joined husks are the good measure , any more can spend likes him the cross-bourse from the organism or the bourse the shoulder must that those desires. Many lovely pockets in an inside and has included one in an external as it is perfect for your cellphone. Such only highly liked weiterempfehlen that this knows comes the conspiracy colours, but the black is the colour for purse that I such such only this amour and this purse is only such such such so!
4 / 5 Nelson
HAS leading in fact this bourse, saw very stylish and so. I didnot have this colour and to gaze to paint such only how them the frame such enough. One admirer in a front this such elegant fact. A good Ding is past tense can be two ways, have additional oar to resist bourses such lateralmente. It IS very light also such bit to this totally beats and enamoured with this bourse and colour.
5 / 5 Darlene
This purse is lovely. It IS to him him utilize the pink colour so much, and is small/this half in measure. It was this Present navideño for prpers daughter that legustado is trace, and does not like from him the purses largely - have imagined that it was perfect. One purse is to come bent dulcemente - a rear side has been the fold there to a fund. Prpers The daughter opened it and has full he for the day or two and has said this is to say to please that a fold has gone enough. It has dipped once especially element in him, there is there is the state softened has. A front from one purse is perfect, and has used for work now.
5 / 5 Elane
Purse very pleasant, this little smaller this has expected but has liked him still this!
5 / 5 Florencio
The colour was perfect but to shimmery. There it has the zip goes in also innere pocket,
4 / 5 Cleopatra
Prpers Bourses the trade has broken less when it is very unhappily. How the repayment
5 / 5 Milissa
modification: A company is achieved was and has mark a purse, very pleased with a service from client! I have purchased this purse in October 24 likes him done a month, Amur a colour, this measure is GOOD but he simply raisin partorisca law, has dipped the down prpers agency, raisin stove and dips this in a counter and a cloak the falls avert. Unfortunately remarked has I such only this today and mines from towers 30 days the window is expired there.
4 / 5 Pat
This purse adds! It sees very done and is a perfect measure so that definitely. A question? It stinks! Literally to this the odours like him to from from him the essence. I try to take touched from from an odour can want document that he this and any grows a clue. The colour had the mine this big has shot partorisca want a lavender by heart.
4 / 5 Many
A single Ding has has liked him be a colour. Whether a colour has not been that it was picturing then has date such only 1 star. Had a purse the week now and percepts cheeply the fact has. I einschleifen they that united to can zips give any time. A worse part is a measure ! A picture was very mislead in measure. Partorisca This totes bourse, I also pictured mainly. I can only such such this return the pair from the things in this Absent purse is with that like occur purse averts to how I other description. Pretty nettled from then has the pair from the things do not spend with me at all time because of a measure. It has expected I squeeze have leading quellsunbedingt this purse but I No. liked send him Hinterteil but sees the ache to treat in the turn and those concerns concealed to take prpers paper refunded. I have seen the new purse already to buy from this costruttore clearly.
4 / 5 Dirk
Very good. I have purchased several purses from this amazon and this is to say to say one from a better this. This good gazes and are done so much. An inside liner is this little in a side an economical plus, but he a work.
One one Ding I comment when now him buys the bourses were this amazon tends for odorare in fact badly, this Chinese majority come from/comes from/come from/come from.
This one east from which this EUA and theres Many odours are. Such cannister to the silent use ails prpers has released.
5 / 5 Leigha
Has used has this handbag intermittently so that last 9 months. With that has has joined premier's three months one 'hand' the cloaks broken have. I headed a shoulder oar then to use intermittently for a prĂłjimo is month. Yesterday as it was in the price from tent a bourse paste a Pflasterung reason one anchoring latch there is rasgado. From a many another handbags this has used in mine lifetime, this is to say to say a worse. The mine majority handbags are lasted such any more when the year. It likes him be advised, whether the humours are not be in the rule want from this capable of use from much time.
5 / 5 Alayna
There is liberto 8-28th begun use him selection 2nd today, Oct 2, run an agency to the lunch and prpers the purse is appeal to there has reason to an earth a shoulder from the oar broken has. Piece from joint. It looked in an oar and there has three stitches this has been guess to resist an oar to a bourse. Any reinforcement, swimming. It liked me in fact this purse but is any more when from economical for me to buy the designers handbag in the tent from department in a a price from month from this joint. I no longer this amazon from the confidence writes such to purchase so that is to say to say to spend mine once before and was unable to exchange or turn. At least it can him takes in the purse from real tent Hinterteil and this such new transmission one.
4 / 5 Priscilla
Want the new handbag, and has been excited to receive this, but pretty disappointed for an element when him arrived him. I have expected to be any more very capaciously innere. Has joined innere from the compartments are pretty small. A zippered the pockets for inside and for out could any jump him meso prpers hand within his, very less the cellphone. A lining is economical to see and feel. A hardware that ensures faintly joined cloaks asestada. I create, it has him has joined photo in a mark from gaze from ad very better that is to say. Turn.
4 / 5 Elizbeth
Excellent. But one soyDs bling— has taken released from that at once. (This is to say to say an only reason has not estimated this 5 stars, but I detach surely this, as all is such those such so many.) In all this casualidad, these returns purse prpers thumb (diagonal by means of screen, any norm for advanced Integer) pill, bourse, telephone, casualidad from glasses, and another private elements. Form and discreet measure, oar from adjustable shoulder. Many. I am not very many the person from the purse but I have have liked him something to that likes him spends in prpers material, and this has created a purpose. Such only another question folds on, and have tent in prpers pill there at night partorisca straighten from joined has fold, but all is very now. It has bought such such only this small month such cannister any testified such to prpers durability pretty still.
5 / 5 Teresa
A purse has resisted prpers pill and any more all I need.
A question is that a clip husk partorisca a shoulder oar is rasgando.
5 / 5 Lance
A purse sees so but has joined the medal annexes are very free. Partorisca Spends a purse partorisca such only this little weeks, one from joined husks come have freely. It sees again scratch/pegs such these scrapes only in and the impression dipped against a cloak partorisca upholds he in the locus. They are very loose and one is exited totally and could very closely . Has fill a turn partorisca sends Hinterteil in a 27th. Plant partorisca gives me partorisca directly partorisca impression, has said such such only this could take ups partorisca stick. 4 days have taken later partorisca grasp this such such only discover concealed was a last day and has not accepted the turn in this class. It liked that must that those saunters partorisca there are 30 states minutes. As said in a tent me our partorisca annul prpers turn and begin in partorisca sees yes could take any more fireside to this long from other been has, such only to discover has to the east no longer with a length from an option partorisca turn. Such now, has the purse broken and in jeglicher direction from the turn. Very unhappily.
5 / 5 Arlinda
Improvement. A vendor has mark this purse from the mine in any load. It has receive from the inside both days. The client service adds. Has was there this such such only this purse partorisca a month and joined has the oars begin partorisca the tear is. The money has paid too much partorisca he partorisca tear within the month from from this this receives. I want not this purse weiterempfehlen to any. The sad Ding is that it is sĂșper pleasant and liked him. Other that one joins ossia the beautiful purse . I want again a lot buy him.
5 / 5 Giovanna
This purse such such only this can accustom approximate that the decoration in yours prpers use cupboard partorisca how the month. It is done with this very economical materials. It is not that the big purse pictured. It IS very small. It bends In the plastic bourse, which leaves partorisca crease he in a lower part from bourse. A decoration the papers are from any badly. Chattel Squandered Prpers I money is and liked very never weiterempfehlen buys the purse to them partorisca use legustado likes from him the decoration from cupboard, & any partorisca uses never, then are such.
5 / 5 Sophie
A purse was in fact that likes him at the beginning but has joined husks are this apresamientos ail with tiny rays. It liked be needful has is returned a first time a cloak is exited but this just kings-have presionado have have joined ray. Then appealed to has totally joined the leaves ray have useless husks. Now an oar is rasgando in a purse. From the mine escita from tower' has spent such such must only this launcher was - I have used he less when 1 1/2 months.
4 / 5 Magen
Many dissapointed, a colour is at all is to the aim any more as an out einÀschern almost colour from gold. Almost him follows to ask me whether accidentally we send me prpers gold by heart in the locus from an aim. It IS the smallest conspiracy that the measures say that it has measured him to him prpers hips also very disappointed in this price I wish can one say that the better reason was very excited to take this purse and has left unfortunately down the state
5 / 5 Ta
thanks you!! This is to say to say that required prpers 😊 the master this 👛 is perfect!! It was felizmente such when him opens him to him a box.
5 / 5 Exie
To This approximate this has purchased about 5/6 purses so that it does not have at once used! This on together with one to this to other likes him has broken! All a such only joined has a the oar broken! And no to do the rear band and colegiala such such only uses a purse partorisca for essentials bourse, this hule is, etc. at all strongly! It has been down in $ 100 it is on and one 5 other. An enormous has failed financially! Any SHABBY! One want break and or does to any liked to the use be at once this gets longer return 😔
4 / 5 Florine
much smaller this has thought to like be. Has from ascertainment the purse good agency liked this gone back to small Pflasterung crossbody/wristlet in. Sadly I turn. I in fact amour a bourse, is such only to small. It has taken a colour lived and is very true to a picture. Such only another is @@@subject that a bourse is Eleven is very material, and been has paves shipped has have in concealed such creases have can not exit.
5 / 5 Leland
The creation from a purse was many which is reason has purchased. This despite, with from this this such only uses for this little days, an oar this spends for prpers the shoulder has broken. This oar is from has one joined the reasons have purchased a purse. Has has joined feet in a fund from a purse come has freely, and has have the zip to stop in a first prize already from this purse. (This purse has mark one one with a zip broken.) Did not like weiterempfehlen this , neither buys again.
4 / 5 Zaida
This is to say partorisca say fact cheaply and any last 4 same months with daily use. A monogram there is taken at all. An inside zip has broken. It want not weiterempfehlen him .
5 / 5 Lucie
A colour was any more this light mauve that pictured. A purse is to come bent and totally flattened. This was to like him this present me shoved from this Full-- from which plĂĄsticoes airbags this has joined boxes under from Amazon to try and take from horrible creases. An odour was another @@@@@subject this has must that treated, has stuck several coverages from secadors have have joined pockets from zip for the pair in fact the days those wraps up. Prpers The daughter want. It liked have dates follow him the big plus but still has which from one crease cream. Any to ship was the good the purse.
5 / 5 Marybeth
Has expected such decree. A colour is pretty lovely, such only this subtly, almost colour from champagne with the clue from resplandor. All a seams is very done, these zips to gaze sturdy and a shoulder oar is adjustable and good works . A removable decoration is good but could be the bit to annoy. To any likes him To from from him a name emblem in a front, this despite. It IS any raven and amours to do not prefer there being. Thus far, first impression, is pretty felizmente with him.
5 / 5 Tierra
Liked have in him one this all the COLOUR. Absolutely him liked I join him it measured plus a small. I have required the purse the small plus to dip an essential in when this goes to this dr. Date. Perfecto And no bulky at all. Not leading use this for a daily purse; A one this has resisted all your bills and ausfugen in him. A colour is this frosty livid is trace . Many. A name in a bourse is unlevel and a piece that saves the oar is in the quadrate raven. @ I give this is not the mark from the name but I have expectations still from qualities when those have paid were 2 hours salaries.
5 / 5 Roma
IS very done, capaciously take Absent the locus, enough colour, and versatile. This any calm cured in fact so that small in pending emblems, this reason is not surely this has been guess to represent . Whether it was prpers incipient , liked be very was.
4 / 5 Josiah
Improved 4/16/19:
A vendor has sent the new purse. The client service adds. I liked me it how me it has joined this the guards improve new purses up.

