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5 / 5 Esther
This is to say partorisca says there does a worse product any not has purchased never. They are in Europe now and has bought this purse in from the hopes to have this sturdy, bourse from travesía surely. Today it is literally is spent he a first day this and broken leaves totally Absent the purse partorisca a prójimo 10 days. It has joined the descriptions have said that that liked stop such only him like , but has thought surely directly was and in general liked be the bourse adds . This concealed has any prpers been from experience.
4 / 5 Melda
3 days to prpers travesía, an oar is broken there. I have decided to go against the reason has has joined descriptions surely with such have joined from the same complaints, Travelon liked have attached that do a purse or this amazon liked decide any to sell something that all time has very prendido. But no, here they are in America From this from this sud, gird still pickpocketers, in partorisca goes to find me another purse. Literally it is that it takes for this Flansch. Has liked otherwise in fact this purse and gone has to use he partorisca prpers daily purse. Such I such single cannister this does not believe is lasted such only 3 days; They are such disappointed and did not like weiterempfehlen .
4 / 5 Eloisa
One this has bought this handbag less when ago two months partorisca prpers daughter to take in Europe and united falls from the oar averts already. You grieve that it takes now equally. Any felizmente at all. As I can this be anti FLIGHT whether an oar is badly such altogether locus? And it said him to him now this to return in evening this handbag. Any FELIZMENTE!!!
5 / 5 Shonta
To the state has said new but this bourse has been obviously used and is broken! There is not principal zip. An oar is broken almost was, from the gazes from purses are spent, and to cover do have rubbishes in an external pocket! He boggles prpers alcohol has been such has the mine element sold such new, and looks in mine doorstep in this state. It was in fact concealed looks forward to he to use this bourse for the mine come this travesía but a product has not been until the pair.
5 / 5 Emelina
Prpers The promise bought for me this mine bourse has crossed with student abroad from the mine is. Desire from seen has has joined produced from description from an oar is broken this! It was in in Parigi when has found it I that a many thin Flansch this have must have the habit to sew this altogether untangled the bourse and that prpers the oar begins !!! I am disturbed deeply such have have such single he for fact 1 MONTH began him averts to the fall! It has been sold for to stop has sold is: LLC
Travelon Anti-heritage from flight Crossbody bourse , has come, a measure
5 / 5 Lashon
has been excited such from here from purse. It liked me a go, súper directly but go with almost from all. One mini torch to see the inside is newly, and all other such mark from the pockets galore and close the zips are fantastic. I have used from him him joined it him trips to SanFrancisco and has has has has visited miles and from the miles for days with him. Chattel me-him liked/you liked such, decided have to such only uphold the mine likes from him the inside daily purse a moment. This was ago 2 months, and here are today with a principal oar totally untangled and one purse that does lazy prpers eyes. They are not earthy in purse from mine, used them such only he partorisca general raisin prpers bourse from norm from material. Whether this purse can not be 2 first months to break, probably are not that it watches withstand this travesía very time. They are such down to the accidents, and are this sigh spent from in mine to owe.
5 / 5 Nicolle
Has purchased this bourse to take me on prpers am travesía from month by means of Europe and This LUCIDO ASIA. It were happy when has arrived it is the reason the good colour , good and modish measures any more when prpers functional qualities.

This despite, has taken this in mine travesía and other day a totally designed oar from an organism from a bourse. It has been stuck in something and he has dates this small tug (very less as a lot that have ascertainment to fly prpers the draw from amours from the bourse) and an oar has come averts from an organism. It has said, this is to say to have a point him cloak these careers by means of an oar whether an oar disconnects from a bourse with this small tug?

Has found felizmente the tent that helped me attach he with the bond from zip (goes pics still how ratchet these gazes) but are wildly this small that one purse has bought specifically there is appeal to averts for this solid construction a first week from the mine is crossed from month and now is stuck with him.
4 / 5 Sherilyn
HAS has liked him/required the purse has from travesía such new crusader in Europe. It liked him liked in fact one from one purse from from heritage and a anti-characteristic from flight.
To Uses for 3 weeks, are pleasant and light weight . It felt that a creation was attractive but there is not any decoy too much attention. Has has joined sickles the clips are bitten this delicate to take used to, but once silent , this law eats.
Booked has Marine blue and remarked to uses for about 5 days this one blue dye spent in any bordos from one purse. With that to rain from in curtness rain, (honradamente have not taken very wet) one paints there is rubbed was even any more. Also, it has him has him joined point for from the connection from the suede joined has the sickles are the rigid result very.
Was to do on again, I acting scotch-have saved a bourse or something invernadero from from this this saves, more exact from the rains read.
4 / 5 Kristel
HAS amour this purse when received has it the weeks from the pair done, seen durable, practically and pretty classical in creation that felt adapted him to be this capable of newspaper from doings. This has said, in two weeks, prpers the durability perception is exited a window and the disappointment have moved in :( Prpers The oar plays therefore now Flansch and all this purse is tasked with east resisted prpers bourse and has called? Any this has expected to occure in two weeks from use, especially considers a anti-the flight has been big hopes there but are disappointed with that are neither this faulty or turn from poor product.
4 / 5 Soledad
This product is a perfect measure with a perfect number from pockets, but are not the bourse to trip this liked last. I have purchased he has this bourse been in mine 5 weeks that the walk crossed by means of Middle East and to Oriental Europe, and innere has has joined from premier's 3 days one travesía, a principal zip cut down out. Has ascertainment to use the channel from this yours to spare have have in prpers locus, but to lose three seperately keychains, has in the dates and the zip is there manually and unzip purse from mine. This has reduced prpers the level is from the safety from then could close any principal zip. When I Am returned from mine travesía, to mark from this amazon has a bourse for me, and have very this have have travesía or occasion for the use until have in the summer i which he Filippine this little weeks do. In this travesía, a bourse has broken a first DAY. There is not very jump in a purse. From then it was also on time to verify in a hotel, has launched prpers bourse and passport in him and this was all. One stitching concealed resist from an oar to an organism one purse has come averts totally. I have listened so many things add in TravelOn, but this is not a bourse to take.
4 / 5 Isis
This is to say partorisca says a bourse from BETTER day partorisca Europe - 4 times in Rome has measured partorisca attach from bus, has taken persons trying unlock have have joined compartment (any anticipos) or concealed has tried to read our passport from EUA and/or paper crediticio. Prpers The lady called when grabbed a thief prpers - but a Travelon the bourse has the cloak steel and Mesh this is to say partorisca say STRONGLY REAL like any rasga or tear partorisca Absent fight. When the young pair dipped has prpers Wireless scanner in mine, expressed averts but now knows that such Travelon the bourses are ENGINEERED & designed have. Spent another when we go this Spagna from Madrid - a must BE no senior-the traveler aged has has. Material adds!
5 / 5 Francesca
Liked me this purse while remained it from him from intact, which was unfortunately such only FOUR DAYS. In third day from mine in Spagna, ironically in a shown zone partorisca pickpocket, an oar has broken and prpers the purse is appeal to there. Has has has has had to that this concealed plan partorisca latching a zip to a sickle in an oar meant does partorisca uphold choose pockets from surely this there is ploughed a zip. This has finalised partorisca tear also. Such only partorisca be lucidas, has not been earthy in a purse anything.

There is disappointed deeply, annoyed, and frustrated has such now require partorisca raisin prpers time vacacional and the money this finds another purse.
4 / 5 Leeanne
Usually spends purse very small, but required has any more describes partorisca this crusader from weekend this NYC; A anti-characteristic from the flight was the price . A functionality from this purse is crowd, but a quality from a workmanship is not compatible. With eastern such such only this little days, a stitching already designed are had freely in many locuses, and a side from an oars felt freely ( has has dreaded the state goes partorisca incident, like another reviewers mentioned). Turn he partorisca the sub, and from this second has joined the gazes have done better.

HAS many reasons to such from purse. A principal compartment has this zippered section with RFID saves, such perfect partorisca goes, paper from payments, and cash from emergency. There is abundance from room partorisca another material (I raisin the portable load usually and cloak, earbuds, this pocolos cosmetic, dental Flansch, and alcohol). An outside zippered the section gives easy access to the cellphone. A zippered section in a backside from a person is where cash and prpers the paper is uphold from meter there, still surely but simple to take longer. This this several sections have clip partorisca ensure them the metal loop, partorisca deters thief that could try unzip him. An oar is pretty very to spend such time crossbody and a cloth cloth is very thickly and pretty impervious to water.
5 / 5 Micheline
Has used this such 3.5 travesía from week in Europe and he has liked him! In the first place taken has it in 3 travesía from day like the custody the career reason been has affected has joined has description this says that an oar is to come refuse. I have not had any subjects, an oar has seen sturdy and to this to this likes him liked resist on, and he both similar travesía and prpers travesía prpers any more glass in travers 5 earths, 10 walks from dulcemente, 3 trains, and miles to walk. It does not think he have not has not never had the time when has been it tries in fact has joined this mark safety, but has felt a lot any more ensures to have a carabiner modish zips this liked be more difficult that openly stealthily. Always it spends this crossbody purse for day-to-use from day in all this casualidad, but for the recognition is essential as it is your purse a bit to have within your guard loses at all. Has has joined zips and stab-the resistant oar is only such such the plus. There this is to say perfect small pocket in an inside for your passports. Prpers Pixel 3 XL accesses téléphonique in all some pockets, full one one with a zip from clip in a front, and a small one in a backside. A purse was in big extent enough to resist all one newspaper essentials: Téléphonique, Bourse, foldable bourse lateralmente, sunscreen, sunglasses, kindle, etc. have have resisted else such in a spent several weeks and this gaze me to us must from amour from this resist until a future also.
Prpers This only complaints in a purse is:
- An oar is connected in a side fully but swivel in other side. This half takes surely wry but must that turns in the sure direction for this Pflasterung to jump, while he swiveled in both sides (or neither) liked be easier this untwist.
- A cloth in a small rear pocket tends this aufmischen for me (esp whether a rest from a purse is full) and sometimes taken takes cloth in a zip.

In general is enjoyed there in fact crossed with this purse and he uses for now like prpers same daily purse in stove, when it is not to visit and done not require one aside safety.
5 / 5 Karen
The bourse has arrived in perfect state, has must that lengthens oar to spend crossbody as it has arrived in the shortest period. The colour is not that it want indigo from call, but this abdämpfen blackish/ash by heart. A model in a cloth done a gaze a light plus from the colour. The lining is pleasant. Utmost Room for the bourse from full measure, small camera, telephone, Toni, and any more.
4 / 5 Celestine
Has bought this such crossed purse from dulcemente from month in Europe. Learn that the pickpockets are prevalent, lesgustado acting uphold prpers any more surely personally belongings, this a bit modish asestada, not seeing a overprotective/obviously paranoid tourist. This purse was perfect for prpers day the day adventure! It has joined the pockets are very dipped, one one in a backside was perfect to uphold in prpers cellphone, has not has a zip must close such surely could take in and was but this upholds surely. Any to in big extent, such such only pretty in big extent to resist this iPad which upheld me from hauling this unnötigen the element is everywhere state. It has joined the zips the finish underlines a point from this product! Unfortunately it gives this purse 4 stars estadas estimate to a cloth. When I left have to have for prpers travesía, a cloth was Marine profoundly blue likes him signalled in a picture. But with that about 30 days from DAILY use, a cloth has lost paints and has seen much older such fed in pair from tejanos. Still him adds the product otherwise :)
4 / 5 Floyd
Was hesitant to purchase to this bourse many descriptions have mentioned to fray oar, this red from zips etc., But have decided to buy that in all this casualidad because has gone it such only concealed has searched to this 3 travesía from week to Thailandia. It was perfect for mine travesía and could returned prpers bourse, telephone, sunscreen, mini waters from boat, sunglasses, chapstick, etc. all in there when it were the start for a day. This this several compartments have helped to uphold the things have organize. I have gone neither affected in while about from flight trip from mine, but was so much to know that it could close has has joined zips when him must that full plant for him maybe. Maybe taken has another persons the bad batch from from this this, but prpers the help adds on with much use, when full to this z/to this z/to the backpack, and miles and current miles with much material in him. This very surely weiterempfehlen such small, sturdy purse from travesía!
5 / 5 Larita
Has bought reason this bourse is totally drunk to cross-bourses from organism to this concealed dieselbe legustado freely acting prpers hands. This bourse, when is enhanced it an oar all an out , is the perfect record. It was this small dubious in a cloth because has said it this small reviewers were also directly for them, this despite find concealed any to be one casualidad. It has taken one pewter colour. It IS fact very good and built - many sturdy. In fact I have not bought he for his anti-characteristic from flight, but for daily use. This despite, this tent takes in me this Christmas say, pivotal dipping Chicago, a anti-characteristic from the flight can exit practically. It likes him to from from him a creation from an advance from pocket - is pretty such only so that it interests from then this is to say blah colour. (Where is all a cute colour purse??? UGH.) Mina One and only flu - and is picky one - this that when I take one purse and I spend prpers hand-knits mittens, one yarn snags in an elder from Old from the principal zip almost every time. Whether it does not spend hand-knits element, Many have this subject not.
4 / 5 Marylin
This bourse was FANTASTIC. I have used he for the whole month while has studied it abroad to Parigi and has used a same bourse for when has studied it I the semester in Italy! A bourse has resisted further adds so that you are month this used him all an alone day but is spent surely to so now and require sub. Cual From joined little parts accessory is to this start and a skin now dirty but this was from daily use in bylines. It liked me one latched from zips and have have one purse always in fashion from cross from the organism with him remains single similar fact such me. Surely him could rest in prpers hand one latched zip and never required to affect about take hole pocked (which this from prpers the facts squeeze friend abroad while prpers time). It is not very marked to see but has not him liked anything marked in fact in all this casualidad because this'll the aim dipped elder in your backside. There is abundance from room for the bourse, this bourse zip in an inside perfected for the passport or from the papers crediticios, and anything calmed has any more liked require. I have visited with this A5 innere from notebook from him for the bit but there is concealed expressed this. Amado This and Many weiterempfehlen this to any. Mark such single ensure from buys he one Travelon undertaken and any more sell prpers has produced.
5 / 5 Tracey
Perfect measure for travesía and daily use! I have purchased to spend strongly while recognition's congested zones (zones and public carriage from in tourism from largely leaves). I have used when him visited/with joined finalisation to walk in largely course from the crowds. Very strongly and durable. @ It subjects such single it is a turn to paint Absent wash quickly. I have seen again another lady with an equally and prpers the purse was the diverse colour but has have one @@@subject also from equally turn. From here, 4 stars clues. By heart expected have I any turns in such the short period from time (headed with 2 weeks from use). Still weiterempfehlen!
4 / 5 Bok
This is to say partorisca say mine 4th Travelon bourse. I in fact like a cloth from cloth - there is any more this naturalidad percepts. A measure is perfect, to somewhere under the hobo and clutch. A anti-characteristic from the flight aprovisiona peace from alcohol. This has crossed the European can be divert, this has dates one less when to affect about. I have purchased a hobos bourse previously in this line, has taken he in Europe and ditched he for him from a Travelon sale to launch apresamiento prpers husband . It was as single as to in big extent.

HAS two complaints in this bourse. An unsightly the logotype sewed in a front, which has taken promptly. And this bourse is also there is liberto so much. This the organism cross from the door in prpers right shoulder, which dips a bulky buckle in a front. And it has joined the zips have run to this rovescio in plant advance partorisca Hinterteil. Has the habit to treat this class that, but to this this liked from him in a hobo from the bourse is to era a removable oar, as you can from a buckle prpers was dipped.

In general this is to say to say the product adds , a bit this upholds cleaned ( has burst such such only he in a washer to clean) and I like a retro saw from a cloth.
4 / 5 Modesto
This has added to have, prpers the lady is spent this anti bourse from flight with all his valuables to so surely. It does not forget such him approaches every time from then it is such bit to access whether any calm these finalisation. A material percept good and the gazes add. It has dipped the Ding conspiracy in him and has spent around for 2 months this defy to adds the law.
Any has tried to choose from pocket aloud in Europe but has been from then has closed has has as this hard times have left a train. Otherwise Liked have finalised Absent money to spend .
5 / 5 Ed
This is to say to say mine 4th Travelon purse I own and this is to say to say prpers have preferred . In alive must where from Europe prójimo you your purse and Travelon done a work.
Pros - Two conclude this can be surely Absent clipped this must that wrestle with a bourse. With - I liked him 2 from in from thumb from largely leaves such only reasons raisin I two insiemi from eyeglasses, Toni and small bourse. Whether it annuls from has one has joined glasses, are the measure purse adds .
5 / 5 Wilbur
Very pleasant considers is the purse this is to say to be does to visit such does not take to calm purse jacked. It feels to have that that concealed very strongly, and a semence percepts severely. Prpers This only real thought joins in characteristic from safety. It has joined the zip clips are this small defiant to use (confeso not probably wants using but visit in all this casualidad) has bought this for daily use, and is maybe this small smaller then had expected, but has not seen has joined the dimensions have bought. It has tried downsize, as it was the good price in all this casualidad. As This-me all some pockets for organisation also. Has the torch inside also, which is in fact so!
5 / 5 Angie
Does such, such directly colours, a principal compartment resisted has prpers Full--sized bourse, casualidades from scrawny glasses, travesía-sized deodorant, Toni from change (in a zip from bourse from inside). There is prpers telephone in an external zip in a backside and lipstick, lip balm, file from nail and búfer and spike in an advance from bourse from zip this has room more and diverse bourse. All from this Absent accesses bulging or difficulties zipping and ausentas be to in big extent neither. Prpers The suit daughters from him and I have fully very had.
I wish be some equally ripstop cloth from from the east to this to the norm likes him to him the trip from still purse from largely but is not such purposive in this material from cloth. I have taken such reason such only thinks from the star probably marked this cloth finally.
4 / 5 Slyvia
Want the bourse is! I have bought such him crossed this Thailandia and in fact uses partorisca prpers much bourse reasoned now them are such stylish. It has been he adds to tour now prpers that this must that worry in prpers belongings. It knows that any could very prpers bourse to stab estada has or that all a zip has closed has was the mine relieves in big extent. During prpers travesía, this despite, a decretive the tone in a front cut down out. I have gone back once from prpers travesía I emailed a company and in the accident knows him that to and has sent this new an at once! I have been thrilled from then uses the bourse's in thr principle. Highly weiterempfehlen him.
5 / 5 Alda
As it is pretty possibly this has taken the lemon but in to spend a many first day this bourse, is gone down to signal literally from me and derjenige street. I have finalised that it must that quellskaschiert join an end to 2 hitches to uphold this use. From him it has bought him to him to him he for the holidays, are not this such him could go the house and the transmission have been for another bourse. honradamente Included the end was only such such quota from ensured to a rest properly from a bourse how when prpers sister and inspected has to them, have any tear any or tears in a material appealed to have where an oar had. Look in another end from an oar, included contrary is sufficiently any more ensured to a bourse. Any surely whether this is to say to say to design the deceit or this.
5 / 5 Enrique
This is to say to say this purse very to that this such has bought for travesía the characteristic owed this joined from safety as well as to organize those diverse practical compartment. It IS only such a such right measure. Has characteristic from excellent safety. Which from them liked probably very use the reasons are equally to severely for me to go in. It accommodates prpers iPad mini which adds for an airport and plan. An unexpected good surprise is that he the pillow from lumbar support such for a chair from slowly. Prpers @Any more @@@subject only small is hanged. Very purse from travesía is lighter very from empty that this one, but then is not such pleasant.
5 / 5 Rosamond
THIS has been such felizmente has informed this Travelon bourses. I have required this simple Crossbody to visit with prender ours to come crusader in Puerto Rico and to use in a future when we go to Europe etc. this was perfect. In the first place ordered has it to cross an organism a small plus and felt to like has not enough gone in big extent at all. It returns all prpers necessities for a day. Has organize many pockets. This has included moleskin, Advil, rock from palmera from this obsidian, lip balms, small bourse, iPhone, paper by heart for camera, sunglasses and prpers single planet guidebook. Whether it likes him to from from you him calms him want not any must that has the question. Has must very surely he unlocked the small time reasons such such only were in from this surer zones but I felt better that took him to a habit from the neighbour. Spent one! It notes only such, has a black colour not. Has think that has this blackly and no- are two shadows from blue? Odd. It has been with a pewter. It matches all. They are to this this second another reviewer says that a white Patch is class from tacky. I have cut probably quellsgewesen have.
4 / 5 Dorathy
Buy must the purse crossed for the pairs have clearly are gone in and liked him! I have taken this purse in this crusader to California and Giamaica – both were travesías from have has joined weeks . I have not had any @subject with a quality from product, but again has not very crossed with him. It shuts spend the zips me peace to import when visit and was such such single he pretty soiled to register prpers essentials. Any more, is still pleasant and a pewter the easiest colour goes with any outfit. It IS when prpers lacking recognition from purse and like continue be but the falls avert.
4 / 5 Marybeth
At the beginning, I liked have this bourse. Perfecto Partorisca travesías. Very characteristic from safety and pretty capaciously for the bourse, Toni, telephone & from camera, with extra how sunglasses, etc.
this despite, with this 10 uses day, a stitching this joins to untangled an oar totally and a whole oar broken has. ( It has broken while such in an end this be feed to circumvent an oar to be stabbed, a whole oar, feeding and all, has come averts.)
Also, a light clip is appeal to there has avert and the batteries are appeal to there been have have for any ostensible reason.
Liked have a purse, but very obviously QUALITY in big extent. Any value from the money. It liked buy something very such cheaply done in a future.
4 / 5 Karie
Was from bitten the order sceptic to this description from the bourse read from client what has received has has used bourses previously. I have required this bourse to trip to arrive on time, as I have dipped prpers commanded/offered despite prpers worries.
Has received prpers worse and all such at the beginning the saws gaze, have been cleaned in an outside and the inside is from a principal compartment. As I have opened that another pockets, have discovered the foul used flossing the tooth chooses and two knickers liner. Has has joined complaints in these bourses are used this is true.
5 / 5 Antione
This very pleasant purse for the bourse to trip that it is usually to sportive or out of date. I stick the low clue reasons a principal lock has broken a first day from use. I have not been earthy with him, such only closing a zip used with that. One jumps this has collected has run from a clip broken such now not residuary enclosed. There is disappointed many.
4 / 5 Trinity
A rear zip has broken to do this pocket abroad unusable. An oar from the suede in a side also rasgado has been. Both issues arrived by day 4 from this 6 travesía from day. Very disappointing.
4 / 5 Kirstin
Bought has has for prpers travesía in Europe. One from has joined the loops safety have broken during a travesía. The silent calm makes a mistake, this has used prpers first time a purse. Pictures to follow.
5 / 5 Jerrie
Has purchased two backpacks again with characteristics from safety for travesía international and was very pleased, as has does not do do to imagine the reasons consider to use the mine product has search every day is the purse?

IS very pleased with a measure from a purse in general. It is not in big extent also or also small; HAS multiple pockets all with have have have have ensured zips, with an exception is when joined a zip in a side has fleeting see from purses against prpers organism. A RFID the pocket is the inside from marvelously addition from a purse. There is abundance from room for all I need with me with additional space. All from has has joined pockets from inside upheld has organize; Any more undermine around to find anything.

There is not taken at this crossed has still, but is ausenta the doubt prpers the purse preferred has new! This very surely liked weiterempfehlen.
5 / 5 Taneka
This purse is outbid there all prpers expectations! A cloth is thickly but soft. Such RFID the purses have spatial for the papers and I liked must that it could dip him the bourse prpers small bourse to joint with the passport to this approximate this required has has. I can return the diaper, toallitas humid, this kindles, prpers bourse, telephone, spike, lipgloss, and Toni surely in the good. It IS a perfect measure for me and to the calm can return any more when podes image in this purse. A streaky inside was to have a fantastic called from draw. I can shorten an oar for the bourse from shoulder, or lengthen to go organism from cross. AMUR This! I liked be to see any more to another elements from a line from heritage now.
4 / 5 Wava
Returns the reason is not vegan. It is gone in such this vegan reason is the cloth mainly from good cloth, but there has bitten from skin (real cow) is. Gross. And totally unnecessarily. It could lucido any upholds. Whether any calm calm worry is treated like the cows about or a skin from ecologically has the impact in a planet, then silent guesses like such bourse. I call a company to use some another material in this decorative parts any more when they kill the cow.
4 / 5 Rachel
There is disappointed many. I liked be to return and those orders the principal measure. Prpers IPAD Do not return within this bourse.
4 / 5 Lora
IS inaugural, has amour this purse. It felt sturdy and has very done. I have begun to use the next day (12-20-18) and there is remarked a day although has required it prpers your car to be in a front external pocket this unlocked and begin prpers car. A RFID the blockade in an inside has blocked also prpers informant's from your east with prpers car. He not annoying in a pocket me. A purse is there this small is bitten smaller this Many likes him despite me this. Today, 12-31-18, when have state i to leave there prpers the house is remarked an oar broken has. It considers him him used for him this purse 11 days, is unacceptable and liked be to return. I have not been earthy with a purse and averts from prpers bourse, has uploaded at all down. I can have a bad one in a stress but liked be to return in jeglicher direction and purchases a this is to say to say bitten lucido mainly. Still I want this company and probably frame want with the purse the big plus from them.
4 / 5 Adriene
Has have this bourse partorisca to this now long from the year. I have visited with him and he has resisted on perfectly. It uses daily. I think that that they have read it has him has him joined description here and the facts have have joined transmissions to a quality from a bourse. This is to say partorisca say the bourse adds ! It does not leave cual this negated to have the critics moved to circumvent calm from the buy. Prpers The suggestion liked only be partorisca done an oar this small has bitten longer. Otherwise his perfect!
4 / 5 Elma
I recsd this vary travelon bourse partorisca Natal. It does not have enough gone prpers the fashion but I liked him has joined from mark safety. I have exchanged he for this bourse. Many! Such bit to organize and access from forms to prpers organism how the glove. It liked me derjenige from out this has spoken prpers husband to take a bourse version from the man. Perfecto For travesía and for daily wear.
5 / 5 Aurelio
Want this crossbody bourse, but to this to this the chairs like them to from them are flown sure. The reason hangs down for prpers hip, is not such surely like the bourse from shoulder.

I amour this bourse because is it the cross organism , but with this slashproof oar and closing zips, take a modish bourse has preferred, together with safety. A bourse is pleasant and does not see the bourse from this travesía and this to I use like him prpers daily bourse, as well as a purse uses I travesías when.
4 / 5 Piper
I in fact such purse. I have bought he for travesía, but likes him a measure a small plus and away from cross from organism. It IS him locates a ATV in the downpour and does not do must that there it has the colours run from a skin and has dried was amiably. It has joined the zips can this small be rigid. Many good compartment and the pockets and I like them in fact those that all has this characteristic from external pockets from safety to circumvent flight.
5 / 5 Katheleen
Has been to ascertainment the bourse this could with me at this travesía Absent prpers that must that the worry leaves openly about or about choose the pockets this achieve in. It has joined the zip clips were only such concealed have ascertainment. The oar is surely - very probably a bit to stab and grab; It is pretty very to spend time organism from cross. Built-in RFID the blocker aprovisiona an additional coverage from safety. A measure is perfect. To any likes him To from from him the bulky purse , in big extent; This bourse like return all the necessities I for travesía.
5 / 5 Mac
Has taken this purse in his travesía maiden to a Carribean has has joined holidays navideñas. A question was that this brad is exited and has been gone, those leaves the piece of skin flapping. Has ascertainment the sub brad, but can find very this is to say to say a correct measure . A second question was that has has joined for clip's from the safety has joined the zips have taken took in prpers toe (in fact hurt and any has has has has had to that helps concealed unhook he), this bracelet, and prpers cloths. An idea is this very very one, but has joined necessities produced to be tweeked bitten him.
4 / 5 Kasie
Pleasant purse. Perfect small measure to visit. It liked that must that that has taken consideration any more other reviewer is which has spoken from a purse partly that randomly this leading to avert falls. This tense to with prpers first purse and in tower with prpers purse from sub. Toni from clearly from metal or brads want the fall ausenta sees with the principle from daily use. It was mainly esthetic and there is not an integrity compress from a purse. But, I directed me to ask or when him want a bit appeal to from oar and liked lose one whole purse? The evening for me to do the turn. Many do not buy this mark him remorse from this again definite buyer.
5 / 5 Tatiana
This is to say to say surely to so one him good purse has never not bought lights from No. and return all in purse usually joins from the enabled mine small to find that I suchenach. An oar is comfortable by means of prpers organism and does not take seen. It has joined the locks are a bit to use and uphold prpers bourse and called from pickpocket surely. Although I choose any to dip he by means of prpers organism, has has joined relic to join snugley in prpers shoulder and do not slip era.
5 / 5 Hipolito
Has taken this purse in Europe. I have ordered reason on purpose was this fashion smaller that the conspiracy from some the safety from another purse in Amazon. With this said, base there has the desire been this small any more room. Have dates 4 stars because sometimes a zip from the safety from this amours fore this takes apresamiento longer & been has difficult to close. This despite with some maneuvering, was always capable of from from this taken has closed. It was not him him had averted any potential chooses pocketing because of this purse but I felt the alcohol from the safety that use.
5 / 5 Stephen
Expectations from excesses in all the categories. A quality is simply fantastic. Experience for prpers the lady for one crosses in Europe. Expected amply less in this point from price. It IS such single brightly. It goes to verify out his another produces now equally!

Top Customer Reviews: Travelon Anti-Theft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
4 / 5 Susana
It likes him- join me away from this bourse. The hate is are a tacky the skin and the metal concealed there there partorisca spend bourses this is while a locus. This is to say partorisca say prpers has preferred thus far but has deceit. Nice Big pocket partorisca prpers weapon. Access Walter and aside him likes amiably. This defiance to from the east a bourse has weighed still when empty. There also must the desire in this squared a principal pocket an useless device (pill/from iPad) pocket. A device pocket ingests elder this mediated a principal compartment and he this does severely very partorisca return the bourse and another essentials in a principal compartment. A side that amours jump him is the bourse up against a pocket from the gun as it is very crammed. I finalise shoving all in a pocket from device but is súper annoying and a soft material all glielo sticks to. I try to find this out to cut this pocket has been. Him- him likes I joined quality, structure, and safety from this bourse. The only desire could king-has designed an inside pocket partorisca takes touched from from a nugatory space from device.
5 / 5 Antionette
This bourse is the fantastic election partorisca the door is concealed there! I liked one aside safety within a bourse like a knife and mace pockets and a RFID save.

A pocket partorisca yours the gun is pretty spacious (can resist this currently this spends G26 in there. It includes this velcro holster this remained locus totally, and can be regulated such lefty or righty. There is also this Velcro likes him titles, but lately finalised to be uphold prpers mags in this pocket sees this small difficult to gets longer derjenige likes him from from a headline súper quickly.

I amour a modish organism from the cross from a purse and a fact that is resistant stabs. Spatial good inside also.

The cannister be not one the majority from tylishs but is from one the effective majority and is seen the full bourse has found, and adds for edc. Amur This bourse and absolutely weiterempfehlen!!!
5 / 5 Roxanna
Finally found the purse for the door is concealed there! This is to say to say this adds strongly-must that nylon with locks in a zip. Many! I have been he sees the long time for something concealed has not shelled but has have still this ensure Awake for the weapon. To This any liked him to from from him all a big gemstone, this cowgirl these bourses saw from skin. This one adds!
5 / 5 Paulette
This is to say to say a more raisin the purse has found. It IS very spacious for your gun as well as so that never to spend any more necessity in the purse. It IS very comfortable like the oar is on and soft. I have read other description this has said has been weighed too much, but there is not base concealed to be the question, and is 5'4' and 120 lbs. Look sometime in amorous in a future be offered in other colour!!!
5 / 5 Jane
Has used this that prpers bourse from day while new recognition from 17 days in Croazia. All poden the start be ensured closely (foreseen in a backside, which is against your organism on), despite is a bit to take longer. The compartment very in big extent has resisted all for the day has required to visit. I have not used to conceal raisin, but has required to, this liked be this a lot sees has been to do east. The bourse is sturdy, relatively compact, and a bit to dry clean. It was very pleased with this election and upholds uphold practically partorisca in any is for now all day and require any more the bite the room that prpers the purse regulate has. Amur Like a spatial to jump the waters in a side can be zipped on when any into use.
5 / 5 Maxwell
Has pleased enough with prpers price in Amazon in general, but small inspire to leave the description. Also, they are the thrifty buyer, and preferred has this does not spend the money conspiracy in I, but can eat or the drink. Prpers Spends the purse has never not been do not add , and there is appeal to averts. They are not the mark to appoint kinda gal. It likes him to from from him the exercise. This functional purses are cost 50 dollars down... With this said, this is to say to say a better 125 dollars do any there have not never spent. I want this purse. Raisin surely prpers big caliber, and comfortably, but still can access all from the mine necessities... So much, this more SPATIAL that necessity, in fact, Absent this flexible sidearm that cause frustration.... I have been use he partorisca in 2 weeks and have liked him that any more every day. In fact, so much leading, and is zips from safety , this specifically purchased has such single this z/this z/to backpack-modish purse from this same company to go with prpers newer and-bicycle!
4 / 5 Estrella
One from the better price joined has done the long time. A silent access, characteristic from safety, was, this weight and the measure are perfect. I have been affected when have read it unifies description. A revised declare that a purse has pretty not been in big extent innere for the bourse. Has pretty soiled for mine very big hobo bourse. Another description has said an oar is not very pretty time gone to spend organism from cross. It does not have been that in largely leaves this person is, but has left an oar was all an out , this Ding liked be to hang this prpers knee. Prpers The gun is the smith and Wesson 38 revolvers hammers Absent and has built has expected the laser. This needs a clip a lot to title likes him takes and a holster can be regulated in any bordos definite. This is to say to say prpers according purse from gun. A prime minister a side me in $ 200 and am not to approach such comfortable to spend. Oh he, this one has many pockets to very - I pockets from amour.
5 / 5 Diedre
Liked any that this done not develop (circle from sections in this all another filled when) and is weighed

skin to Be, this is to say to say already this heavily crossbody bourse. Once silent add your elements, again, a pocket hangs other, this inhibits an ability to in fact see concealed has in a bourse. An ONLY bad creation in this bourse is prpers inability to develop to aim content. Otherwise, For any more, this crossbody there is concealed the bourse was fantastic.