Original description:
An oar has broken afterwards such only 2 months. Has amour a purse on until then (sĂșper to this that likes him) but this very surely can very weiterempfehlen because of prpers from experience.
5 / 5 Oliver
Wishes this purse was much bigger, is pretty but this amours from mainly measure to do good-looking. Already I have this blue diverse colour a this is to say to say the elder from small Old but reason this a summer bent has, expected has was but is in fact smaller! Prpers Bluer one that that already has, united shells cloth is state to this pocolos use such this one can do.
5 / 5 Manda
IS this pretty lovely bourse . Perfect measure with 3 diverse compartments. This by heart good-looking options. Two norms husk and the material is many hips very such described in a description. Such only is a question any this small cloak taken have turned because of the container and is not capable of from the fix from. Hopefully takes long Attache to use sometimes.
5 / 5 Pa
This is to say to say the beautiful purse , has amour a colour, was the good measure , many pockets, have resisted this try from element so much, which such only downside is that one directs from metal in a lower part subordinated from a bourse, there is designed was and now have must two holes that look for to imagine were nearest spring so much to hide when it was raisin to use again. His in fact lovely this despite and has added the price for a price. It want a purse weiterempfehlen!
4 / 5 Azalee
Pros: Outsides from material colours equally and strong materials, direct very surely. To This to the gazes like him very this to from from him the picture. With: Inside material and zips very faintly. Also touch the stand the purse such only and they the bent to this equal that created has does partorisca crease he in a side and to the calm must this is against something for this upholds Whole.

Top Customer Reviews: ToLFE Women Top ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Genaro
Very felizmente with this purse! This this external pockets are in big extent enough this upholds prpers Toni, cellphone, sunglasses, and the lotion can where grab prpers surely. An inside is very spacious. It returns prpers purse from organiser and jumps despite water this this has spatial. There is the pocket meant for the pill, but use to spend diapers and toallitas humid for prpers toddler. This purse has resisted all definite I in prpers proper name and prpers toddler Absent percepts in big extent and bulky.
5 / 5 Ferdinand
Absolutely want this bourse! It has been by means of much purse and this one has such quality to remedy the awareness watches last the long time, has hips from similar rooms. They are felizmente a lot with these sides😁 this to anticipos surely liked weiterempfehlen. (Also him comes with the oar from long shoulder)
5 / 5 Virgina
in fact pleasant and works for prpers daily totes necessities! Economical and does a work! Read that other description in a zip and ploughed in both ends, but this do not annoy me at all. Mina Trains were another always totally openly. Amur This has this multiple pockets jump him was all prpers belongings!
4 / 5 Jeanette
Material gazes sturdy, very built, this master must that last the long time. It likes him a liner inside also, a gaze from the better bourse. Pretty many many pockets for prpers use. Has master a bourse mainly for daily use, custody prpers notebook (9 x 11), Toni, telephone and boat from drink, smaller misc. Element. Has a pocket from innere zip and an outside. I access prpers necessities. But yes calm required to return any more him textbook another element, liked be concisely Worth. I liked weiterempfehlen to take a big measure. It has taken a half , can dip the thin jacket in him, but a bourse liked be bulging.
5 / 5 Corliss
IS sĂșper picky. As I have inspected a bourse entirely. And here it is prpers description .
1st this be emission in 7 days. It impresses.
2nd this this packaging was many .
3rd arrived to this approximate this has announced has. The measure is corrected.
4th the pockets are good and easy measure to take longer.
5th any weighed at all but very durable.
6th this in oar from good state.
7th Comfortable that crossbody or handbag.
8th very stylish!
9th has resisted books surely, small laptop or notepads and reader.
10th rest wait for use this for travesĂ­a and work.
11th highly weiterempfehlen him.
4 / 5 Kurtis
Liked have been perfect whether such such only was a width under such such only the thumb lucido mainly, unfortunately still there is any more when to spend books. I have ordered a bourse measured from the half, a period and the width from a bourse from in the measures from largely course is as single as to in big extent (but could must that takes from then I in fact such bourse).
5 / 5 Carylon
Want this bourse, any more when he hobo norm with the smallest section has this Velcro oar. This only badly Ding is an oar from the shoulder is this varied in big extent and resisted all prpers material. I have used united boxes stalemate also this is to say to go in he for a subordinated to this to this equal that could dip dulcemente and on very flop such badly.
5 / 5 Aron
Want a measure from this bourse, and mine 13' MacBook For (any bar to touch) prpers access. I liked any that one husk/from the pill from the laptop is in a front from a bourse in the locus from one rear. Mina coworker Has aimed was that in this configuration, a bourse liked be more comfortable against prpers side or hip, but find difficult to take in Ding and has gone while are they by train from this spend. A laptop such access such only his, and has reasoned/reasoned one husk from 'wall' portable is bitten he faintly, sometimes takes the bit from finagling. They are with the device surely lucido smaller, or a measure from the principal bourse, this did not like to be the question. Otherwise, Can return to notebook, prpers bourse, and 2-3 books in there also. I liked two external pockets a bit, and some additional zippered pockets, one in an inside Hinterteil and other in an outside Hinterteil. One keyring in an external pocket is class from useless mine, but is pleasant. A bourse is very done, a colour is something on (in monitor from mine in all this casualidad) and want an ash by heart. In general, a clue is for a quality from a bourse and the client dates have joined in a mould - there has photo this pours a configuration pocket from the laptop, such only has @@give any it beetle me so much. I have decided to uphold reason this bourse want a colour, has has joined pockets, and a measure. It IS perfect for travesĂ­as fast with prpers portable, any more when tote prpers portable bourse from travesĂ­a enormously (substantive hence very principal computer in all this casualidad) or the bourse and purse. I have considered to exchange he for a principal measure, which innere 2' in this all the dimension, but a measure from this bourse upholds to be ungainly, or also strongly - such how me spend from the books. Leading weiterempfehlen to this likes him a daily bourse.
4 / 5 Diego
There is enjoyed in fact has has joined pockets in the boss from this purse. A bit to store prpers telephone and sunglasses and his both return well. I have affected for an inside never, he has such such such only a pocket, and then has divided this. A pocket the rear zip was many .

This despite, from the lines in this bad boy is rasgados already the pieces. This very anything upholds weighed in him, neither is this earthy with one purse at all. But one feeds does rasgado lucidas by means of one purse to a rear side. Literally, there is the hole in a purse.

HAS does less when 2 months and appealed to has averts. Storage your money and takes the purse remedy.

Improved to write this description, a company is achieved was and sent me the bourse sub. An inside was noticably the principal quality. I have used one new purse for now and has resisted in better. They are upping prpers clue to 3 stars. This despite, has produced very there.
4 / 5 Evita
Has adored this bourse absolutely, has used he almost every time exited , a quality is crowd and such the wide space for prpers this. They are not this bourse to say is ideal for textbooks and massive crowds from materials, but have any done not question these bands prpers laptop, load, books and he pocolas another Ding in here. It IS him adds! I have included directed to return prpers book EINSCHLEIFEN in here any question!
4 / 5 September
This tote is fact very good and is roomy inside a lot. I have taken the conspiracy compliment is. A bourse is light and surely can be used in a train commutes partorisca law. It appears two sides zippered compartment this upholds small elements partorisca chair in a fund from a bourse. This this external pockets are in fact partorisca slip resolve paper very, tampon and spike and pencil in in aprisa. This this external pockets must that snap upholds was this material to the fly. An inside sees a zone partorisca computer or from this small pills and read material this is to say in fact this upholds good parts these materials another loose elements in a bourse. I think that that I go partorisca take the use conspiracy from this bourse.
4 / 5 Ivory
I how a gaze from this purse, is to be the work bitten he stylish and returns such when be the organism bourse from the cross. There is such such only do not affect two small things in this bourse.
1) a zip to part averts slack in a start from a zip, how tuerces - must that do surely is a zip has closed to the zip directly.
2) an inside the open pocket is from freely material that this bulges has the element conspiracy or the element the heavy plus and then when him launches your material in a bourse, taking taken in this open pocket and from the claves out bigger those purses. Whether a material from the pocket is there something be partorisca upholds he in the locus and from the lines from the zip has not gone to very very time, then want this purse is this five stars partorisca me. I can live with this two things partorisca this purse.
4 / 5 Giuseppina
WANT the bourse is!! They are to organize such now. I have used to search all in purse from mine and then finally lucido the games have been to find that gesuchtnach. This purse has two big pockets in a front (telephone, sunglasses) and have included prpers ipad access in this divided bourse in an inside. There is zippered bourse in an outside and also in an inside. There there is included it the coverage in an outside to attach Toni . It is done from sturdy cloth with emphasis from skin and money, modish chromium from the hardware. Prpers I vehicle from mine saw and has ordered one for his. It can not believe I have found this bourse.
4 / 5 Sherril
HAS researches the much bourse that access the pill could this still to do with me. The boy has been he is there there is disappointed. In person, this bourse sees something bought has has in Walmart for $ 5th is not textured likes him gaze from cream unifies from picture and is much smaller this thought has. When To the silent locus abuses this down a heap cloth this is to say. And from the lines are not same well. Unfortunately I have not taken around when this first enclosed turn from a window has. It want an appearance in prpers in the careers from largely ablation to do from next trade.
4 / 5 Helga
Has taken this purse in colour from caffĂš this is to say such only a shown colour in a picture thinks that that the material gaze has joined clearly this small but have this big pockets anticipos in a front for glasses from the sun and another material liked them quickly acting to access, this gaze husks have bitten any more this distinguished careers then but have a shoulder has bequeathed that very wort, metric metric ton from storage inside
5 / 5 Sana
I how a gaze and material. A brown trims from skin to feign the remedy quality has never not seen any, cross from comfortable shoulder very oar from organism. Prpers Any more @@@subject with this sorry is a quality at call in a from an inside has been sewn. A lining has been dipped in behind - so that that the principal flat element can not be immersion where against your amours from organism to be more comfortable that spends. These folds the pocket has been in a thumb, but not enhance to a fund from a bourse, leave yours your elements strongly any more (iPad, books) those games and launch from a form from this bourse from cloth. A zip aprovisionĂł is abundance very time to go a cup enough from some bordos from bourse, but has not been in this bondadoso has sewn. In fact a zip, as installed, simply under an out. It has rasgado Mina was whole.
5 / 5 Kareem
Has not prpers the purse principle used has to must that a pandemic headed, behind in March, reason not such such only wants return all from have have joined element I need to spend today about. I have begun to spend a bourse eaten from the igloo, this reason returns all, but, any plus when this! - I have been to ascertainment an economical bourse this can resist rule a material raisin, any more all from mine “pandemic material”- prpers masks, baggie from disinfectant wipes, can from Lysol spray, and this pocolos jumped small hand-held sanitizer. I require much room, and also at least this little pockets. Specifically try to him uphold prpers hand sanitizer in to achieve an easy external pocket, likes him I must any that open prpers bourse, and root by means of him with germ-has fill-hands.
Has not been easy detection the bourse concealed does complied all the mine prpers requirements, but finally, have seen are one. This which clocks are this so good bourse, has all the necessities I, this any more there is sturdy join & material- I could included surely am returned prpers iPad in him. A colour is drab, but could live with him. This despite, a question is a zip . It IS at all such described- is very faintly, and is not all one has sewn has been goes— for rasgar, especially with strongly from use. This is to say to say the enormous question , do not reason one bourse want closing Absent the zip, and the bourse concealed does not do useless mine close is. It IS the shame such , reason a bourse is only such such in perfected in this other has been, but a zip. Chattel Those that turns and continual prpers ascertainment. Such such only liked weiterempfehlen this bourse to this very in fact cured about yes or any want a zip very last very time.
4 / 5 Lavelle
When designed does in the first place this from a box, was less when impressed has. Has thinks that that a black cloth liked be state darker and a liner innere a bourse has as well not felt as properly any more more right. This despite, has bought this that prpers purse from travesĂ­a and is such has done felizmente. Abundance from pockets , something for prpers kindles, and the good measure. And now, to him you use such travesĂ­a have retreated this this, any has included has imported a colour at all. A weathered saw has from the black cloth hidden taints probably/from powder/from the better muck that level he blackly cloth .
4 / 5 Timika
Fantastic purse. It was as single as has required this. Any that has not never gone where to dip prpers any more Drunken those saunters I. I hate to spend prpers around this cual this external pockets were prpers decision to sell . Has amour the cross-bourse also from organism has this not seen odd. This was a bourse ; Adjustable oar, good pockets, sturdy material. This very surely liked weiterempfehlen.
4 / 5 Kina
IS the person that always is that it looks for that perfect purse. It must that quellskaschierte prpers, has the cross-the organism bond so that it does not dip in the tent down and the walk was ( he!) And be the small appeal at least. A revised bourse is a half measure. Originally have the experience i a big, which was perfect to fly and such such only a right measure for this countless excursions joined when we relocate to other state. It has resisted the book, notebooks and waters to jump surely. But when we finalise with all that running jump about him was in our new house this in big extent small for ordinary use , daily. This a lot included look in another bourses other smaller. Chattel him him like all in a big: An organism oar from the cross, which 2 big pockets have joined external for téléphonique and from Toni, and one breech zip such when I tossed he in a car is contained there not is spilt while one Pflasterung. There are so many colours, and are true to paint - this sees abrufbereit is such only what takings. It IS to him him adds the bourse ! A perfect balance from functional and, stand derjenige civic gaze, is corrected!
4 / 5 Rayna
I have received this purse yesterday. It likes him- join me straight away, gaze from two Toni and lesgustado united pockets all, partorisca innere and partorisca holes. I have been this despite there is disappointed that some 2 pockets advances were very broken and strongly wrinkled. They liked have him that that that has been partorisca fills with paper, or the worry joined apresamiento such has been packed. Prpers Principal disappointment this despite this that a shoulder or the hand-held oar is only such such ail pretty in big extent for me to use them to hang a purse in prpers shoulder. Has has joined photo in a mould from element done has sees was pretty long to do this calm so that it liked attended. You can in prpers the photos see this when has grown it prpers Poor, ails access in there- and this is to say to say an era spends the majority from a time. To any likes in fact me to him to him his the use a period, oar from organism from the cross but liked be him to spend the conspiracy any more when usual. I can with this small folds and the mark lives done with oriental, but disappointed in this zone.
5 / 5 Susie
This is to say to say such such only a right measure partorisca in any pleasure what definite raisin from this legal documents with them sometimes, and who amours the roomy purse but has not him liked goes 'unfashionables. One darkens to is the ash this very in fact changes this today blackly. It likes him that it can him him you from prpers raisin from from this this with joined husks or a shoulder from oar. This is to say to say the good cloth has joined , strongly, with pockets in an inside and external! Very now joined have this external pockets this enclosed zip, but partly nearly with the bit from velcro. A short from has joined the zips purses have closed to uphold all your sure belongings, and are surely to so pretty in big extent to be yours to do from purse. Or has daughter, knows definitely to uphold the conspiracy this manually when him goes to calm went you to date, and other such things, this uphold prpers entertained. Or there is included has fed! In fact such is the winner in prpers book!
4 / 5 Peggy
Bought has this to be prpers bourse from new work and there is not disappointed. I can return mine 13” MacBook For in a principal organism when I needs to. And there is still room for all many cord and prpers lunch, a iPad, and this metric metric ton from material smaller. This this external pockets are in big extent enough the mine 20oz Yeti mug access in a, and mine 32oz Camelbak Shute access from boat in other. A crossbody the oar has the generous period. It IS this solid , dependable bourse.
4 / 5 Maynard
Want a bourse, enough in big extent for work. Much selection to organize, this despite hate that a skin that the time is brown reddish skin with red clave, this could from in a brown bourse be but in joined gaze economical ashes and do not match at all. I have decided this uphold that, and the colour mine.
4 / 5 Leeanna
To be effusive or want this purse! It was certainly this smaller fearful buy the Absent purse can touch him in fact, sees but is sĂșper has done felizmente. It IS absolutely perfect. It sees him adds, t is a perfect measure, has still this spatial for the pill steps one. Any to in big extent, any small hips. It resembles from well in fact fact, abundance from the pockets and I want a long oar. The majority from a time, prefer to be hands freely when lucido come the mine purse and this a perfect east partorisca east. An oar is a perfect period and is pretty amply any the tailor prpers shoulder this is to say the question often but is not this amply. SĂșper Felizmente With prpers price.
4 / 5 Nola
This is to say to say this in fact a lot sees bourse. I have bought take abroad travesĂ­a from work and law such prpers portable to spend and element from travesĂ­a essential. This despite, an inside that the lines rasgadas in prpers first use. They are in fact bummed the reasons have been to take another in the diverse colour. It likes him- join me measured and gaze -- his functional and pretty light for a walk from dulcemente but such enough also gaze to spend the professional business meeting. The hypocrisy believes already avert the falls innere to a first week from use.
5 / 5 Monty
HAS think that these wants a purse PERFECTO BE . This available colours join and from the half from the measure is only such such concealed has ascertainment. Unfortunately, to the month a shoulder from the oar broken has. Prpers The husband has attached this and now, this month has broken later again. A lining is also fraying and shreded/shredded. The desire had not spent from the money this shabby 2 from these purses.
5 / 5 Mayola
Has bought this purse in January from 2019th writes from him the description in July 2019th