Down prpers hanged, as this has sacroiliac dysfunction from combined, arrivals to result this a lot for me. A fact that not develop and contacts from show, this to subjects are by train to oblige me to take use this bourse. (And in fact this does not spend that very material. I have learnt that the reason this with this crossbody bandage).
5 / 5 Drema
One necessity purse to be resdesigned for access from remedy. A principal zip cinches a such concisely is the price severely to take purse Ding in and has gone. This purse liked be very better a cup has been two zips there. Whether you have dipped your gun in a portion from gun a purse liked be impossible to use all liked be reason to concisely cost. Has ascertainment to use a purse this attended liked soften on and there is enhanced bitten him. It does not have spent. Now I have this useless concealed spends purse that can not be returned.
5 / 5 Lurline
Amours prpers Travelon There is concealed cary fanny band. It does not use him is there concealed it for door. Has amour the resistant flight fanny band. It likes him lucido has not very taken imagine to take this purse. It likes him to from from him a construction and material. A bourse is mainly concealed has thought. There is abundance from room and pockets. A construction is such. Giving reason 4 stars does not do must that it liked give it like a service still fanny band.
5 / 5 Dottie
This is to say partorisca say the bourse adds , but there is such orderly locus partorisca that to jump east tends partorisca he also strongly . It IS such very fact , so from gaze and this weiterempfehlen. Such such only tried has any partorisca immersion the material conspiracy in him. It IS only such a such right measure. Prpers S W 32 Spec. Access so much in one holster compartment. I have have this small to the east with a length from the month.
5 / 5 Laverne
Want this bourse. A concealed spends the section is a bit to access and locks surely when required. A cloak is adjustable and enough long such 5'11'' lady to spend shoulder from cross. There is the particular pocket for prpers knife, spray from pepper or taser, and the pocket in an outside for the drink or cellphone. This numerous pockets have joined the available mark this spends all comfortable. They are felizmente a lot with prpers price because podes any sees prpers save personally.
5 / 5 Libbie
This is to say to say the good purse , but a zip appeal (the compartment that a handgun goes), upholds to exit. This despite, prpers hubby has used small claw for presionar united slips to part where were, as we liked see like these works. Also, a purse is this small also small; Whether it was on this small, liked be perfect. I can continue use from but this purse an appeal continual plummets from zip (for an out, this is to say to say a course that this next helps).
4 / 5 Carita
Very sturdy, as see, and surely liked spend colt 1911 45 calibers weapon.
4 / 5 Arielle
Joined has+ ensure pockets. Still although is it this soft-sided bourse (any skin), is rigid in this he no sag or bourse from form. The zips do surely with anticipos-sized tabs.
4 / 5 Ashly
Very tried has there is concealed to spend bourses this is for amply a better. A hard side gives the solid program for a hloster. A holster is very very and can return this glock 19 Absent the question and holster have included. Sides to try from knife such and oar from shoulder more definite. The pocket blessed for pocket from knife from spray from pepper and a headline Drunken can to tactical torch accommodates. Whether it has any more acting liked have the colours all the colour!
5 / 5 Zoraida
The bourse adds add to conceal and for travesía! Amur All from characteristic joined from safety for travesía and all one has concealed pockets. Highly him liked weiterempfehlen!
4 / 5 Afton
I in fact such purse, this despite afterwards less when 5 uses day, an inside that the lines rasgadas in a stitching. Them me sadly as it is this $ 100 purses.
5 / 5 Tia
Prpers The daughter gave me this like the present from the mother and in this enamoured. It IS in big extent enough for all the necessities.
4 / 5 Myrtis
Bourse very good but has gone to in big extent for me. It has taken measured this smaller that this same company and is fabulous.
5 / 5 Leonarda
It does not do must that reccomend the purse spends slowly goes that mugger one this in the first place this from purse, but bought has this partorisca prpers lady. It IS this sure and to this equal that goes purse. Confirmed partorisca uphold prpers forms and there are concealed the gun this Absent Absent accidents imprint or visually bulge. Perfecto So that they can not spend in organism partorisca any reason.
4 / 5 Jonell
Has liked him this! He upholds prpers Ruger American 9mm good and cosy while run errands. Amur A latching zips! This purse percepts súper very also! Amur A quality. Estimativas A sure price!
4 / 5 Sofia
Prpers The lady has said that it was in big extent also partorisca prpers necessities Weill returns been due to personally preferably
4 / 5 Ara
Difficult to use, but have been announced such. There is the weight any more when vorwegnehmen has.

Top Customer Reviews: Travelon Anti-Theft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Ann
This description is partorisca modish number 43116 from a Classical collection, Scrawny double zip Crossbody. Chattel bought very Travelon purse from Amazon partorisca chooses a legislation a partorisca this has crossed European. A rest has been returned. This one and other is uphold there. I have paid full price partorisca this bourse and has not been given anything partorisca this description. Natural yes to this in any liked me like me give me something, with a lot me likes liked accept :-)

I small amour this bourse. Has 6 parted has spaces with 3 from them joined have external. A bourse is 10' in big extent. It IS 8.5' lateralmente any more nearly. All the side from a bourse has an external pocket. A side must that has two pockets that the lock ausfugen; Other has a pocket with simply the snap. Has has joined pockets that this altogether is the lock 5” and 6” deeply and about 8” Wide. A pocket with simply is a snap 9” profoundly.

A half pocket is a big one. It IS about 10x8.5'. Also it has this enclosed zip. In an inside is there this spatial lucid-cut partorisca diverse RFID paper crediticio has saved, he zipped pocket, this small torch and the pocket partorisca the cellphone a measure from the note 4 with this casualidad bulky. A pocket is enough capaciously to resist 8 papers crediticios, this cellphone, this kindles, lipstick, this cloth container and the walks book. There is not any room for an umbrella.

A bit those that the compartments are only such such such so thought have were and practical. An external integer from a bourse is cloak in and an oar saved have the cloak in him. An oar has the ability to close that it can be used when it is in an external café to close your purse to a chair likes him has the purse joined snatcher beat very has been the career with him. An oar has the cloak also in can very similar to be surely cut. A shorter an oar can be is 15' one longer is 30th
5 / 5 Julissa
Like a avid traveler has been excited in that anti-appearance from flight from a bourse and that it was a right measure . I have used he for TWO DAYS to Budapest (and such annoyed, writes the description from there this concealed), this bourse has begun for rasgar in a seams. I have read other description this has mentioned, but has not believed and has ordered he in all this casualidad. I am disappointed and have frustrated that it liked be stuck with this bourse until an end from the mine 3 travesía from week...
5 / 5 Elinor
Has been in Rome in this crusader the business and has bitten the suspect from all some stories from pickpocketing there, as I have decided to be proactive and take this purse. This were to enabled a price !! This purse is sturdy and supervise so much! I have dipped this GoPro with the grip, this portable battery for prpers iPhone, this wifi hotspot in him and soiled there has still for any more! It has joined the clips have used to ensure have joined the zips are brilliant. It IS comfortable and this look this, and an out is designed with two zippered the external bourse, and an inside adds. At all him can do be from your half aware; It IS this Full- locus Rome that the calm can not help but be clashed and take pickpocketed, but this purse gave me do not master am a confidence the victim . This is to say to say now prpers gone-to visit purse.
5 / 5 Ruthie
Travelon The bourses and the purses in prpers the alcohol is wonderful. It listens so much be in the purses this flown. The calm must any that worry in east one! You can part an oar from a bourse, sickle he around the chair, grocer cart from tent, etc. such him liked be the thief arrives this very misses from, liked any to take amply. An oar slime, amours to say, is down 27'- 30'.
All anti-the bourses from the flight is also there this buildt in system from metallic point in a cloth from a bourse so that the sky forbidden whether the knife is used, has joined happily fall from one bourse want was not. All poden the zips be closed but a one in a backside this is to say against your organism and no the question for me.
HAS spatial from paper from the credit and the pocket for your passport within a principal compartment this is to say RFID
has the locus for Toni also, and the small torch within a bourse.
5 / 5 Mireya
This is to say to say from an order from this Amazon from account from prpers husband. Has have the hard time this decides what Travelon purse to take hence travesía, and this was mine 2nd election . When Mina 1st election estada sold has was, ordered has this one and there is with this price a lot to be happy! Prpers Luz, Has wide compartments this bulky Absent clock. You can choose that zips to close, and were useful slope to visit them and from the dinners have been to beat him in tightly a cloak purse around the table or walks, etc. ARE small, and have joined the proportions from this purse was perfect! Prpers The partner has have the time the hard plus rifling thru prpers backpacks and purse, while this Travelon this purse is returned surely prpers necessities, and could resist jump from the small water. I have chosen to take this small-ish boat from stainless steel with this carabiner has attached to this. Still with that prpers travesía, still continual use this, and taken has prpers skin from purse from the designer for now. The sound adds paralización locus sightseeing and a bit to be handsfree, or to convert from crossbody the shoulder purse. How the purse from shoulder, included can take from has one has joined zips to neighbour and bond to the mine tejana tape partorisca averts safety. AMUR Travelon, This master spent again!
5 / 5 Anne
Has used recognition when I to uphold all the establishments document and inside from money, like the big bourse.
Also, has spatial for a téléphonique and to cover them for this listened.
Preferred has the small bourse this can dip innere prpers jacket and upholds must that this joined me airports, meter, and public locuses to avert pickpocket.
This is to say to say the good and light bourse . There is done it derjenige from fact such for me.
Interviewed a heavy material like the waters from boot and prpers heavy camera in this z/in this z/in the backpack.
5 / 5 Ian
This bourse was only such concealed search with this other has purse to trip stabbed in Olanda again. Felizmente, Has taken because of a lining at all. This new bourse einschleifen very me surely in this new crusader in Russia has adapted where you you partorisca be all to this long from vigilant for pickpockets. Natural, necessity to be dutiful in the appeal from sickle has joined in the zip to unify to have coverages aprovisionado otherwise you bondadoso to attack a purpose. Very pleased with this price, and any answered to be buy any another purses from travesía.
4 / 5 Arianne
Use has this that prpers bourse from day while five Rome day from the recognition and there is outbid prpers expectations. It felt light to all the side this had innere filling (and any more when fact the guards when I liked think). An oar is durable but soft and small could einschleifen, included although surely annoying for oar. An oar is surely adjustable to return such only dondequiera this. The price adds.
5 / 5 Jacinto
A star. Bought this bourse such travesía to this 3 days from Europe and innere one that mainly seams begun must that come from the refuse. They are still holidays and look for to imagine from an alternative. A tear in a anti classified from bourse from the flight to squander a purpose.
5 / 5 Kandy
This bourse was perfect for prpers purpose! There uphold all from prpers ensure elements, and he the work adds to resist all could have required while abroad. A day, any more when the bourse and sunglasses casualidades, returns stemmed this glass from beer in a rear pocket from this prettily small bourse. I am past recognition , to the conference, and generally everywhere. It want this bourse weiterempfehlen highly to any safety from the ascertainment from recognition averts in prpers luggage.
5 / 5 Sheryll
This such such single gone back from this a week permanent cruise. I have purchased this purse partorisca a cruise. A third day from stitching in a wine from the refuse from mainly compartment. As it has visited I have used the safety to nail partorisca reparation. It liked ask the sub, but a last day partorisca asks the sub was while has been it in a cruise Absent connection from internet. I am disappointed partorisca say one less.
4 / 5 Shanice
HAS ascertainment this travesía very crossbody bourse partorisca prpers comes 2020 Alaskan cruise. I have been designed to this bourse estada thanks you have joined characteristic and this pocolos dye. I have finalised to take he in blackly.

This bourse has enciphered the safety very very concealed is travesías still fantastic and united alternative to spend the enormous purse. I cruise alot and this is to say to say the election adds when or leaves a ship.

A bourse is very light. A backside from a bourse has the pocket but doesnt has any breech. Measure about 8 1/2 deep thumbs. It could be such for documents or from the elements or necessities to achieve quickly. A front from a bourse has 2 zippered pockets. A Ding adds in a zippered the pockets are that it connects and locks to the sickle in a side from a purse. These helps circumvent any from unzipping ur bourse. Both pockets measures about 4 deep thumbs. A short from a bourse has this zippered breech. Measure almost from 10 deep thumbs. A purse has an inside zippered pocket from breech that the approach measures to 6 thumbs. Another side in an inside from a purse, has the section that has spatial from paper from the credit. There is RFID technology. Another inside pocket is in big extent enough for maybe the cellphone, spike or any or likes him. An inside is to is light ash and a material afterwards the rain jacket - possibly feels the Absent raincoat plastic. An outside from a purse is done from the class joined from waterproof material. A bourse and the oar are from stab from custody. An oar Final has the sickle those finalisation to a bourse.

In general, is excited in this bourse. I can not expect use this. A price is especially mark reasonable has joined dates. This bourse is very simple and simply sell but is this powerful pocola this.

Liked leave with that another description is has used. Has has has has attached pictures to help with ur decision. There is 5 clashes this estada the quality been due to. But whether any is uncertainly, gives try him.
5 / 5 Alaina
Absolutely want this purse! I have bought two from these purses when lucido have crossed in the foreigner taken for me and prpers daughter. I have read all the DESCRIPTION in CROSS-purse from organism and this one has has one follows one big plus, as I have purchased 2nd safety for a two from this any more when establishments from mine and have been sold lash@therein-tried-oar. Thus far, has any complaint any and used him daily. It likes me to him concealed has the underlying pocket and has bitten is such light only this pleasant! It IS hands such to have very-freely. I liked him adds to this description after our travesía on time. Highly weiterempfehlen this this purse!
4 / 5 Van
Purchased has has this to use in this crusader to Pivotal dip America. A principal draw was a built-in anti-characteristic from flight. It was light. This this multiple pockets leave me to hitch to store all some needful elements and upstroke in deeply from this diverse locuses. For persons to this to this what likes him spends any more tuffs, this principal measure could be enabled. This despite, surely fill above prpers bourse with gumming, money, papered crediticio, passport, sunglasses, inhaler, spike, and notepad.
4 / 5 Carey
Durable and comfortable. It resists all something I need: Bourse, passport, papered crediticio, hairbrush, casualidad from glasses, telephone. A bit I last to find Ding in a fund, but I like an any more scrawny creation. Whether any to deceive you that spend the purse lucido on, and does not like him undermine around, try the model with clearly from dimensions.
4 / 5 Caterina
Improved/to improve (revised to this description used a bourse in this crusader). I have bought two Travelon bourses when lucido have crossed from Europe. One is an organism bourse to cross older --the stops have have joined flights, etc, and have bought from from the east a bourse the double zip any more level and smaller that sale and use for day-to-day sightseeing. It has joined the bourses are such light-I simply this amour how Light is, but this one very a lot in fact custodies. Bought both in nutmeg- is this small darker this thought has has, and is any more so that complied that this bronzed dark. A bourse was the ache in a with east this must that nearest and unlock this all a time. Apresamiento prpers téléphonique Had for pictures or money to buy waters from jump was the enormous ache . Has does not do do to finalise prpers téléphonique close so much was in a bourse also from this beset such take was. Unlock, Because of you. There hundreds from lady to Madrid with regularly bourses, and there give that that are to say to say paranoia mainly from EUA. I have lived in city from New York, and is always attentively with prpers bourses in all this casualidad.
5 / 5 Amie
This is to say to say such only that gesuchtnach, and is very pleased with all from characteristic joined from safety. All from external zips have joined to have the safety takes, and has inside's RFD pockets for papers crediticios. Mina Kindles and maybe him him the spike from small & notebook liked gone back, together with the passport, one or two papers crediticios, money, and prpers small camera (this plan raisin from only elements in him in sightseeing excursion). It does not have the pocket lateralmente for the jump water, but has chosen measures him this smallest in the bourse lucida elder with bourse from waters from the transmission. One nutmeg the colour is this bronzed very dark neutral . Have estimated also some two small stickers/sticker's/to sticker is closed with a bourse to dip yes in is from the elements flown and later found, to the support joined has turn from element. They are very pleased with this price.
5 / 5 Shyla
Has purchased this bourse in 3/8/19th tried them find join police from the turn and I can do not find. You grieve two months with this purse, one seam has attached to a zip is rasgando was.
5 / 5 Hilde
Has purchased this when lucido has crossed to Disney as I do not owe that that lug purse from mine around. I have been surprised in such big era. Spatial to go and papered crediticio within a principal compartment. 2 zips pockets have joined external, one it small plus has resisted a mine Iphone X. As it has joined the zips the finish was to have the good touch has finalised any to use them , have turned such such only one zippered side innere to prpers organism. An addition from openly pocket for the plastic from waters from this jump (12oz) have not been paralizaciones to kick mainly want from the waters turn. Relatively comfortable so that many hours the time had used. Very pleased with this product.
4 / 5 Crystal
Occupied has has this bourse to take in Europe for the month and has been excited in a anti-characteristic from flight from a bourse. With this headed has 2 weeks for rasgar in a seam around a zip. Has has very this few things in him is there so that it does not have been this nearly caused stress in a bourse. Many no weiterempfehlen him . Unfortunately, I outbid acting prpers in timeframe to have that that but plan to take an exception. There is disappointed many.
4 / 5 Ambrose
I am obsessed with this purse. It has joined him closes him it has joined the zips help in fact me einschleifen surely when in in united crowds prpers travesía. A passport-sized pocket in an inside and an entrance from dulcemente-sized pocket in an outside helped me organize the stay in from the airports. A multiple out pockets helped me organize the stay and finds things quickly. It is measured partorisca adds partorisca me because does not like him me partorisca spend from from the weight from conspiracy in purse from mine, but be consciously this is to say in a small side. I have bought the purse from the conspiracy this travesía has has joined year and are always declare relieved partorisca go back from purse at the beginning from the mine when him took it shelter, but thinks change about to this a partorisca use partorisca regulates. A fantastic purse!
4 / 5 Billie
Has bought this bourse such a lot sees band from day partorisca this 6 months that the walk crossed by means of America From this sud ( must have also this z/the day backpack from the hiking this has been very surely compressable, but has has liked him something is concealed there partorisca liked see such partorisca the normal day in a city, which is reason bought him this bourse). Has ascertainment something is concealed there partorisca want return prpers essentials: Sunglasses, 16-oz water from jump, sunscreen, telephone, and bourse. Although sometimes it was the bit from this squeeze, could all return these elements to a bourse. Any more, has a clippy zips (any insurances that any more partorisca call them, haha) felt me comfortable this knows that any could very surely unzip prpers bourse and fly prpers happily ausenta comment me.
5 / 5 Cameron
Has purchased partorisca measure the bourse's and has been impressed with a quality. Has has all from a safety gaze this required has as it trips' this mar. Required has the reason unfortunately to return from the measures were small also when This require to dip in him. I owe that quellskaschiert spends medication like the depth has enough not gone in big extent. For any just east necessities to spend simply liked be perfect.
5 / 5 Bari
The bulky plus this was has expected, and cual this external pockets are superficial that those in the economical mine crossbody bourse.

Antitheft The exercises are good but this small awkwardly locus, so that his in fact very Absent clip draws in a zip. This tug to goes From gaze this to break a zip over time.

HAS a global economical gaze and percept has has this attended any dates a price. Advise I return about, but prpers travesía come on, as it can not have time for the sub. Probably it like uphold this and improved to a description sees such in law a travesía.
5 / 5 Elena
These gazes bourse so. It IS sturdy and hitch fact. I have bought a lived a & true east to paint. It IS the perfect measure . An oar cannister this small be in curtness for period waisted the persons but utmost work for me. I left him it has gone the conspiracy to do time very enough to be crossbody. It has regulated once it dipped him a relic oar and any slide to regulate a period around in his own. An oar is sturdy and enough amply to be comfortable. I have verified a RFID pockets with prpers your car fob & there is done perfectly. They are felizmente a lot with this bourse.
5 / 5 Morgan
Has joined this external pockets are not in big extent enough to return the cellphone, especially once has element within a purse to this likes him must that fights this apresamiento cellphone to and from a pocket. A purse is not amply enough to leave for the room has included the small bourse and from room from day within a pocket from the Absent centre must this that fights to take a bourse in and has gone. In curtness is such this rigid creation in the cloth and this such bad creation in measure from external pockets that that are to say to say useless mine and Many be not from this capable of use from to visit. They are very disappointed it this.
5 / 5 Rosanne
Has purchased this first bourse vacacional international has joined. It likes me to him concealed has some anti zips from flight, included is use in stove also. Also it has many small pockets for papers, these accesses' passport perfectly also! A measure is also perfect. It returns prpers passport and prpers husbands from passport, both from our licences and paper crediticio, cash, two small umbrellas, and jump small hand-held sanitizer with the room has left on. Prpers The neighbour has leading this bourse so that it has bought one. It IS light weight and an oar is surely adjustable.
4 / 5 Ellan
Looked in from the purse from metric metric ton travesía and decided is one. Amur One joins from length any more these returns very comfortably by means of your organism. Any to bulky or in big extent. It returns a iPhone 10, glasses, go, and any more. Nice This has this zippered, inside from surely this describes used for money and goes is. Used in this crusader from 10 days by means of Canada and use from amour for all the future's crusader. Prpers Daughter Apresamiento left for his travesías to be impressed with him, and Many quellsauch. Groovy quality.
4 / 5 Leatha
There is rasgado According travesía used has. Very small. Basically the bourse with oar. Bought for travesía from New York. Used maybe once. Used again in this crusader from this to Chicago likes him such from single purss there is Rasgado in 3rd day.
4 / 5 Whitney
IS the much bourse . It was odd to take used to unify spaces for licence and from the papers crediticios. Many pockets. Comfortable. When Dining have have upheld a bourse in me Absent affect about upholds from clue lucida. A cross oar is thickly and has bitten bulky. Prpers Only complaint to regulate a buckle a paste period to join in the odd locus in mine with eastern. It was also lazy to regulate what prpers the flu could be unfounded. His be happy with this price and use from amour for travesía future. Had this little descriptions this showed has done negotiate bad bourses. The mine was many .
5 / 5 Gene
I have ordered this and the principal version from a same mark partorisca compares a two with an intention partorisca gone back one. This is to say partorisca say a one I uphold. It IS scrawny, want gone back from must prpers iPad, telephone, document from travesía, and other crusader from airport essentials surely. One has closed the zips are a bit to access and surely. Diverse inside from small compartments partorisca uphold the things have organize. All three zippered the compartments can be closed, this any more there is an open pocket in a backside partorisca fast access. It IS this ensures right bourse , but I dulcemente partorisca this to be prpers principal bourse during the holiday in Europe, like this must only such such this partorisca prpers dressier outfit is also.
4 / 5 Kirstie
Want this bourse. With all a recognition abroad that I , a RFID the characteristic is from entity from mine. Another profit adds is a fact that has a lot any more difficult fact for thieves to engrave oar from your organism, to fly your bourse. I have seen this spend to another persons and are not to like something experiences. A bourse is light, comfortable, this good measure, and has characteristic from good safety. Also it is a purple very attractive !
5 / 5 Matthew
Used has has this last week (grace 2019) in the cruise for 6 days and recognition 2 calms set you. It was only such he this concealed has required. Perfect measure, pertinent pockets, both inside and external. A cloth is very sturdy and the purse is very to this equal that has built. It does not aim Light and a colour any wear, still gazes the new mark. It IS to crossbody, leaves prpers free hands to use handrails in from the stairs and to resist the hands from prpers net. Very felizmente with this price.
4 / 5 Rhett
This purse was the good measure and has have that characteristic from safety good zip and utmost pockets. Unfortunately, a purse headed must that arrives averts to approach a zip about 6 days to prpers travesía. Has must that buys the boxes to sew in Italy derhat this from this altogether the far fin or liked there be had the enormous hole in a purse. An announced 'homing device' has estada the class joined cloak Absent directions; I have launched such only have gone. This element liked be adds is a stitching was from quality so.
5 / 5 Archie
Has bought this crossbody bourse to see has has joined description and can say had disappointed at all. I have ordered one in 'nutmeg' and was still to search from this esedads colour, neutral and has gone as it has has with all outfit. I have visited for 12-day from this like EUA in Italy and there has multiple destinies once in Italy. It was durable, has resisted has has joined element this were any more when establishment mine with silent. Has has much rain and I used have a 'clip' in a side to attach prpers the small umbrella to this likes him the charm. Has very seen with other traveler a same bourse and imagined there is concealed 'the alcohol adds thinks equally'. It IS a very economical price for the bourse from the qualities add.
5 / 5 Candi
HAS amour this small bourse. It could have a 'private element' in a plan, as I have used this z/this z/the backpack and this bourse slid in/out surely when him did not like me liked a backpack to a bath or roaming by means of the tent has has joined airports (while is remained it prpers more avowed in a door). It felt him also to pave surely around by means of foreign country with prpers small bourse. Has not an aside imagined has the zip latches been has weighed too much. Also, this taken has a black bourse and the mine has has black inside.
5 / 5 Gearldine
Taken has has partorisca this in Europe three weeks. This is to say to say a measure a small plus , which has taken the reason has the inability those files this cannister hang in prpers shoulders. This Absent persons this amours from limitation must that takes a measure from reasons in he this is to say to say in fact a oversized bourse. It was in severely to take prpers glasses there with the pieces of paper from pair prpers goes the money has joined etc.
This mark to has safety joined is many and the person takes this Ding has been. I have not had any questioned with any tear or the tears or any undue wear likes them which from a reviewer has done.
But a principal sickle this takes, to takes oar was and wrap around to leg from table or etc, is weighed incredibly and adds to a weight from a global bourse.
4 / 5 Raelene
HAS has Travelon bourse in fact many years, are always add.
This character has which from the measures from goodness, pretty small to use to spend a slope from essential newspaper from this travesías Absent this this takes the locus or also strongly.
Over time Travelon has any more mark added from safety, can not think from anything any more required for this bourse to be any insurance any more.
5 / 5 Adrianna
To the still recognition how him to him the use him purse lucido smaller, and one Travelon anti this more scrawny Classical flight Dbl zip Crossbody the bourse for the half the night is done there wonderfully for me such two travesía from week in a Mediterranean. Has has room for prpers bourse, passport, alcohol, sunglasses within one purse. In a rear pocket this has been the snaps' breech there, is to prpers telephone. One two zippered the pockets in a front was so to spend kleenex, a bourse from apart from price and it poncho from rain. It felt a lot surely spend this crossbody bourse in Barcellona, Rome and Venice. Still it spends this purse and I state must tower vacacional for the month now.
4 / 5 Christena
Bought has has this b/c under crusader from work by means of an earth for the week and has liked him something very in big extent for a plan. I have bought this and tried it has been... Inside 1 week to use almost all one concludes to have take state broken.
Has required in fact to beat this him altogether b/c in this this goes to be airports in, and walking around for me.
I wish can take him been the sub for this bourse gone in the start mine has crossed.
Such such only very disappointing. Has it said it vehicles to take this bourse b/c the gaze adds and has informed there from aloud. SADLY!
Any more I Sore have the guarantee yes!
4 / 5 Denis
This remedies bourse jointly never! This is to say partorisca says a perfect measure partorisca any local - has has with the question in a tense past tense is principal bourses, but there do very there are not never had any question with oriental one. It IS compact, capaciously, delivery freely, and surely! An oar from the organism from the cross is a perfect (adjustable) the period and I have liked them that the pocket from all clip has closed similar fact partorisca calm must any that affect about were the falls anything or when be flown.
HAS all the intention partorisca use the bourse's partorisca trips also, but legustado must declare one less obvious potential like the concert, prettily, or madly from carnival.
Fast tip: I weiterempfehlen also this compact spend (foldable) grocer tends long bourse partorisca resisted any points jointly. A compact foldable the bourses take on almost very spatial and are good to have that that sure extra.
4 / 5 Flo
Has purchased this bourse such 12 travesía from day, to spend passport, money, glasses, etc. I in fact like a measure and form, but is 5 days in Absent the extreme use and literally comes averts in a seams. I expect that I last a rest from a travesía... I can require buy something to do he for this little days. At all prpers in window to have that that, such sadly this amours can not take prpers money Hinterteil.
5 / 5 Sallie
This small bourse was for the holidays marvelously to Washington, D.J.C. It resists with the good bit from materials from many pockets and from this diverse compartments to uphold the things have organize. In DC all from has has joined museums and the locuses have required have Awake from the class joined to was from the safety and this purse fantastic partorisca east. One dips I didnt this must have included concealed acting prpers bourse the reason has revised was under the sure measure. I didnt must that worry in prpers thing takes flown with has this has joined zips to close and characteristic from safety from the paper but this despite this still capable of era from this surely unlocked has has joined zips to take by means of Awake from safety. It has been hanged very light equally with him full from prpers material. An oar is adjustable to this equal that has done adds for when I didnt to the raisin liked him this such crossbody. This is to say to say prpers purse from travesía new ! Highly weiterempfehlen this this for any travesías!
4 / 5 Lela
I the conspiracy to purchase the fact has chosen this bourse was. It IS this little in a smaller end, which is such only that there is Many this. Also I want a torch inside... Licence! Pretty solid, expects to last the long time, also feel surer with a zip to altogether clip's, much harder to open and fly from him. It produces him adds.
5 / 5 Gina
Has bought this such crossed purse to Europe. Chattel him him how something concealed has seen such, sized for daily use, any bulky, there does convienent compartment but with built in characteristic from safety. Unfortunately in a many first day from our 3 weeks in Europe, one from characteristic joined from safety (carabiner take) there be appealed to have that avert, leaves with the sickle. Inside united small days prójimos a cup, principal compartment carabiner takes fracasado also, those leaves another sickle. 3 pullovers And 2 Level ruins because of this taken there. I have him him thought it considered have chosen a right purse to take me by means of our 3 travesía from week, was bad.
4 / 5 Santa
Want a functionality from a bourse but has must that the transmissions for the diverse bourse has reasoned/reasoned a latch has been broken. A prójimo the bourse has come with the big disappointment. A latch in this bourse has been broken also and now can do a lot transmission again. A lot in disappointing such is the subject safety now. I have purchased from him with a recognition from intention where this another earths choose to have run the pockets wildly. Yikes!
5 / 5 Marielle
Has bought this bourse such travesía tho Italy. A first day has used a anti the flight takes has broken. Any May such only joined 2 from one 3rd an alone reason has purchased this element was besides to imagine for a safety which has failed from this very has used the time ago.
4 / 5 Keisha
Liked one takes concealed includes purse from picky released this Brisk to access while has been it in from the restaurants or travesías. A spatial telephone Many do not return anything mainly or largely that a iPhone 8th this does not dip prpers telephone in a space from téléphonique, is this difficult to access, this just drop he in a principal compartment and has used a spatial telephone for another things. It IS the perfect measure whether any steps a lot at all.
A single Ding I aversion is an oar about , turns very surely and very untwist quickly, this despite him cut very to prpers shoulders, as it is the keeper.
4 / 5 Ira
Has bought previously to go in vacacional and has begun to use at once so that has have the habit from eastern calm recognition. Such comfortable I use he such only how prpers day-this-purse from house from day. Joined has pocket from options lateralmente from purses (a length in a side-I place prpers innere bourse from) and two small zippered pockets in another external side from purse (can return in chequebook one and from Toni in other). The inside has a zip section in a side and other has spatial from paper from the credit and the space for your téléphonique any more a zone under a zip from inside and sections from pocket nearly from another elements. It can spend organism from cross or in shoulder surely. Petit But in big extent in characteristic.
5 / 5 Jesus
This purse is a perfect and hanged/hanged measure /hanged for travesía! An external pocket subordinated, uphold our passports and ensure a zip. A raisin from the principal pocket he spike, gloss from lip, entrances from small train and he pocolos another element. One him big plus snaps the pocket in an opposite side is for your téléphonique such and hule, this any more has has bent brochures. Inside, there is kleenex and prpers glasses- together with go and paper crediticio. An inside this small pockets are utmost for cash. Any bulging! I einschleifen very surely know can not be cut from prpers shoulder because of anti construction from flight.

Top Customer Reviews: Travelon Women's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Paola
Although this declare to are the purses in a small description, is still mainly has expected this. It has been attentive something a measure from the bourse the big plus/clutch. Pros-Return this pocolos telephone and the bourse, have this in innere clip partorisca Attache Toni is such expósito surely. He also washable. A Gilipollas-I have have not him liked an oar, is material is done from included the tape expósita from the men in uploading pairs of trousers. Whether it spends such crossbody, thinks that an oar liked rub against one with east and finally question from cause.
4 / 5 Mathilde
Improvement: To Go in prpers European crusader, can inform that this purse was that it has required him to him to him! A crossbody the oar and a zip partorisca the end was perfect has joined where the earths were while the pickpockets a locus. I do not owe that that never worry in purse from mine this is to say selectively ( was still vigilant in prpers the half loses at all). I can' him sees taken a measure very mainly, as this a 'just' returned prpers necessities, but a quality from a purse lived until prpers expectations!
I have taken this purse partorisca prpers comes travesía international. I have been decoy to a anti-zip from flight and a anti-the bonds partorisca stab so that have the conspiracy to visit them from small flight where to. I have thought in the first place he the purse has been to be has bitten this small so that it has required. This despite, can all about transfer content from the purse from mine to this little gem! Confeso, Does not spend the conspiracy to begin visit when, so that to this to this likes him raisin when can any more find an essential this purse to be to small for them (Travelon sell the principal measure). An oar percepts sturdy and there are enhanced to the east crossbody-oar from period this despite there is about 6-7” transmissions in a period (I follow 5'9” to this concealed has approximate required an aside period). A semence percepts solid and I how one Light from the spike has attached to an essentially lanyard innere. Good touch Petit! A denim is stylish and does not see or feel economical. Has have another Travelon purse used has this to visit from then 2000th the rest wait for from is one that such last long.
5 / 5 Daphine
Was this small attack in this when be smaller concealed expect because of a principal description but was a perfect measure. It IS the purse the small plus but has preferred that especially has for the purse feigned to use any more when trip. It IS very pleasant and I like a aggregated pocola characteristic from safety.
5 / 5 Delmer
I like a measure from a purse, but an oar exited in a side such only. Also, to him there it is partorisca less when the week an oar that has a sickle portion is, a sickle cut down out natural. As it has him has him has him had to that concealed goes about looks for crawl a molla (while was to it city this equal that could any near behind the mine another transmission purse) so that possibly it can attach later. It does not do must that any must that worry in purse from mine this cut down apart from then has such only there has for the week. And it is not was it very earthy gone in in this purse.
5 / 5 Ammie
Has taken this in Spagna for break from molla and has used a zip to approach . Somehow taken has a apresamiento from the big lock joined has teeth upstairs from a zip and I have must that divings the hole in a cloth to release he partorisca opened has a purse. Also, there something is to take does down two from has has joined cloths in a front in a thumb very time this is to say to say imprinting in an external cloth.
4 / 5 Alida
Two things. In the first place, has deceit in a cloth from lines in a pocket from inside. I like attach the picture. This has done this takes past inspection? They are not surely yes estimate beset him with this sends Hinterteil. Two, a plus uglily awful god Travelon Mrs. in a front from a bourse. All this cure does such this so retro was and then clapped one has directed uglily is. Whether I uphold this, is by train from this takes was.
In a side besides, is lighter this has expected, very built, and this small beque adds. I want a gaze from him. I have verified all this many annexes, hardware, and seams and he all gaze such, which is reason is hesitant from the transmission. A price is such, as they are this such only in this now from then present but liked see me a faulty cloth. Disappointed to receive the product that obviously has not been verified to finish, this despite.
4 / 5 Fernanda
IS past tense has while this visit bourse in Europe and added! Both external pockets return our passports perfectly, and a zip the finish has until in fact feeling surely. It IS small, but adds for essentials.. It went him to him there prpers telephone in an external pocket, bourse, meds that rolaids and tums [hey, Italy from aloud.. ALWAYS silent eat], and our anticipos in there at all times, together with occasionally spend our passports. A bit innere from the torch has adds for nights when we get longer freeze longer or found the vendor callejero animation, could see this money took him state has Absent this must that release from prpers the bourse discovered. A bit it has the nights being not such gracefully and enough wants such how me, but was very useful and this were any more when establishment. I have been for has stove has joined weeks now and have been still I use!
5 / 5 Timika
Has bought this purse last year when you goes in our first travesía international this Parigi and reading there abrufbereit was me have affected such about flight. From then, it has visited in Parigi, Rome, Canada, and any more again Londra. It used him likes also him him from from him a pretty every day is the purse often. It IS to him him adds the purse ! Prpers The favourite part is that a principal zip this takes, as any can very such only quickly this openly. Now, in all this crusader has not had with the accident such only that flight, and maybe is single reason such such quota from tried must that fly anything from me, but this purse gave me peace to import the moment do him seen the dress. It likes him that such crossbody could spend any more in from from a front from prpers organism. It is not súper in big extent but the returns have required all, included this mini umbrella in Londra. I have not had any subjects with any stitching come refuse neither. A colour is such, this class from the wash was gaze. In general, I think that that this purse is in one a lot any more small estimativa for a peace for the import is there aprovisionado.
4 / 5 Jutta
Has purchased this for a travesía international and has liked him this. A cloth is durable and big quality . We are the family from 4 and all from our passports return amiably innere. A rfid the lines were to add the stops save. Pockets from diverse small inside upholds money, papered crediticio, and another part paper. An adjustable oar done a bit to organism from west cross. It adds him finds!
4 / 5 Spencer
The bourse adds in fact. The quality adds. I have bought from him for a purpose has an easy to launch on and released free small bourse to camp weekends. I have been he uses any stop. His by perfect a lot that it is in a miss- I have any more add the big puppy the east and the sound to launch poop bourses, Toni, glasses, cellphone in when in a career!