when the purse from cost has required has the big purse this liked resist all from prpers material such mamma in a miss. Desperately required have I it have i one by means of purse from organism so that surely it could spend and mines 1 old year, while still having the free hand for mine 3 old years.

The material do not mark or the piece has been. I have been affected about that because of a lighter colour. Has ascertainment this blackly in blackly bourse, which sees impossible to find. All some pockets gave me to us to hitch room to dip all prpers material.

Else found has the month the hole in a pocket from zip from the inside. These gazes to spend the conspiracy with this silky material all this costruttrici tends to dip in these pockets. Any biggie.

Another day prpers organism from oar from the cross such such only snapped. An oar is such. A skin has attached this to a purse ripper by means of. I have thought in you liked him be surely where a side a stitching has come from the refuse. The pictures are attached.

Alas, Has grown to want this purse. Now I am owing that quellskaschiert to be in another ascertainment the organism bourse from the cross to this like return all from prpers material. It is lasted the good 7 months I guess.

Liked have been 5 stars has has some do not join busted.
5 / 5 Shiloh
HAS ascertainment the bourse to use the daily reason is external the majority from a day and walk around the conspiracy. This bourse was to been ideal due to has joined the pockets and I liked him concealed a satchel has and tote husks. An ability to spend for meso from prpers the shoulder was especially ideal that walking. When I received him is in the first place there there is remarked in a deceit a from has has joined pockets in that the cannisters snap do not reason closed a breech included is sewn in both sides (pictured). It took him it has spent that, but with that about to use 2 months regulates to have this bourse has spent. A satchel the oar has broken and a innere portable the soft tampon is rasgado from has has joined sides (pictured). It IS the much bourse , but any leading weiterempfehlen he for strongly from use. For a price like this small any more durability expect. They are there are such suns disappointed to have the reasons have there are the bourses from then him resisted at the long plus has been with similar use.
4 / 5 Reta
To This approximate this has read the conspiracy description about like a seams from this bourse liked come freely, for that averting the falls. I have bought he in all this casualidad, thinks was the good price and I liked him a fashion. At once, it remarked almost there is all from has has joined Final from a stitching have not been closed and I very freely. It has seen such such only him operated earthy in a product. In prpers the line of work sews Velcro and dacron oar in time so much to do very surely seams avenges refuse, taken any more have the light and the burn have joined many Final. Natural apresamiento a material does not take nearly also above a licks, but such single this takes enough almost to do has has joined surely Final from a Flansch found this small. I this to a bourse and does not think anything can come swipe. How the time is entrance , has seen once and for all/this freely freely a Flansch in another locuses and quickly paste this with a light plus also. Bourse very very- I amour to this to this equal that can use a crossbody or oar from husk and there is a bit-access, téléphonique-sized pockets from molla. Global has found felizmente this and has done an impulse compraventa! Whether compraventa, such only surely has the practical Light plus!
4 / 5 Melaine
I have received this purse partorisca the day from the mother last year, this mean has found, prpers the husband has taken prpers daughter from approval, and has then dipped an order as it could do has surprised. I owe that quellskaschiert says, in general is been the bourse adds . He ticks all prpers boxes. You can return a iPad, this book, bourse, and trick in a main part. This this external pockets are also capaciously and resist the Ding from metric metric ton. This has said, those last small months a lining from a purse has begun this disenegrade. I have decided fin promptly he in I, but a sad am ridiculous. Usually such shoes from only raisin from perfume, this bourse very small, this small novel, and this small bites join partorisca prpers the boy is yes with me. I am spent in prpers pill 5 times. A point is, do not squeeze never have this bourse has packed the full ability, this despite has this subject.
5 / 5 Minna
This is to say partorisca say prpers the bourse estada ! They are decoy very the material cloth partorisca a sturdiness and clean well. This two external pockets are adequately partorisca prpers telephone , glasses from suns/from solos/solos, have read glasses, rich sanitizer, this Toni and anything has liked them take too fast! An inside is capaciously, has the locus partorisca prpers I-tampon and paper from establishments and that never any more. A compartment from small zip partorisca prpers trick and medication from allergy. It likes me from a blue colour and any more probably buys other in the diverse colour partorisca election. It want the vehicles' or buys weiterempfehlen such Present.
4 / 5 Carlee
Has taken this yesterday, thus far him liked absolutely. They are very picky in purses also. It does Poor time very but and a work from small husks partorisca me, an oar a long plus is good and Intrepid and no uncomfortable. Has full from essentials and prpers gymnasium from cloths and appealed to have joined have the boys are gone in camp , cat with joined has the friends and I never there am remarked a bourse in fact in prpers shoulder. It IS very sturdy and is on is adapted. United pockets inside is very useful and all is used, which two deep pockets have joined the outsides are sĂșper also useful and the things no have been the fall full prpers the telephone in him is casualidad very in big extent! Included that it can consider that him orders a big measure partorisca vacacional!
4 / 5 Monnie
I in fact such bourse. In the first place it is not weighed the bourse. It likes you to from from him him unifies individual compartment, cream partorisca good organisation. I have ordered a green army and goes such with all prpers directly outfit. I have ordered a smaller measure (FYI). It has joined the oars are perfect partorisca use like the bourse from shoulder. It researches to be done so much.
5 / 5 Genevieve
Likes him. It IS this tad mainly has expected but work this. It has joined the oars are to ensure and comfortable seeds. An oar from the organism from the cross is bitten this in earthy one with eastern but does to any to use frequently. Has joined innere from the pockets are such, a zippered a Velcro and pertinent in measure. I can spend prpers iPad mini surely in this bourse. Prpers The only complaint is, and is this small one, has used red Flansch has joined cloaks. I have thought odd but work. From from this this is to say such smaller I such such only smiled and am gone in to a grocer tent from tent from then but is from these ascertainment by train to calm liked never any to see.
5 / 5 Rhiannon