Modification: To the month and 20 days, an appeal from the zip in mainly is the zip to go. They are a lot sadly concealed him this any has resisted on as well as originally have thought I .
5 / 5 Abigail
This has a safety oar any cual pictured in a mould, has included the comparison from a photo from element and a one has received. A zip from the pocket from the front is shorter that a pocket he and is severely partorisca use regularly. One beat very telephone largely arrives partorisca be a pocket and leaves a purse partorisca be zippered. It was very disappointed and can very weiterempfehlen this produced this is not such announced. Maybe it is this @subject @at call from the quality .
4 / 5 Adele
There has at all badly in fact with a bourse, but has not felt partorisca how me his been has partorisca saves anymore that one from prpers purse regulate.

Liked have him join measure, liked from me one two innere pockets lateralmente, always require an inside zippered the pocket and a purse have have have have had to that that, liked me an outside zippered pocket. It liked him to from from him an idea has been this weatherproof.

Has liked him a creates me from a cloth, but there does not do affect me partorisca a fact that all from has joined the colours have seen turn. But, I usually purse from skin from the wear. One big plus zippered the pocket was very sure. I took me both delivery to unlock this. This felt me very surely, this despite, knowing me, this reason was such difficult to take more to this long from, probably lucido does not close .

To This the actions do not like from them this this from an external zip has can any nearly. It felt that it has required him to him his which writes from lock from zip. A course from one purse that felt me unsure this despite and finally, a reason is returned in fact was an oar partorisca any more nearly . He unlocked and disconnect an oar with a delivery - could his , imagine what a much east has search to fly your purse could do.

In an end, has taken one from the purse from mine is ruled from the altarpiece from Kate to europe that this in a same measure, form with similar pockets. I have not had any @@@@@subject and felt very surely a whole time. This planned when one Atac the bus has been in fire. But this is to say partorisca say this story from diverse integer and any said to purse.
4 / 5 Lowell
I good gazes but there are broken with that about 30 uses day. Has has joined piece this save an end from the clip from an oar is broken there averts. It does not see fixable. Partorisca Arrive to this point, dulcemente partorisca engraved oar was totally and such single uphold likes him the bourse to trip 🤷🏻‍♀️
4 / 5 Latanya
this purse paid has already partorisca he! I have him him crossed him to do Prague this take and has listened that Prague was any more esatta badly partorisca pickpocket, as I have decided to purchase to this purse prpers sister weiterempfehlen a mark. A first day was in the city in the full meter and the man with the coverage draped in prpers the mine approached Poor. It felt tug from mine from purse – has tried partorisca purse from the open mine and a lock is circumvented there from inaugural this. It has tried again and it felt another tugs – a zip partorisca in fact altogether works! It is not difficult to open know a zip such to unlock, but one pickpocket from the meter is no there known. It IS very this purse small but resisted prpers telephone, this band from small battery, chapstick, bourse, and passport to so surely.
4 / 5 Awilda
HAS amour this mid-sized purse could this comfortably with and this is to say to say to return surely to so a bill. Pretty small to toss in backpack from mine from travesía for flights, but enough in big extent to resist all liked require for one this day has included 4 passports - this purse was perfect for the mine has crossed. Has two pockets opened have the inside is to resist chapstick, cloths, auricular, etc, as well as this zippered RFID-protectant pocket for prpers bourse and the big compartment to resist prpers telephone and another necessities. I want that it is adjustable, has the zip to nearly, and is to resistant stab. Has amour a zip pocket also to dip when in an outside prpers the telephone was down take photo. Highly weiterempfehlen for yours yours travesía plus nearly!
4 / 5 Eulah
Originally this has elect this when lucido crusader to Disney and Universal. Chattel him him how something small and light, but this could are the mine necessities returned and maybe pocolos give has in elect to the east with a length from one been has. One RFID the blockade is an aside price and this very surely from entity. I can him calms him him does not say as it has time very in a tense past tense has have paper compromised concealed has very never leaves prpers bourse. This is to say to say perfect! It likes him to from from him one sees from him. This this several pockets are utmost - any to many but enough for me to part what united times locate in the pinch. Turn prpers paper crediticio, cash, goes, sunglasses, iphone and chapstick. Such there does that bought in Orlando travesía, surely can tend in this bourse. I have dipped the light, thin Pflasterung surely in the well. It was as single as has required this such first travesía and has used loses such from then. Any I require always prpers any more largely crossbody and this is to say to say an excellent bourse for when I want a bit spatial, but a lot anything also bulky. It IS this must those has.
5 / 5 Kraig
Perfect measure crossbody with several pockets united access time and good organisation. I have dipped him coins and this little bills from euros, band to hule and the small pipe from the hand-held lotion in a pocket sends surely such could the Absent access this must that unlock a principal compartment. A principal compartment was capaciously and has resisted the conspiracy that it lipstick has included, compact powder, any more touches within one zippered pocket, prpers small hard sunglasses casualidad, these cloths band, this band from wet wipes, this king sized bourse from M&lady, this laptop uploads a measure from the telephone enabled, this load cord, he foldable side from small bourse and prpers glasses from beds (any casualidades). They are also him spent him 2 from our pending passports from the day from travesías. And prpers the characteristic has abetted was where has dipped a rear pocket prpers iPhone 8+ (with casualidad fully) how surely him can accesses to take despite felt the pictures very very ensured only reasons such to era a deeper pocket this one téléphonique but also was the reason flushed against prpers organism.
Has used such every day this bourse only while to 2 Europe from visit from week and is such new status. It IS a reason returns from perfect measure the conspiracy still such only essentials from then are the small bourse . It liked me also from from a material. It sees durable.
5 / 5 Odis
Perfecto For the mine crossed in Italy. Resisted prpers paper crediticio, Ipad mini, and the cash joined and felt surely.
5 / 5 Latrice
Prpers The new purse has arrived today and is very felizmente with him. It IS only such a such right measure for me. Thus far I do not see any quality subject with him. It sees sturdy and to this equal that has done.

United returns purse prpers bourse to exist perfectly. Prpers IPHONE XR Very returned in a pocket from this innere the telephone as it is this in big extent to leave a principal zip to prójimo dipped has such he in a pocket from zip from the front instead. I plan to dip our 4 passports one innere pockets to this equal that is to say to the return adds. It IS badly also these pockets are not RFID have saved. There is a pocket from innere zip this is to say RFID saved but does not like me how one purse bulges with all 4 passports in there. I have been surprised to find that there am the pocket in a rear side this is to say to say finalise with the magnet/magnet/from magnet/magnet. He‘ll the work adds to fill receipts and element to adjust to. Any liked him to From him he bulge behind there and has caused one purse this not dip dulcemente against me when to.

HAS take one directed has aim from this to derjenige front likes him another fact has. It was a bit to do and cleans in a sees from one purse.

Remain wait use like a mine from purse daily purse also cual Disney comes recognition.
4 / 5 Tiesha
This purse is there adds done for me mine furthermore travesía new in Europe. A locus to have this no big recognition leaves from bourses. Have upheld prpers IPHONE 8 with speck casualidad in a pocket from external stabs with magnetically snaps breech, prpers passport in an outside zippered pocket in a RFID-block cloak (so that such only an inside zippered the pocket is RFID blocker). Prpers Small point-n-camera to shoot returned in a from the inside joined from openly from pockets and prpers camera SD paper and filter from lentil the cloth returned in other. Have upheld the small bourse within one purse with prpers papered crediticios in RFID-block husk. To be cordially, has not used an inside RFID-pocket from blockade for anything sensitive. A measure was only such such ails for an essential enough. There is any @to @give that a semence from the oar was clearly that pictured (apparently very anti-careers from cloak from the flight by means of him), but was still sturdy enough to be anti-the resistant flight IMHO. LeGustado And has used a joint frequently from external zip. Felizmente With this price.
4 / 5 Loralee
Partorisca Read united description a lot and complaints, were critically partorisca order this purse, but I he in all this casualidad. Prpers The private alcohol is that this purse is partorisca add measures . Any to in big extent, but enough in big extent to spend all definitely . To This any likes him To from from him this big purses. I have not taken this purse such travesía specifically, has taken to use every day. There is abundance from pockets to hide in all the materials classes. A revised has said has has joined pockets from the inside has enough not gone in big extent for his I-téléphonique... Prpers I-téléphonique 7 accesses so much, but has this téléphonique the big plus, such such only choose the diverse pocket. In fact lucido favourite to store in prpers telephone one from external pockets joined have.
In fact me do not affect in joined mark to approach , and an oar is adjustable to all the period. A material was softer this has expected, but still pertinent. Joined gaze qualities so many, and in fact do not see that about complained from other reviewer about. As this is affected, this purse liked be such only.
4 / 5 Violeta
Has been excited such in this bourse - but a safety zip (the portion these clips) have broken before have included have left an airport in his first travesía. So much, needless to say, this mark to joined safety has was at all concealed expect - I am spent to a crusader to this this this Whole likes him such paranoid usually from amour with from the normal bourse be the addition with a price from a zip from purse now snagging at all prpers cloths (and any more are in a casualidad). An alone reason this taken to be two play reasons this seriously pleasant bourse with the conspiracy from potential. Maybe such such only him took the uselessness?

The zip has broken in an use
the zip Broken at all snags

Returns the bourse, 2 scrawny cellphones, and gloss from lip with relieving
which amours from hardware first break from a material - a cloth is seriously rugged
4 / 5 Janiece
was critically in based from a measure other description and I must from amour that this expected from him those so from reaction. Has in the first place occupied services, Incs and a price the tower is $ at 7th boss. Whether crossed with more when the passport, 1 téléphonique and container from cloths, then that are to say when any a silent purse. Headache from storage and finds another Travelon bourse. I have bought any more this big one from a same mark and adds.
4 / 5 Isabella
Want this small purse. It has bought specifically partorisca recognition but has been uses never daily from then. I have purchased a TravelOn surely go Daisy Tri-bourse from fold in pewter to go with this purse and is perfect. I can return this bourse, prpers Toni, have joined boxes from element from the emergency (in a pocket from zip from the inside), this band from Kleenex, and prpers cellphone in an outside snap' pocket. Confeso, Is this tad snug but these necessities the Absent access this must that that spends about this big bulky purse. I can return the glasses of pair in this casualidad soft in a purse but annoyed to have that that concealed him taken from one casualidad to take more to this long from a bourse is. But it is not an end from a world. I weiterempfehlen this purse whether any definitely to spend the conspiracy with you.
4 / 5 Tajuana
Was excellent to spend in this European crossed where new had has fill zones (and concealed confronta the persons). Has attack very in this at all! A zip the finish was utmost . Such reason such only four play an oar is pretty rigid and one clip to regulate there is the period bordos deeply and was in mine such @@@@@@cofre, he that bitten this uncomfortable. But in general, it likes him estimativa an alcohol peace.
4 / 5 Cyndy
I in fact such thus far. Has all these characteristics from safety for travesía, which is such... But it took him in fact because of prpers durability and a fact that have the zip that cannister you him him it clip has closed... And then it is organism from cross ... You read Half comunicacional from freely to pursue reserve the toddler!
In fact done not visit amply but one grocer tent from tent or a park... But united clips uphold prpers to download mine everywhere purse or fly chapstick and feed to a dog or shoving this full pockets have joined from humid cookies... So that it is the plus for me!
4 / 5 Thalia
Has bought a bourse from blue cloth such new crusader in Ireland. I have used for a zip from pocket from the front prpers téléphonique and to this this anything liked him achieve any more quickly. A principal section from a bourse was capaciously and the bourse has resisted, hairbrush, etc. a zip pocket from the inside in a principal section is in big extent enough for passports. It liked him to from from him an adjustable oar and lucido tighter or any more I freely to this equal that have required. Have estimated has has joined clip's to resist from enclosed has joined have sections when the zip was in from this big crowds, especially in from the tourist locus. And that house from the small aim sewed in a front? Such such only take one Flansch with shears from manicure to aim the rectangle from simple suede. This bourse is directly sees, but good. This very surely liked be to use quellsin other has crossed.
5 / 5 Dann
Has purchased to go to from jazz tightly in May. This such such only used in Vega, also! For real I einschleifen surely eastern raisin!! It likes him that it indicates from this from the oar has joined can not be cut. It likes me to from him a mark to close so that an oar can not be has taken surely. It likes me to from him a mark to close from the zip from a principal compartment. There is not in jeglicher the direction's cannister goes in any Absent comment. It likes him that it indicates from this from a paper from blockades from the zip from limes from reader. It likes him to from from him an organism creation from the cross. How this hang/hanged light, this considers that I am typically very concealed such only uses this wristlet, and those is ultra light weight, has quote 4 stars, but have have the habit to spend the purse, probably this liked give 5! I go to see this in the colours from pair so that I any must that this one goes with all :)
5 / 5 Penni
This bourse is pretty fantastic! A cloth is severely, a colour adds, an adjustable oar is perfect. It likes me all from have joined the pockets and I have been use this such mine daily purse. A such only Ding this this sucks is that mine sunglass this casualidad do not return when prpers the telephone has, Toni, and clip from money all in him. It resolves to have an occasion and prpers slide to the pocket. Hopefully liked any to break ... It takes this small still snug with this minimal coffins have joined.
4 / 5 Veronique
In general, I how one purse. I have taken because of the star a bourse this amours your papers crediticios to the scanner is very small. Any once pretty in big extent for the small bourse. And also, a main part from one purse could be this tad has bitten deeper. Have does prpers telephone from fall from a reason from the purse is there einschleifen in prpers bourse. It thinks only such such thumb or two deeply any more liked do easier to such only toss that in and very always must that these dips such only so much. Otherwise want an organism from adjustable cross. An ash goes with by heart all. I want use for the long time.
5 / 5 Taunya
Largely that the clutch, but smaller that a half purse. Has is that there is shortened it there also an oar partorisca to this to the use likes him to him the waist band, but this only works whether it does not regulate an oar partorisca be in both sides equally from a point from centre. With stay in from the orders from neighbour from the house has not visited, but is stiller capable of from state to use this regularly. It imagines partorisca liked be a bourse day from travesía Light perfect but required I partorisca spend this DSLR camera or something bulky. I can surely I return this iPhone in big extent eastern, Toni, and think the bourse regulates also properly but prpers the bourse is in big extent pretty such only usually the content had joined the papers/touch this definite and locus he in this bourse. Also him thinks the small point and it him camera from persecution can return has this téléphonique no from bulky/bourse. Has thinks that that one one a bourse to very directly for regularly used, but in fact finds that I can spend to somewhere but am exited I hence dressy casualidad. Those by heart neutral parties pretty all also. They are felizmente a lot with prpers price. Joined gaze very bourse sturdy, and very united little marks from safety. I have purchased from Travelon before and probably liked purchase other from prpers produced again whether I any definitely never advanced for this mark from travesía.
5 / 5 Sherley
I amour that this is to say to say the purse is small pretty to visit with and is not also bulky or has weighed still pretty in big extent to resist prpers small bourse, sunglasses, cellphone, and another essentials.

A colour is this perfect neutral this goes with all. A Travelon the oar is like the favourite characteristic this Pflasterung from divings from the oar, is around comfortable this yours with eastern, and custody from flight to clash.

There is a lot Travelon the purse measures and paints the master. Included when they are not to visit used are the reasons read and comfortable with the pockets from storage adds.
5 / 5 Lizabeth
Always has the hard time this finds to the purse such lucido . Any purse spent for the real accessory but the storage unit hangs in prpers person. Lol! It IS partorisca eastern to this to this liked him Travelon from small crossbody purse. It IS hard fact , how the tank with metric metric ton to organize pockets with this súper innere feeds pleasant. This this adjustable oars are fantastic. This this characteristic fresher is a RFID the blockade has added. Good's purse never!
5 / 5 Madelaine
This purse is such very only in prpers evaluation. It is done from this very earthy sees cloth and very consistantly colored. The turn these gazes. An oar has been turned has sewn such not have correctly jumping. It saves from quality? It was very obvious. A 'Travelons this small houses are plant very this prominantly . . . Gaze tacky . Brilliant aim in a cloth from purse to paint darker. . . . Any sake. Has has has has had to that that this taken. Many good pockets. Other that has mentioned, a construction is good and solid . The purse does not feel cheaply has done. It want again a lot buys partorisca in from the reasons.
5 / 5 Dagmar
Utmost Measure for newspaper, amour an adjustable oar. The crosses the organism and he is not has weighed this. It likes him to from from him one semi-detached tone fob and has bitten light that the helps find Ding in your bourse at night. A bourse is done from this very shabby cloth material to write such very is straight. Humour for a daily bourse when it is not in work. I have not been the apologist from a Travelon logotype in a front from a bourse but has taken he to design joined Flansch this has sewn on with small shears (a seam ripper liked do also a work but there nobody is has has had. The desire has not used any skin at all, but a logotype is sewn to the skin and an appeal from the zip is skin also.
4 / 5 Antonetta
Amur A bourse! It resists mine (largeish) bourse, telephone, this comb, sunglasses, lipstick, and Toni. There him have very he in fact soiled transmission otherwise, but is perfect for when I require to run city about with a discreet bourse. Low wait partorisca to visit with him from an earth later this molla (the reason has bought he). Has all the confidence that liked be him sturdy and upholds prpers ensure private clients.
5 / 5 Vickie
Adds small bourse from travesía. There is any more this small travelon the bourse the tape used must that done many years but have promptly for something new. This one was such perfect crossed to San Francisco for Dreamforce. Pretty small to fill prpers backpack while has has it joined sessions from day, but enough in big extent to resist element for casualidad from evening. In the pair from weeks liked be to go to Orlando Universal. Felizmente I upgraded to this approximate this has this zippered innere from pocket for offers from lady. Cask the lock from small luggage and near this joins to the chair for time in a group. It is not foolproof for thieves, but are surely to so the deterrent.
4 / 5 Iona
I thickly crusader from an earth and when I any raisin liked around prpers big purse. I have purchased this purse and I are happy have done. It IS smaller that mine daily purse but his perfect for travesías. Has the bourse from travesía small I use and turn in a bourse perfectly with prpers passport. Whether I run to somewhere want with the conspiracy from persons an use clip to do surely prpers the purse stay has closed. A moment I that instantly einschleifen better. It can this small be severely when spent the clip and unclip this his poden estimativa many than peace from derjenige from alcohol.
5 / 5 Loni
This were small also for prpers necessities, a start was tighter that to this to this likes him. This good gazes, this cloth has fed to how has bitten rigid, has been weighed has has for the oriental measure thought. It is returned and dialled for another small creation this was any more to the mine in pleasant. Had any SPATIAL paper from the credit but a pocket for safety. At all wrong but no only for me.
5 / 5 Jill
HAS think that this purse was perfect to visit international. It IS light, durable, and small. This was that it has impressed him to him was a fact that a purse can resist the material conspiracy. I spend 2 passports , 2 telephones [so much this Samsung comments 10], prpers paper crediticio, glasses, chapstick, Aleve, and a lot any more in a bit crossbody purse. Still him goes in the small Light within a purse; This despite, can take any light to do foreseen pretty frankly, calm from this this has required a light because of a measure from a purse.
5 / 5 Kaila
Often I write description but usually because am she i very unhappily and liked have him warns other from crappy produced has. This is not one casualidad here.
Has been SURPRISED in a quality and functionality from this bourse. United pockets crowd, space, and the global attention partorisca attribute is very impressive. It IS a perfect measure partorisca Toni, bourse, telephone, chapstick, has included the diaper partorisca a creature and this small another must haves. Already I ascertainment to another material from them liked have him. The work adds Travelon!
4 / 5 Rebbecca
A bourse is very very designed, with zips from qualities, and usable space with three bourses from inside, two a perfect measure partorisca the passport in a side and in other side, one a perfect measure partorisca prpers scrawny bourse and a turn from mainly zone prpers mark in stock transmission, cellphone and another good elements. It sees decently, but any the modish statement, but has not been garish neither. It liked him it how me he has this that bourse from the skin for rule used the house with a innere the creation adds.
4 / 5 Maragret
Has bought this purse reason has required something small could grab when liked him me a lot haul around from a bourse from totally diaper. It IS in fact he adds for that and must add anti characteristic from flight and the small inside from the torch in casualidad definitely finds Ding in a darkness. Mina A complaint is that some joins exit from a backside from a purse has has any joined sides so that when pass to plant to dip well and dulcemente against you, advances from game.
4 / 5 Sharda
Has bought two from this (ash and blue) there is done in fact such, has resisted any more when there is vorwegnehmen and was very a bit to access. The clip is from directly and concludes easy well in your organism. For the bourse this is not such expensive like the purse to sew that it is this travesías RFID purse's from safety. I access your passport, bourse, telephone, Toni, and another diverse material.
5 / 5 Eryn
Has visited in New Zealand and I have required the purse this were also surely to spend prpers international document how lucido camera, cellphone, glasses and money. This purse is enough to look in and does a work. It IS this Travelon
Travelon lady anti-heritage from flight Petit Crossbody bourse from organism from cross with two compartments from zip and the snap enclosed compartment. Petit Adequately and comfortable. Usually a lot him likes him to from from him the cross joined has organism from purse, but this one such eastern comfortable knows is there small. A price was right and this amazon there is liberta very quickly. I spent him quellskaschiert has walked, fed and by means of New Zealand. Many weiterempfehlen nearly from all the world, has included such such only was for an evening.
4 / 5 Mable
Has taken recognition this Virgin islands, Thailandia, and Belize. It was in big extent enough to resist all from the mine necessities and pretty small this upholds almost from prpers organism or the access in mine spends on surely. Walk By means of phases and from this busy streets upheld have launched the advance mine and there is not never there has the worries very about take any prpers bourse or pickpocketing. Especially in Thailandia has have many clues to choose pockets and one from the mine sawed has has him acting taken traveler prpers the money taken but very me. I want this bourse and used from amour for every day use. I have ordered two other travelon bourses and have liked him this better.
4 / 5 Ayako
A purse has purchased last year has broken, piece to the meeting and prpers the purse is appeal to there such only in a Pflasterung - an oar has broken! I have required something dependable and is 'in a missing' to this equal that takes the cross-purse ALWAYS from organism. I do not live how in the dangerous city esafety Zeugnisnotens is not necessarily to this equal that bright-eyed; Although prpers the husband has offered to try to stab him opened with prpers the profit has declined. I in fact like a material and a creation. A light inside a purse is not there done, prpers the husband and I have tried so much our hand check such any more to this long to take does and has do not do to any diet must likes him the content such only such. An inside pocket has resisted prpers telephone (which is pretty in big extent), which want. It IS much easier to uphold organize that prpers principal purse, which I also amour. It does not avert from a light , liked this thus far!
5 / 5 Nenita
Has purchased this such this crossed Spagna because of the worries choose about-pocketing, but light and have spent surely prpers such only necessities this acting uphold silent use in the locus from the mine usual purse. (I raisin the diaper bourse also, which wort done from this pleasure an option to uphold prpers what seperately, but minimising lugging around such material.)

A single downside and a reason has not were dates five stars that a snap in an external pocket begins . At the beginning it was capable of from this reattach this, but is the appeal was and was and no longer can snap.
5 / 5 Brenda
Looked for and the ascertainment has the rectangle gaze from low height, and ossia! Such him has lucido his. The material gaze joined and percepts such, down to an oar and from has directed from zip. But the desire had bitten plus this wide (3.5” in the locus from 2.5” sides-amply from a principal compartment) while upholds a perfect measure and proportion from a height and front-amply. It returns one accordion bourse from this Full---period a lot any more. A bit ruin any more soiled ausenta a pleasant gaze liked do this just in perfect for daily use.
5 / 5 Hulda
Taken has has this bourse in a 18 travesía from day in Europe and is done perfectly! Has has pretty soiled for prpers telephone, bourse, Toni, travesía sunscreen, sunglasses, maps, entrances, auricular, passport and an external battery for prpers telephone. I helped me emission in fact to know a zip has been closed and any could have joined stab from oar. It looked in fact the bourse from the conspiracy has taken this one and I to so think surely ossia an any more pleasant option with these characteristics from safety

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 33 ratings
5 / 5
This is to say partorisca say mine According tentativa in this Travelon bourse, prpers the prime minister was in big extent united hips and cramped partorisca prpers organism from norm. This posted has has joined pictures and the video from description also. They are this many courts bodied present 5'3', as it can not use the purse 'in big extent' Absent goes'tumpys or has a purse be from prpers hip to prpers armpit. This bourse hugs this prpers good hip. It IS this small has bitten fully bulky packed but there is crammed FULL- from material. Contingent : 2 turns books, in big extent and small, walks from tongue, casualidades from severely from glasses, casualidades from severely from camera, full sized bourse with chequebook, diabetic try boxes, and bank partorisca can/upload for electronically. Any more the small crowd from trick and the spike. Has 2 Final pockets this this liked gone back so that 16 oz and 23 oz the waters jumped have. Has have small this @@@@subject with one to appeal joined from zip partorisca start, this simple 'crimp' down from a headline from zip and was many.
4 / 5
Taken has this such two travesía from week in Indian to do bourses from the oldest camera , bulkier. Chattel him him how something is concealed there was pretty in big extent for prpers DSLR and glasses, but also any more to this to the purse likes him and with those anti-exercises from flight. It liked him to from him the use this; One one caveat is that a waterbottle the pockets are this pocolos small to jump waters to regulate, but have finalised such jumping only cloths darein for use from bath. Comfortable to spend, has amour an inside zippered pocket partorisca averts safety. Highly him liked weiterempfehlen!

Sees prpers picture to see has has joined stairs against the organism (reason this has have a Ding the question imagines was when orderly has i he)
4 / 5
has the conspiracy from this to sew them to him likes them to from them in from an organisation from this bourse. Also him enjoys that it is the bit in a side a small plus with expandable bourse in any although can I prpers water from boat or sunglasses to. It is included relatively comfortable to spend. The Despite, has taken in thanks this bourse you and now is the February and, has included Absent daily use, This INSIDE LINER is there TOTALLY detach in a SIDE! - This is to say to say more exact unacceptable for the bourse this is to say the stops to be guess sturdy, but in fact less although liked him attended from the bourse from principle/from purse/from decently quality. Such only 2-appeal to 3 months him to him averts?? Ridiculous.
4 / 5
This is to say to say a the user from majority this amiably the bourse does very there never obsessive. When when be the modish carrier, slips on and was very surely and is deeply light, this difference from prpers bourses from strongly from skin. A principal compartment is in big extent pretty abundance for prpers largely (strongly) B-Mak bourse, and private elements, with spare rooms. It liked me a go-by means of netted compartment from from zip in a bourse-I can in fact see that it is in there! Chattel still this rummage by means of to find something, and ossia highly unusually for unorganized me! This this multiple external pockets are such accessible, and many have joined little pockets lateralmente, which are expandable via zips, prpers even more versatile this this for has not jumped just water. A quality is so much very, zips all the laws a lot calmly, this oar is very adjustable for any measure/from height from person (I follow such single 5'2'). Yes, it is not the bourse from in big extent modish skin, and the experience has this like the bourse to trip to take on prpers coming sightseeing recognition from New York, but state has use he partorisca to the east with a length from the month like a daily bourse, and is disturbed for such bit is to use and comfortable is to spend. His be happy has taken such is the measure not in big extent also but enough still massive to spend essentials with Wide avert this the storage has left on for small price, this Light pullovers, gloves, hat, or anything could require spend while in prpers travesía. A break did already goes in the oar practically in the restaurant or grocer tent from tent to attach to a chair, cart, has required yes. I have not used that another characteristic safety still in prpers small hometown, but liked feel that prpers valuables to be very surely from pickpocketers in the big city. I liked take released from prpers bourse, reorganised prpers paper crediticio and cash in join pertinent locuses, and be this comfortable bourse promptly to go with. They are felizmente such have purchased this!
5 / 5
Such such only returned from 3 weeks in Europe that use this bourse. Perfect measure to spend to visit all some needful elements. Uphold jump in him the small water a pocket finalised and the umbrella from travesía in other. Closed that a bourse located has this a full meter and has has joined ad in the pickpockets in a zone estada announced has. The resistant water, but yes calm vorwegnehmen take wet, could like apply especially waters disgusting in a seams. A bit to clean with the humid towel.
5 / 5
To Do the big crowd from ascertainment in a purse from travesía perfect to take in Europe has decided to take this purse. A quality from this bourse is such single horribly. I liked never very purchase anything from Travelon again. Within a first week has has joined pockets lateralmente have been rasgado have joined in zips. As it was in Europe an inside from a bourse is there rasgado has opened. There is very to somewhere him jump approaches this calm to say you yours can dip in this bourse because has it him liked from raisin very about anything to strongly. They are very disappointed what this bourse was essentially one has used such only. Prpers The joint spends money any more in the mark that there is from quality so.
5 / 5
The bourse adds, already has other in a colour from bone but has amour the remedy to visit the colour concealed does not do muck aim, cream from scratch, scuffs etc to this equal that has been such burgundy colour to this approximate this liked underline all which the black from eastern bourse watch have lady such.
Can return so much to this bourse in this new 36 cruises from the day followed with one averts 15 days in Italy.
IS strongly, surely, surely, highly comfortable & liked weiterempfehlen this produced that knows has from from the shoulder from oar stab from custody.
IS spent a bourse by means of a shoulder with an organism from a first bourse from the mine @@@@@@cofre partorisca averts safety, has very not has had never very questioned at all.
To this equal that how his the drink the current conspiracy this around in sightseeing recognition this bourse has jump him to title in a side.
Has has joined the years tried have have this such varied fashions & , forms, these measures from the bourses from travesía & found have this one to be a better, no in in big extent or small & is not strongly (so that such only when it is full adds the weight but he depends here joins your bourse).
A bone the bourse is there there colours this small taints have & cream in him from prpers travesías & has has leading that wash but is not surely be to this approximate this like go in to a washer he GustanI this something hanged/hanged/hanged & cleaned this has joined to inhabit him scratches from the outsides in full scale solo/solos to do surely very were & for real have turned & severely then to this rovescio hence very air.
Sees in fact a lot again.
5 / 5
This purse is done there perfectly such crossed in Europe. Please notes that a current model is clearly joined this from the video/from the pictures have listed in from this older descriptions according eastern such connect have have joined clip's (see pictures). A principal zip has a connector/takes and joins to the coverage in to ensure any more a big this (the model the old plus has been a contrary there there where has been a principal zip the coverage that master connects to this connector/takes in a purse). The transmission is resembled a zip pocket from the front. Has has joined pockets lateralmente resist regulate-sized the waters jumped have calm so that this this also jumped from the small water (12 oz jumps in a picture). This derjenige such only Ding has not him liked is in a purse when it has arrived a purse from a sickle/takes has in a cloak from the purse not to a cloak been connected (the sickle/takes is aimed with has in a picture joined waters to jump) ... Calm has has has has had to that that this has dipped nearly to calm this has posed from the bit from the defiance one) there has in any instruction not to this such such does and b) a small 'this clip has been this guess to uphold a sickle/takes has attached there are falls uphold off (I have must that I use this altogether from small claw for presionar a 'this clip the bit has used a clip to fasten a connector ... It remains on with this concealed but there has has attacked although a 'oriental amour the falls clip). A suggestion for Travelon/the vendor liked be to have already takes attach/when this sickle posts the buyer.
5 / 5
IS the beautiful bourse with the conspiracy from storage, but an inside from the pocket is there rasgado from a front seam a first week from use-- has not gone include packed very strongly! Another deceit draw is such such the principal compartment only has a zip and that the zip is closed to a bourse in a side that expensive from a wearer. These leaves which susceptible beque this agile-fingered choose-pockets, like one one this have directed this thwarted a mark safety in Venice. Has this Baggallini conceal is not specifically anti-flight, but fact with this more cured conspiracy and consideration that this product. It want no a lot again buy and Many weiterempfehlen .
4 / 5
HAS has liked him in fact such bourse. I have purchased this such crossed to Europe because of prpers characteristic from safety. Unfortunately it is a poor construction . An oar to try there such has from the knife been the tiny piece from the metal that this estacas was and inside 10 minutes prpers Poor and the leg was all there is enqueue. Has must that dips the piece of tape in him for a rest from prpers travesía. Then to title united waters from the boat to signal taken has taken has in a zip and broken has. The desire's cannister return but is in evening for me. Buyer beware.
4 / 5
I can any pretty give include this 4 stars for the reasons from pair. One, has not had from the occasion this jump in action in this travesía (has taken that such today only), but still has has has joined observations. Two (and in prpers alcohol a the element from majority from inside those imports a moment), is annoyed with a vendor (and yes, has left feedback from vendor). I have paid $ 10 any more taken to darken ash (vs. A light champagne experiences I originally). A champagne one from that has come properly packaged and has have all a plaster from the new purse but a colour was a lot any more the tan that has Many. This one has come with an oar unbound (the difference from the new purse) and shoved in an organism from a purse. All cual the zips have been opened and from the materials this gone innere from spaces/from pockets to feign this equal that to use them were all touched in a principal organism from a purse (yes, can imagine was so much to use them, a point is that I have not taken the new purse). Now, to be such only, joined has the purse gaze is in good state, but does not know to reason another person is returned. It joined him maybe the deceit in a quality concealed has not spotted still. Whether such only to this to any liked him to from from him a colour this is to say to say a Ding . But has not in jeglicher direction to know. And for golly, has paid for the mark-spanking new purse.

Has bought this when lucido has crossed to France and Spagna this summer; Whether I uphold have the purse mine has used, improvement from amours any more this still has crossed to the mine. Maybe I like listen from a vendor, maybe I No.

Incipient impressions:
Relative one purse he, is not almost such in big extent to prn_dem
5 / 5
I require the just crowd from spatial in the purse and from this varied pockets partorisca organize. Besides, they are in severely from the bourses but want a this is to say partorisca say relatively light. Have dialled partorisca this bourse in diverse another options this was lighter, in a hope that amours last longer. Used has him now he partorisca to the east with a length from the year this despite gazing very while the majority from the bourses have seen moved have very owned times have begun partorisca the gaze used and uglily. I have purchased in comply a bourse this is neutral and used partorisca all the occasions. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
This bourse from travesía is FANTASTIC. It sees compact, but can return such!
Could resist:
-Two measures regulate to have the waters jumped have have joined compartment lateralmente
-a DSLR camera ( has has mine 18-135mm the zoom lentil has attached equally!)
-Many those that sunglasses in casings
-Small bites
-documentation and entrances in zipped external pockets
-hand from measure from this Travesía sanitizer
-Selfie clave

This is to say to say all definitely in this daypack! How the tourist what walks all day, was the lifesaver. I spend an all day feel Absent bourse any question from an oar. As I have uploaded enough strongly, an oar has not prpers the skin has undermined. An ability from this raisin confronts yours or silent behind leave you to still uphold some estyles while trips him'.

Has joined within this small pockets a principal compartment is bourses practically to store, passports or Toni. It has joined the pockets can zip, which leaves stand from the alcohol for small elements are needful to access quickly (to this equal that have very that have dreaded to undermine around in a principal compartment from the bourse/from purse).

A front and the rear zips are súper practically for documents or from the bites or element that this surely accessible amours.