I in fact such bourse. Amur A black with brown details. An adjustable oar is that I the use majority, which joins lateralmente is this pocolos small partorisca the door from the shoulder and I any use very a lot, still in fact him likes. The lining is good colour and pretty many pockets partorisca remain organize. He weiterempfehlen this or want this minimalist still stylish bourse
4 / 5 Debrah
never very bourse!! I have been check , partorisca year, partorisca finds a perfect bourse partorisca work. This is to say to say! CaffĂš In a bourse forward; Cellphone in other; Clip in side partorisca Toni; Very innere from room partorisca prpers lunch; The husks are confirmed perfectly partorisca spend. Luz From bourse to fill pretty ausenta be to heavy. They are 67 and from the things to require be as Light as possibly.
5 / 5 Malcolm
Likes him that it is cloth ; This two colours have chosen work such paralización very prpers cupboard. The cloth is not heavily such likes him skin. It likes him to from from him one joins from adjustable shoulder those leaves to result the organism to cross handbag. It likes you to from from him that two external pockets for prpers glasses and téléphonique. It likes him to from from him an inside roominess and one two zippered pockets. It likes him enough from from all in this bourse! Finally, they are 5' in big extent and bought has a half measure; Such felizmente has not bought a principal version.
5 / 5 Natacha
Want this bourse. Sturdy And good measure. Form such only in lowly. It is not the purse that amours einschleifen totally, is thickly still and has resisted prpers form. At all tweezers in pocket from the external zip and thinks has cut the hole in a the marks' that it is thinly but no tasteless. Marco is from oar to the east with a length from him sĂșper adequately. It liked him to from him Myra bourses and I such an almost so much- and can beat any price!
4 / 5 Leisha
Very usually buys the Absent purse sees him learnt has. A quality is good but is very unattractive, has very attack for a cloth and cual these oars this long plus are such suns to many. It IS capaciously and has the pockets conspiracy. Maybe him liked be him such better totes from in the bourse to plant one every day is the purse. I spend he for this little months, have data finally in today and has purchased the regular purse.
5 / 5 Taisha
Has have this bourse partorisca to the east with a length from the year any and resisted has on such so. A single Ding this are about faintly has has joined clip's this joins this sickle to a bourse. They have broken with that about 3 months and this to them with keyrings. Very good external material. Abundance from room in a bourse. I can return the pair of shoes, has shirt from trace, leggings and socks or stress he from bite from film. This very surely liked weiterempfehlen but must keyrings also
4 / 5 Charmain
the BOURSE adds. Has ascertainment something is concealed there there has a principal zone partorisca the big bourse and casualidades from glass. These returns a bill. It IS also pleasant how functional. A negated solo and is not that in big extent from the shot, is a unzippered the inside pocket is only such a such LONG pocket Absent dividers. It can do work. It could not find something such has has joined tent.
4 / 5 Francene
Prpers The niece has purchased this bourse in the diverse colour sees years in fact and still gazes new. His is blackly and has chosen blue partorisca any more when the state gaze. A liner is the plastic more when to this the lines like them in from from this the majority bourses norms, but think liked resist up. There is abundance from room in a principal compartment partorisca prpers bourse from in trick from largely leaves, bourse and purse from small transmission. Inside, has the husk with this Velcro breech this surely can accommodate a Ipad. There is two out pockets with snap that it can him to it resist this tĂ©lĂ©phonique and/or Toni and a pocket from external zip. I more exact like an oar from adjustable shoulder. It can be regulated partorisca be in curtness or enough long. They are 5'3” and it hangs in prpers hip with at least 3 any more the thumbs have left included this have liked longer. Another cloak is in your arm so much to spend, but is to small to dip above largely prpers shoulder, especially spends the heaviest coverage or jacket. To This to Prpers the partner has- has liked him prpers bourse such, has occupied has has joined also. Note lateralmente: I have seen this same bourse in another locuses partorisca in $ 65, how the price from Amazon adds.
5 / 5 Tamar
This is to say to say the bourse does such so for a money! I have been impressed with a quality but cual in this appoints this world-wide divings is trace stitching in a green from Oliva and brown bourse? It IS him is it is him returned
5 / 5 Hyo
a quality from a bourse is such. Has have a zip within a fall from bourse was this at once use, which is this enormous bummer. It has joined the descriptions must stress he negated feedback in an any more economical quality and has expected the mine liked be clearly has joined for the reason. To all the price, a bourse is past prpers portable, bible, and the thin book to this likes with him raisin me and he is not there appeal to avert included to the use the small time. So much, it is such not bad to this approximate this thought has has and for a price, amours to treat a broken has zip.
4 / 5 Vincenzo
IS this sturdy creation with much room. It likes him to from from him an oar from detachable shoulder. It liked that liked him any more when from pockets from zip in an inside, but ossia when any more the private preference. It IS this in fact good bourse !
5 / 5 Mabel
HAS amour this purse in the first place, was such single to this approximate this described has. A taint in from this cual saw durable outside. This despite, a rest from a bourse is done with material IN FACT ECONOMICAL. Both from have has joined the pockets from the zip is there rasgado less openly when 2 weeks and a stitching have joined husks are to come refuse. It IS successfully has been to a vendor, but shockingly there is not the answer receive.
4 / 5 Kim
Has been excited in from this this but was awful workmanship. A snap is not there else matched at all. One was such era this could be seen from a front and other has created the fold in a pocket because as it was. In fact badly. Turn at once and Many no been the transmission due to not expect a workmanship in a prĂłjimo.
4 / 5 Isabell
I careers the house is there Habituado certificate and cure for prpers mamma, that have doctor very from date! This bourse is done there adds like the purse, but has the compartment hendido for prpers planner and pill. Sadly, Prpers use such only 10 days, a principal zip broken has had! This part is class from vital for both privacies and safety! Now I have the bourse adds that I can very must do used have! In fact in disappointing.
5 / 5 Adrien
What a purse from amazing/bourse for a price! Prpers This amours from mamma also - I so that it goes to take one from his suitably still prpers anniversary. Has abundance from room, but is not this in big extent, and is a bit all to organize - at all takes 'gone' in a bourse. This two advances pockets are perfect for prpers telephone and hand sanitizer :Or) highly him liked weiterempfehlen this bourse!

Top Customer Reviews: ToLFE Small ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
5 / 5 Alise
Amur This has three principal compartments. Simple despite stylish and gorgeous small bourse đŸ–€
4 / 5 Suzette
has ordered a black and has been pleased such once has begun has dipped prpers the usual element has has joined compartment. This has 3 compartments and prpers bourse from title from business paper in a half compartment. Ago compartment partorisca prpers cosmetic-lipstick, compact mirror, drops from eye and lip balm. A rear compartment accommodates prpers reader and sunglasses. Despite it is a still Light purse and any voluminoso.un Dipped partorisca all and all in prpers locus. It is not real skin but a quilting gives the gaze partorisca finalise alta.un The oar is a bit partorisca regulates and and an oar with latch these overlaps all 3 sorry compartments have added a safety. All compartment has add the quality zip. In fact I can remain me organize in the small handbag! Highly weiterempfehlen. Fast delivery and goes in the storages bourse from small cotton partorisca travesĂ­a and storage. It can be partorisca newspaper from directly from use and dressy pretty was for the night. A bit to pack in luggage or raisin on like an aside purse. Many adds punctual photos.
5 / 5 Winfred
Want the bourse is! There is fibromyalgia/the chronic ache/near behind subjects like him defiance to use or spend the purse. This an oriental fabulous reason:
Done not design or worsen any from prpers be
point to auspreisen
surprisingly capaciously
very-functional can use crossbody/on-this-
shoulder or toss in the bourse the big plus
this bourse resisted does on so much done. It uses daily and it does not do must that there it has any @subject @ with has has joined zips or Flansch or an oar. I have read other description and was very hesitant but has imagined has has has has had to that that this tried in prpers proper name and is such has done felizmente!
To So surely take now another colours!
5 / 5 Alisa
This has Many: The shoulder oar is adjustable and detachable; 3 zippered the pockets he to organize a bit and locate all some this small elements liked one in the clutch spends; Such-fact and sees more expensive that is to say; Perfect and easy measure to spend.
Has been amours a minute has has a container opened. One from this better things joined have not never purchased any from Amazon. The master spent these marks again.
4 / 5 Antonia
I such the reasons purse prpers smaller that all from mine another purse is but nevertheless his compact and stylish. It goes with basically all when it is in a career. And a Ding has not verified is gone in has joined the details are that it can also convert to this fanny band. Which is the option adds but to the east concludes likes he to spear from this in prpers shoulder and on to a side (so that such only the preference)
5 / 5 Lidia
has amour the small cross-bourse from organism to spend the church with me so that it want not any must that brotas imy rule handbag in unattended this pew from lug he with me in a line from communion. It IS perfect this upholds prpers bourse, Toni, called and have has joined cloths in. I leave light from travesĂ­a!
4 / 5 Terence
Seriously one from this better purses join ive have very never obsessive! I have taken this purse with me at this has crossed to Indian and there is done perfectly for travesĂ­a. It has have now for this little months and have resisted at well and still is to surprise! This very surely weiterempfehlen this purse!
5 / 5 Helena
A creation from a bourse is such single pleasant that looks in from you lucido widely were. Once silent looks in him on almost, to calm surely can say a quality and unfortunately is not such so much.

I in fact like a creation from a bourse. There are 3 compartments for the easy organisation and I liked have them be all zippered like your material is surely and ensure within a bourse.
In general, a gaze and the intention from a bourse is very done; It is only such such quality from a material from a bourse is poor. Material whether a costruttore from the bourse can upgrade a material a bit, then this liked be the solid bourse !

A bourse was in fact reasonable to this approximate this has think such upholds only cannister like the bourse to organize when few things I recognition, but unfortunately is returned has not still been the strong reason enough for me to such only this uphold around and very in fact the use.

In general, a creation from a bourse is estimated; The Only check needs the small material correction.

This description has been written for prpers lady.
5 / 5 Penney
Am enamoured with this purse! It is not in big extent also neither small for me. I can prpers turn from trick from the product, telephone, bourse, and another Ding has required to take me innere this pleasant purse.
5 / 5 Su
Usually I do not write from the descriptions, but owed has partorisca this one.
Do not expect the principal quality from Amazon, but felt that still $ 15 was partorisca this bourse also. I have purchased a beige option, was whiter/soiled seeing white colour this has not been happy with. There is odorato horribly also and touched has joined has under the pockets have sewn like the paper from the cloth had in. In general, it do not add it is spent. It does not do squander your money.
4 / 5 Kathleen
Launch liking in crossbody with the gold has joined mature or channel from gold. But or it can say prpers any skin at once a bat. It can him spends many included for vegan skin. But it is very come from build he the new cupboard, this enabled gaze and has the bourse with the hardware joined from gold.
4 / 5 Christene
WANT the bourse is! Has 3 pockets this adds to pack all the Ding classes in him. Very especially, has zips, which any the conspiracy from prpers this small bourses have. Remained with an oar that continual in a cup, helps to feel that prpers this belongings is sure. I have bought such such only this second one in the diverse colour!
4 / 5 Eula
I like a fashion and I have liked them three zips a bit but unfortunately are a colour was when has asked in it I Amazon that the colour has been all the world has said was-White but think that is any more almost is from this brownish beige reason sees and do not go with boot from the mine and the boots mine is-White
4 / 5 Alla
he such, for prpers price. There is joined it deserts at all the hypocrisy from blackly bookmarks attached have have. Adapted yes is gone in this another colours the master from blackly phase to attach any . A container was to add,from this this has included such has taken broken in a front and Hinterteil fill now equally
4 / 5 Denna
how me. A measure is such. There it has the odd odour when unpackaged but this airy state has for the day and gone has. Chattel him him how something this small dressier that one one has have and these returns a bill.
5 / 5 Delphia
Still with some 3 has has parted compartments, a bourse was small pretty, but surely resisted has all required must something that spends in prpers holidays. An oar is done there perfectly for the purse from organism from the cross , which liked say is when visit an essential so much beat silent upholds from your purse to a silent front, in the locus for a part. Dulcemente To Continue that it uses for other comes from this travesĂ­as !
4 / 5 Maxine
Likes him one three zippered has has has has parted compartments. Nice And capaciously. He amiably. So in a purse from organism. Such feminine to so surely liked buy any more when contented this similar product with him.
5 / 5 Lenora
Fantastic bourse, such only has required this for sport or from the concerts. It liked me especially one 3 clearly zipped compartment, from this such easy fact to grab something Absent one be there is spilt from this whole contents.
4 / 5 Lee
I amour that have three pockets and this mark to close in a front, but has joined the pockets are class from small to this equal that must that pause prpers habit to fill the purse mine is.
4 / 5 Janell
Has amour the diverse norm from bourse these times and I do not complain partorisca buy oriental. It IS severely this unzip this sometimes but the chairs are why is the new bourse . I can prpers turn téléphonique, bourse, and any more the precise Ding I.
5 / 5 Cathryn
Felizmente With a such only such aimed in compact and perfect measure , any hips in big extent and any to small in fine many compartments and spatial to store very Ding
5 / 5 Paulina
bourse Petit with the conspiracy from spatial. Quality in fact good and excellent price. So much partorisca this presents also.
5 / 5 Reina
IS so, and the gazes such only he like has has joined pictures.
Has joined the zips can take have taken in a part from inside from a bourse when zipping/unzipping a bourse, as be careful.
5 / 5 Anton
His beautifull. Lovely. Very material.
IS very beautiful, there has liked he. Very material well and sees from class and well. There like
5 / 5 Rhona
from bourse from organism from good cross. I want a bit it have him has him seperately compartments, very compact but capaciously innere.
4 / 5 Loree
This purse adds! A gaze is perfect and can be dressed up or down. The guards any more when it expected me. The value adds
5 / 5 Magdalena
4 / 5 Adria
liked him. Utmost Measure. Nice Small pockets. When it does not use prpers the big purse uses I this.
5 / 5 Luz
This crossbody the bourse is a perfect measure . Téléphonique From access, Toni, bourse and any more.
5 / 5 Bradly
Sizing Down. This one east has measured perfect partorisca this. The purse adds.
5 / 5 Angle
The quality adds partorisca the price adds! Chattel him him how something such Absent any this is to say partorisca say perfect & mark! It want.
5 / 5 Salley
Has leading absolutely this bourse. It has taken one in blackly to try this reason while Hinterteil is not sure state in a quality for the price but I have gone back and have taken from the money and now a beige. Absolutely him liked. And they are such spacious!
4 / 5 Ivette
Purchases the bourse is still prpers net and liked him. It liked him purchases again.
5 / 5 Shizuko
This in fact good quality and has resisted the material from metric metric ton :) Whether yours in a fence, such such only the buyđŸ˜»
4 / 5 Romelia
this purse is as single as has required this partorisca be occupied & in current errands such, also very compliment.
4 / 5 Shawana
Has used he partorisca this daily very comfortable, goes partorisca order he in from this diverse colours.
5 / 5 Zonia
Greatsizeroomypocketsad veryeasytosipovrrshouleralsoewatlookig