This is to say to say less touristy and surer from this z/from this z/from the backpack. Whether any needs an additional room that this z/this z/the backpack aprovisionaría, this is to say to say a bourse to take . You can him it spend it liked require all an essential the traveler (water, camera, bite, maps, documentation, bourses). Highly him liked weiterempfehlen this satchel to any pair/from lady/from the man that trip abroad!
5 / 5
Such such only returned from this crusader by means of Italy and Greece that use prpers newer Travelon the purse is. With frequently from shower, have joined umbrella from returns perfectly in a pocket lateralmente, this rain has not hurt this derjenige to the bourse likes him to from from him prpers the skin and the abundance from the purse has owed for room in a purse this poncho any more when a necessity. An oar was comfortable and additional applauses join have joined the appeals from the zip is there aprovisionado saves especially.
4 / 5
This description is an easy probably any more a has not writes never. I have been use Travelon purse any more when now 20 years and liked very never another buys mark. This particular purse is a lot mainly concealed a one I use currently. I have done this prpers the reason from daily purse is such light to spend and pode hands from tent-freely ausenta a panic from 'where is prpers purse'! Raisin to them bandelero-away and any must this dipped him the down never to do anything. It IS surely partorisca recognition and has many pockets and have has have has closed zips in all that Right locuses'. It resists all the necessities I for a day and the sure celery with a material to try from knife such and oar and now a price from a RFID this spatial these blockades . And for an out, an oar is adjustable and the stays in a period has dipped defiance a weight from a purse! This bourse has have 2 bourses have joined sides this opposed to other and this is to say to say add for both from the waters to jump and an umbrella. A wear from these purses are phenomenal - do not spend never have been. Usually I arrival to give the mine was and buy other reason prpers fight from vehicles with prpers purse regulate. The silent cannister the false order gone any is one - for newspaper or use from recognition!
5 / 5
honradamente Can say that any has while flown prpers the bourse visited him abroad for five months. This could estimate this still be the mine 6'3' height and 250 lb weightlifters physicist, But has tried evasion surely with him, amours to find to the hardest conspiracy for rasgar this bourse has been.

Has has bought been the reason affected has in pickpocket in Europe. It is spent from in the sub institution portable this, (rooted Nook and-reader in this soft Ayl casualidad from neoprene, norm bluetooth keyboard, about is a book by train to say you all this to help you gauge one roominess and reasonable from weight) and has has liked him something fresher that the man-purse to tote this around in. A material in this in fact durable appearance, a zip to approach that taken has resisted until repeated him daily use, and united returns crowds from adjustable oars in prpers big frame, Wide. It is cleaned still and the new mark this saw from month to einschleifen in from the trains, Pflasterung from café and carpets from slowly.

One Ding is not surely declared about, safety-promptly - an end from has has joined claves from zip until him grabbable band. I have designed else a lot to try east last, but gaze vaguely possibly could any design severely and rasgar a cup from your bourse has opened. Still, whether there is designed it that severely, to calm that want absolutely the comment is spent.

In general, five stars, Many upholds to use this while travesía I!
5 / 5
Must have this such small bourse to the east with a length from the year and I have used daily. It liked him to from him has has joined pockets, solace to have accross prpers shoulder, characteristic from safety, But an inside from pocket has begun for rasgar appart and now an inside from this integer from the lines are rasgada. It took him this afterwards has stuck in a zip and result such messy, has launched prpers the bourse was. This is to say to say a second purse has purchased from this mark, a before is lasted a the year there is appealed then averts to a zip. I am disappointed in a global quality from these purses and Many do not purchase from this longer mark.
5 / 5
Has purchased this when lucido crusader to do this little weeks but I took for the use also when those trips the week to other agency every day. I usually laws in the house but I have required something to spend any more ausenta affects in purse from mine.

This is to say to say the perfect measure , any hips in big extent, but can resist two jumped from the boat has has joined sides, have the good drop-pocket for the telephone enabled, also with this zippered bourse in this same zone. I dipped him him joined it him bites in this section. There is the big plus out zippered the pocket used has has for prpers the work goes and Toni. A principal section is in big extent enough to resist yes is to the pill needful, but has used he for prpers bourse, chapstick/lipstick in an inside zipped pocket, and has the section for IDs specifically although he do not use I lucido. Has has pretty soiled to burst the personnel sized wry very there have the present wrapped for me, any more when clearly to comb such from element, spike, cloths, etc.

ARE guess to save RFID chip in a blocking pocket but I use as the bourse is. It IS there yes require calm despite him this. You can also clip have it has joined zips to pocolos D coverages to circumvent any from surely unzipping the pocket, and an oar latches also locks in the locus.

In general the half pleasant sized bourse this is to say very useful.
5 / 5
Pros- I amour this bourse! It has visited with this many earths me, and there am always prpers the mind from personally element has been ensured, as I spend this modish organism from the cross. It IS very capaciously, can return so much aloud! I want a bit have titled/titled/ him titled/titled to jump waters him has joined external. I add you for one umbrella, also. It has dipped any more this small DSLR camera in him, also. Has has joined sickles to ensure joined have the zips are from Strong! (Insert when squeeze to publicly from carriage)
Gilipollas- a yard-cloak from the custody in a cloak is very strong. This despite, has joined cloaks in a cloak has begun gets longer fray and clave from amour from a coverage from cloth, which can be he likes him takes with the needle has stuck! Has must that sews about he with Thick from blackly Flansch, which resolved has a question, and in a black bourse, has not been ostensible. An inside that the lines have rasgado also were, from a weight and use from a pocket from inside. This despite, must have any book partorisca this this sews almost, and now is sturdier that never.
Want the bourse's and I arrival to use the pleasure mine principal purse. This very surely liked command again!

Improve: With this has this bourse for 2.5 years, and in that the use the CONSPIRACY, a sickle is finally there was dates in me in an airport yesterday. Have does felizmente he caribiner to resist neighboring for a rest from mine crossed has. Also, one innere the lines are there rasgado are gone in one seam, in a pocket from inside, but has have he sewn does up. This is to say to say one Ding amours weiterempfehlen is to find this out to do one feeds stronger. This despite, this bourse has taken in fact beats and is state faithfully and surely! This very surely liked be to order other.
4 / 5
While liked him me absolutely one purse, one stitching is sub from pair. felizmente Can attach cual this bad parts could where watch join a free stitched innere near one purse, but that the worry is one stitching can not see.
Gives the pair weeks to try were, but begins puling was one seams in another parts, behind go.
Has reasoned/reasoned also this sad one purse is very pleasant and a plum has surprised by heart!
5 / 5
Has taken this in a last first moment from this crusader to Rome which is notorious for pickpockets. Felizmente, There is not very simply, or taken does maybe looks in this bourse and decided does there very this is estimated has to try :-). It felt such in some stabs-oar from custody and advance from poster. A principal compartment securely bows to this small carabiner and is pretty capaciously for a iPad, lights pullover. There this is to say zippered pocket to signal that the fact him easy plus to see that it is in a pocket and shielded space for your passport from EUA and one RFID paper crediticio. A big, unsecured pave zippered the pocket against your organism is for papers how and from the books from walks. Two unsecured done from the pockets (one zippered) also helps uphold yours very-valuables have organize.

HAS amour the darkest colour but this was the last price from the minute and this was to somewhere an available only colour, as it taken has also can from Scotchguard and treated has. I have bought the tiny ray-nearest carabiner from Imposición to shelter to connect some two zips in united advances from compartment, but ossia paranoia from alone mine such. It IS such to such such only has dipped your valuables in a principal compartment.

This upholds me from this admits be 5 stars that while which two zips-in the bourse in any final has resisted the small umbrella or he 8-oz boot to water amiably, has not enough gone amply such 20 oz jump to water when zipped to this equal that has appealed to a boot from the small time.
5 / 5
Prpers Newer Travelon anti-cross from bourse from flight from the cube from the organism is such very fact, has many pockets and a hardware is sturdy. It liked be it add partorisca has the bourse that upholds prpers surely Own and can be washed when required. When I trip, prpers this belongings can take dusty, and splashed. This bourse looks for to be the use done for real By means of the BALLOON: Wear and tear while is the use, loss and tumbles in a plan/from train/from/car meter. I impress in fact with that credit-designed and crafted this bourse this, and enjoys all that characteristic from price like him has joined From tiny Toni-chain light and have has joined zips partorisca afterwards. Excellent workmanship and the execution has finalised!

Prpers This alone real complaint was that pockets lateralmente partorisca waters-jump he-from the storage was only such such sized partorisca has jumped small (16.9 oz.); It could very reasonably returned jumps the big commercial water darein neither any the mine loss With you access from cup from this travesía Absent enhanced this in a pocket - and raisin prpers briefly to trip everywhere. When I seen have this bourse estada designed has partorisca the turn the waters boot or maybe the umbrella or the eye glass marries, both sides, expected have had partorisca the option expansion from remedy. Any tentativa from trimester to the east with a length from partorisca spends an element that there is enhanced in a pocket liked spend from the use from a first pocket with a length from a principal organism from joined has the door from the bourse was. Has quellsgeschätzt has to him such such only this product with four stars for this reason such only. Otherwise, this bourse adapted has prpers very necessities and liked do to purchase jumped smaller and do this work.
5 / 5
HAS has liked him sturdy still stylish bourse for our travesía this Barcellona. I have listened a pickpocketing there have these @@subjects seriously and decided to find with mark the purse from promptly safety. This a there is done such for me. It was this small small but has done with me clave simply a necessity. It can return small water in a jump from external pocket and this little bars from bite in other pocket from external water from boat. I have left prpers bourse in stove to save spatial and such mine such only dipped to go, paper crediticio, paper from insurances from the health, your from paper from the hotel, and T10 paper from meter in a built in empty. I have used a zip pocket from the inside to resist 3 passports and airline or entrances from train. In a principal compartment must have the purse from small coin, this bourse from the compact cloth has required the backside in stock transmission for side, casualidad from glasses, prpers Young EPI spike and emergency meds, sunscreen, and Panasonic FZ300 camera (I have must that take casualidad to this approximate these wants turn). An external pocket was still perfect prpers book from Spanish translation, meter and maps callejeros, and other client from this travesía or the entrances have required for a day. One with a well occupied to have the compartments upheld to has all calm organize once imagines from the system those when such from silent law. It does not have enough gone in big extent to also resist to the jacket from inside likes me such from single draped from him in a purse whether I neede prpers hand freely. Prpers The only complaint is that one opens is bitten to the principal compartment this tightened. It likes me prpers daily Bagalini the purse has designed from this small better but has joined mark safety any that clipped zips and RFID abilities from blockade from a Travelon.
5 / 5
Want the bourse's!! I have used to visit in New York, Parigi, and Romania. I have required the bourse this could spend prpers money, passport, papered crediticio, camera, water from jumps, and recipe sunglasses husband-this that this! I have not imagined prpers Camelbak the waters from jump to want return in a headline to jump water, but has done! He a bourse a heavy plus in prpers shoulder, but is better concealed that it must that spends he for part. I want that a shoulder oar can be pretty regulated to fall this prpers hip-the oar shoulder another bourse has left such only in level from @@@@@@cofre when organism from shabby cross. Such only two questions, a duquel are not in fault from a bourse, but something to be consciously from: This Parigi, must have the rain to drench and a bourse has taken wet. There him ruined in there a lentil prpers camera this has must that the mark when is returned I I shelter . But now I know to shorten have have joined oar and zip he inside prpers jacket from rain with me rain when. Another east has joined paper from spaces from the credit. When this designed has prpers camera out prpers bourse, attacked has has has joined paper often crediticios was --from the time is appeal to there has in an earth but Prpers launch felizmente! Has has has has had to that that the appeal from has has joined pockets from paper from the credit and plants with him in a pocket prpers passport. A passport pocket is a perfect measure for your passport. When the Toni taken from one keyring, be attentively that a light very also are exited. The mine has done and gone him. This despite, has contacted a company and his sends at once me this new one!! The client service adds! I want this bourse!
5 / 5
This is to say to say in a Fünftel crossbody the bourse from travesía is gone in a Amazon clave, a last one be one modish bourse when from the carrier for Travelon, which has behind envoy, still to small. This one is FINALLY pretty in big extent and not leading send from is one rear! A bourse has all possible characteristic to leave room for your things; And one RFID saves together with some stabs-pockets and resistant oar, this any more to close united zips, an ANY MORE zippered pockets in this all the side for umbrella or water jumped, marks this bourse to this such almost from capaciously pretty and surely to visit such can take. They are this happy to camp, concealed looks forward to the mine crossed in Ireland!
4 / 5
I such bourse. It IS capaciously and prpers bourse, glasses, I-téléphonique 6, Altoids, Toni and a lot is returned another element amiably aloud. Has has joined pockets lateralmente are the guesses to beat resist waters from jump, but must that be in 10 oz, and thin modish boat. A cloth has used to do this bourse is very sturdy. I have used this bourse in many travesías and enjoys that they know that it is to apresamiento the bourse . I enjoy one crossbody characteristic from an oar, for a safety to know that a bourse can not be taken and when when be hands free. A reason for 4 stars and any 5, is not in fact this biggy and such such only me could annoy, but, there am the conspiracy from tabs from the zip from the metal is. They have begun to take taken in the mine pullover this lucido the autumn time from the fall arrived and has must that spends any more when such only to blouse/from shirt. It had been he uses mine which until every day bourse he snagged this poncho that had done. I liked save to visit now.
5 / 5
This bourse is a perfect measure with all some characteristic could want. It has adored absolutely one two jumped pockets from water. Such this mamma jumped has darein from slip. Afterwards I liked joined little zips to close. As he ccw the title required I has the fast been to access prpers gun something unthinkable is spent. It IS enough a bit concealed him with practically it can open quickly and take prpers gun. One Ding adds I amour am cual the right stranger cannister does not take opened quickly, neither can them toddler. I want this purse. Because of you!
4 / 5
Has required has the purse to do mine Overland bourse from crew has been this use every day has bought from then he in 2013th unfortunately, Overland is in business no longer. I require the headline to jump water, many pockets, crossbody were, and have liked him see and feel that lucido purse. Also they are that him goes with that Europe this little weeks for me such anti-flight and closes the zips were this any more this headed to prpers price from this bourse. It has joined the descriptions have mentioned that a pocket for advanced with the copy from the zips have not closed. So many, his upholds (sees photo). A headline to jump the waters are in big extent enough to return the mine regulates refillable jump when unzipped and pretty snug to resist mine when sunglasses zipped. A pocket within a front that nearly are from the zips in big extent enough to resist galaxy from mine S7 Bordos and cual another custody prpers the meter spends. One RFID the spatial passport has resisted prpers passport securely and cual another spaces resist prpers paper. It liked him to from him one keyring for prpers Toni. A principal compartment is enough capaciously for all a material spends every day. Very felizmente with prpers tightens!
5 / 5
Conspiracy from must that that there is disappointed in this bourse - has has joined difference from a photo, has joined foundation @subject this the bourse's, and has joined deserts to design concealed gaze this plague almost all Travelon bourses.

Cual This good parts are that it sees pretty surely in general, is the good bourse has built , and is very, very capaciously - any more so many this amours attended. I can imagine any more when be perfectly felizmente with him, which is reason gave him 3 stars. But, for me, which from have joined the deserts are to treat-breakers - especially where differ a bourse from a picture.

The conspiracy from must have has joined deceits to read, as I summarize first. The details are down one rodeo.

--- D-the coverage for mainly is located the compartment behind oar from purse any more when fact (photo 1)
--- the advances pocket is there such such only a zip appeal (photo 2)

--- the oar is sewn to this very time pave from period from purse, turn from must to pave from lie in a shoulder (photo 1) - taking turned in even any more often that any more Travelon bourses
--- front and there is near near behind this altogether bourse sewed in in this 1'x2s describes down oar, reduces expansion from Wide from the bourse (photo's 1)
--- 1 from 2 pockets from the first slip from the compartment is presionado téléphonique too much to resist (or a lot anything any more) (photo 3)
--- no another pockets from the slip in a bourse is returned this téléphonique
--- severely to achieve the background reason from the advance from the compartment is much deeper that a zip
--- has listed the measures are in fact correctly to measure, where the majority from Travelon the bourses are much smaller this has listed measure
--- is to this N/S the bourse moved when, not like one And/W bourse

--- raisin him purse is in your legislations, these zips near nearly near behind silent - @@@@@subject from safety
--- Many questions with oar:
-- Has sewn the bourse in a side but swivel in other - the oars turn surely and are difficult to untwist
-- Can not attach @@@subject is to join to do reasoned the oar is sewn the bourse
-- This presionado for the heavy bourse is he from this raisin by train for the day all to this long from (or included late) out
-- Rigid oar with scratchy the cloth surely nettles skin from coffins
-- Uncomfortably buckle from chairs from oar to the east with a length from in almost in a shoulder this 5'5' lady

So that Many, here is a version has attributed:

gaze Travelon has very redesigned this bourse from joined has the photos been have taken, and very any in this out - neither that, or taken has one with the deceit finalised has.
--- @@@@@Subject mainly: Has has joined photo, one breech from D coverages for a principal compartment is pictured first from an oar from purse. A bourse has received has a D-coverage NEAR NEAR BEHIND an oar (goes does photo). At all crossbody bourses in prpers side forward, as to breech from the zip is already in a far end from a bourse (which is a subject with almost all Travelon bourses), to close a zip, must design almost totally done a bourse me, then toe he the majority from an out around - this despite then, is uncomfortable and difficult. It liked send a bourse near behind such only.
--- Also, from the advances from pocket is pictured likes him have the appeal from doubly zip. The mine is there such such only one (goes second photo) - so that it does not have an option to sacrifice the small safety for one has calmed he from the zip that opens for a correct part.

--- one purse oar is semi-detached parallel with a period from a bourse, any more when be attached in a short side (goes does photo). So much, one must from oar this gone in 90 terracings to einschleifen pave in your shoulder. I have included such such only try a bourse in stove, all to this long from taken has an oar uncomfortably turned has.
--- Also, directly under an oar from purse, a front and nearly near behind one purse is sewn altogether Pflasterung in the band about 1' amply for 2' period (goes does photo). Has any reason any idea, but lose which from a space from bourse partorisca oriental, and finds uncomfortable.
--- Speak from uncomfortable measure, on the left there is habladuría has has joined in pockets from slip united advances from compartment, which is not in the photos from a vendor. There is such single two, and such such only a returned but your telephone is small many (goes third photo) - and, natural, must unzip almost a whole pocket for the access. Prpers Pixel 2 XL any returned in a smaller pocket. It could very him included him is returned 2 bars Bondadosas, which are pretty small, to a smaller pocket ausenta bulging.
--- That the pocket is your only option for the telephone. This 2 slips pockets have have joined pockets from the only slip in a purse averts from a passport and pockets from paper. A horizontally oriented passport pocket also very returned prpers téléphonique - how returns so many to unify pockets from vertical passport in other Travelon purse.
--- Also, from the advances from compartment enhanced to a fund from one purse but such single unzips 3/4 from one been has. These leaves about 3' from spatial in a fund for small elements to slide to - and when all
--- Oddly, also is critiquing this bourse to list the attentive measure enough. I have tried 2 another half-this-in big extent Travelon bourses (this tailored hobo and any Classical N/S Crossbody), so much desquels is state smaller concealed has joined the measures suggest. This one has attentive measures, as it has been attentive this to be smaller from the course from mine N/S Crossbody (600 cubic thumbs have based have listed furthermore measured, versus 560 for this bourse) - or at least nearly from a same measure. In reality, a N/S is such single down 400 cubic thumbs - and this bourse is still in 560th so much, in the locus from 10 smaller, this bourse this 40 elders!
--- Finally, has has liked him one And/W bourse, as it finds more comfortable that spends. In 14x10, this amours must that be one - but raisin such N/p. maybe this is to say to say to be due to a depth from one purse - but mine And/W the purse has these questions No.

--- lock from zips in a backside that spends when organism from cross in your advance sideways (which is where the door, such have has some models all almost joined photo from Travelon crossbody the purse is). This committed safety: It has joined the zips are often easier to unlock that the wall, as it him purse could fine surely to be unlocked where the rear can not see he - especially with the purse lucido on, where amour him breeches zip be besides behind you.
--- I strap take inflated surely: They are sewn to one purse in a side, but swivel in a side with one clip. Whether both sides were which equally, liked be so many; He such-east, sucks.
--- With an oar has sewn to one purse, can not change he for another oar. So much, this beat calm very many from joined has the questions resolve from oar - cual is from joined a majority has the questions have with Travelon bourses in general.
--- I strap be presionado the bourse to spend too much this does any more has weighed comfortably for this longer periods; They are not súper thinly, but must from still amour that be at least 50 on or include from him solace still detachable tampon.
--- I strap am done also from earthy, scratchy cloth, that annoying to spend against skin from coffins, especially are the oar how rigid. Surely, a confirmed anti-the cloth from the flight is this mark , but prpers calm to cover he with the softest cloth?
--- I strap be have been to very time. In 5'5' with a cup from one purse such alone low mine hipbone, such such only had left an oar was halfway, which has left a buckle those chairs uncomfortably against prpers shoulder. Whether it liked leave it was all an out , one purse want is hanged there under prpers knee. Seriously, any once WNBA him gambler require the oar that very time.
4 / 5
Liked have the bourse to visit and this the trips' could this spend prpers bourse, passport, eyeglass casualidad, sunglass casualidad, bourse from small cosmetic (hands sanitizer, cloths, clippers from nail, hand moisturizer, file from small nail, chapstick, ibuprofen), this little granola bars, it tampon from note, spike, prpers cellphone (XL) this despite has room to cram in this súper thin jacket. Has also leading to hide him locus receipts, maps, brochures, etc, and having this something partorisca waters from jump was also him must.

This bourse is returned that @@bill- was in big extent, but pretty small for mine 5'4' cream. It has been dipped in so much with a bit to access pockets and storage. Leading quellshat been a perfect bourse , but a conference buckle such only in the bone from with this from the mine. There is not in jeglicher direction this liked do. And a fashion was bondadoso from “blah” - I have ordered one charcoal the colour and he such such only felt this industrial and touristy.

Whether this bourse is gone in a material cloth this Travelon offered in another amours from bourse has been the PERFECT BOURSE .
4 / 5
Has bought this for one crosses in Europe. To Him it was him joined ascertainment suggested to spend a anti bourse from flight to help thwart pickpocket and thief. They are in big extent (5'9') and some swipes from bourse correctly against hip from mine when organism from shabby transition which is an out any more taken from this raisin . It likes him- join me measured and have has joined pockets. The silent calm warns you to see attentively has the reason has joined the dimensions are largish. But for him there it is to me concealed am perfect to visit plasters such from like from must me, poncho and another practical things with me. It can very eastern stylish what prpers the bourses see from bus but think is a right bourse for travesía.
5 / 5
I have decided to do the description and compare this Travelon anti-cross from flight-bourse from cube from the organism with a Pacsafe bourse from meter, which can be found here: PacSafe Metrosafe LS200 Anti-bourse from shoulder from the flight, Red from vintage, a measure . Prpers The video liked aim joined little differences and because weiterempfehlen join Pacsafe in this Travelon.

When received has I eastern Travelon bourse, a mechanism partorisca finalise from a bourse broken there at once is was (sees pictures). I have tried king attaches but was unable to do he in such this out east is to remain . Every time closed has I a zip a clip want fall again at once, doing a bourse the aim partorisca pickpocket. I questioned me a durability from this bourse and an only reason has estimated 2 stars. It likes him- join me gaze more feminine from a Travelon bourse and has wished in fact was from quality from remedy.

Has decided to return mainly has such bourse the reason bought is partorisca a anti-exercise from flight. It sees that it is doubtful has better seen any reason partorisca upholds this bourse neither I weiterempfehlen him. Last that there him likes is to be in prpers travesía European and has the dysfunction the Absent bourse has been to exchange or the turn.
5 / 5
Has taken in Parigi, leaves 2017th have like this. In this on the left me says in the first place am the designer bourse only daughter. So much, this is to say to say prpers prime minister any designer bourse in from the years. They are felizmente such I choose this one. In him him resisted him in fact so much. I have used this daily bourse in Parigi for the week. It has resisted 2 has jumped water, it camera, telephone, 1 small 1st box from help, book from travesía from the pocket, entrances for appeals, 5 bites bars, billfold, small circle totes on, with leftover from room. Do from failure the family 5 wells. They are 5 big feet , and a bourse has not been hugh in me. Amado Has has joined zips to close. Two daughters this is practically to give our approach ours were me prendido to choose pocketing. Any has tried take prpers husband, he prendió, and there does felizmente prpers material in prpers bourse. So that raisin. It has taken blackly, and there is joined in the Level purse this to

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5 / 5 Ji
Such dipped has such only an order partorisca the bourse sub because in this new crusader an original bourse been has stabbed in this filled nighttime closely. Felizmente, Because of a coverage to save point, a -be the thief has not accessed has joined from a pocket happily. A knife from only cut an external coverage - sees photo. They are felizmente such have have this particular bourse!!!!! Any concludes prpers gives there there is stabbed a bourse estada until a next tomorrow. Before this is to say to say to spend, was the apologist already from a bourse. A measure, creation and work from appearance for me. Also I have the big plus Travelon these wants use for the day-to the east with a length from recognition, but the majority from a time this smaller version Many prpers election be .
5 / 5 Aracelis
A better Ding in this bourse - has joined safety besides from mark - is that an inside is only such such an OPEN COMPARTMENT (with pockets lateralmente). Another bourses have tried have two or three compartments have presionado parted inside. This half fussing with the zips and this looks for to adapt what the elements are in this compartment. With this bourse, can see all in him at once. Another more is that the mine regulates-sized innere from access from this iPad still with prpers coverage. This like go in a lot practically in from the airports. All in a purse: iPhone, iPad, Bourse, glasses, lipstick, spike, etc. a pocket from dulcemente is practically from the external zip to spend that it boards documentation, passport, etc. enough a purse from travesía perfect.
5 / 5 Venetta
Purchases the purse and a Travelon anti-the Classical flight mini bourse from shoulder. Although it says that this bourse this 1lb has weighed both and found this bourse to be the hair in 11oz. A mini the bourse the shoulder has been weighed any more. Route when him visited the conspiracy I and the weight is from entity. In from the trimesters from measures, this were only such such thumb a width and any more natural this small shorter. One two out zips in this lock from purse. It has joined the oars are pocolos clearly down all the bourse, can see a webbing any more in a mini bourse from shoulder. How One light ANREICHERN within both, good touch. I have finalised this uphold this crossbody the reason was lighter and has the purse pair with some mini forms from bourse from the shoulder.
4 / 5 Dominque
HAS amour this bourse. I estimate the persons also that posted description. I have bought from him the first month from pair from prpers travesía as it was paranoid to listen stories to choose-pockets and incident-n-grab the thieves have Many that bourse such from travesía small this liked do such prpers purse and liked be practically while aprovisionando peace from alcohol. It has joined the bourses saw anti-cloths from stab, this clip-sickle this can wrap a bourse around a leg from the table to this equal this can surely very be grabbed, and zips with clip-sickles to give this safety added from underlying to try toes when squished to coach from subterranean meter. Have upheld prpers paper crediticio (has not required to spend prpers usual bourse), money from paper, passport, cellphone and prpers generation 3 iPad with this coverage (any a keyboard class) in a pocket from mainly from centre. The room has have for prpers sunglass casualidad and the half sized sunscreen pipe in a rear pocket outside. Have upheld the spike, ear from cord and eyed téléphonique from téléphonique to touch and diverse paper from receipts in a front external pocket. In a principal pocket was capable of from also to dip small jump levels to water cual are spent from a bourse to the ability this but a fact could do is the plus. It IS now prpers gone-to visit bourse. It does not have been in big extent ( it can grow bourses) but liked me from the reason a half measure was , inconspicuous ( has bought a black one) which could a lot overstuff to a point has weighed where the results. This lack bourse to have that that prpers the fact from good purpose and I weiterempfehlen highly lucido.
5 / 5 Jenae
Has bought a cranberry by heart. It IS by heart this pretty pop.

At all I in fact such bourse. I have bought he such 3 travesía from week in Europe. It IS the good measure for prpers this. Many must away that be such such single bit him his mainly But this upholds in Awake and to any in this upload. This bourse the returns have have all from the purse lucido mainly. The things have taken such mine such only gone in lager one.

Spends about one Epi spike that access perfectly in a much advance from pocket. Also I have the bourse from the trick him small plus this spends in these elements this small plus. These returns pretty so much. Prpers Telephone, bourse, Toni (chunky insiemi), earbuds all return also. They are to kindle also the ensure mine returned, but very usually spends around.

A anti this mark to is flight from Strong. RFID This blocking zones and all closes from this must is from the zip. When a bourse is in your shoulder, playing, united clips from mainly are to lock such dips which liked do him pretty difficult and uncomfortable for any tried unclip this and this goes in. Lucida Weaves to them to read joined have high up big pickpockets Europe. Has brilliant eyes and learnt have the conspiracy! Such at all it is 100 surely when to this any liked him IN FACT from something from you, like me to him did not like is the similar chair an easy aim anymore.

IS pretty felizmente with this purse and a piece of helps from crowds to give me. Also him thinks that that this fashion is pretty pleasant.
4 / 5 Giovanna
A lot!! This better has taken never! I add for every day him used him too much. Pockets and light weights he a bit for use. They return prpers iPad with coverage ! Any more the magazine from travesía and walks from travesía! IPHONE Also accesses in a pocket from inside. Any necessity for bourse . Paper crediticio and access from passport in another pockets from inside. Maybe lucido the purse the coin likes him . It negotiates What essentials sunglasses and inside from minimal trick. They are 5' in big extent , and I mine to like him uses organism from cross , returns perfect! Any to in big extent or to small. Has adjustable oar and can use how one in a bourse from shoulder. Although when have opened I, there am mini Luz in an oar to title essentially, despite has to any battery not??? I require to read largely at this to dip from battery partly. Another amours from loan.
5 / 5 Carmelita
Prpers The lady has bought this bourse to ingest lucido crossed in Italy. Within a first week from use, one stitching these stitches an oar to a bourse has come the use does a bourse totally unusable. It does not have been overstuffing this or him treat about, was pretty daily such only from ordinary use from a bourse. Whether one stitching is that badly fact, question what apresamiento in fact is an oar. Surely him can be an oar severely to cut he, but whether an oar comes surely then freely sees from a bourse the appeal in fact to this equal that liked finalise to take a bourse. Chattel This-has liked him a bourse and has has joined pockets, etc in him, but to so weiterempfehlen very surely this price.
4 / 5 Madge
One purse has seen when such has taken it him to him I lucido, but to uses for just to the east with a length from the month, an appeal from the zip from the inside is exited a clue. This has done a pocket from from this this from useless inside's. Any be when any capable of from this the zip has enclosed nullified a whole purpose from a pocket. I owe that quellskaschiert to be consciously and attentively how contents from the purse from mine can surely them spill were when open. And, natural, a window for the turn is only such such 30 days...
5 / 5 Vera
HAS Many that bourse from the organism from the cross to ingests him small inland cruise from jumps to Alaska this summer and these returns a bill. Despite prpers the small measure has resisted all amiably. It likes him-joins me that to pill from mine has resisted, bourse, casualidades from glass any more other incidentals the lady majority spends. A anti-characteristic from flight with one RFID blockade, to stab rows resistant and close the compartments are enormously especially when him visited by means of airports or when when be from the crowds in. It IS in big extent enough to resist all this amours the principal bourse resisted, but is not heavy. This very surely mine from amour to result that it visits handbag and liked have when any worry I movement by means of airports, seaports, channel from train or such such only has joined low tourists from a world. Included that it could order another in other colour.
5 / 5 Genevie
Taken has has this purse in this crusader to Italy and has felt to walk very surely around Rome and Venice with this purse. I want that all from has joined the zips are lockable and are not súper a bit to nullify those that must from amour these be this pretty still pickpocket deters.

A measure is also perfect. It has resisted the bourse from travesía small (curt bourse taxicat), Gonex packable totes and totes mini umbrella in a principal compartment, any more this band from small norms from battery, cloak from USB and Samsung s8 cellphone in this external pockets have joined.
4 / 5 Wilber
Has a hobos bourse from cube and when is weighed too much the visit. This has not been such small to this approximate this looked in a photo. It IS a perfect measure partorisca travesías. You can return the conspiracy in him, but does not plan on uploading arrives is such heavy. An oar is not thickly and Wide ,likes him rests in prpers shoulder. This plummets to is from majority also reasons amply have small shoulders. An outside has this sheen his this is to say partorisca say enough. It has joined the compartments have all the locks in him. An inside this Light red colour is very Good. It sees very leading washes surely. I go to be spend this for newspaper, any only for travesías. It is not this gracefully Kors the bourse but is solid, sturdy, this durable gaze and his one to spend little. A bone is single similar pleasure such a photo. Good colour. They are felizmente a lot with him.
4 / 5 Jeanmarie
This is to say to say a bit to visit with. I have purchased him likes him the day from the day from purse. This very always how messing with the satchel or tote. Mainly, I found have to be such only such to in big extent. It spends the bourse from small aluminium (RIDGE bourse) cual the slide is to a pocket perfectly from inside. At all any another paper in the bourse from small zip perfectly how under another pocket from slip. Prpers Telephone (note 8) the slide is in perfectly and from one pocket advances this have the zip. Prpers Receipts and any papers perfectly again slide in a rear pocket this is to say to return the piece of paper from the measure from the paper has bent from the half. A principal compartment is mainly concealed thinks. I can stick this 20oz Camelbak waters from boat in him. When content prpers daughter this martial arts I shove mine 800 pages Tom Clancy innere novel. Raisin from regularly simply : 2 chapsticks, this cloth baggie with resusable straw and tableware from money, drops from eye, inhaler, this metric metric ton in fact. It IS this any frills bourse. All some zips to shut the loop from small metal where to this all which to one likes him the park. A taken in a swipe from oar from the shoulder be depressed, and slid on liked take the conspiracy from works for any this einschleifen or stand there imagine was for east. Chattel very tried other Travelon the bourses and were this big. Whether any such with you such possibly and dip your water boat in yours/your purse in the locus from this raisin, this bourse is to small. I have found another to in big extent to be realistic crossbodies. They are 5'5' and measure 14 and these gazes reasonable with prpers cream. Occupied a pewter also and seen has blah and old lady. A black with works from emphasis from the money with all is not the reason the enormous bourse.
4 / 5 Bret
Has been for ascertainment to the sub a Baggalini purse this has suspended, and thus far, this Travelon the model comes any more almost. All is this affirm in this purse, foreseen 3 things: 1) a 'Travelons walk from metal in a front from the purse from mine has been dipped in crookedly. 2) a material that this bourse is done from this súper rigid, include a cloak, this desire has been there any more give. 3) a fund from joined necessities from bourse to be on - to accommodate that any more in a zone from centre, and to beat him upholds Absent complied. Joined gaze bourse súper so much, and is acommodating all this required this to. I have bought he in blackly, this despite although is done it he from nylon material, gaze pretty such for formally from occasions, or for every day. It IS very this price reasonable so that asestada to be so good this quality, this bourse done so much. This very surely liked buy again, this despite, especially from then has very anything basing better that access prpers necessities.
5 / 5 Erminia
THIS 5 days to the mine 20 days this European holidays and prpers the oar is rasgado totally there for a part. They connect an oar with one from a breech such until such only can for the use find something any more to buy while are they here. Such annoyed has!! And taken to time joined stove one in period to have that that it is wider!😡
4 / 5 Evelyn
How any concealed is invested in still trip the bourses have have joined year - from $ 10-$ 500, is this very when him finalised never Brisk to find something spends concealed all from a day essentials while trips him'. I have found that when they are in vacacional, begin for a day in a tomorrow, and do not come home until take. For this reason, it has been in a persecution for something is concealed there has spatial for passport, papered crediticio, cash, iPhone, chapstick, water, etc.

This is to say to say for amply one from has joined bourses from travesía have owned better. Functional bourse , light this has resisted all has definitely been for the day. Deceiving big inside but gaze compact.

Taken has has this crusader from day in San Francisco and there is packed all to this bourse to try hanged from walk, space and exercise. It liked be to use this in this 2.5 travesía from week in Italy.

Has left by heart from good sand with all.

Improved -- 6 months taken

WANT THIS BOURSE. Travelon There is nailed absolutely he with oriental one. I have taken this bourse during a world-wide and returns in all a day essentials perfectly. Has has joined pair so many by heart from the sand with blackly, blues and all goes in.
5 / 5 Nicholle
To Reason joined prpers the description is under the name from clearly bourse. This description is for a crossbody And bourse from waist this is to say better liked for prpers measure and double use.

Has bought one And/W crossbody but was mainly and is returned.

HAS leading this bourse for prpers zips from safety and a solace to the use likes him the tape purse. They are gone in such only from this 3 Europe from travesía from week. It was an almost perfect measure for me. To This any likes him To from from him this big purses and yes to in big extent, amours to see odd like the bourse from waist, like the purse from shoulder, sees such to dine was.

Has arrived has ails in Parigi, any pickpocket prpers notes 8 telephones out prpers big purse, as it was there prpers the failure is not does have he in this small pertinent bourse, ironically, has bought to them think to like use to take from from have joined the persons have touched from the approach from pickpocket to me. To this day, is an only bourse is spent for a travesía Whole.

Súper Adequately in prpers encircled, must have freely so much prpers hands, one to resist the walks have have joined meter and other to hang to this bourse on (never pretty carefulness). A reason so that 4 reasons star I couldnt returned prpers pocket from camera and two casualidad (sunglass and reader) in him. Otherwise, this master been has perfect! You can this yours/this yours the camera spends (point and persecution with casualidad), your sunglasses in his casualidad severely (some sMALL any which largely some), this lipstick, your papers crediticios and charge joined, all within a big zip. I have dipped prpers new telephone (yeah, has must that buys this new one, is a measure almost from a note 10+) in a backside snap pocket, altogether and this accessible easy mine has required to take pictures

know to do this big any more an available that to silent calm thinks you can your umbrella or from the waters spend to jump but that one were in big extent ALSO for prpers wort.

Can use to somewhere this bourse but the pair ;-)
4 / 5 Niesha
This is to say to say the big quality , good bourse. An only question is that an oar has been turned. It has been sewn to other part from an oar, such has not this out had from the fix.
4 / 5 Ta
Has bought he for travesía but directly rasgado in mine according day. No longer I can use this from him is then was the house. It can not return from me then I want not be to turn from me then am such far and not leading be turn til with this April. Whether it could give this zero accident from the product .
5 / 5 Exie
Has taken one submerges has included the thought has thought has joined the pictures they any have aimed such so.
In the first place, this desire was, in general, more attractive.
When arrived has this despite, oy, in fact has any fashion. . . Class from the black rectangle ...
MAY ...
Has resisted all have required, and for the purse from travesía, has done a work in fact.
Boasts a RFID this saves done to this approximate this declared has has.
Liked must that all three from has joined the zips have closed down. It looked in from the DOZENS from bourses where such suns this from have joined the zips have closed.
A crossbody the oar is returned such in 5'3' ... It IS pretty very time for older folks. He never slid around. It was to him him adds the stay -dipped-bourse before.
Has preferred surely to so one And/W styling vs. A N/S ... It was a bit to see all in a centre that opens.
Must have once this routine this upheld where, was the goodness adds to our travesía.
Has wished has does had not TRAVELON logotype from money in a front, which so that lucido such only cries 'TOURIST.'
The master with this black coverage has from summer from electric tape has thought there in eastern leaf .
4 / 5 Andy
This bourse is done there such so much occupied with a well in the new mine-travesía from location to Europe and Middle East. Has has joined pockets upheld have all very organize and joined have the zip from the clips are uphold there all IN. Never in fact it is yes characteristic joined from apart uphold from safety there is prpers sure material from then at all flown has the state, but gave me certainly peaces from alcohol. A single a bit that it could it know surely liked be any pickpockets this tried but failed when it has not seen . :) It liked him the down capable of clip liked from has has joined zips in a plan because has known it has at all been to this to the slip likes him the bourse flopped around in a Pflasterung done me. Has have any quality worries with this bourse. All stitching is remained sure. But this has revised there is the much law concealed has has mentioned questions with an oar that comes unstitched, was attentively to use any how one purse a rest to arm while about run. Prpers The principal worry has been measured . This was perfect to visit, but such such only has bitten for the flight small when it has leading i small east travesía averts element with me. I can another measures spent only such in partorisca east. A many the principal bourse for a plan and this one to visit. This has resisted comfortably: Téléphonique, Load cloak and coverages, this band to hule, lipstick, spike, glasses from suns/from solos/solos and read glasses, paper & crediticio from the passport, cash, pocket-sized guidebook, portable wi-fi something hot, jumps small hand-held sanitizer, and this small another small diverse element. The smallest worry: An essential tether this amours must that has gone this small longer thumb. Little this successful from a bourse.
4 / 5 Inger
This is to say partorisca say prpers third purse from this fashion from Travelon and prpers such in blackly (mine other to the east from a burgundy). I in fact have joined how one was zips all lock and clip securely. But I especially how a tone from clip in a half section. In 2' very time clips one from plus, one ribbon that you Toni from clip to this loses enough concealed any must that takes for Toni from this purse unlocked yours spend, especially yes are from Toni so from channels this enhance from this period. This is to say to say the characteristic from lovely safety ; CHATTEL HIM there is appeal to from Toni from purse from mine before and spent $ $ $ in the smith to park goes back house. Not require to unclip prpers the Toni help in fact.
5 / 5 Angle
Liked for him purse travesía !! It stabs -resistant, down-profile (I.et., Any hips in big extent), as he einschleifen amiably (and sneakily) inside prpers paving 'private element' ( the purse within the purse!).... The quality adds, with 2 out zips, from from this this how locks, this principal zip elder these locks, pocket from zip from the inside, and one RFID pocket from inside. Many gone back from conspiracy, in the class from scrawny line from out. Cross so much the plant from organism, or can shorten an oar for use from shoulder. I add to visit when it have him to him legustado you avert pickpocket or it@lash & grabberss.... Gaze so much For wear from evening also while in this travesía, and is one him purse such only liked be to spend in mine the European cruise come -- is that good-looking... (Good, maybe very such 21-the old year, but for the majority from hitch in 40 liked do such only so much... :)
5 / 5 Joya
I amour Travelon anti-bourses from flight. A complaint that has in this bourse is that an inside coverage for clipping the Toni is not in a same side how the zip that opens. This half must that opens a zip all an out to take more to this long from prpers Toni, in the locus from quickly this there is ploughed a zip and takes prpers Toni. A real improvement liked be concealed does any more when an inside coverage from this yours from clip.
5 / 5 Regine
Has taken this bourse in this 10 travesía from day in Italy and there is appeal to enamoured with him. I have used him gustanuno in from a bourse from shoulder this from a time and has then has used likes him fanny from the band and this was where him saver was real ray . It could prpers this free hands owe tug prpers casualidades and design me until buses and from the trains and control handrails. Also him felt that prpers owns was surely with one fanny the sale done with joined me have finalisation from safety.
Has not been concealed but a form from a bourse has done conforms mine so that it was very comfortable. It was a bit to unlock and transmission from fanny sell the bourse from equally the current shoulder this.
Was pretty in big extent for passport, money and bite .
Upholds all surely. Has have a pocket for prpers passport and enough another pockets for money and from the entrances so that all could remain seperately.
Follows markedly overweight and these returns comfortably about me. An oar the bourse from the comfortable shoulder also still although there is cloaks in an oar for safety.
5 / 5 Denna
Purse from excellent measure for travesía. It IS small and light Absent be to small. You can pack enough the bit to a bourse and upholds organize because of a diverse zippered compartment and pockets for papers crediticios and the licence from the engine. A anti-flight and RFID the characteristic gives has like the safety from alcohol crossed.
4 / 5 Luz
Has used any more this big Travelon the bourse & has has liked him he such 2 travesía from week in Europe to this approximate this has decided to purchase this bourse this small plus crossed such clearly, but innere has has joined premier's 3 days for the use, a lock in a compartment from mainly has broken the zip. Any such only is disappointed highly from a system the finish is a principal reason price this mark, but has must that continues prpers holidays with this unlockable compartment from mainly zip for another week. They are in this very disappointed mark and to read other description sees this spends frequently. Now him is seeing him him can it have included the turn a lot. It is spent a Amazon crowd from leaves from day for returns. Improvement: I have contacted Travelon & am by train to send from me the mechanism concludes new.!
5 / 5 Meghan
Has ordered this bourse (mark D lady) for travesía and from the adventures. When I received have, it was this small largely this vorwegnehmen has. It knows him him gave him the dimensions but I am the hands in person. It was with this very impressed credit has done this bourse was. It has been impressed also with a quality from a material. As verifying from joined characteristic and locks from a bourse, there is remarked this micro has measured to flash the light has attached. Utmost Mark! They are the skin handbag person and preferred in the enabled quality, has expected still this did not like see meemaw purse when him arrived him. (Any that there anything is with this zivilrechtlich unerlaubte storyline, is one) is scrawny and has very cleaned taint and is understated. It does not try to compete with your fashion but class from hangs in a fund. All from from this this is to add reasons when him orders this Travelon bourses, are orderly action and in this very reasonable price. I want not doubt to order again!
5 / 5 Ivette
This is to say to say prpers second travelon purse. Last year purchased has has one Travelon anti-flight Crossbody bourse from cube for the mine crossed in Europe. Has he quellsgemocht has him purchased has this such this small plus one for prpers daughter (Old 25) for these holidays from Europe from the years. A quality is crowd , many pockets for all from the materials him necessities from young lady. His is the smallest reason shes any to the drinker from water likes him. Has has joined the bourse bands spaces very equally although prpers smaller that mine. Many and hitch the hypocrisy attended this declared the use. How the price from comparison also one Pacsafe Slingsafe LX50 anti-fly mini Cruz-bourse from organism, but is returned and remained with one Travelon which must have this small more spatial and pockets more organisational. Crusader Felizmente. :)
4 / 5 Salley
Yeah, such is the Ding classified from fantastic. Light? Awake. Thief thwarted? Awake. The adjustable oar from shoulder to cross organism? Awake. All this, any more is a perfect measure . Any such big chair how steps this casualidad, but enough in big extent to return the bourse, small(ish) bourse from trick, comb, band from Kleenex, telephone, load, has measured he from purse hairspray, to beat small from Altoids, and anything another flotsam can find you and later require to hide during your busy day.
(FWIW, One old plus kindles Paperwhite access...) Prpers Such only quibble is that one from joined little locks zip is many SUCH concealed is included last for me to take openly.

In short? Thus far: fabulous. I like uphold already yes posted transmission prpers alcohol.
5 / 5 Bradly
Must that have lucido already mainly Travelon the experience has for our travesía to Europe last year.
LeGustado Has smaller one for daily use.
Want this purse. A single downside is where has located the Toni have joined within one purse. There is the small oar, but must that opens your purse fully totally openly to take prpers, and is down at least a thumb, he doing difficult to locate, any more often falls to this altogether pocket's. Today I mine from yard was, moved has where to a side from this ploughed from zip and aggregated has the gold stretchy piece from ribbon has has. He upholds that it can him to it find surely Absent inaugural a zip fully and liked achieve was purse from mine amply enough to unlock prpers door.
4 / 5 Jaimee
Travelon RDIF I purse is this thwarted an out thief from reader from the paper. Aim again, this young man was also this small approaches up and me very uncomfortable . I think that when there him gives him him could not read anything in purse from mine, has dates rushes were partorisca alimentary and have left a tent. All want this world-wide must that takes seen from this yours/yours half and learn to save you and your bank account. This help from amour from the purses.
5 / 5 Thad
HAS has any more this small crossbody partorisca Travelon partorisca year and lesgustado single downside was that all joined has the pockets appeal to derjenige financed from a bourse. Have very imagined times whether any fact has the purse with compartment from pockets stitched to clearly from levels, he still from a thickness from a purse and stop he from toppling before. Designer From purse! You think that to like have in yours winning he silent book this!

This bourse is to add to the respect. Although it has joined the pockets are not designed as I mention on, am pretty in big extent and enough amply to leave me pass prpers Samsung galaxy 8 Whole in a pocket from a principal compartment and this scrawny Kleenex band from travesía in other pocket from inside. Also I have in a principal compartment prpers glasses in this casualidad, paper crediticio in this
space, this bourse from small trick and prpers car Toni. There is a lot anything dips in a zippered pocket within a principal compartment. In an outside, there is earphone in a front and prpers cash and material from surely, receipts, etc. In a backside. I uphold that the rear compartment closed with a semi-detached lock.

IS perfect!
4 / 5 Sha
Has bought bourse for prpers month in Italy. The bourse is light, saw so much, does not call purse from travesía. The inside is capaciously, with the rear & front zippered pocket, inside from empty & from the paper zippered pocket. Amur Has joined zip from locks. The @subject @ is only such is pretty the oar scrawny, take pretty surely turned & is bitten this earthy against one with this when him spends organism from cross. It IS also difficult to regulate period to join because of a tendency to turn.
Otherwise Was pretty felizmente with a purse.
5 / 5 Winford
This is to say to say for far mine the majority from the purse preferred has not never had and has have the conspiracy and which there is concealed was big and expensive Final. This purse has resisted all prpers essentials and any more while is remained it to organize and scrawny. Prpers Mari To Hate recover anything from one from prpers bourses and inform to them all that 'from the black holes but very this one. A locus on-in the section from bourse has surprised no longer must the reason that that worry in prpers bourse and the money this appeal to while out prpers the bourse looks for to purchase something such only to find has with me law from No. joined from the spaces from this téléphonique perfectly still with prpers casualidad from in battery from largely leaves in this téléphonique mine which are this Samsung S7. They are this mamma from 3 and can the transmission still from the bites for them, this small medical boxes, prpers money, telephone, kindle reader and any more all while remained it scrawny and has any more has the room from abundance required yes. Calm included liked return the diaper and this pocolos toallitas humid in a rear or half pocket has required. A locus on-in Light is also in fact these licences!
4 / 5 Adena
Perfect measure to visit and much room for inside and for out. I have uploaded he with the bourse from travesía, telephone, 7' iPad, 2 spikes, container from travesía from cloths, small tampon from paper, boot from pill, small mirror, compact and lipstick. I want that all some pockets from lock. And it liked me that it does not have from the centre from pocket - I hate those. Have pockets to this long joined from the inside but such to take good in meso joined in room. Very Light and access in mine carryon.
5 / 5 Cindi
Taken has has this in a black and are the measures add and light for travesía. It likes him that all this from this external zips have the lock. A bourse adds in fact to be any to in big extent or small. I used like a cloth especially for this bourse. It has used the cloth spray usually in mine Travelon bourses at least once help the year him upholds a good arrival and waters resistant. I can return this 16 oz the waters jump but Many probably these uses small a plus to avert a weight a heavy plus. There is RFID space from paper from the credit and this empties any more this big for prpers passport this can be used. It must that quellswar Travelon the bourses but think that this liked be this very very one for travesía. Humour the small plus one for house from daily use. The silent guess could one says I amour Travelon bourses for a anti characteristic from flight any more when bourses from travesía simply but every day uses
4 / 5 Anna
this bourse was a perfect measure for our travesía from 3 weeks. Light, but enough in big extent hence selfie clave. Compartment all usefully sized. This oar has regulated surely to cross-organism. One a question was when has been he taken such sudden rainstorm. A bourse drenched by means of at once and all some content was wet. Highly weiterempfehlen partorisca used the spray waterproofer is.
4 / 5 Tyler
This bourse done the purse from travesía adds. It is not in big extent very- such such such calm only is that it want the small purse this few elements this upholds in, adds. But legustado spends bite, water from jumps, or have him locus to dip the thin jacket, this did not like .

HAS united crosses in Europe and I liked have the bourse this could spend prpers bourse, passport, eyeglass casualidad, sunglass casualidad, bourse from small cosmetic (hands sanitizer, cloths, clippers from nail, hand moisturizer, file from small nail, chapstick, ibuprofen), this little granola bars, it tampon from note, spike, prpers cellphone (XL) this despite has room to cram in this súper thin jacket. Has also leading to hide him locus receipts, maps, brochures, etc. And also this has something for the jump water. I have finalised to go with a Classical north/From this from this sud Crossbody bourse to this to this equal that can return all these elements and not be to in big extent or bulky.
5 / 5 Vernell
THIS disappointed such. Has thinks that that this was the purse to trip add and with that is weeks a side from an oar is there rasgado was. A bourse was half empty and has chosen he in a couch there when is designed an oar was and he all has clashed to one Pflasterung. One stitching is all in this side come avert such probably has come averts paralysis a moment and such such only there is not remarked.

This clean craps bourse. Chattel Squandered Prpers money in this product from quality smaller. It does not do squander yours. Find the diverse mark reasons this an awful east.
5 / 5 Babara
This bourse is stylish and solid. I want compartments a bit from the inside and an out percepts. I have bought he for one crosses but inside's a moment use when I he every day. It IS practically, any frilly the person and this has adapted to this T.

This morning when it discovered does quellsauch saves against this four-legged thief this tried but failed to take in prpers the dog got has has tent in a innere pocket. Prpers The dog has tugged one purse down a room but no the department or taken in a get.
5 / 5 Felica
This purse adds partorisca has crossed! Multiple pockets in a principal compartment and from the locks from zip in this all the zip. It has taken all I , telephone, roller from essential oil, meds, masks, this hule is, etc. And all has organize could find surely such things. A cloth is this more rigid concealed has thought partorisca liked be (compared from this another company from BOURSE this crusader), but how me bc resist in better. Also severely it was sure. You such such only complained have are an organism oar from the cross is not while liked him like me (From follow 5' 9') and paste me him small elder in a hip this liked prefer, but has taken has used prpers and upheld him.
5 / 5 Lonny
I the conspiracy partorisca prime minister ascertainment to decide in a bourse liked take in Parigi. This such such only returned from prpers travesías, and this bourse good starts/start's so many. It IS the much bourse , functional and attractive - any to in big extent, but has resisted the conspiracy, fill these waters kick small very and the umbrella from this crusader in small a a day has required. This two external compartments are gone in a principal compartment + practically with side zippered the compartment is spent where prpers the euro is. In general, it has leave partorisca easy organisation. Such silent only must that decides that it has him to him legustado organize your necessities and stick to him. A characteristic has been pleased with era especially a coverage and system from safety from the sickle. I have used always as it was very a bit also quickly from hook or nullify. It felt him it has added the alcohol from the safety in the city nortorius to choose-pockets. A mark to try such era from the knife a price has added . It has taken in blackly and is spent he crossbody. Honradamente Has not been concealed liked suggest to improve this bourse from travesía ... It IS “almost perfect “.
4 / 5 Mathilda
Has used in this crusader to Italy where a guidebook and posted the clues in channel has joined to coach warn in pickpocket. It IS maybe have bitten Overkill, but was these covers such partorisca have added from peace from alcohol. This was in big extent enough to return jump from the small water, this has treaty, and prpers hat and thin gloves (but this small snug then). I have not finalised hauling all. It was small pretty a big Pappband book from the walks have not been comfortable and prpers this amours from husband must this spends that one. This there is mine prevailed. I am used to many bourses “from this mainly mamma,” as it was the purse so much to have this has has resisted concealed has required, but a lot any more.
5 / 5 Josette
Has bought to this purse included a prpers this mamma had--while when be horizontal and lights, still could be the mine is returned 10' stop's from iPad in the pinch (the black purse pictured).

This despite, an ash has received one has cual this informative odd mark reflected has any has joined photo from product. A bit gussets-the Ding the state added has to this all the end from a zip, effectively that in curtness a thumb or two was and no longer leaves a slip from iPad in (sees pictures for reference-the black purse is prpers this mamma bought has the year done; An ash one east that I such such only receive).

Besides this, gaze cual this summer from small details have 'in this on the left see--about from a pretty mainly stitching in the pair this external pockets are no longer there, suggest purse this any more I freely and this any more economical percepts this prpers this mamma is (pictured). Prpers The general alcohol is concealed likes him Travelon has popularity, has begun the yard has has joined bordos, maybe to go down side. Has two other Travelon purse and legustado has a sound by train for this asks me am still there. Travelon, Listens : It is him has owed to spend from the money, such such only me give a product from the big end has included usually do calm!

Can consider uphold this purse, whether it has in fact full a purpose so that it has bought (light daily purse can this return prpers iPad). Unfortunately, such there is concealed it is not one casualidad, liked be to return this. Hopefully Amours Prpers the experience saves any more a crusader must this!
5 / 5 Katerine
Until where detach a cloak, a purse has added. Very surely. But a question is that it fell him averts as single as is the day has the mine crossed. One cloak has come well was, and is happy to take has the reason all prpers money in him. I have not he used one purse is concealed there. I have bought he in January, but any done not use until May. Such gone back has such only I again. So much, it joined has necessities undertaken to treat this question.
4 / 5 Toby
This is to say to say the bourse from this travesía adds --small but capaciously, Luz and a bit to spend, and with all some characteristic from amours from safety in the cross-bourse from this crusader from derjenige from the east to this the organism likes him from from him to stab from oar from custody, lockable pockets from zip, and abundance from room to spend when to uphold visit essentials passports, paper crediticio, and this ensures money to choose pockets. This despite, with eastern such only are weeks from use, a zip to a principal compartment and any more when has begun the establishment unzipping in another end. It has joined the zip teeth have begun mismatching which has meant a zip this empties opens unexpectedly. I have directed to do he by means of mine travesía has an accident Absent to uphold a bourse in from this bylines to the mine @@@@@@cofre at all times, but have been beset to about all to this long from worries very those slips prpers hand to purse from mine. I have expected from quality so in a zip. It does not have yes gone Travelon has the money-has guaranteeed Hinterteil or no, but could not return one purse from united files from the turn from this Amazon has have caducado.
5 / 5 Rochel
Has used one purse for this little days now and in fact to this this likes him. It liked him to from him the mark purse from small crossed mine with this largely an any more this liked resist prpers casualidad & from camera from persecution & from point. This is to say to say mine 1st tense to from this anti purse from flight; It purse spent from skin typically.
The sound has an open space in a principal compartment pretty in big extent to resist prpers camera, eyeglass casualidad and spike from tampon from small & note. This 2 pockets in a turn from mainly compartment prpers bourse cellphone. There this is to say zippered pocket from inside also. It liked me liked have organize all in an east from mainly compartment. This with one 2 was zippered the pockets me aprovisionan abundance from spatial.
One purse invernadero such also so has done. Very felizmente with prpers construction.
4 / 5 Jadwiga
For the number from year is spent soyun bourse.' Prpers The lady has suggested that this come from/comes from this one. Hanged less when the skin an I am to had raisin and also has has joined ascertainment from the safety from the components have. I have taken such only prime minister to leave in this crusader from month very time, and can any pretty says in this comfortable and ensure alcohol with him during our travesía. I raved about he so much that prpers the lady has decided takes one for his.
5 / 5 Catherine
Badly sewed and an inside has covered still fully No. the zip stuck with cloth and can not open.
5 / 5 Eduardo
Has purchased this 1 1/2 first months from our travesía in Europe. One first week from our travesía has ascertainment to use he for a first time and in a first use one clip there is for an oar appeal to avert and one molla for united clips are exited and have been gone. The reason is there such such only him 30 days turns have civilised there have any option to return. Besides it has in jeglicher direction to contact a vendor.

Top Customer Reviews: Travelon Women's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 Reva
Although I had him him purchased him already three another small-sized the year from the door from oriental shoulder has spent bourses, have been advance and have ordered this mini bourse from the shoulder done several weeks, have based the product description, and description from consumer. Commanded/biddings partorisca reason when still another must have small bourse already three? The reason was there ‘something loses ' with some another bourses … have found he in a Travelon anti-the Classical flight mini bourse from shoulder! All that very characteristic from the big plus (and more expensive) bourse from shoulder - ausenta a Großmenge, hanged/hanged/hanged, cost, and beset from cart around the big plus, this bourse plus weighed.

HERE is That mark PETIT BOURSE a such largely BULLETS have:
In 9.5” D X 8.5” W X 2.5” D (when empty) a bourse concludes adequately compact .

An oar can be regulated partorisca aprovisionar this principal shoulder-drops from oar from about 30” (certainly, such only advantageous the persons with baboon-Poor from period), and the minimum from 16” - or to somewhere go in. NOTE: ‘Drops from oar from the shoulder' represents a measure from an oar from a cup from a bourse/from purse to a cup (centre) from a long oar. (I strap that have measured less when 7” am spent in a hand usually, curves partorisca have measured down 7” and 21” are spent in a shoulder usually, and joins concealed has measured in 20” is spent by means of an organism usually - out bourse from the carrier.)

An oar sees this big carabineer clip with the lock from safety (sees image 7 and 12). These leaves an oar partorisca be wrapped around the chair, bank, or estaca, etc. - And then closed partorisca the safety has added. (I.et. - When Einschleifen In the yard feeds partorisca enjoy the lunch, einschleifen in a terminal from airport while while partorisca boards the plan, and. Or, in the pinch, has used an oar carabineer to clip this Flansch with east from dog, partorisca the provisional leash … has smiled.)

An oar and the course this lowers/smaller that a bourse organism is confirmed with the poster has done from channel from flexible stainless steel-point from content. Although bendable, flexible, and visually undetectable, this cloak from the point from in largely leaves/the technology is severely and east stabs to save from from offer from custody -stabs-and-run' purse snatchers. NOTE: The bourse that this stab is one 1 thief from method this robs traveler; A 1 bourse to fly the locus is tent from shoe .

A hanged bourse such only about 10 ounces, but help this upholds released freely. It has included it has full, is vey the light has compared to owe another purse, which can dip estréses in from the shoulders and result uncomfortable and burdensome such from the wears from day on.

An inside from a bourse is the lightest colour or more brilliant. I have ordered prpers bourse in a colour from bone; An inside line is this red brilliant . ( It sees image 4 and 11th) this is not only such such enough, but he the fact the easy plus to identify innere to object that principal and external compartments - especially in from the decreases from situations have read.

From the lights ANREICHERN in this tethered yours from clip that hangs from this sturdy 2.5” cords are located in a wall lateralmente, within a principal compartment. ( It sees image 8 and 9th) One Light is detachable; It is powered has seen the battery from small cell, which has included. This is to say to say this mark practically partorisca down-Light to any-the situations read, whether to locate object within a principal compartment from a bourse, or to use in a dark to see gamma altogether (I.et. - When I jump the tone in the house or lock from car door). A clip that saves one light ANREICHERN is in big extent and sturdy pretty partorisca accommodate another small object in the coverage - such from Toni, this purse is-sized mace or spray from pepper, private alarm, or emergency ultra sonic dog repellant, etc.

a principal compartment can be ‘closed' street this small but sturdy clip, attached to a zip from mainly from compartment. ( It sees image 6th)

has 2 zippered the pockets have joined external from a bourse. A pocket has measured approx. 6” D X 7” W (sees image 11); Other is approx. 3.5” D X 6” W (sees image 3).

Unworthy one 2 was zippered the pockets have mentioned on is the roomy pocket from alley this is to say to ensure with the magnetic snap (sees image 2, 3, and 4). This pocket (which also has the zip) measure approx. 7.5” D X 8.5” W. And - inside an alley pocket is still another pocket those measures approx. 4” D X 5” Wide (see image 4) - a perfect measure to resist sunglasses, eyeglasses, cellphone, or the small notebook, etc.

a gaze identification from mainly from compartment from radio frequency (RFID) blocking technology for papers crediticios and from the passports. There is 4 cloaks for papers crediticios; All a such is pretty capaciously to resist several papers (see image 8). Located has joined near behind cloaks from the paper from the credit is this roomy 3.5” D X 4.5” W pocket, also strengthened with RFID-technology from blockade, enough in big extent for passports, additional papers, etc. (see image 10th)

Opposite a RFID-paper crediticio the blocker and the cloaks the passport is 2 ADDITIONAL pockets , side-for-side (sees image 9) - all which how approx. 4” D X 4” W. Perfecto partorisca Cellphone, Toni, cloth, compact, lip balm, reproductor from Mp3 and earbuds, etc.

NOTES From ESTABLISHMENTS: RFID-Shield from HELPS from blockade SUCH ONLY to isolate calm from electronically pickpocketing - also avowed that ‘RFID paper skimming.' While united shield from blockade he more difficult for any with an electronic reader to fly your client, does not block transmission from date from paper 100th This despite, whether has paper crediticio with a chip from tiny computers that use identification from radio frequency - also avowed likes him communication altogether field' (NFC) - this simple homemade the characteristic can help strengthen an already-in-advocated from locus from a RFID-attribute from blockade from a bourse. He done the husk very for your papers crediticios that use duct this streaky tape with foil from aluminium, or feeds a pocket that saves your papers crediticios and/or passport with foil from aluminium. As , this safety to measure addition does totally tentativas from blockade in RFID paper skimming - 100th

Booked has prpers bourse in a bone ‘by heart.' A bourse is there very any more when the meeting boos what this is pictured abrufbereit, but this how better. A bourse is done from 900 D polyester, with an obviously water foul arrival. It sees image 1, 2, and 3rd (‘From him represents a weight from a cloth; 900 D when this being largely when-quality and sturdy cloth.)

Plant to be when ‘mine-trip-or-on-a-day-crossed-bourse-from-election' this I have expected to be, am result prpers bourse from favourite shoulder for daily use.

Has purchased prpers more classical mini bourse from paralysis from abrufbereit shoulder $ . This price is lower that this master has paid for him in , , and . Also, these reasons the state listed has how produced the prime minister has, paid does at all to ship, and received has a bourse in only two days - as the fact one has has shot included sweeter.

Amur, amour, amour A tethered the light has tried … ANREICHERN to be this practical pocola characteristic.

Although small and light, this good bourse designed has resisted has the conspiracy! In ADDTION To all prpers paper crediticio And prpers thick bourse with chequebook (albeit, any grease with money), has one this follows to store prpers mini bourse from shoulder: Eyeglass casualidad, cellphone, spike, small notebook, gloss from lip, band from cloth from measure from travesía, receipts from tent, purse from coin, 8-thumb Samsung compressed in his casualidad, reproductor from Mp3 and earbuds. Prpers Sunglasses Can hang within this casualidad from cloth from one from this external clips join or the coverages this … spare soiled leaves within a bourse, any to mention totally another empty external pocket.

I amour and estimate adds all a mark safety in this creation from bourse, so that any more I can spend the time has directed to enjoy a moment.

A mouth from a principal compartment opens this Full-- 6.5” Wide! ( It sees image 9th)

the reason is such light , is the election adds partorisca to the persons like this to them, with backside and/or questions from shoulder. It does not design in from this sore muscles and are more comfortable this spend in prpers shoulder that another bourse I own - And have joined the oar from the RESTS dipped in prpers shoulder, better and for this longer periods from time (in the locus from repeatedly that the slip was, a from the majority from the oar joined in another bourses from shoulder ).

Remarce: I have paid full price for prpers mini bourse from shoulder; I did not take him freely or in the price reduced for an evaluation instead. So much, this content reasoned/reasoned has a time to write such attributed the description? In the first place, this reason is the writer . Secondly, this reason is to how calm him. I depend to unify comments and from the experiences other consumer's that does when a Amazon that decision from expensas.
5 / 5 Carleen
This Travelon the bourse is sold what anti-flight and custody from stab, which this clearly be in a description from element. As in this crusader to the china done two weeks, these thieves tried have this zivilrechtlich unerlaubte storyline and prpers the bourse been has stabbed felizmente while has it in the full train. I have purchased this bourse in May 2016 for prpers travesía from August, and when has ascertainment I to initiate the turn, prpers the claim has been denied because of him when be in 30 days from a date lateralmente. Be warned. It IS the bourse from this travesía adds according this solace and efficiency, but is not partorisca custody from stab. It must that this concealed to be stabbed 30 properties day with that, your money want be not refunded for this now unusable bourse.
4 / 5 Chelsie
3.5 stars. It liked me in fact from from this bourse for travesía. This is to say to say this very pretty blue. It does not like him so much from this spends to from him every day. I spend this in Italy and glasses to jump, sunglasses, cloths, lipgloss, this book from Italian sentence from Steve entirely & Dictionary (this is to say to say 5s) etc. there is uphold a majority from prpers money and prpers paper crediticio in prpers tape from money. I have grown N.et. And Boston in this eastern dieselbe this is enabled street and has resisted prpers bourse and any attended NEVER personally this upholds in the purse prpers paper/crediticio from the money in Venice and Florencia. Has master the bit has semi-detached Light to a tone from sickle taken has was so much and dip this in a birth to Venerate the channel tone bought has in a Uffizi. Prpers Consultor For travesía: Buy the bourse is And spends the money tape. He does not uphold all your money in a locus.
5 / 5 Ila
Has both this purse in from this black (experiences Nov 2014) and cranberry (experiences Aug 2015). The transmission has joined colours under, according occasion, and the hands are resulted down mine daily go purse.

What prpers show from pictures, are about 9” in big extent and 10” Wide. Whether you are the person to this to this to this likes him his sold all from this prpers earthly Own, to your purse, and not inserting a weight from 10lbs+ from Full- to undermine to your shoulder, then weiterempfehlen no this concrete bourse. Simply it is not pretty in big extent to accommodate all and while . Whether his what calmed has joined mark safety from a Travelon bourses, amours to require to look in prpers any more largely sized purse.

This despite, for the small purse has this surprisingly big crowd from roominess in a principal inside, which opens to about 3” Wide, a zip pocket (rear side from purse), a pocket from the smallest zip and pocket from zip with alley (both in a side in the boss from purse) is all useful and capaciously also.

Has used the curt bourse (creates is packed) Vs this rectangular brick sized traditional bourse. Where a zip from mainly from compartment that opens is about 8” Wide, could have difficulty navigating the big bourse in/from a purse. At all prpers cellphone, spike, torch, measure from tape (knows when has to calm not spent never, goes to require to measure something), lip balm, comb, alimentary bites, sunglasses, maps &/or entrances according one casualidad.

Prpers The purse is (blackly or burgundy) has gone with me in vacacional to Vega, Acadia national park, partorisca law, has gone to dine, etc. spends like the bourse from organism from the cross, presented the purse is surely, is a right measure for prpers daily necessities and an additional stab-characteristic from custody, principal compartment latch, period from the oar from adjustable shoulder is all a plus has added .