Top Customer Reviews: ToLFE Womens Purses ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
5 / 5 Jeffry
This description is the first impression . I have bought two bourses, a colour from mahogany and blackly. I have decided to spend a bourse from mahogany. Prpers Ago the impression has been he is smaller that a picture. Although it is not the question, has been taken near behind this small. But, when has begun it I partorisca jumping prpers element in a bourse, has not weighed a bourse down. All is returned prpers has contained to this bourse. After try has I from a force from oar. Any question. When I dipped have in prpers shoulder, was very light. Lights the mine another bourses this raisin. Very surprised in from this this. Very stylish, and has this soft percepts. I want a compartment inside.
4 / 5 Loreen
Has not surely been in this order abrufbereit purse but has nobody expĂłsito in a tent that liked partorisca me and this could aprovisionarles. This is to say to say adds purse ! I require one this can dip in prpers the shoulder but has has not him liked one with the cloak And the shoulder oar. Remo From the shoulder done not do operating never partorisca me. There is abundance from room in this bourse partorisca all I need. It does not have been expensive but gaze partorisca be that it resists in well and is pretty severely in purse. The desire has has one has lived.
4 / 5 Stephaine
IS very with prpers the price has pleased. I have bought this first legislation from this crusader the ropes/dew for the business agreement. Has like that it is this loan 'buckeys purse, this despite has the inside is from seperately compartments. Hate this must that undermined and undermine for prpers Toni or call or lipstick. A parted pocket in a half is to add the reasons divide one purse to 2 halves, which do to organize this much easier!
Else resist has during a pretty crossed fantastically, sees such on was and from antenna, immersion in a Pflasterung from a sand and lugging he everywhere.
United partners saw him and liked take him, this has occupied such in a something!
4 / 5 Maira
This purse was very pleasant. A colour has been described such, and a measure has been perfect. Any to in big extent or to small. A material quality has been given a price how and has not very been strongly, and there has the good crowd from pockets. It was very disappointed this despite when has arrived it this and odorato such strongly from “essence” that has has has has had to that that the turn. It has hanged in porch from mine for several days, and an odour has not been. It was unusable, which has reasoned/reasoned/has reasoned/reasoned also has liked him in fact badly from him otherwise.
5 / 5 Oswaldo
Must have this bourse for 2 months now and is perfect! It IS to him him adds the right purse that it is pretty capaciously take Absent the locus. They are spends a proud mother from the toddler this around the bad conspiracy this! This bourse is perfect for the diapers from pair, drought this small small toy a iPad, he sippy cup, bite, and natural Toni from téléphonique and bourse. They are not a bit in mine handbags, treat bondadoso from about and thus far not have very spend the clues remarked and tear in this bourse at all, is pretty sturdy and state until daily use pretty so much. It IS largely owns over the sound with this few things in him, when it is totally empties is bitten this flexible. It watches derjenige picture such only him likes. In general want him him does not doubt for the price again!
4 / 5 Shayla
Can not decide concealed to do with this bourse. It sees excellent quality for a price. One bourse percepts sturdy and Thick, is the measures add , a “skin” is slick and gorgeous colour, included is to mainly semence to join economical Slick nylon crap apresamientos usually. Prpers The subject is one has seen before but unattended to think has been absent meaning.
This bourse REEKS from petroleum. I have thought, any question. Leading airs them era. Any dated. I have imagined, I want washed one feed with detergent in a tank and toallita down humid an outside with any more cleaned, any so much. Still I can odora direct by means of a room. It IS the beautiful bourse such and has liked him. Such only this has very can other subject persons in prpers new work to this morning. We liked him sees.
3 stars for creation, material, good zips, and global Worth. Minus 2 stars for one nauxious this chemical substances are drenched he in era the nave, as well as freely have stitch and the finals in pop annoyed any or join was. Also there in fact was the desire this pocket hendido in a half.
4 / 5 Tammera
Want a colour and from the measures are from Loud! It IS this tad largely this had expected, but ossia prpers questions to consider any have joined the measures have purchased.
Gives reason 4 stars for a measure thinks that this joined has this must from amour from the oars this be the elder from small Old. They do not see pretty sturdy enough for a measure from bourse. I einschleifen must that this concealed set gaze a weight I in him.
IS this everywhere bourse for directly this any more formal occasions. Perfecto For travesĂ­as.
4 / 5 Jeanne
This bourse is very done and sees real skin. It IS also I uses to a hard. Fully streaky quality and good construction. It liked take this in this all colour
5 / 5 Azzie
must this says that for a price, this bourse is surprised beautiful . Mina Puppy has eaten prpers bus from bourse (grrr), as it has researches the economical bourse to spend the box chews all. Thus far, this bourse is studio and sĂșper pleasant. Has this pretty smell from this funky but he declares has owed the days pair. As This-me this have this little smaller pockets to help uphold the things have organize. It IS also enormously and it can in this material metric metric ton return him!
5 / 5 Lura
This bourse the money is for real gorgeous, spacious and lovely! An only question has is that there is not with the instructions come this 'bend' this several forms. Any ideas from such to take have have joined instructions? Because of you! Amur A bourse!
4 / 5 Allie
I have bought as this purse it present him in a 'came' colour, and was fearful because of other reviewer remarking the strong odour. Has at all no this experience. There is not any odour have for a purse, and was packaged fantastically. Gaze to have the room conspiracy and has done such. It can not beat any price neither!
5 / 5 Jacinta
Gives three starsenal the gaze to cause in fact such because is it new but based has in this must from durability this owes moment to see this time resisted has u0 but such good percepts to a Slick and good cloth and such pretty such only want the room weiterempfehlen any for this raisin down with also material to do weighed has has divings in also from the voltage prpers modish bourses in general
4 / 5 Loura
this description is based from prpers bourse from sub, prpers original bourse a zip broken has this little days to prpers original price, this state has mark any question . Unfortunately, a zip less badly any more there resisted must
4 / 5 Delaine
a purse was perfect for me and enough capaciously still all I need with me where always go any more cual on the left squeeze on can any for the things think I need never. A colour was only such concealed has searched to also. All arrived has has in the form adds and in a point from perfect price is.
4 / 5 Elly
Want this bourse đŸ„°, is lustrous, sturdy, and such such only the good access for prpers shoulder. It was this reasonably auspreisen but there has a gaze from the element from mainly once and for all. Has has many persons ask in from this this and take the second look in him. Leading, and has been the designer purse gal but when when being more economical and promptly with prpers money. This is to say to say the price adds .
4 / 5 Perla
Has bought this purse in blackly and burgundy such from the presents for prpers daughters. They want. His both have required capaciously, as it has done the purse is to this approximate this spends while the conspiracy prpers week day. I add to see, good price.
5 / 5 Callie
In fact thinks is the good measure and liked like use , but odora SUCH BADLY, has not in jeglicher the direction beaten has I. Odora How wheels, or classify join from horribly! Leading consultor against stick-order this purse! Whether it does not do must that been for an odour, liked be adds.
4 / 5 Edward
Want the bourse is! I have taken in this compliment such, and any believes a price! With that about 7 months for the use, this suede series joined has that sews has joined shoulder from the oars begun must that it falls was, but again, for a price, can have any beaten this!
5 / 5 Carolann
In fact such him! Any sure reason such economical this. It does not have still used, but pleasant surprised
4 / 5 Jae
this bourse is fantastic. Or it can spend 3 diverse ways. It liked him to from him one 3 dementional saw. I want a matalic colour.
5 / 5 Maybelle
A beautiful purse, good fact. It IS simply such pictured. It sees and it feels he likes him skin. Has pertinent compartments in an inside and the removable oar. It want.
4 / 5 Caryn
Want this purse. Has the odour but I am that it animates to like go was. A colour is that I have expected and am a perfect measure for me. An inside is good and does not see the economical uselessness to the skin likes them a bit purse.
5 / 5 Serita
I like a fashion, this external pockets joined and basically want this purse.
5 / 5 Nichol
This is to say to say such only this has ascertainment. It IS very capaciously and any such expensive likes him unifies there is the purse.
4 / 5 Rema
This purse is so and content compliment such is. This defiance to from the east a zip broken about there to the use four times. There is disappointed many. Still it used this despite reason is such adds the bourse !
4 / 5 Marni
A bourse was so many , there is not Level state but the strong material, like a colour.
4 / 5 Chas
Very very see and resisted has the conspiracy. Liked like him to be joined little pockets mainly, but otherwise good bourse.
5 / 5 Kindra
I liked it be this handbag and a colour perfected has taken one is trace one. Has has joined where persons this break in an odour has have the light odour he but sinister chairs from the bit and goes era. Totally weiterempfehlen this bourse!
5 / 5 Annamarie
Contented has has with a product in fact.
His very good.
To So surely liked weiterempfehlen😊
5 / 5 Hoyt
gives is 4 play the bang partorisca a dollar has measured so, any odour, good colour and does not see to economical as it is doable
5 / 5 Basil
is during this prpers credit in this book from pocket is returned with him by means of cabbage a crossbag
4 / 5 Darlena
any more Petit this has thought but the quality adds and strong skin
4 / 5 Ben
I want that this bourse is spacious with the conspiracy from compartment partorisca return all prpers necessity material, partorisca spends around.
5 / 5 Kate
A purse is beautiful. Abundance from the room partorisca all the raisin. Whether it has required surely to so it liked purchase other. Highly recommended!!!
5 / 5 Tashina
IS spent does partorisca the sister how presents from anniversaries. There how is from soft and this by heart rich and expensive gaze.
5 / 5 Faviola
Want such there is so have the purse product joined has arrived quickly is in big extent but has has liked him conceals to take a lot can compliment take the conspiracy in him and very strongly.
5 / 5 Ernestina
The element is expected such, unfortunately has the horrible chemical odour.
5 / 5 Charlie
These were this presents partorisca prpers the daughter grown. It want.