There does prpers black purse for almost the year and there has any subject with quality or wear. It liked him so much, it has booked from from him in burgundy.
5 / 5 Daniela
This purse is FANTASTIC! I am gone through all Italy have parted for the week and is very such fact. I (felizmente) have not never been the victim from pickpocketing, but I this ensures much alcohol with prpers money in this purse. Have upheld prpers the paper joined has spaces and transmission and freely has has the cash joined pockets lateralmente in this equally zippered compartment. In another compartment to prójimo is past sunglasses and directly another element. In a small, front from not close the pocket has has upheld cloths and chapstick. I have used a rear pocket from not close for the maps and prpers water from boat to bend. When Prpers waters it used from boat has semi-detached has him to a side from a purse and there is concealed there as it is done also. A purse has the surprising crowd from room for a measure. I want a midnight blue colour. It goes such with all and any calm underlines. The master spent again.
5 / 5 Charlotte
To Look in from the dozens from ecuritys the purse is, has bought this a such crossed in Europe. It IS now prpers daily purse! It was perfect for a travesía--scrawny and light, but could still appertain metric metric ton from inside from material! (All pictured, with many spare room! It could included returned to jump it water.) It was sometimes I last to achieve Ding in a half pocket, this reason is scrawny, but can uphold the elements from altogether establishment a cup joined little pockets in or in an advance from pocket. So many objects have taken all very time in/era from a bourse to achieve a bit. A purse is also he does pretty there such rains from game, and are uphold that felizmente severely. Amur All some pockets, and peace from alcohol :)
5 / 5 Vonda
Has taken this purse to use in Italy. Have in the first place this big a plus bought, which, when filled, had been to strong. A bourse a big plus has been weighed and I overpacked this. In the first place to go tried has this all the bourse for the week. A prime minister was one that as annoying as only concealed goes to a grocer tent. (I place in him the pair from mini prismatic, this small camera, prpers bourse, prpers sunglasses, prpers chequebook, this bourse from small trick with powder and lipstick and the purse from coin and prpers smartphone). When I changed have to owe the east one, could any a chequebook returned and sunglasses -- but there do not give leading spend a chequebook abroad and like a measure a new plus was very -- Absent a chequebook, one sunglasses properly.

Dip has joined spyglasses and one camera in a part from zip under a flap. There does uphold from cloths in a part visually zip (the baths very always them have visas -- any more when this enquire Rome that in Venice...). I have dipped also 3x5 paper with note and bent has pages from the walks from Steve Whole from travesía in this front zippered zone (and in Venice, entrances to use joined so that jumped). A backside from a bourse is also there this zippered pocket these rests against an organism -- so much for a powder and lipgloss or sunscreen. A principal zip has the loop that saves this mini torch -- many that the turn with our room has joined in lights from room this Timer. A principal zip must him take those finalisation on to a side. I have dipped prpers sunglasses, telephone, bourse and our passports in this principal compartment together with a purse from transmission. There is spatial for papers crediticios in a purse but I do to any to use . It liked him liked one saves from addition from a be from bourse in a fund from a purse.

A bit those that caveat: Prpers The bourse is this mini one... It resists 3 papered and goes. A transmission purse has used had bitten this big and there has 3 compartments (a lock bourse from the kiss). I have used one for coins, one for dollars and one for euros. A Großmenge from our money is uphold from the bourse there from tape the underlying waist (which has aimed never has -- has required publicly any more, me me excusaría to a restroom and money from amour from scrolling). Have upheld has has joined paper crediticios in RFD the husks and our 4 passports been have uphold together in a RFD bourse. In the first place to this the left page done has surely to latch a bourse. I spend like the bourse always from organism from the cross, no the shoulder bourse (although could it have him has spent such). It felt surer, especially in like from the locuses a Trevi this molle is where wall -this-persons from wall. When we liked eat, it left has to have a bourse generally in me. FYI -- Used has the telephone done not enable dipped is to derjenige table gone in likes them in from this such EUA. This many tourists have shared that the persons in prpers the groups recognition have taken the telephones taken such. Prpers The telephone was any in an enclosed part from a bourse or in prpers hand when has used it he for directions or Tripadvisor.

Spends all day, has heavy alcohol. This has said, also felt surely. A chocolate by heart, while no a beautiful plus, is nondescript which is in fact that like than from visit. Silent amours very this to apresamiento eye from the pickpocket. It IS also the gender neutral colour and that prpers husband and this Flansch has very this has imported the raisin has taken pictures. There is gaze any more to the camera from bourse or bourse from carrier that the purse (and preferred does certainly this spends to a brilliant trace totes there has have also with me (tote have been used SUCH ONLY for the scarf, an umbrella, any postcards or admirer liked buy -- sew this taken has yes can be mark ).
4 / 5 Michaela
Buy has this bourse such 10 travesía from day in France and Spagna. For day 5 from use from travesía ordinary - I have have not certainly abused a bourse - one from has joined the pockets inside have developed the tear in a seam to the east with a length from a fund from a pocket, and the elements are appeal to derjenige financed from a bourse and takes gone under a lining. This the money refuse. I complain this price and does not master be to very Travelon produced in a future.
4 / 5 Cherilyn
Expect any more when Travelon. This bourse has begun to arrive avert while has visited for the work last month and is severely not in purse at all. Mainly it is state that traces in prpers backpack and such such only used occasionally about city to walk. This is not a quality to want arrive to expect from this company.
5 / 5 Joetta
This principal principal zip has broken such after a esventana from enclosed tower'. An appeal from the metal from a zip has broken from the half literally. Very disappointed in a window partorisca returns this is to say such briefly. Launch to him there is this purse been. It was very partorisca what first 6 weeks have have have have had to that that this. It has taken Italy everywhere. It was marvelously until there is appealed it prpers averts. Time partorisca ascertainment to the product done better. Maybe it is partorisca that one in window partorisca must that it is such BEWARE! I have not imagined partorisca look in this police @subject been due to have to that it purchased him thru Amazon. Soooooo There is disappointed.
5 / 5 Lisbeth
Can not spend reason in prpers the shoulder has joined largely bashes purse over a fund. Chattel This this spends in prpers Poor and I very such from out. When I scan the raisin the mine train from the bus must any that takes from a pocket lateralmente, asks a purse totally. This sorest me whether in fact save, Partorisca the papers crediticios from the product, etc.
4 / 5 Elouise
must in fact to this this this many things like them to from them to them in this purse, but this small desire was i diverse . . .

I amour an oar. It IS a perfect Wide and Thick. It me am not afterwards this there it is the titanium channel by means of him, although feels it I me surer this know concealed have . I want a measure - is pretty small to be concise and no bulky, but enough in big extent to return which from an essential. Chattel This the jumps' small hand-held sanitizer, jumps small from medication, a epi-spike, mini cloths, chapstick, and this pocolos another element in a principal compartment. There is the pair from individual pockets within a principal compartment this is to say such. Prpers The principal complaint is with has joined spaces from paper from the credit - such is that it is RFID and one from this principal reasons joined have purchased a bourse. When I designed have something from a principal compartment from a purse, has have time very this one that 3 papers crediticios must have there liked be from slip. Two loses a paper crediticio is gone in all from one has been was Absent me remarking still him moved and landed in an earth (while in a zoo!). I consider this this crowd drawback from from this this loses prpers paper crediticio liked attack a subject from totally to have from safety this purse. I have seen in an earth when it has begun was to the walk, estimativa to sky! Doubly take paper crediticio such such only slipped has was and in fact landed in a principal compartment from a purse, which is better, but has me while date I search still the heart attack to and the wait was there. With that to use three days a purse while vacacional, decided has has not estimated a stress to verify to do surely still was there all those 15 minutes and decided to this jump has joined have paper crediticios in united small more zippered compartment to this approximate this liked remain dipped - included although gone have they no longer in a RFID pockets.

A purse, pockets, and the gaze in fact from this very good zip and a quality is surely to so any a subject.

In general, enjoys a purse and he is measured, but probably like search the paper to title from the credit this upholds within a purse also.
4 / 5 Gwenda
Was in Spagna and portugal for 2 weeks and were in from this full meters, this external zones have fill, and a bourse prpers work while remained it zipped and enclosed and fact me. A single badly Ding must that says aboutt this bourse is concealed has tent prpers téléphonique in a compartment from equally zip how prpers paper crediticio. Prpers Paper crediticio had has joined spaces from paper, prpers the telephone was afterwards to unify in united spaces from zone from paper so much, every time is achieved stimulate still prpers the telephone has been to take the picture has has joined paper crediticios slide out prpers compartment. And there is almost prpers the paper has lost crediticio alot still time such. It has taken there where to a point is uphold in prpers telephone an easy to achieve section from paper from the credit, and such there such only prpers telephone (cuz has used to to take pictures and have been once has dipped the fact was) and has moved prpers paper crediticio to the compartment from clearly zip, such only so that prpers paper any slide exited while from bourse draws I prpers the telephone has been. It IS so that a bourse takes 3 stars . Also a lining in an inside is there rasgado.
5 / 5 Lenita
This purse has broken one very first day was in Europe. Has must that spends a purse broken in our luggage for 2 weeks to try for the turn, amours to send when our Hinterteil we return this United States. A piece has broken this is where one stimulative to part a clip crowbar down to unclip an oar. I have bought this partorisca prpers daughter and has been such disappointed, any there is such single there is not had to that ensures him purse, surely for a crusader - there is at all any the purse. We are a lot unhappily with this price.
5 / 5 Tyron
Has bought this reason was in necessity from this new crossbody bourse to visit with such prpers old has begun one to spend. I have bought reason by heart was a chocolate any more an economical , and has gone back and vorwegnehmen in that raisin from from this this averts money to jump for a black one from then liked be to spend this essentially daily while has visited it I and there am not a brown want to contrast. This has finalised to be this no-@@@@@subject, this despite, and I in fact like a brown now.

Again go back from 2 travesía from the week in Morocco used has has where a bourse and is aprovisionando prpers the description based in this experience.

1) all those amazing compartments - have four in from the summas. 1 In a backside that expensive prpers organism, 1 principal compartment, 1 in an outside that expensive has been, and other smaller 1 in an outside this begins down halfway a zip. 2 From these compartments are accompanied with this secondary caribiner-lock from norm partorisca averts safety. It does not have to expected so many compartments but have surprised. I spend a concealed am in a bourse: (Pocket from inside): Maps, boarding , slopes from emergency, mask from eye from this travesía; (Principal compartment): Prpers Passports, spike, gloss from lip, papered crediticio, lotion, band from travesía from wet cual, 2 there is enabled telephones, Warby Parker eyeglasses marry (I.et. It IS such bulky) in day from travesía; (External compartment): Téléphonique From backup those touches band, another directly/rotating knicknacks ( oftentimes rotate element under a principal pocket and an outside a such surely like access an element); (The external pocket smaller): 2 containers from travesía from meds, casualidad from contact, travesía vaseline, sometimes attacks

2) a sturdiness - never in anypoint in prpers travesía, any @@subjects concealed must fill a bourse, full likes him has been to give. It has joined the oars are pretty strong. This still caribinered jump prpers the full water the pair time, and has been the reason has affected has thinks that that this could be this prpers impression, but has resisted nearly was down the rum all a weight. I also caribiner pillow from mine from his with this while visit united access time.

3) adjustable oar - sturdy oar, a bit to regulate quickly when in the haste. Has also Many the mine by means of a purse from loop from the ability prpers chair (or any infrastructure) as I do not do must that that me worry about was the walks accidentally take were and are diverted for this little moments.

4) colour from innere - is peach and has liked him. I give this splash by heart and regime everytime I inside is from gaze.

6) torch - is good to have, but the master confesses has not used that a lot. I have camped once during a travesía and tried to use and have a strong any the majority state, as it has dialled for a torch that goes in prpers band from battery instead. Desire to have a torch be accompanied with peep him small (how one which there is concealed comes on all the backpacks from Northern norm)

7) durability - there is only use such such this for has joined trips such widely, but can say are the facts from anticipos bourse this is hopefully a time custody.

1) colour - has mentioned such previously, has chosen a chocolate ebcause was one from an economical more when. Again, it is not likes him me to him badly thought has to like be, but this must to paint this goes to somewhere and is not for east to go in, haha.
2) this small bulky - compartment cannabalize all a such other. Once I material has has joined compartment, I sometimes overstuff and any @gives that his until sees him I this material properly in the diverse compartment and @does not give more spatial . QuellsKaschiert Can frustrate sometimes. In united some hands, this desire has joined the compartments like uphold there to remedy the form to this to this equal that could direct spatial and done not organize , but in other hand is useful to beat him develops surely copartments required to take the pair from in apart from element.
3) space from paper from the credit - in a principal compartment, has joined paper from spaces from the credit is not a the insurances from majority this prpers paper crediticio always liked be from fall. This is to say to say probably be due to a material an inside is to was fact - this those slips, as I assume that it is to be has expected.
4) any zip from innere - in a principal compartment, usually this attended zippered pocket for things such from the coins or another Ding liked any slips such around freely. Still, any is present in a bourse, which is fine to frustrate in time. Maybe this is to say to say what an external compartment smaller is partorisca, but liked want an inside zip in a principal compartment also.
4 / 5 Marry
HAS any idea any whether a RFID pockets or a stab-material to try laws in fact. This knows is concealed has joined finalisation from the zip does not close . . . At all. They are at all any more when are the clip this can be opened with a delivery. A DELIVERY! And I have learnt to do innere what this tried was. It IS at all difficult to open and does to any partorisca retarded me down. I can do he Absent little tug these percepts in a purse. Imagine what a pickpocket experienced has has can do. Characteristic from safety? Phft! This is to say to say two stars , reasons a carabiner the works add. They liked have him that that that he partorisca unifies likes him the locks from the zip is concealed there. Oh I eat. I can use this like the purse when it is not in from the neighbourhoods from in flight from largely leaves.
4 / 5 Rudolf
Does not do must that goes in a carabiner this is to say to say to aim in a photograph. A clip is very light. There is disappointed many.
4 / 5 Cornelia
Use has this purse to visit to this this sudeste Asia and this Messico. It is not very this purse pleasant, but felt me surely when it was in súper touristy/has this Full- describes all to this long from where are in the persons impactante yours. Unfortunately this despite, with eastern such such only this little weeks from use, there is remarked that an inside seams already begins to come averts. I have known quellswar the economical bourse , but has been attentive this to last this small longer that two travesías.
4 / 5 Caridad
Liked me this bourse pretty the bit, but has the deceit. A measure, while small, is the big abundance for the bourse, telephone, and sunglasses. A clip in an oar from shoulder adds to close your purse around the table or chair when it is in the audience locus. And it has joined innere from the pockets are perfect for the passport and another small elements.

A question? A decoy cloth the muck and is almost impossible to clean. I have tried to wash mine manually but any from has joined blot from the start from amours from the muck. ( I have very anything spilt in a purse, but has used daily for 8 months.) I liked weiterempfehlen to take this in this dark brown or blackly, or be prepared this toss this to a year to use but must from purse from this yours/yours/yours creature.
4 / 5 Lorita
I want a purse - irregardless from the characteristic joined to is from the safety to add the daily purse . Enough in big extent to resist all prpers needful material: Bourse, telephone, this load from external battery, kindle, spike, lipstick, hand sanitizer, etc. also is súper comfy with a crossbody oar, I in fact from from the east the percepts' lucido when it are by train from this spends. A negated solo is that all an exposure has stained lines in a course from the year, can see has has joined pictures that an exposed semence are any darker while is it under a green from stalemate from still Olive . The oldest person shot but this very surely this negated.
4 / 5 Lynwood
Good measure-any to in big extent, any small hips.
HAS the pockets election these marks this find this Ding very a bit.
HAS the yard-resistant joins such was a principal reason to buy he in a prime minister locus.

A metal fastening this has resisted an oar to a bourse the industrial gaze, almost such carabiner to locate, and very something is concealed blend there such with this dressy outfit.
Included semi-detached picture for this one from then is severely to describe: When an oar is lengthened for cross-use from organism, prpers the averages creation the small part from an oar in a subordinated that awkwardly it crosses on and again takes from the grandson sees bourse. But, in turn, is from has part joined the draws safety can any such complain too much.
5 / 5 Cecelia
Wonderful bourse! It has used such such only he by means of three has has confessed earths for pickpocketing. Resisted on perfectly! He weiterempfehlen for peace from alcohol. Also: Perfecto partorisca In largely course from the persons. In fact him returns usually.
4 / 5 Jacqualine
This bourse is weighed any more this has expected, maybe alimentary because of one from inside from the point? Also is weighed for it an oar him and absolutely was also long! One slider for an oar has landed in a cup so much from prpers shoulder this is to say UNCOMFORTABLE. With him it has joined him to him is enabled characteristic there from this bourse and a price abordable there is dialled to uphold this and decided to shorten an oar. Whether any is curiously, shears from mine to sew cut an oar totally with simply has bitten by force and here is the photo from this pleasure one cloak saw innere. It IS from him cloak thinly coated metal with the thin coverage from plastic. Many do not expect that the small leaf could cut this surely, but any scissor the action to so surely can. It has softened a yard from once and for all and has sewn an oar to be 12" Shorter and now one slider is not to rest in prpers shoulders, and are not about averts a raisin 12" This liked never very join has required. Also in fact disturbed have I a ascertainment to one alley from part, reason one unsightly flap? I liked spend from from this this with a side simple zip that the faces were, this cleaned any more a lot esthetic.
4 / 5 Dinah
The bourse from Travesía adds. I have used to have summer when I in Italy. It liked me in fact from from a mark to approach , and has the fact him sure plus while in tourist location from establishments. His no the enormous bourse. Any I have the bourse equally, but used has joined spaces pockets/from the inside. It is returned prpers telephone , camera, sunglasses. One bourse forward is returned perfectly prpers walk from books from the pocket. Absolutely him liked weiterempfehlen this mark for use from travesía. Such such only this imagine amours from measure is Toni.
4 / 5 Santana
Has absent once and for all stories in the tourist this is to say to clash or absent-minded while takes him pickpocketed, and this spends one to many days from prpers holidays this try to dipped the paper from mandate crediticio, passports, telephones, cash, etc.

purchased has has this bourse for prpers madly from travesía from the lady. In fact him sees a normal, whether any small stylish purse this does not underline . Those anti-bourses from the flight cries such there only ' spends something lovely in this anomalous bourse!' This one is discreet.

Besides has the pocket this must that for accessible but nugatory to sew to his likes him to from him this hule, from transmission, entrances, maps.

A principal compartment has for him takes to joined the appeal there from the zip is concealed is a bit to open and any more nearly.
Which stab from mainly cloth-custody with metallic point.
A shoulder oar is cloak -has confirmed.

The balance adds global to save and usability. 5 stars!
5 / 5 Darrel
Has taken this navy crossbody to Europe for 2.5 weeks. Resisted on fantastically. This 2 long pockets the inside has resisted sunglasses and reader and spike from ink and bandaids and spike from tide etc. a passport pocket and pockets from the paper from the credit was adequately and súper a bit too fast locate these elements. One zippered innere from the pocket was also useful how one 3 zippered external pockets. This bourse has resisted to the conspiracy from the elements have felt still very never in fact strongly. It expresses the book from travesía small in a half from a principal compartment when all some pockets from inside was full.
Alcohol: Has must that I use he left small claw has in the mine crossed has to closely included trains from zip otherwise some tabs from start from amour from the appeal. Small question had corrected this surely. Such such only try join first zips to leave in any crusaders.
4 / 5 Dimple
Bought has this- with this very atrocious and ascertainment- hence new crusader to Europe. It was perfect! Has amour a anti-flight, cross-in purse for passports, paper crediticio, etc. Prpers thought has in the first place was the bourse lucidos elder those buys this could the material from metric metric ton and this upholds surely. It looked in from this principal bourses, but are pretty small (5'3), and have decided quickly not have amours this largely, overwhelms him has joined the bourse by means of prpers organism. Chattel him him how something smaller and lighter, more comfortable and less hot to spend while about run. Has @@ gives him could you him he upholds to jumped waters, one umbrella, bite, etc in the mine crossed has the usual band retreated and such joined has only elements any establishment besides in purse from mine. In fact, whether any liked have fly with backpack from mine granola bars and books from walks in him, this liked be this bummer but no an end from a world. This foreseen such in fact, and was such to have a so from option from single take one long purse to exit to dine or from this more run crusader. I have bought this in blackly and paid under $ 20 for him. Chattel This this has taken the sale on... Now is jumping does enough state a price bit. This very surely liked weiterempfehlen this and but he again.
5 / 5 Kena
Such only this gives 4 stars because thought has it from I an inside one purse ( purchased has a black colour) and thought has been has to have this pretty blue liner this pictured. Wine with this blah ash by heart (the light has submerged ash) in an inside. Any such purse has expected , then , but there is disappointed that an inside has not this pretty blue liner been. Such such only the note - joined has this must from amour from the descriptions this say that this painting one liner is. Very misleading. This despite..... Amur A bourse. This liked be perfect. I have thought to like at the beginning this small be have bitten mainly, but not require to be. Has the pockets for all can imagine. An oar is abundance very time pretty such largely any more sized person to spend like the cross comfortably-organism.
5 / 5 Roselle
One seam has come averts and within the week a whole side from one hanged/hanged him has purse opened. This is to say to say to announce such when when being the flight-bourse-from custody, but when comes averts him from an inside, has the question. Liked like me take near behind prpers money, or the bourse's sub has sent one casualidad this were only such such this-was @@@@@subject.
4 / 5 Treasa
I have expected this bourse partorisca gaze any more like the handbag and any such nylon-and see. Memory/partorisca agrees the bourses the lunch has taken partorisca law. I have been disappointed that a esecuritys partorisca prpers paper crediticio, etc was such only in the small section from a bourse, and any has discovered a bourse. Also, there is such zippered compartment this must this unzip at least found the pair that I suchenach! In a side besides, is light and a bit partorisca visit with. It resists the conspiracy (still this despite all some pockets he severely partorisca finds all the material), and rest in prpers the shoulders were from Absent slip. I want use partorisca travesía, but no partorisca daily, as it sees any more partorisca trip so that bourse that the modish statement.
5 / 5 Rosette
Has purchased this partorisca he 2 travesía from week by means of Italy. It had read that the oar from amour from the thieves from stab from purse or bourses in general, as has amour a anti-purse from organism from cross from flight liked this resist prpers necessities Absent be this big. Very zippered sections to organize your belongings. Amado A anti-RFID. He upholds prpers passport, paper crediticio, paper from the bank and this cashes in a there is aprovisionado something, more is prpers sunglasses the locus aprovisionó , prpers glucometer elsewhere, and the small bourse with prpers insulin, powder, lipstick, lip balm, and mascara all in a section from inside with a zip to approach . The section from external zip has resisted prpers telephone for quickly from access. Section from from this this concludes has outside from the zip resisted prpers recognition from document from this crusader for the day, pills from glucose for sugar from emergency from low blood, and a transmission from small zip has resisted down. I have required to uphold prpers diabetic offered with me cual the common from the persons must any that gained , such has must that the abundance done from spatial. Has like also can loop an oar by means of directs this circumvented any to fly while prpers purse's in from the restaurants. Has the hat from single that girds on and is ensured nearly from an elastic loop and I used have a zip to close the clip a hat to a purse when I have not required for the use. There is not room for the waters from boat, as you owe that there is concealed it goes for the principal measure. Otherwise, Expósito has this purse to be only such this required has has, and state until daily use. I liked ingest this with me future crusader!
5 / 5 Morton
This was a perfect measure for one abroad travesía. It is spent mine and prpers passports from youngsters, licence from international engine, entrances from museum, and a lot another newspapers essentials (lip balm, goes/paper crediticio, OTC medication, Rx meds, cloths, etc) with silent and abundance from spatial. It has joined the zips the finish adds so this mark safety . I have never not had any from the subjects while abroad (Inghilterra and France) but there is uphold an also done purse me with the hand in this when there it has has fill locus and when him went him to approach for diverse with artist in France. It was the bit from this beset to take opened for Awake from safety, but has not imported and there is neither I very Awake from safety. In fact, very rolls it to be him impresses has with him and it said there never has feigned this to the purse likes him and that it was from the loan one to have. It IS this very surely purposive with this cloth , but concealed has not this been @@@@subject enormously for me. It was 'fine to this that likes him' so that I have required and felt very surely with from he for our integer 10 travesía from day. There is quellseingeschlossen has very used has been the time from then shelter like the reasons me a measured and many pockets. A tiny torch is the touch also to see very all an out to a fund from a bourse.
5 / 5 Karena
Has been the month-trip very time in Europe and I have known this have has joined city, these pickpockets are the some Ding . I have required the purse also to uphold prpers passport in me, as well as sunglasses, lipgloss and money. This purse was perfect so that it has required. It was in big extent pretty this is to say to spend crossbody and upholds mine with the Ding from majority from establishments time me at all. Whether I have required to spend something mainly like the jacket or hat, has spent also this z/this z/the backpack and a pair were almost many. It IS also pretty small that it could stick he in prpers the backpack likes him prpers from raisin robbed else on from other raisin for prpers flight. They are very pleased with this product and felt very surely this did not like be robbed or a purse want being done not stab. It IS very sturdy and an ability to close from has the pair joined the zips bet prpers alcohol in calm. His be happy has has with a neutral colour purchased the reason has been with simply about has packed all.
5 / 5 Maddie
While has given it this informed character such from mark from mainly clues, a clue from global description is 1st This is to say to say for a measure mainly. This is not a scrawny model to this equal this is disappointed in fact that it is such small.

HAS has for this little months and are totally useless. Whether element from this varied only such this silent amours have dipped in a purse this is to say level , is to form so. I guess to from the east a scrawny model for this téléphonique and passport. It adds something with the bit from dimension, is awful. In the mine has the bourse from small trick in a principal compartment (3'x2sx1s), can dip a bourse prpers more essential fob (3'x2sx1s) and this is to say to say all cannister these returns. It has joined the spaces from the inside is chap there clave, delivery sanitizer pipe, spike, small band from cloth. Sometimes quickly I can have dipped prpers IPHONE 8 any more in a centre but any more this must to time sifts it a trick bourse and essentially fob casualidad to express a telephone in.

Dip has anything in this 2', a purse bulges was also and anything is in from this external pockets this difficult to take longer. Now, this cash receipts and only interviews (anything adjusts) in this external pockets joined have. Also, a depth from a purse is ridiculous for a measure. Whether it has that in a compartment from centre, anything is to the east in a fund to find severely. Sometimes many occasions, joined have the spike falls were a bit empty and must this takes that 3 things in him been has there such takes was!

Does not take this bad , any can say, 'buys a bourse a big plus'. There is a big any more Travelon bourse, and that one eastern to bulky, almost untidy sees. It IS almost he likes him is designed to be such only has bitten such he inefficient in fashion in from the hopes that a anti-characteristic from flight outweigh an ineffective creation. They are not in fact comfortable to spend. But this one, in fact me does not like him ! The desire liked be returned he while one in window to owe.
5 / 5 Mia
Whether yours have crossed to take you to locus with the risk/from risks/risks/risks/from the risks/risks/risks from pickpocket from the safety been due to, paper crediticio scamming, and another concerns this bourse is an answer , any more this under price very reasonable. Has the system enabled the wall (snap locks) unworthy all zippered compartment, this averts force these points, and one all from entity RIFD saves for papers crediticios. It returns snugly against your organism, any in your shoulder or by means of your @@@@@@cofre. I am spent in 2 weeks in Italy surely, and every day has augmented with a bourse prpers the confidence has has joined streets. It IS smaller that the principle mine handbag, as this chooses such to spend and attach he in diverse compartments were one an only defiance.
4 / 5 Garth
One good:
WANT this purse.
A measure is perfect and must metric metric ton from the pockets clearly impute uphold& the forms all have organize. Has amour an army-green colour, which loses such such only but subtly neutral these compliments the majority outfit and colours.

A Bad:
Has bought this a anti-purse from travesía from the flight when lucido crusader to Italy, and felizmente has not taken tried in his anti-the flight has described to eat. Such is from a cloth sturdy still Light. This despite a 'concludes' the mechanism for has joined the zips are pretty simple (so that such only the small sickle this any locks in fact) and liked be a bit such skilled pickpocket to 'unlock.'
HAS this swiveling sickle in the arrivals from an oar that all to this long from turns when I choose in a purse, these causes an oar to turn and curve so that it does not pave jump in your shoulder. It IS such a bit to unwind the May has annoyed, and sees unnecessarily that he swivel. A purpose is in lock from beat' (again, this simple sickle this any locks in fact) to the stationary element, feigns like a anti-measured from flight. I have found simpler to such only spend a cross from purse from organism in the locus from hook an oar to the chair/to subject when in external cafés while trips him'.

In general:
Has bought this for travesía and winded/wound/Sore in use in the reason afterwards from daily rays want a measure, colour, cross more adjustable-oar from organism, pockets and organisation. This despite his 'anti-fliegts the characteristics are not necessarily flies-try and any personally authorships, awareness and any more is Menschenverstand.
4 / 5 Josh
Prpers The bourse arrived and has have such such only a question but consider significant. A compartment lobster from the centre claw take has broken & like very behind jump to plant. Still lucido can be closed but is such such only a frustration from one faulty take. It has joined also papered crediticios do not return such securely to this approximate this has expected has have in a has defined RFI the pockets & tend to this appeal to to this g to fall to a bourse when him achieves a bourse for something in a fund from a compartment.
4 / 5 Abbie
Has taken has this last second for the new walking this travesía has taken in Turchia. It was the female traveler such only and has required something there is concealed has mine any it z/to backpack estada could walk around with. This bourse was perfect and aprovisionada such piece of alcohol.

Returns have required all have. Papered Crediticia, passport, magazine, battery from aside cell, iPhone, and-reader, spike, antibacterial, Toni.

A zip that near the system is inventive. The material from a bourse is durable, water repellant, and enough to have a good time was.

Also, a built in Light saved me there when prpers the hotel had him cannister interruption and required has in a dark to feel to find prpers iPhone. The bourse adds. Many in prpers train be to trip partorisca always.
5 / 5 Roselee
Has purchased this handbag when lucido crusader in Italy to choose pocketed in this crusader mainly. A bourse is durable, strongly, Light. This has have the question with era an inside from a bourse has for has has joined pockets in a side papered crediticio, licence, etc. repeatedly while one travesía is remarked while achieved him to take something from a centre from a bourse has joined the papers liked take loose, sometimes have included the fall was. It has been all to this long from quellshat affected that accidentally this were leading from attacks one prpers paper crediticios while designed him something was any more. Such only percept that this necessity pockets to be deeper and tighter to snugly and Absent the accidents resist these elements. Whether humour a bourse again in other travesía explosions very prpers paper to these zones. Otherwise, United saws bourse in general surely. Appeal any more esatta but functional.
4 / 5 Penny
It knows him is only such such the black purse, but is very good-looking and feminine. It liked me am such it from long in fact enough to him him sees this prpers encircled, is class from in big extent like any likes me to him the attack around when from the things in prpers the bone hip or clave has been to an out walk. I have bought this to do the purse from right parsimony from tent and returns perfectly all prpers any more material, bourse, epipens, small cosmetic box, this ice cream-eats harshly that contained with me in casualidad take hungrily, very granola bars, etc.

this purse has three pockets in fact . Humour a rear pocket for prpers Motorola G6 cheek and his casualidad bulky. It liked me travelon and commit this travelon from from from by from life. Any plus compulsively verifying prpers bourse when career in a city or any prendiendo prpers attention in the crowd. I mean that it is that in fact this goes to do in all this casualidad besides you paranoid, this master can take your material. No with this bourse! This bourse is very scrawny, and there is remarked that prpers convertible mini backpack the purse travelon bourse , while is it no a a this is to say to say such vermarktet scrawny, is very scrawny and scrawny despite resist the enormous crowd from content. Also buy have the commuter backpack again for travelon how any definitely to see prpers bourse how the falcon in a bus. All have bought from travelon is deeply in largely course-quality and scrawny, to this such in fact him likes mines to to the reason they any like him around the big giant spends boxy purse or the big giant boxy backpack how him 9th grader. All purchased has such the piece only is very done, insurances, and comfortable

like him gained from storehouse is exploded from this Amazon, all meant has is any bought has and is returned then. I have purchased mine in eastern such new or very good quality and is the new mark literally.

travelon IS such such single one from this cream this when him calmed silent price @to give you that to the calm can very never cost anything any more. I commit this travelon, puracy, and the only bang has produced does also produced like the coffins from minerals/minerals/from minerals/minerals.
5 / 5 Zola
This is to say to say prpers third Travelon bourse. Other two was both orderly in nutmeg. A colour was this small dark brown that pictured, but is basically neutral. I imagined it it was almost sufficient. Chattel has then decided that quellsauch liked require the bourse for a crusader in dark ash or blackly. A question has has with a black is that to the calm could not say what a material was, and that has seen like the materials any more when cotton that a nylon how me. From me then him leave on time, there is any to this to this liked him liked casualidad.

Want be a slate ash in fact this in a photo. Unfortunately, an ash received has has is very light with a olve green tinge. In fact this does not do like him in from entirely. The desire liked take any sticks these photos this so much, as they are now nervously about order such have any idea any that the colour liked take. Turn. I liked me it how me it take something any more, but again, has has joined difference to paint me nervously.
4 / 5 Kimberly
Was beset for pickpockets in the bus in Italy. It was the generic phase from unusually behaviour, hard still organism when has tried it I to express past, and when when being herded out prpers husband and to a start. In fact deep hands in prpers bourse, but was unable to imagine was such to take prpers thanks to has has joined zips to close. Has the bourses conspiracy from travesía and there are advised had in still buy other, but this one is level pretty, as it could spend he by means of prpers organism under a boss from freely/carries from poncho when I visits. It IS absolutely he adds. RIFID Pockets for papers, numerous pockets this upholds organize, this Light-colored innere and this mini to the torch as it is material a bit to find in a principal compartment. It IS in big extent enough for maps and were smallish guidebook, and natural, bends he at nylon bourse lateralmente. They are not this more exact paranoid traveler, but after a pickpocketing the experience has taken to spend nearly although a principal oar near behind the chair and this concludes dipped so that it could not be lifted when it was in from the restaurants. Felizmente Has not had to try a stab and characteristic from yard, but does not doubt that they do. Despaired have liked him To him has which from good-looking models join that this bourse down but bought has a black finally one from then was a less expensive for enough bit. His be happy has done. The majority from prpers cloths for travesía/from winter from molla on time is blackly, as that the bourse has not announced. Although you choose an expensive any more, and this good-looking versions from this bourse, is very Worth he. For one $ 27 I have paid was surely economical , in fact!
5 / 5 Neely
Absolutely want this bourse! It IS a perfect measure for prpers small bourse, this few papers, Toni, sunglasses, craft téléphonique and prpers kindle reader. I liked what anti-pockets from flight this is to say practically in fact for daily use this with all a paper crediticio flies that it arrives today. A taint does not aim muck, and saves on such so. It IS him waters from resistant bit (the rain tends to dry was), and there is such single pretty many pockets to uphold all a bit to take more to this long from a lot. I own this small other Travelon bourses, and this an oriental prpers has preferred . A single Ding loses in this bourse is a space from the pertinent cellphone expósito in an outside from diverse other Travelons, but a pocket from the slip within a flap is a bit still to take longer.
5 / 5 Lawana
The reason is not Travelon fails that this particular fashion is simply to small for me for prpers necessities. I have bought travesías abroad oriental in the first place but found require me any more room to jump him water (gotta hydrate) and what such the small magazine, notepad or the walks from crusaders liked be in snug here. It has presionado enough. The calm could very eastern Pappband new turn or has bent on again view in this bourse but those was to have this only things have joined are spent, how visits in bus, trains or plans and want these things in your disposal ausenta spends this z/to backpack the big plus (cual any liked always must that concealed ), this is not a bourse partorisca east. This despite, whether calm only definitely every day basics, small bourse, goes, passport, money, papered crediticio, Toni, cloths, handi-wipe, boot from pill or 2, this trick or the lipstick has joined, small hand-held lotion, amours to do. Prpers Has abetted the characteristic is a RFID space from paper crediticio has saved within a head office from in big extent compartment. It resists several papers, are a bit was to the appeal and annulled a necessity for this parted bourse altogether. There are 2 small insides pockets also, but are not that deeply, as it joined has the things tend to be to the fall owes an organism from a bourse. There there is these practices also mini-Light to see joined from a bourse delightedly but forget for the use usually and a colour from innere the light ash done to find the easy material and this elect has another reasons this bourse. It is done from this material Intrepid quality durable, pretty rugged like the purses go, and besides a rfid save, have Thick uncuttable oar in a casualidad from pickpocket, another tone mark and reason to buy this bourse. It IS sportive and simple, but to this equal that sees enough. You can regulate which join to use like the bourse from shoulder or crossbody. Also although any resisted ideally to this to all liked like him, still enjoys use this from every day and liked buy the bourse the big plus for travesía.
5 / 5 Douglas
Want this bourse. A tad mainly this has leading, but movements with you and a bit to take more to this long from your money with a delivery, in and from a bourse. This adds for a city such and price. And, I have purchased nearly, there am not remarked that an oar is clipped custody , such probably adds such crossed to Europe! (Silent This has not been tried.)
4 / 5 Ferne
Fantastic for travesías. When you trips, often it liked very behind return until in a room from hotel a such so from a day, and does not HATE in that has something I need. I want that all - bandaids, sunscreen, chapstick, pantiliners, Schmerzlinderer, etc. these accesses from metric metric ton from to the east of this Absent be this enormous! I have used this literally every day and could spend anything has this Absent Many sure prpers husband to spend this z/this z/the backpack. Yeah, knows ossia the characteristic from all the purses, But, this normal diverse mine crossbody the purse is, any must that worry in this $ 100+ purses that takes department or there is stabbed. When in filled or unclear zones, could it clip joined has worry and enclosed zips less equally. (Certainly we have not had any questions with stab this remarked has, but was how to do any must this worry.) Also I can attach this full or empty water jumps to an oar to avert that it must that this follows that Absent affects about break has joined has oar from the mine normal purse.
5 / 5 Tabatha
Bought has has this for the mine crossed from new anniversary abroad:

-I have liked him that there it has multiple pockets for storage, but there is remarked has full he self this external pockets join also were unable to dip the conspiracy element in a principal compartment. This was bondadoso from annoying.
-Nearest the oars and the compartments are done there such so. It felt surely from pickpocketers
-Lustrous black colour. Chattel me-him liked/he liked that this has not clashed with any from the mine outfit is or was this marked

-A course from the metal from an adjustable oar is uphold there to stab me
-Can feel bulky lugging he around
-I wish there have an inside from the zip estada in a principal compartment
-no waterproof (has any not has announced never was, but liked have been this fresh mark to include)
4 / 5 Bruna
has purchased this such 7 travesía from day in Ireland and was very felizmente with this bourse! They are 5 small feet 1 and such crossbody the bourses were massive but united appearance has joined small how oversized bourses. These returns prpers necessities perfectly. It was comfortable and sturdy. Although I can joined any to the characteristic from the safety speaks such was felizmente never tried, has felt for east likes him masters in so resisted. Access from inside I: It reads glasses, sunglasses, passport, papered crediticio, cloths, trick, guidebook, prpers iPhone 8any more in a principal external pocket (that uphold there is unzipped but in an inside to prpers organism) & jumps small water. It does not do must that to jam estada has packed. I am spent he in a rain and at all taken the wet inside. I have ordered Marino cual have meant any have seen also directly to spend am gone in an evening. This is not a bourse to trip to use in the locus from this z/from this z/from the backpack from day but to visit around the city, adds!
4 / 5 Digna
Absolutely want a measure and configuration from travesía east-sure purse! A flap in a front covers the pocket perfectly sized for prpers iPhone 7 any more such can leave this pocket unzipped but covered for a flap with to magnetically breech for quickly access to prpers téléphonique. This is to say to say a first purse has can find with this characteristic. When I visit I can zip one breech and lock he any more when safety. An outside zippered the pockets are groovy and united small inside zippered the bourse is adequate to measure to resist mine billfold, Kleenex and another element. An oar regulates to the height perfectly from mine for crossbody period to leave for me free delivery such day-to-use from day and travesía.

Prpers This alone comment for improvement liked be to exclude spatial joined for papers crediticios within one purse and offers other inside's zippered or open pockets with loops to resist spike for quickly from accesses. It likes me to from him the mine billfold from the mine takes the purse and I do not use spatial from the paper from the credit has built in any purses. I do not know in other-- can have taken characteristic. Such only no the humour .

Top Customer Reviews: Travelon: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5 Lamar
This bourse is quellshat described such only. Has such such only a complaint and concealed is that an oar upholds partorisca turns and facts not residuary in the locus. First from prpers travesía afterwards, goes partorisca ensure somehow. This this numerous compartments help me our partorisca uphold the things have organize in prpers travesía new in Europe. Partorisca Bouncing him joined has in same norms this a same locus can every time adapt where was. Still him goes in the small oar and takes partorisca Toni from bows with the small Light partorisca the help sees within a bourse, which is very has the reason most deeply. It IS enough capaciously, and in fact, had often overpacked cual has caused also in prpers this hanged shoulders and with east. Whether it must have a suggestion liked be to do an oar a far plus to space a weight any more and shortens him bitten. An oar is adjustable but could have has has used included shorter that it was capable of from from this do.
4 / 5 Yetta
This purse has surprised! It IS in fact pretty in big extent, how ascertainment this purse crossed small very to such such only resist the bourse and Toni, any leading weiterempfehlen this. But ascertainment in half -in big extent sized purse, this is to say to say adds. Has several pockets to uphold organize. It is hanged pretty light , but very durable. And an oar can be there enough is to the conspiracy enhanced. It IS also fantastic in that some two principal pockets have locks from zip so that any can the silent pocket chooses. I have found it is to add visit when in Europe where there has clues literally in much tourist locus to beware to choose pockets. This purse was similar hips abordable. It liked him he liked him. About material lucido the transmission has been to be purse from daily mine now.
5 / 5 John
Has bought this specifically when lucido has crossed New York from city to circumvent any flight and such single partorisca general solace. I can very in fact speak for such to in curtness/stab/RFID try this bourse is, but has tried a mechanism to near from one take. A bourse has 2 small unlocked zippered pockets in this all the side, and 2 has has has has closed compartments (the principal compartment and the pocket lateralmente). It felt prpers the element was surely from possibly is the pickpockets needful.

A bourse is pretty roomy. It has dipped to jump this silent derjenige from pair from water in him as well as beanie and gloves. Such imagined had i only desires partorisca take this profit from first plus from the mine crossed has. Has has has has had to that that account for a time from nave and takes a colour those Many arrives does prpers beginning.
4 / 5 Tera
This bourse has arrived today. It had expected that this liked be pretty in big extent such Chromebook (that it has measured him to him to him 11.6 is the point him plus to this long from ). Can say you that 100 absolutely him liked him do not resist this Chromebook and the still zip arrives (how yes him searches to a concealed , uphold to see). Chromebook Want any the transmission to this long from at all. I have tried vertically also and this- have- almost fact, but very enough. A bit those that another first impressions: A safety lock is a small to use and one RFID pocket, although any marked how such, is a bit such to find is from material thicker another pockets. There is one for the passport and one for the paper crediticio. An inside from a bourse is pink, which is pleasant, but in general this bourse is this small out of date. Has joined oar from slides from your shoulder to this equal that must that spends organism from cross. I think that that it goes to uphold and such single spends one Chromebook for seperately. It want must that be pretty in big extent for money, passport, telephone, guidebook, water from jumps and camera. I liked improve mine travesía has very negatively to inform.
4 / 5 Delsie
Has ordered this purse reason has visited in Parigi and Londra a zone confesa for pickpockets. Has amour an idea could this close you a cup 2 zippered compartment. Unfortunately one very done day those leaves an airport a principal lock broken has. It was unusable one travesía Whole. It was such disappointed and unbalanced. When I chattel hostel come to crossed from the mine has one in window to have that this was him closed already such could not exchange he for the new purse. @@@@Subject badly asks .
4 / 5 Edris
Has used this bourse for our integer two weeks vacacional to Europe. It IS as single as to spend a right measure jumps it water, it small umbrella, if necessary, and any establishments document and necessities can require you. Sickles from estacionar joined and other anti the flight devices felt me besides surely have from the locuses not been first state never but like continue use this purse in mine also every day life.
4 / 5 Kiana
Has bought this bourse for one crosses in Italy and Greece. I thought that it those Many goes through now to take used to all some pockets and zips. I want this purse! One purse to rest comfortably how the organism from cross. Abundance from room and much safety for passport and from the papers crediticios. Has has compliment very in colour.
5 / 5 Donnetta
IS this very practical bourse , and Light. It has enjoyed him uses this in prpers holidays abroad. Previously the mine travesía listened there is concealed has such choose-pockets in Europe. This handbag the creation's felt me surer. A colour is the good neutral colour .
4 / 5 Loren
This is to say to say a third colour from this purse has purchased. Originally bought is for him characteristic from safety; This despite, I amour as it is fact , which many compartments can all such be dipped such in from this sure compartments from the elements from establishments, less when establishments, this silent things such only definitely once in the moment and daily use. Has Marino, burgandy and the colours lived have. One purse is also reasonably auspreisen. I can purchase other, there am many colours to choose from!
4 / 5 Victorina
How me this bourse in fact while has visited it he in Europe (Londra, Amsterdam, Brugge). Has thinks that that a safety was many ensuring although never in fact was in the situation where was in this real seedy zone. But it was so much to beat him in prpers purse from oar around the chair and ensures with one take, and occasionally liked feel to like were around the full zone and decides ensures has has joined zips also. Also it could returned the conspiracy in a bourse, as he 16oz waters from jump, and umbrella, he pullover, and the bourse. A reason for three stars is concealed acting quellshaben have used such such single this summer, spent from him in an ours beginning travesías, and no in any excessive or offend was, this despite newspaper, and there is already him seam the majority averts for an advance from small zip. As they are this small bummed in this b/c want be him time not very done is to noticeable to use anymore. Otherwise, IS the bourse adds .
5 / 5 Mitsuko
This bourse has seen partorisca that liked be him adds at the beginning. I have been in our travesía to Italy and result also quickly strongly and clunky and hurt also prpers shoulder how prpers mammas. An oar rubs and gives this rash and a form from a bourse such such only the fact súper strongly and uncomfortable.
4 / 5 Sona
Has bought Travelon before and has not never been disappointed- this bourse is at all diverse . Incredibly stylish, sturdy, and largely this expected has has. They are by train from this take This Grece and Italy as it was very pleasant surprised nearly from one aside room. I can dip the boots water plastic and probably has included this small windbreaker in here, there is with this room!! This sabre IS the good colour , neutral , versatile. This bourse aprovisiona a better from both world-wide safety and has gone. Feel a bourse and cloak (?), You Can say that I am resistant stab . Has has joined zips partorisca to away this two principal compartments are from aloud, and especially him like that a bourse has spatial partorisca all prpers paper from passport!! To Surely Worth Many the money.
5 / 5 Jama
Has liked him this damn this. It is not one the majority from once and for all, but is FANTASTIC still recognition with, and has hidden so much spatial, to this to this the chair likes them to him Mary Poppins. You can shove the fire pill, Whole from jumps from wine, this host Ding in there altogether, this despite liked see lustrous, saunters so much. To Cela To this this does not like him is that it is also very from a bit to fill to take gone in from him. Has joined innere from the pockets are fed in this blue brilliants nylon: It liked be very useful must have clearly colored liner, so that has bourse such, confused. I add sturdy feeling, light, this very practically ANREICHERN the light has attached to a principal bourse, absolutely this liked spend again, but thinks that has joined the designers could this small have better bitten with innere coordinates. Engine from the oil joined has taken drip the mine again, goes to try and wash he in a washer. Whether these works, I five this 5 amour to game to be similar travesía he trooper.
5 / 5 Evita
Usually used big handbags a lot, as it has has liked him something largish but in economical this crossbody such travesía. This bourse is not enormously but can return all the necessity I as it is the just measure . I have bought colour from smoke (has innere darken rose) and I like a styling from has has joined zips, all but one has this carabiner to resist a zip has closed. An oar is comfortable whether a bourse is not still to overburden.

Now a reason for three stars. A hardware in this bourse is poor quality ( soyetal from pot'). It want pause surely. A clip that has resisted an oar to an end from a bourse is very such tuneless point 'pin' in a clip is not to ensure.

Is not an any more good-looking solution but is designed a clip by means of a loop from hardware and has attached to an underside from an oar (sees photo). I have turned a bourse around such pretty zippered the faces lateralmente could as the clip do.

This two subjects (hardware from poor quality and unsure connection to join located in a esars from purse) done this purse any a sure plus or sturdiest purse to visit with.

Is not sadly has bought, but liked be to do has has joined modifications I so that it can use a purse with a side 'many' these faces were this despite percepts are such decently ensure crossbody bourse.
5 / 5 Loan
Has not taken any house was or has used a bourse this still reasons are not surely that this 'ocean' the colour liked do. I have bought he for a crusader in international rainy fresco locus want similar to be to spend prpers waterproof alot and have amour a bourse to at least ees with prpers Marine coverage. A real colour is TOTALLY CLEARLY to list from a photo. It IS this pretty teal-ish blue colour but does not go adds with Marino or has included denim such so. It sees him likes me such a lot-fact, light, surely, quality crossbody bourse from travesía, but beware from this colour! It could be change 't has decided from then has not him liked animal from impression or blackly or brown or tan or burgundy.
4 / 5 Chuck
THIS has bought such felizmente this before our two weeks European holidays! Had state warned in pickpocket and flight in from this European cities from establishments and decided to take the flight purse from travesía freely. So much, such to be such only, does not think I spotted other from these purses have have joined streets from any from joined have the cities estadas have are not SÚPER promptly were súper adequately for travesías and in the accidents lucida the mine remained a bit visited in potential flight has while him. I have found there from this spatial metric metric ton to be. The days from travesía gone back prpers iPad, he 22 oz waters from jumps, two passports bourses, have called, this upload band, this noise that there is annulled auricular, bite, does not think I never maxed was. It was comfortable to spend when about has walked the city. Absolutely it liked buy again. It was súper adequately and helped me organize and uphold prpers sure material!
5 / 5 Carylon
Has sent a Travelon crossbody purse near behind such crossbody the oar was also in curtness for me to spend a purse to this approximate this has feigned. They are almost 5'8 such maybe can prpers a bit have been the big height run from a question. When I tried must that take purse from prpers organism, is spent he crossbody was, and a metal oar adjuster attacked has has prpers glasses. I have known a purse has not been to do and has must that be returned.

Liked me have from the Toni joined and this mark to has safety joined fob. A torch from small battery has operated the explosion within a bourse was another good characteristic .

Weiterempfehlen For persons this is bitten lucido shorter this is to say .
5 / 5 Aron
Use must the bourse's crossed for the week in Europe in the zones choose where-the pockets are prevalent. I have not had any subjects and I felt surely besides that this raisin that prpers normal purse. A cross-the modish organism is useful this upholds lucido any more almost from a front from your organism that a side, and this knows that some stabs from oar -the custody gives peace from alcohol. A multiple zippered the sections to organize thing from yours many profits, such thickness this spends any more small element visit when. For example, it has him has two types of coin and upheld this in from this diverse sections so that they been have accessed surely and no intermingled. An arrival in a cloth is also pretty so; Whether anything has located surely silent can dry has been with the humid cloth.
5 / 5 Irwin
This is to say to say our second Travelon bourse. They resist at well deeply and it is very light. This one has resisted bitten it pretty-the centre from the section is deeply there a lot, but can use cual another compartment for definitely things achieve surely. It felt a lot surely eats the use the cross-bourse from organism. I spend the money-tape also in Italy like a measure from apart from safety, but any has taken to this bourse or prpers the daughter is. I consider use he for prpers the purse reason from daily use prpers ruled the bourse is to this has weighed now.
4 / 5 Madalyn
Like a bourse. Those connectors at all this must have many zips this spatial what snagged in from the things this prpers Flansch attached this with small claw. Necessity From cloth from the bourse waterproofed as it is not to water disgusting neither tried from water.
5 / 5 Georgianne
I have bought this partorisca this crusader in Italy. A zip has broken one very first day in, and then him takes (this upholds a zip from surely inaugural) has broken a fourth day. Otherwise Liked have amour this bourse. It liked him exchanges him him could why him thinks I this have to be a potential the bourse partorisca the trip adds - but is returned from prpers to partorisca trip one in date to owe.
Also could use any more cushioning in a shoulder. Once silent add this small necessities and have on all day visit, a shoulder takes very sore.
4 / 5 Jim
Bought has this before this crusader in Italy and is there adds done! It has joined the oars were for cross a bit to regulate-use from the organism and I have amour a anti-the clip is from flight in a cup two zips. The difference from this I bed from other reviewer, has not had with any subjects a anti-the clip is from flight and there is not not broken has gone never, included with multiple uses while a day (not tugging in severely this).
4 / 5 Anitra
This bourse is a lot capaciously, Luz and a bit to spend. I have bought he partorisca prpers travesía by means of Europe in July and is spent in the locus around from this z/from this z/from the backpack. It has resisted the conspiracy, this has included prpers IPAD, bourse from trick and bourse partorisca conversores and accesorias electronically sees Absent bulky. Many pockets lateralmente for money, papered crediticio, maps, this etc. felt Toni from pickpocket surely. This was the interesting price .
5 / 5 Nathaniel
Has bought this purse such last crossed year abroad. It is not never be any for jump him has. It lights and has multiple pockets for inside and for from this upholds personally belongings, cellphone, paper crediticio, receipts, this coupon is, etc., Etc., has organize. A colour was simply such distinguished, also.
4 / 5 Asuncion
Has ordered this bourse for one 8 days cruise. It IS marvelously and light. Has several compartments this is perfect to organize and storage.
5 / 5 Jenelle
This is to say to say prpers according purse in this creation. Other has resisted on but was the light colour and prpers tejanos the turn has have is. This purse is very light and capaciously. I want when a bit ensure him are breeches to have in the locus full. It sees such him gives a no the conspiracy or this small. A colour is enough, any intrepid hips but any the darkness.
4 / 5 Josie
Has taken this bourse from Byline as it has used: Good state. It IS to him him adds in the state! It sees such very new, good-looking blue colour. Has this Travelon anti-clue from bourse from flight from Scrawny day also. Amur A solace to save aprovisiona while recognition's I abroad! Felizmente To Have a big any more a now has crossed for the day longer that a hotel.
5 / 5 Claribel
Has bought 4 from this this ours paralizaciones travesía from sisters in Italy. Has abundance from room to spend such to this how amours or such small to this approximate to this to those liked them. There are three parted zips sections to uphold the things organize to have. I want a fact that near and felt a lot any more surely spends lovely and prpers paper crediticio and passport. Many ours.
4 / 5 Daina
Produced excellent!!! Mina Like an I crusader the conspiracy all this world-wide amours must that owns one to all the price recognition. It uses else commute bus and bus locally. Washable SUCH SUCH SINGLE BUY!!!!
5 / 5 Errol
Required has the purse finally from travesía new. It reasons this one and he has occupied. It has been pleased nearly from one this has required Absent bulging. A zippered the pocket gave me place to dip diverse things this liked require. There it is him enjoyed hidden!
5 / 5 Katrina
This is to say partorisca says a second purse has bought from this company. I have bought in prpers prime minister when has been it I abroad. Amur A fact that has RFID partorisca saves, organism from cross and characteristic from apart from safety. The easy coverage on simply used the humid cloth.
4 / 5 Glennis
Has taken the purse mainly partorisca this two travesía from European week. It IS partorisca adds - hanged very light and could spend bourse, passport, smartphone, sunglasses, glasses from small reading, small boot from ibuprofen and beano, water and boat from small bites, any more this poncho from small Light wool. It has used always this crossbody partorisca safety and less hanged in prpers shoulder.
5 / 5 Twana
Has taken has this to 8 earths around Europe and felt sure inside a crowd. The master joined little zips and that his latch on. It liked him to from from him a fashion and material. It felt he likes him includes with dining more elegant a bourse has been still in fashion.
5 / 5 Barrett
Want a from this bourse is dipped up! It IS very done and has thought has been. A critic such only has is that some this has feigned are the colours have been plenary. Ex: A burgundy is brilliant purple.
4 / 5 Armando
This is to say to say the perfect cross -bourse from organism with support from technology. Whether there is a no this metric metric ton in material totes this cual the averages in this to largely course him gustanseis, any annoying - this is not a bourse when you. Has your bourse, telephone, Toni, cariche, this trick and the aspirin joined has, this calm's priest with room joined has any more when leftover.
5 / 5 Margareta
Want this bourse. A lot the resistant water. The colour adds. Functional material and very aloud. The desire was an exact there one in the upscale material to spend this bridal shower. Right crowd from pockets. Estimativa A price for reasons especially from safety.
5 / 5 Rolland
A principal zip this begins upstairs to do within a first week and the half used him abroad. Otherwise, Was a fantastic the bourse and felt surely a lot with him.
5 / 5 Bernardine
Spent has has partorisca this By means of Europe 12 days and in from the plans, by means of airports!!!! Soooooo Felizmente Must that has this purse!!!
4 / 5 Edison
To THIS likes by train him to the use he from the day the day bourse and can see still prpers the characteristic liked be perfect to visit Absent incidents. It supervises the material to completion surprising such crowd felizmente is light!
5 / 5 Casimira
Bought this partorisca our Mediterranean cruise. It has been said from vehicles that this from has joined locus liked go to have the conspiracy partorisca choose pockets. Many crowds have underlined describe. Joined describe there is the prohibition near near behind the bands and I have not them liked to verify the rear band. This purse is spent has joined necessities for a day. It likes him to from from him a safety option from paper crediticio also. A long oar added to cross in prpers organism to this approximate this liked be freely hands. It want this purse weiterempfehlen from travesía.
4 / 5 Scot
Very pleased. I have thought could be him at the beginning to small but has added. It is spent 2 umbrellas fold, water from jump, misc spike, telephone, money, papered crediticio, pills, comb, knitted etc. take an idea . It was very pleased. A purse from travesía adds. With anti the forethought the flight is pretty perfect.
4 / 5 Modesto
Want this purse, perfect for travesías. This amparos in an oar, pockets from passport, stab-resistant linings, all from him. The majority from all, light. No this tote enormously-how bourse, but enough in big extent for prpers travesía docs in a compartment from rear zip, and returns the tiny circle-in carryall bourse and the small umbrella in a principal bourse. It ensures pocket to shout a lot. The bourse adds!
4 / 5 Dorathy
Has bought the pair from clearly bourses for this crusaders in new price Rico. This was a perfect measure , comfortable to spend, inside from surely from element. I go to buy this black a now him likes such!
4 / 5 Wilbur
Was in Miami, Fl and the man has ascertainment to achieve while prpers the bourse helped him prpers mother to our taxi and he no succeded. Amur This bourse!
5 / 5 Enrique
Has bought is 6 months in fact and there in the first place is done so much a bourse but so that 3rdos the time has used in an all day crusader, an oar has begun to come unstitched from a principal bourse. For a price this is to say to say the poor quality a lot . It liked that must that that last this few years and to anticipos surely any more when 3 first times from calm goes to avert the falls. Very disappointed in this bourse because now him can not use he to fear to lose all!!
4 / 5 Rosamond
Joined has the skin from amours from day must that that prpers have gone. A lot to strongly. This bourse is the delight . It IS light, abundance from room for all, has has parted such compartments easy plus to misplace your Toni and all a gaze safety could amours. It liked him to from from him it has bought him to him so much other in blackly.
5 / 5 Alda
Was perfect for travesía international. I have been said near many persons to search pickpocketing in general the cities have joined in Italy. It was very any more surely spend this bourse. Abundance from room for essentials any more.
4 / 5 Slyvia
Has bought this bourse such 1 travesía from month in Europe. With those 3 zips, have confused such to this I place where. It IS mainly that there masters and has for has joined the time has dipped all has required has been weighed partorisca recognition from daily walk. Also, it joined has the zips apresamientos stuck have such have with a liner must that be attentively zipping this. In all this casualidad, mine 30 days towers are in I so that it liked give. Buys the smallest measure for a travesía altogether.
4 / 5 Thaddeus
Bought has has this for one come 2 travesía from week to Europe. Thus far very pleased. Light and principal weight all these zips and pockets. The colour is fantastic! I think that that this Absent accidents liked resist all the necessities I paralizaciones every day from sightseeing!

Top Customer Reviews: Travelon Anti-Theft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Gigi
I have purchased this bourse partorisca this crusader in Hong Kong has because this must conceal next zips and have been described how ”slashproof”. A pickpocket is stabbed there there a side from prpers bourse, has flown prpers bourse that use prpers paper crediticio partorisca touch in $ 10k in a tent from apple. Has has has has had to that that also does the licence from prpers the engine and other goes. Has amour a bourse and liked buy other, but is not eslashproofs.
5 / 5 Malissa
Purchased has this bourse partorisca prpers lady to use during our travesía this Thailandia. This 3 stars that this estimativas reasoned a bourse has treated perfectly when has arrived it saves our valuables, but has left down there ruin reasons very prpers wive expensive cup. A shoulder oar has the earthy surface and that abraded from the lines have have joined shoulders for three from prpers blouses. Prpers The lady was pised! Needless To Myths, do not go to use again never this bourse. To Badly! Be warned.
5 / 5 Shalonda
IS the apologist generally from this purse, but has several deceits. The majority from them are nationwide questions to almost all Travelon purse, this despite, as I have known that to expect.

A precise mainly Ding knows is that this purse is only such such about 2/3 from the measures think that that it is. Based in a list has measure, which amours from purse must that has the content from about 600 cubic thumbs. This this real external measures from a purse has received is 10 3/4' x 9 7/8' x 3 3/4' - 398 cubic thumbs.

This has said, is this pretty roomy purse. It accesses when any more fact when Michael Kors tote this has measured has been to 456 cubic thumbs - and do not think that must so that such only to an external pocket.

Goes to other (small) subject, here is the pair from has has joined high points for me:

--- A boat pocket waters external are fantastic, although is it this small difficult to return mine 500ml in very boat - an elastic is almost this concisely Worth for this, especially is from a pocket to meso comunicacional such only -elasticized. This despite, a boat returns pretty comfortably in a purse he, and a pocket adds for prpers sunglasses in his casualidad, which has required this grabs any more often and any more quickly that prpers jump waters, in all this casualidad. Also try to him this from him paves when it is not from uses from zips, as it is less noticeable, and any to open in alley or snag from the things.
--- IS pretty scrawny to return the mine (enormously) bourse from laptop surely. I prefer any to verify same luggage in from this travesías longer, but have not him liked to spend pretty this purse largely to return prpers portable, load, and all I need while a flight. This does to spend the uncomfortable purse, this reason must the band's to somewhere, and want downloads any /from download and reload all prpers purse miscellany every time flies to somewhere. So much, usually I band prpers purse prpers bourse the carrier is from enormously laptop. It IS maybe 5' or thus far, Wide for the bourse from laptop but also presionado for much purse. These chairs bourse in him comfortably, and room from still leaves for prpers raisin, load, pullover, and a handful another Ding I shove in prpers bourse to use while flies him. And, whether empty quellshat state, a bourse liked sell dulcemente and takes on in relatively from small rooms prpers casualidad.
--- Such mentioned on, is surprisingly capaciously for prpers measure. It returns all very usually while travesía, this despite with prpers waters to jump within a principal compartment, there there is probably has the room has left on for the small digital camera and the light pullover or jacket.

Now, here is some from has has joined deceits, this majority from from this this is any this endemical Travelon bourses or this this particular fashion:

--- IS this deep N/S Absent bourse the conspiracy pockets. It finds difficult to return all prpers smaller-to-half sized element this capable of from amours to find quickly to unify available pockets., Which leave me to us with the conspiracy that it liked require this rummage in a fund from prpers bourse for - and is the deep bourse . But, this is to say to say a subject with purse mainly, and a depth is that it like expect in this N/S bourse.

All cual this following subjects are enough regularly for any more Travelon bourses:
--- Sees the bourse from travesía. A cloth and the fashion are not that these gazes add - any sorry, but do not add . Resembled Baggalini cloth, maybe this small earthy. Whether it liked this in fact purse this look this, Travelon tailored the line is one locus to see - but such single has 3 options for bourses this measure or mainly. (And FYI, one tailored amours hobo the gazes owe that concealed to be in this measure, but is much smaller.)
--- Lock from zips in a backside that spends when organism from cross in your advance sideways (which is where the door, such have has some models all almost joined photo from Travelon crossbody the purse is). This committed safety: It has joined the zips are often easier to unlock that the wall, as it him purse could fine surely to be unlocked where the rear can not see he - especially with the purse lucido on, where amour him breeches zip be besides behind you.
--- All one Travelon the bourses have search to have where a pocket a D-the coverage is dipped badly and is difficult to close a zip. It IS one , is from the advances from pocket : I owe that scrunch a cloth from one purse to hook a zip afterwards on. It has dipped the averages the centimetre lucido mainly - equally 3mm! - Resolved has a question.
--- Is not to water resistant - and no dry fast. I have tried to take the small taint for dabbing any with the humid paper towel, and although small has bitten there from Humid is drenched directly by means of derjenige feeds. When I rinsed a bourse, in the midst from taken has wet, which expected has has for then. A question was that it has taken him to him his to dry 24 hours about - included in a desert! (Yes, there is hanged has until severely also.) I liked be to take this bourse in Germania and pole in from this late Septembers by means of on time from October, and to anticipos surely I liked be class from uses joined from external therapy to raincoat a bourse before then.
--- I strap take inflated surely: They are sewn to one purse in a side, but swivel in a side with one clip. Whether both sides were which equally, liked be so many; He such-east, sucks.
--- With an oar has sewn to one purse, can not change he for another oar. So much, this beat calm very many from joined has the questions resolve from oar - cual is from joined a majority has the questions have with Travelon bourses in general.
--- I strap be presionado the bourse to spend too much this does any more has weighed comfortably for this longer periods; They are not súper thinly, but must from still amour that be at least 50 on or include from him solace still detachable tampon.
--- I strap am done also from earthy, scratchy cloth, that annoying to spend against skin from coffins, especially are the oar how rigid. Surely, a confirmed anti-the cloth from the flight is this mark , but prpers calm to cover he with the softest cloth?
--- I strap be have been to very time. In 5'5' with a cup from one purse such alone low mine hipbone, such such only had left an oar was halfway, which has left a buckle those chairs uncomfortably against prpers shoulder. Whether it liked leave it was all an out , one purse want is hanged there under prpers knee. Seriously, any once WNBA him gambler require the oar that very time.

Finally, a big desire-element from launched, although any necessarily the deceit: In fact him wishes Travelon the purses are gone in colours more brilliant. A wine is by heart one brilliant plus, but has included ossia the red darkness . I have thought never from this until again, but I uphold consider how such this mark safety lucidos altogether pockets: Has has purse from the mine flown at once done the purse sickle the small month, while ate it it lunch. Behind I have taken in the first place have been from a thief a door , partly this was red brilliant reason and a lot a bit to something when has seen him around for him. Confeso, With a anti-bourse from flight, has options any more to circumvent very has for state floor with him - but his , this darkens the bourse leaves blend in and evasion with him.

In general, likes for me a bourse travesía, and has known concealed has taken to so that Travelon deceit from drawings. Whether you can live with those, this very liked surely weiterempfehlen this bourse.
5 / 5 Sharyl
Spends the long time this compares purse from travesía. It has occupied finally this one and his amours, goes to be prpers daily bourse . Prpers Requirements: 1st anti-flight (close zips, slashproof oar, etc.) 2nd very also enormously but want return to 6th generation Ipad with room any more when casualidad from this altogether keyboard another element. 3rd headline to jump water. 4th preference for older any more when the profile him wide plus. This is not the small bourse, but is not such in the big course the pleasure this from this such other this Many return one Ipad+casualidad. This real dimensions are squared any more when in big extent (12.5 x 12), but no wide law from mine. Pocket to jump the waters are smallish, but returns prpers necessities. I have touched very caffè down a side from him unifies to use in the first place them misses. I rinsed/dried quickly from one caffè with the wet paper towel and a crowd from gaze from the bourse... Any byline there is spilt is. Amur A safety to feel in publicly from carriage, while shabby, etc.
4 / 5 Christinia
there has questions with this bourse. It has taken taken in rain join and there is remarked taint in a side from a headline to jump water and in this side from a bourse. Believe one taint was to bleed from a material zip this was a lot him likes dark him. It tries to clean one purse up with aim washcloths now sees passable. One washclothes there is not clean in the cold water washed and gaze to be stained and no from muck. This such such single spent to be taken in the rain read has joined so that it asks whether this could spend mine again. I own four from have joined purse and otherwise him liked!!!
5 / 5 Katherin
Has used this bourse, all to this long from, has received he from then. It IS ergonomically designed and very comfortable to spend. This this multiple pockets leave to add for the organisation. It uses a pocket lateralmente all a time for one umbrella or jump he from the water; Such adequately. I want such to have discovered this!
4 / 5 Phuong
Such only has required this has. Not leading doubt to weiterempfehlen how one daily purse. I have chosen this one in diverse other because of an external pocket for the jump water. Perfecto For travesías from park from the deflection, etc. into use daily, also could resist the small umbrella.
The zips are done there calmly, these pockets were capaciously, this material felt very sturdy and severely. Spending all day he in a heat, an oar where continual in a shoulder liked take turned has very this cured has to resolve properly (but this is to say to say any bourse ).
4 / 5 Tanner
This is to say to say afterwards to another black crossbody bourse for comparison (a bit more economical but invernadero).
The measure was any more very from soiled for small bourse two casualidad from glasses and lines etc,
title to jump waters him to do not regulate for plastic measure very bondadoso.
To This to this the principal question likes him other has mentioned is a buckle and the oar are very happen badly! Has multiple bruises from where undermined has mine.
Very global see bourse but clock thebuckle
4 / 5 Dierdre
chosen have mainly are the bourse to have from the reasons a headline this jumps this expandable water this properly prpers metal from water from boat from half measure. When I have not required to spend waters from jump, prpers access from small measure from personally from umbrella in this zipped in title in an external side from a bourse.
Returns the diverse bourse this is not returned these criteria. It IS to title lateralmente such only access a plastic small measure available waters from boat.
For true to derjenige to this the characteristic liked him any more, from from this bourse has one semi-detached mini torch those helps to peer to a bourse and is also very very organize for all this required must that the return to the mine spends personally in from element for travesía from air.
5 / 5 Heath
Amur This purse! There are so many compartments to organize all from prpers thing in prpers own locus. I am spent to visit this prime because of a anti-characteristic from flight, but has decided to spend this that purse from mine is every day. I have received the conspiracy compliment is and has bought 2 any more in from this diverse colours for presents. I have used he in a rain and all remained dry inside totally from the purse from mine. This is to say to say very Worth from the money!
4 / 5 Many
I have bought this handbag partorisca this crusader in Austria, and was a perfect bourse absolutely partorisca this travesía. A mark organism from the cross, a RFID creams, and a measure was much mine entity . This derjenige only tiny Ding does not do like him was that one 16oz from the water has jumped did not like to title in a turn to jump this external waters. This despite, from the returns to jump within a bourse surely, as it was very happy. Chattel full Prpers bourse, sunglasses, iPhone, kleenex, gloves, water, Toni, and any more within this purse, and the room was there still. The measure adds and comfortable to spend. It liked me to from him this handbag!!
4 / 5 Renae
This is to say to say this in fact practical bourse , with abundance from pockets. A headline to jump the waters are the reason cannister much zip he on when no in the use but is bitten this small. Prpers @Any more @@@subject only real is that it is at all stylish. Has this Lipault purse this I in fact how a gaze from but is to small and any pretty many pockets for travesía
5 / 5 Elizbeth
there improve: Prpers The bourse has arrived used and dirty, which there is not at once there is remarked. There is remarked it that there is not had any from any house is, neither was any from one takes closed- but is WELL with east is returned while element's is new still mark . This despite, to take any more the gaze nearly from- I can see taint and muck. Any felizmente this has paid has full price for this used one.