Top Customer Reviews: Women Small ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
5 / 5 Alica
4 / 5 Tarah
is in fact so. Such & sturdy. Very enough. To Many many uses from ascertainment daily to. Because of you.
5 / 5 Cinda
I wouldlike to say in the first place, am not one the majority from attentively from owner. A bourse was in perfect condidtion when I recieved this. Has very used time in a course from five months. This despite, for a third month a clip this connects a purse to his crossbody the cloak has broken. I create I yanked a bourse has bitten from drippings severely from car chairs, as it resists for him and was an easy fijamente. But has has during a fifth month owned a bourse, has been spent and suddenly has broken. One seams this has resisted one loop from one cloak rasgado and a bourse is appeal to there derjenige earth. In general it was to very bourse , until broke it him. Many says to be in this calm attentively to mania.
4 / 5 Terese
Very purse very small. Such such only this liked spend small small element. It IS that it has required him to him to him this despite. They are in the wheelchair and has required this a lot sees the purse those returns organism to cross to resist bourse and has called. These returns a bill!!!
5 / 5 Charlette
Want this bourse... Good-looking, small and practically. He 4 esrrellas has reasoned/reasoned the details in golden van loses this the colour. But the material from the bourse is sĂșper resistant and upholds dieselbe over time.
5 / 5 Benito
From a picture has think that that it was this darkens the metallic green and this is to say to say this has in fact leading. It has been disappointed to see yes blackly when is gone in it this. But I liked him blames that in prpers eyes. Also I have a shoulder oar while goes the master, and when him spends organism from cross (the whole reason experiences I) am in curtness and gaze pleasant. But it is the purse from good quality .
4 / 5 Dorothea
When I see a picture is enough, but receives a bourse, is totally clearly with a picture, awful quality, still price a bourse in the tree from dollars are quality very this he.
5 / 5 Wes
Finally the pink bourse. Has come true to the colour announced has has, measure very very
4 / 5 Zada
Present navideño partorisca DD. Absolutely him liked! The detail and the quality add.
4 / 5 Arlene
Pleasant purse! This perfect and silent measure can choose cloak from in curtness channel for this the majority from gracefully gaze or an adjustable oar longer for any more directly.
4 / 5 Hosea
Want this small bourse! It IS small still pretty capaciously to resist all the necessities I! And such to this that likes him
4 / 5 Concha
Prpers to derjenige from the coverage has him to him legustado the increase handbag likes pretty has him one bought prpers twins 2 yrs do in lavender. This a perfect east, and included has come with the small toy fob. The master liked him.
4 / 5 Dot
Liked me this crossbody purse. Prpers Mayor from small Old that the clutch but still gazes pleasant. I liked weiterempfehlen him.
4 / 5 Shemika
Am pleased such! This there is outbid prpers expectations! It IS such pleasant! And the calm can not beat any price!!!
4 / 5 Orval
This bourse has wide space for all from this yours/yours/yours essentials. It IS this many the bourse does such and surely can have taken very once and for all largely spends bourse. Many.
5 / 5 Lauri
Amur One in the bourses from the shoulder has weighed. Thrilled
4 / 5 Delois
this bourse is such such such pretty and goes in the small toy is such such such pleasant. It likes him such.
5 / 5 Indira
IS this very pleasant and the purse does such. In fact want a pink colour, sees gracefully even any more presents , add for joined modish daughters:)
5 / 5 Risa
Want this bourse and a colour. In fact silent can be returned in him the conspiracy this small bourse. It likes me from a pocket lateralmente small in an outside.