ESTACA ORIGINAL: HAS a come crusader in Europe and I liked have the bourse this could spend prpers bourse, passport, eyeglass casualidad, sunglass casualidad, bourse from small cosmetic (hands sanitizer, cloths, clippers from nail, hand moisturizer, file from small nail, chapstick, ibuprofen), this little granola bars, this note tampon, spike, prpers cellphone (XL) this despite has room this crams in this súper thin jacket. Has also leading to hide the locus receipts, maps, brochures, etc. And also this has something for the jump water.

Booked has several bourses to choose from, and That are to say to say one one concealed acting uphold. Has a perfect crowd from pockets and storage. Room for all- and can still cram prpers thin jacket necessities to. Or, this cold time could probably prpers jump from the gloves and this this knit hat in him, but a lot any more. Such to jump from a pocket the waters are in united outsides and no intrude to an inside. This bourse goes to be prpers gone-the bourse for all prpers crusader (Europe, Disneyland, zoo, etc.)

has a DRAWBACK an adjustment for an oar from paste from shoulder prpers bone from with this. I liked have him that this quellskaschiert neither spends this Hinterteil, or by means of mine another shoulder, or modification from the creams from class has joined to do this work from bourse. Whether this is to say to say deconstructing an oar and this sews king this, or this does the husk cushioned, or..... ?? Him- him likes I joined bourse so many, this despite, this is to say to have from the risk.

Here is about another bourses this tried has has was - in this casualidad ascertainment to a perfect bourse, also:

Ranked To Order to measure…

Travelon Quilted half/From this north from this sud- must this concealed says, this bourse is a surprising bourse with metric metric ton from storage and metric metric ton from pockets. Whether it must displace for prpers daughter or husband, this liked be one one like go with. Or, whether it has visited to where to somewhere has cold room from amours to hide prpers gloves, hat and plan this is indoors- this liked be perfect. It IS in big extent such almost could spend the spare pair of shoes in him (ie Disneyland generally!) But for simply me, in ordinary time, was also. This In big extent and to many pockets.

Travelon Classical Crossbody the bourse cube has has liked him in fact such, but a buckle einschleifen such only in the bone from with this from the mine. A bourse was in big extent enough, but locus in so much with a bit to access pockets and storage. One drawback to this bourse, for me, was a fashion. It was such “blah”. I have ordered an ash, and such mind only this industrial and this out stray from.

Travelon Heritage hobo this one was prpers preferred in appearance completely. It liked me/have liked him to from him to him such only. But it has joined the zips were in big extent such and scratchy, have joined the pockets were in fact severely to take Ding in and out his because of a fashion from zip. It was such sad. This enabled storage was perfect. This enabled profit such last to use.

Travelon Classical north/From this from this sud Crossbody bourse this is to say to say a a there is uphold at last.

Travelon Asymmetrically Petit Oriental/West Crossbody- I liked have him upholds is one, also….. How the bourse lucidos the small plus… is any more when him modish purse. It does not have room to store the thin jacket, neither has a pocket to jump water, but has this very prpers gaze and the good crowd from pockets.

Travelon Petit Oriental/West Crossbody- this is to say to say any more such him purse. I have included smaller that one asymmetrically one. It was small also for any daytripping which included takes any from one packaging such tried.
5 / 5 Pat
Want this purse. I have researched mark and from this numerous purses,try find the purse adds to visit external from an earth. Joined characteristic and measures from this one is fantastic. In the first place him has a anti cloth from stab in a bourse as well as an oar. It is done many the durable cloth and this amour a colour from this lived one. It has joined the zips can be hooked such were at all leading falls and any little to open for the thief. A zone from the paper is there RFID saves. There is the sickle for Toni included this to small torch. A shoulder oar can be regulated this easy be used such crossbody. It is recommended any to open the purse to recover such to calm has chosen jumped them prpers water this fashion because can it calm to jump them insert in this puuch has joined external. A bourse has the zip such expnds to jump. Humour for mine sunglasses also. This is to say to say a half measure these leaves for organisation and can hole many elements.
5 / 5 Irma
Has bought this when lucido crusader to Rome-many confessed to choose pockets.
A pocket from external point is returned prpers fold in umbrella and also jumps the mines water stainless personnel!
A paper crediticio RFID the pockets to save the paper could be alittle deeper.
Has bitten the state must revised torch practically to this equal that to find the things in the dark purse is appeal to there must that averts when him yields on. Also an end from the row from mainly the clave from amours from the zip over a bourse-I do not know whether this is to say to say intentional how the appeal from zip-but imagined has diverted from prpers appearance abit.
Developed such to upstroke from necessity this compressible rain spent also.
THIS such moderately such only in measure-but there has 2 occasions I wish am spent the purse lucido smaller that eats is gone in late. But this is to say to say prpers preference .
Prpers The crazy traveler has used the band from this far small safety-but is happy has had for this organism from purse from the cross accesses promptly. Prpers Poor were free.
Any from one 5 from hitch is not never be to choose pocketed to this equal that knows sees a safety done or this Amours from No. see logical that what this expert thieves liked learn are about be one breech-but have have a piece of imports to use this bourse.
5 / 5 Laci
Has used while this bourse lucida crusader from 2 weeks in from the Indians. In general, it was very contented. As him sees & from must conspiracy from clearly from compartment. Whether it has designed, it liked do very mainly - is to stagnate it remember to be ascertainment to pack in all for the day was & about - from any more sale liked him yes esatta from the jacket, hat, or another piece apparels.
5 / 5 Suzanna
Has bought this bourse when lucido crusader to Europe. I have used for goes he him to him small has left. A second day in Parigi, a hardware where has alloy an oar coming only such such avert Absent warns. It was there is much reason disappointed already own the averages the dozen Travelon bourses and have very there are not never had the question in another ways. A connector this is to say to come averts a lot go resemble a one in another bourses but no identical. Have does felizmente a bit Stale with me this used have to last one altogether oars to this equal that could use he for a rest from mine travesía, otherwise been has the master ausenta the handbag. Turn this for the repayment.
4 / 5 Lorraine
From all one Travelon the purse has purchased ossia prpers has preferred . The colour adds. Useful pockets and any more anti save from flight that any from mainly purses have one. Such is mark that included a pocket lateralmente from the zip this so many from law for sunglasses as well as you jumped have water. A detachable oar is how can wrap up the price oar your chair in the restaurant or this ensures to one handrail in a bowl to save addition against united flies. Hope This purse lasts the long time!
4 / 5 Sonya
Is not surely can dip the words a feeling to visit a world-wide knows is very saved with this Travelon handbag. From him him joined it cloaks from custody from the inside from yard has has joined oar, build to try from knife such from one handbag, to one RFID pockets any more when paper from the credit finalise this the zips einschleifen to this equal that have prpers wake from own organism this saves prpers this. The colour is perfect for newspaper and to blend and left with another colours. Whether calm the doors crossbody or shorten an oar to spend that is to say to say must for travesía or still daily.
5 / 5 Monica
The bourse adds, largely this has thought, resisted the conspiracy. Attentively zipping a carrier boot, a point can take stuck. Uphold Mina, liked this and search this small to from any more a this is to say to say bitten lucido any more dressy. One from this better bourses joined do there any are have not never had.
5 / 5 Curt
The purse adds partorisca recognition by means of Europe. A pocket in a side is spent the compact umbrella any or he 26oz Brita waters from the Absent boat the question. It has joined the sickles were partorisca take him a bit and unclasp but I alway felt that prpers the element was sure. A purse was in big extent enough to spend the bourse, camera, and another clearly innere from element. An oar was adjustable likes him that it could do him time very or in curtness depends that it likes you this this from your raisin crossbody. It could prende used all from has has joined museums and churches in Venice, Florence, and Rome and has any not has had a subject never with measure when this spends for safety.
5 / 5 Marine
Can say this bourse this is to say to announce to this sturdy and to this equal that has done. It IS very uncomfortable like a daily bourse. I have bought when it have him has him joined compartment and to spend like the bourse from mamma, but an oar from uncomfortable shoulder me this to jump liked him a lot in from completely in him or any more digs down this prpers shoulder. I in fact, in fact like a material and esthetic, and raisin from mine the reason is to late and this enormously beset to the turn is very in fact comfortable.
4 / 5 Arletta
Has used this that prpers purse/daybag such crossed abroad new. There is done it this so much. It has run to an older lady in an airport restroom line with a same bourse. It said me all from joined locus had gone with aloud. Many in fact.
5 / 5 Dominica
I like a measure and this mark to has safety added. It IS asestada and this hanged/hanged Light adds. They are according other reviewer that a pocket in a side want do not resist for the jump water, but mine from amour from use for prpers umbrella from trip from measure. It looks forward to him uses in prpers travesía afterwards in Europe.
5 / 5 Kerstin
Has bought has this one for prpers daughter, such crossed in Europe. (The dog has eaten advances one -) to this equal that follow better this from prpers more own. It IS capaciously, many pockets that lock, and the locus in a side for the jump water or umbrella. It has finalised to spend the conspiracy from prpers any more material in prpers purse, in the locus from him under prpers smaller a plus.
4 / 5 Traci
Prpers Prime minister Travelon the purse was marvelously but has begun to see spent to many years from travesía many to this approximate this have decided to order other. A new purse has a quality any prpers first purse has has. A prime minister has been this I feed there from soft cloth but this one has takes the rigid nylon this taint this even more rigid in coldly time. A first purse has been this soft there widely stap but this a No. an external cloth is also more rigid especially in a cold and does this crinkle the movement from his when. There are little pockets in a new purse compared has to owe an old. Also to jump united water to the title is smaller and not resisting prpers Britta the waters jumped abfüllen like an old purse resisted has has.
5 / 5 Alesha
Want the product! Enough in big extent to resist prpers iPad For and necessity from personally from element for the flight from SFO this TPE. A numerous comparment the leaves so that it organize to pack closely. I liked use this which every day bourse from carrier goes this forward. Also estimate a headline to jump water.
5 / 5 Maria
The pocket lateralmente was to small and this in curtness to accommodate prpers water from boat from thermal norm.
4 / 5 Gloria
HAS amour this small principal purse that the tense to and this is to say to say, but does not see . Conspiracies and many characteristics from safety, sturdy with fashion. Very very seeing bourse with many compartments--maybe any more when definite but in fact do like a bourse.
5 / 5 Christel
Third bourse from the register from this Travesía has has. A last a wonderful but was to small. This a perfect east . The suggestion liked only do is the waters boat spend this something any is returned any boat has found still, but not inserting that much mine.
5 / 5 Debra
I want this organism bourse from the cross. I have purchased this bourse in the first place, because recognition I in October, and has want the bourse this liked resist prpers iPad, while in a plan. Plant to expect to use a bourse, is by train all to use a time. It IS comfortable and aprovisiona abundance from room.
4 / 5 Arnetta
The only draw Hinterteil is that a zip from mainly is the compartment very also upholds time and a cut down take stuck around a curve.
4 / 5 Wenona
A headline for united waters from boot was this small difficult to develop for the majority from water has jumped.
A bourse has been has weighed included Absent has joined waters from boat in a headline.
Many pockets enable me to be tried to spend to many have weighed have included have added waters from boat. I have done it has him has him joined adjustments and were any loan.
5 / 5 Roland
In fact want this purse. Have questions from with eastern, as I can not use the bourse weighed has. It did not do like me liked produced anymore from skin this knows concealed has joined the animal suffers. This purse gives enough a lot describes to spend that definite. Also I want a bit have the zips the insurances latch to close a zone. A purple is gorgeous!
4 / 5 Carolee
The purse has arrived quickly. It does not have still used. It IS brilliant. It does not know that sturdy liked be him. I have called Amazon to see this from the bourse is custody from flight . I foresee worries from safety when him used the bourse has discovered & such only a lot to resist a a pocket all from prpers element.
5 / 5 Joaquin
Has liked him this handbag. Justo Pretty in big extent to spend all the necessity I. Amur An adjustable oar to this to this equal that can use a crossbody while is spent it I and there am freely prpers hands. I spend always this big any more handbag for the years have purchased then other Travelon crossbody handbag and want these handbags. Many pockets to dip prpers that and uphold all have organize. A perfect handbag to spend anytime!
4 / 5 Bernarda
Has purchased a such crossed purse to Europe, as it has has liked him something reviewed there is from the flight concealed was . Had any @@@@@subject at all with a bourse. It was comfortable, durable, and very surely. I spend the day to Parigi this has touched rain down, and there is uphold that felizmente severely. Leading use this bourse any visit time. I have purchased two other Travelon bourses (a crossbody purse and fanny band) for prpers family, and his liked in fact lucido also lucidas.
5 / 5 Delia
The characteristic has joined in general is such. This despite, a description has said 12.5 x 4x 12 and a bourse has received is any more as 10.5 x 4 x 10th can that any are the clocks many the difference but a difference I in fact annoying from then have Many from this bourse for united laws from bourse daily. Now this been declaring to touch snug access very. I owe that quellskaschiert redoes prpers daily essentials. I liked see such start. It receives today this alone.
4 / 5 Kyung
Selectively has this bourse for a safety latches (at all many zips), a headline to jump water, and a compartment versatility.
Also has an adjustable oar.
4 / 5 Tricia
Use has in Morocco and use from amour any more when I tours. The comfortable alcohol has launched organism about. Good pockets. Apt boot to water so much.
5 / 5 Christin
This bourse was partorisca sub the recognition has one has purchased last year and has used all very misses from then. A new bourse has been configured distinctly and was fearful a difference liked leave me possibly vulnerable while has the recognition full plant. I liked him uses him is returned house now .
4 / 5 Eliana
HAS has amour this crossbody bourse with characteristic from the safety partorisca this travesía taken. I want that this bourse lived down- I ail from all a brien and black bourses. A fir-tree-the pocket tree has has joined zips from this ploughed from umbrella to spend the waters boot. A partner said me about from that the bourse and is very felizmente with him!
5 / 5 Ernest
Has used this bourse in from the days have required to spend any more material with me, this jump waters any more esatte and/or umbrella. It returns him has all ausentáis any question required and felt surely totally with him. It sees a lot so and it was a bit to take in all has like. This despite, be warned, when be in a shoulder (organism to cross tense past tense) for the conspiracy from time, taken strongly
4 / 5 In
had seen this bourse in the tent but decided to order from Amazon. Has must that returns a prime minister an I received like him to jump a pocket the waters been have sewn have been impossible to take any boat in there, was such only to small. A second one I have received was this small can express jump he in there but is in fact this concisely coin. It want the turn but I leave in this travesía very on time and uses from amours. Such otherwise joined has the bourse saw such single required Awake from quality from remedy in a pocket.
4 / 5 Vickey
This bourse failed me. I have used the small time. Has has had to that 1 star bc resisted has alot any more when expected has it. As they were last week has in Rome a bourse been stabbed in an oar and flown from me. Prpers Paper crediticio, goes and it him camera has been taken.
5 / 5 Meridith
Has been use Travelon anti-the Classical flight for the years and are some better. This prpers later one adds, older then one any has owned in the past tense joined tend but any big east this under an out.
4 / 5 Shon
IS disappointed in a pocket lateralmente to resist waters from jump. Such such only resisted has a boot to measure smaller and concealed very surely. This jumped small with especially this do not return at all from this thick funds. This characteristic was from has one joined the reasons have purchased a bourse from travesía.
5 / 5 Chanda
This is to say to say one 3rd Travelon from this model has purchased. It has been the bit redesigned. A gaze from the hardest cloth and a connection from an oar to a better organism. I think that that this can be to have a correction has compared to that 2 purses I already own.
4 / 5 Humberto
A zip is broken there in course from mine crossbody and has been the month ascertainment to to do! OMG! I have been allllll look for a PERFFECT bourse! Finally! Felizmente!!!!! :-)
4 / 5 Lajuana
‘Sees there has smaller Travelon bourses for years. This one to the east from a better. Has several pockets from surely zip and any more room in an organism from a bourse. It had been combat to return prpers iPhone Max has joined in have the bourses joined smaller. Amur An umbrella pocket/from waters to jump also.

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5 / 5 Lean
I want this bourse! Last year ordered has has any more this small crossbody Travelon the bourse partorisca this travesía to goring has in Ireland. Any liked him to From him raisin prpers bourse with me. There like this to form that such only spends from the passport joined and needful papers and have the bourse that RFID saved has. When I chattel house coming , has in date not from this use that bourse and dipped has in fact by means of prpers . Chattel him how quellsziemlich to this to from this liked him liked one this were only such such this small largely this resisted has prpers big bourse this small easier. This bourse returns a bill partorisca me. Travesía Adds profit this z/this z/the backpack or totebag liked have such the bourse this were small pretty to dip to a bourse a big plus. This is to say to say a perfect measure for me. A blue colour is the good neutral and a bourse is very simple in prpers gaze. Simple and simple. Highly weiterempfehlen he this bourse to very to this to this that did not like him lug from the big bourse all day but enough in big extent to spend this required has. There is prpers bourse, chequebook, bourse from trick, telephone, spike and misc material and there is still room.
When him visited again, still want use prpers more original Travelon. It IS in close like the new state and all is surely and insurances.
5 / 5 Blanca
Has purchased this bourse together with the bourse to adjust to visit that weiterempfehlen with this bourse to this to this equal that can go in an external pocket. It surprises that him resists, although is it the light bourse . Clean hanged, packed with all, is 2 pounds, 3 oz. A single Ding this do not return such prpers big sunglasses are casualidad hard. (Petit sunglass Access from clip) this despite, bourse, Toni, telephone, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, filter from glasses, hairbrush, mirror from trick and lipstick, cloths, toothpick, etc., all is returned calm . Has joined creams from excellent organisation grabs that the easy necessity. A zip to appeal these approaches the clips are enough a bit to use when required.
5 / 5 Gennie
Must have another Travelon purse this state has has the mine dated done a lot such present year. I have visited at length with him, and has has liked him something has bitten smaller. This purse returns a bill - I do not master using how prpers gone-to to visit around a world (also small), but liked be to take lose as the purse very 'the plus very' concealed does not do when see this bulky start. This derjenige only Ding does not like him about this thus far is that from a finish from an oar about swivel (this informed to is a sickle), like the oar takes go back the conspiracy . Other this concealed, has joined purse from works to this concealed has approximate announced!
5 / 5 Vernita
Has bought this travelon purse for a safety
characteristic. I liked be in first Rome from this med
the cruise and the pickpockets are the real question .
Has been raisin around to take use
I many measures pleasure and as all this
lock from compartment from the zip.
Has bought a navy and then I sprayed this
with the spray from custody from the water.
Liked be to spend prpers seaport to spend and very
has liked him takes many casualidad from him taking wet.
Prpers Vehicle this go this Barcellona, legustado
mine so much, has bought a same such only one.
Incredibly, when be the pickpocket in
Barcellona is once not against a law.
Such, there even any more questions.
The master informed behind after prpers travesía in the September about to this approximate this has been.
5 / 5 Ericka
Thinks that this liked be from this perfect small purse travesía. I have him this has not used for prójimo this but has changed from this very principal purse and has used he for prpers daily purse to this to this equal that can take the sound used. All from a material from an access from the principal purse although has it lucido any this metric metric ton from the room has left on. Many gone back this 9.7 iPad from thumb in a casualidad although yes it is in silent there must that concealed choose and choose that any more to spend. Usually him spends iPhone 6 any more, bourse, cosmetic bourse, comb, alcohol, car Toni, sunglasses and glasses from small reading. Also it returns this this 12 oz waters from jump. Obviously to arrive to this point is uploaded fully and take strongly. A purse is comfortable in a shoulder or how the organism from cross. Has blue colour a half night this is to say pretty and like go with all. Has the partner with a burgundy colour this is to say so but any such adaptable. Prpers The only flu is that when something take from a silent purse can also design the paper from has joined from spaces from the paper him is then in a principal compartment and no in the separate zone. I have bought for has the small bourse has joined paper this save from need and liked be capable of from from this locus and passport in a space from passport (the question resolved). They are felizmente deeply with this bourse very also in big extent and any to small -- simply perfect!
4 / 5 Maudie
I amour Travelon purse! Mark Many a bit from the safety and a fact can dry was yes this something raisin. I have bought prpers prime minister Travelon purse in Meijers grocer tent from tent, on in a zone from casualidad. Prpers Mari spotted This and has been surprised to find them there. But his does not uphold from the stocks in. Prpers Loss, this profit from this amazon! I have ordered this one in a blue. Has very taken compliment in these purses and have liked him one crossbody oar so that prpers the hands are free. When grocer tends Compraventa, I unhook an oar, raisin for one cloak from a cart and refasten this. Custody from flight because such sometimes happily engrossed to direct uphold any prpers eye in purse from mine.
5 / 5 Tawanda
Has bought this purse to do any more this big Travelon this had bought this few years done and never, never are the reasons use this big. This one is a perfect measure , with add organize innere from compartment. Chattel him how me when lucido crusader to Europe was this to include at some-recognition from city from the feet, these reasons the state affected has in pickpocket and purse snatchers. It felt a lot surely spend this bourse by means of prpers organism, more exact because of one slashproof oar and one RFID space from paper crediticio innere block. But there is enjoyed it spends also the pleasure the shoulder bourse sometimes. An oar surely and quickly slides from long to course. This purse is not in big extent enough to resist waters from jump, but mine kindle the reader to turn amiably together with all one travesía needful and just documents essentials. It was capable of from surely to go in elder that to Flat or has included principal shawl and tuck he in, also. All while residuary Light - a primary requirement for me! A big yes, yes, yes from me to the east adds small purse!
5 / 5 Yan
This bourse is fantastic. I have been affected that it could be to small, but is a perfect measure . Mark Many a bit from safety; I einschleifen surely that prpers the element is surely when is they and about. As This-me this has this zippered innere from compartment and two outsides. Besides, there are two open pockets inside together with spatial blessed for credit and from the papers from debit. There is surely spatial for mine 2 cellphones, this clutch, this small load & associated has has cord to touch, drops from eye, handkerchief, and the number from personally from element. A material is lovely and toallitas humid was surely spill something in him (this sadly spends often).
This is to say to say absolutely him purse from mine has preferred. They are surely to anticipos this Travelon converted .
4 / 5 Rodolfo
To this equal that follows many things in this purse. Has very seen has dismayed the eastern flight included zips and to stab free oar. It has been he adds for our holidays to Europe. Wort What this Light . Still although is it relatively small, returns all from joined has the things required have to have when lucido crusader from day, especially whether the humours joined have paper from spaces in the locus from your own bourse. There is very zippered compartment this is to say useful for money and from the passports.
The state has use this purse in city because likes him me from him him purse lights him more. Whether it likes him-you he affects how the conspiracy material one umbrella or portable, require the purse lucido mainly, but for this travesías from the day is excellent.
5 / 5 Karine
Am spent many hours look for to derjenige perfect purse likes him the mine current purse to, also he Travelon, this has used for years, has seen sadly this small and one from prpers the zips had broken. This purse was the present from prpers sister and has have many things that there are leading, as I have been to take other from this mark, although looked in him other cream's also. Has one saved has has spatial for prpers paper crediticio and another plastic establishment. They are salvos, can be better ensured yes required, and were also practically when have required I. Has amour a rugged cloth also and what many pockets. It was this small largely this has required and with so many utmost pockets, have have joined detection from difficulty occasionally this. I have decided to go smaller and more compact. This purse is all has search and any more. Has it joined it papers from pockets crediticios sculpture this amours, and is but and can be ensured. It returns all the necessities to spend I and included can add mine kindle necessity to. All has the locus and all is a bit to find and access. I want a cloth, a colour and has joined metal from zips and clip. I have included from has the picture joined the elements spend, a picture from an inside has included one kindle.
4 / 5 Helen
They are this new to convert largely to spend-all-but-this-purse from tank from the cooking, to the small plus crossbody. With this be said when, a small plus crossbody has must that is room pretty and organize has the reasonable crowd enough to spend from element. They are not one what such such only can leave a house with has has joined paper crediticios from the cash and prpers called and spends this small wristlet or bourse. I require the purse that has the just crowd from room. I have found that these accesses a bill in fact, and has taken all from entity in there. The majority from from entity from all, jumps small from access from water, and there is the space for several papers crediticios. This is to say to say the winner , and I to take dulcemente he in an additional colour!
4 / 5 Rachelle
Liked be to visit in Spagna, and such in land more foreign, ensuring your private identification and valuables is critical. A whole family has purchased the safety bourse such reason has been recommended highly joined in floor from recognition and for persons have visited this to another earths and mentioned what marvelously were to feel your valuables were this bourse hand surely to spend-held norm. The appearance must any that experiences any flight while abroad, but liked feel surely that prpers the element is surely for prpers side in this bourse.
4 / 5 Marsha
Has bought this purse for prpers lady for abroad vacationing. It has found very functional both like the regular purse and such ensured handbag. There it is qualified from storage from good inside. It has have prpers cellphone, kindle, bourse, and has included this innere traces from coverage from the rain. A interlocking tabs from zip a very sure purse when this trace in audience promoted him or this finalise an oar around the chair behind when in the restaurant. A purse also there is RFID saves which there is aprovisionado an additional alcohol from safety. It IS also this fashionably attractive purse ( there has a blue colour). One has produced to add!
4 / 5 Deeanna
Has not this bought for travesía but prpers Luz and such single in fact practically. I have finalised that with a black pewter gaze blah. It has joined the zips are with a delivery a bit to operate. Prpers Returns téléphonique such so in an advance from pocket and all from has has joined paper and receipts in a backside. A principal compartment is in big extent enough to spend this 10' straw surely (I have reusable joined raisin). I can you have joined 800 pages Pappband turn in there for class from martial arts and the dates from the doctor. Humour this very minimalist bourse, but could use joined spatial aprovisionados and has much room. Also I can take this 16 oz waters from jump in there such only also any with a book.
5 / 5 Lynell
Want the bourse's for travesía. It IS surer from prpers old bourse. As This-me this has two from these bourses in from this diverse colours. I hate to spend the big purse when I visit. These returns all prpers necessity-cash, papered crediticio, telephone, camera and other basics. I can you join little zips all and the sickle included ensure to the table or chair while are we dining in the restaurant. Has estimated from a reason down partorisca this stray star has one from a zip this altogether appeal (those attacks a mark to close).
4 / 5 Marivel
Rescue, has taken this handbag for a travesía international. It was very he is good time but like the time has taken hot and has been used while sweat, a bleeding headed from heart. It was all blue in prpers Poor, prpers the hands have turned blue like him the avatar. A blue colour has destroyed prpers more objective T shirt. It adds as handbag it is light weight and anti flight and there is upheld has has joined thief and choose pocketers were. It IS only such such whether any to deceive the blue turn vacacional, amours to do for any. Any lucido legustado concealed them destroyed have have prpers cloths and another fact another expensive French to manicure turned has has in blue this pocolos use. It does not know these subjects such to attach foreseen any for the use whether a time is hot.
4 / 5 Melisa
This purse is excellent so that they liked this only crossbody travesía still (something is concealed there is not also in big extent or to small). I have used in vacacional to resist prpers telephone, money, this small book, alcohol, sunglasses, jumps small from sunscreen, and the element pair from trick. It IS him bit him in curtness in the height as it is severely to find this many crossbody concealed does not do also feel in big extent. This one returns a bill! It likes me all from have have joined pockets - do to find the things the easy plus and offer any more the room ausenta a purse that this bulky results.
4 / 5 Brain
Very contented with prpers tightens from this purse! Bought he such new crusader to Italy and resisted does on such so. I have used to spend prpers paper crediticio (RIFD saves has included in purse), sunglasses, mark on, and few memories selectively until stroll I about ours visit. Both front and the rear pockets are amply to spend another element. I have used a backside one for cloths and rich sanitizer wipe. It has joined the safety characteristics are a bit to use and uphold your valuables surely. Have upheld always prpers purse in sight and snuggly while altogether the current mine around. But know does there a anti-characteristic from the flight gave me peace from alcohol. One has included to the purse resisted to adds the rainy day to Florencia Absent umbrella. All was innere dry . This very surely do is prpers is gone the bourse for travesías future. Very felizmente with prpers tightens and highly weiterempfehlen!
5 / 5 Valda
The dates have reason this 5 stars are perfect for me. Has Marine Travelon the purse backpack uses I for travesía and have has liked him something smaller for every day use. Prpers The partner has bought a Marine blue small And/w Crossbody the bourse and liked him to from me a measure. It has purchased abrufbereit has considered this small principal bourse, but is happy has decided is one. A pocket lateralmente returns prpers iPhone 8+ perfectly and have many pockets pretty and room to uphold all has organize. I consider to to cost like him to this diverse paintings such.
4 / 5 Marx
Does to any to use still. It looks in general the just measure and as it liked like me to be very bitten a bourse he any more to the east with a length from partorisca by means of a zone from belly. A photo from the model does not describe so much such to a measure in a locus web. An oars husk is this small rigid I this despite contributes that to a no-innere from cloak from the flight. An adjustable period is a lot also with enough from spare period. It likes him- joins me the small Light have attached to a tone from oar. This this external pockets liked be useful. Has joined innere from the pockets are this pocolos superficial but is the small purse. To Look in such other I in fact there have have not him liked something such in largely course this master is resulted the load to use . I want ascertainment the time to improve him later.
5 / 5 Janis
This bourse sees small, but has resisted any more all an essential this little extras. One three zippered the compartments can be ensured and an oar has regulated to the election from period. It IS very hanged fact/hanged /hanged and light. A navy the bourse is plus any Light in colour that this Marine true, but is surely to so any this black Marino. Joined accesses such bourse in any shoulder and can be used like the cross-organism. It IS a perfect measure partorisca game from answer from sport and adds partorisca run errands or grocer acting him scratched that it is not has required the big bourse.
5 / 5 Doretta
Must have the pair Travelon the bourses and I generally AMUR. This despite, can not find this derjenige to this the same fashion likes him last one has have and has bought is one. It IS the much bourse , but to small partorisca me. Has inhalers from youngsters, other meds, bite and similar advance this spends in usually prpers bourse and there is tired such only that must what spends concealed two bourses! So many, liked be to the tent is one and buy any more this big Travelon.
5 / 5 Rex
Has taken this handbag this Spagna, where has been warned in pickpocket all to this long from and another flights. Walk In attractive tourists, felt surely that prpers paper crediticio, this passport and other more private and financial client was RFID saved has.
5 / 5 Cheree
Such such only returned partorisca this travesía in Argentina used has where this Travelon crossbody every day. Has characteristic from good safety, full three parted zips/combinations from coverage to the clip almost. An oar could also be unlocked and set around the chair in the restaurant and then, king-attached to a clip partorisca ensures prpers safety. It had occupied this second Travelon crossbody but choose take this one in a crusader from this crossbody there has has has has closed pockets any more and are the elder from small Old. The value adds partorisca from the money.
5 / 5 Lavern
HAS amour this simple, unfussy bourse from organism from the cross for the daily use and this is to say to say. Nice, almost this is simple forms squared with many useful pockets from external zip in both sides. It has joined the zips are not ostentatious. Good measure that access téléphonique, bourse, purse from transmission and many small elements, with spare but Absent room enticing resist to spend this metric metric ton to fill all day. Zip from estacionar joined, which is clips in fact such only , are mainly a bit to use. A bit mini-Light in this lanyard in united works from inside in fact. From the start/from starts/starts are from strap and can be shortened so that a bourse can be spent in prpers encircled, but ossia the bourse those gazes very such amour the doubt goes to hike with him! A navy blue is dark and like go with all.
5 / 5 Mercedes
Want this person. In the first place, I bought have have where for this European holidays trace during a public traffic. But this directs this small purse so that it has been used he stove. Sturdy, This resistant water, a bit to use ensure zips that percept me such in calm. It is not to small, but any to in big extent neither. Many weiterempfehlen to any!
4 / 5 Nelia
This was a perfect sized bourse for me! I have taken in him him crossed him new to Portogallo and has done such so. It does not have gone to strongly, but has has sufficient room for prpers telephone, this small digital camera, this casualidad from glass, this small bourse and cloths. I have purchased a blue, but also can take in other colour.
5 / 5 Doug
This is to say to say one purse from perfect measure for mine abroad travesía. He properly all me and prpers Flansch liked require and can not be broken to! A relief when this goes the location tourist. It is returned prpers telephone , casualidad from glasses, ibuprofen and our passports and paper crediticio! Any more a lot it can were the thieves scanner prpers paper. I can not expect the use concealed and probably want purse from the mine from the result has preferred.
5 / 5 Jc
Has used this cross-bourse from organism in the locus from the mine LV in two travesías seperately to one) isolated he from Caribbean and b) this from this northern Africans earth this year, 2019th felt prpers the passport has must take any more to this long from one RFID innere from mark, and has united characteristics all from safety likes them from zips to completion have joined uphold prying the hands were. Light's weight. Durable.
5 / 5 Martina
This is to say to do there such in this travesía. The desire could be a zip in an enclosed backside's as well as a principal zip. A bourse is the good measure and could returned a bourse with him pocolos another element. A pocket from the zip from the inside is also many. I have used he partorisca the month and sees durable. It was a bit to the minor muck to dry has been with the humid cloth.
5 / 5 Hiram
It liked me travelon as there are from a safety I need when abroad visit. This is to say partorisca say mine 3rd hurt and is partorisca amply a better access partorisca me. It does not spend the element conspiracy in prpers bourse but this from the gazes partorisca be perfect. Has room partorisca papered crediticia , cellphone , and other toiletries. Justo Perfecto And any has weighed at all.
4 / 5 Tu
Want not from the worry in a safety has joined from the purse happily from mine while are they grocer this negotiates shabby, etc. these gazes such, are such such only a right measure, and saves prpers private clients and prpers paper from safety from the credit.
4 / 5 Eugena
Liked have this purse has taken he in Londra and was perfect. It returns inside prpers backpack partorisca prpers flight (any luggage reviewed- raisin in only). Has very diverse and prpers compartment all almost. It IS perfect.
4 / 5 Gia
In fact like a colour and gone has. An ability from from this this has closed nearly. A sickle with light to attach purse from inside from Toni. An ability to include purse to the chair, table, and prpers bicycle when this trace. Also him likes him that it gets into from the bourse.
5 / 5 Benedict
Purchased has has this purse again for the holidays in Europe. There it has the locus for prpers cellphone, and for passports this mine resisted has both and prpers the husband is. From him then it has him has it empty for papers crediticios and he zippered pocket for cash, has not required to take another bourse. I can not spend the purse has weighed such era the perfect purse! Prpers IPAD Also returned in this purse, as it was capable of from from this raisin in an Absent plan this must that this undermined to spends in the mine bourse. This very surely liked be to take this purse in prpers the majority vacacional joint's!
5 / 5 Mira
Adds small bourse for travesía. I have bought to do one headline cellphone and purse from this past tense small transmission when has visited it I. This has abundance from room, access by means of your organism and is stylish. Has many pockets to go and paper crediticio or cash. Room for prpers sunglasses and such single-jump from casualidad from aspirin. Many.
4 / 5 Dalene
Has bought this such travesía and is perfect. It IS small to measure from half, as there is a no the conspiracy, no leading . Good measure for bourse, glasses, telephone, this cloth and which up. This mark to has safety joined is crowd and any must that worry in any chooses pocketing anytime. He abklappern the norm vinyl from material, as it does not have launched to somewhere.
4 / 5 Samara
HAS amour the scrawny purse liked this resist the conspiracy. This still resisted prpers iPad. Locus For all in two out pockets and much room in a principal compartment. This is to say to say a purse use for newspaper and from this travesías.
4 / 5 Adelia
HAS has prpers the doubt how any I raisin the purse usually, but is sold. A nylon the oar is uphold there sliding from the mine Slick the jacket but concealed has not been from the subject @from draw. Estimativa A price.
5 / 5 Sebrina
Tercero One from this fashion has purchased. Utmost Measure, many pockets,and Light. PLEASE do ANY MORE WHEN you colour!!!!!
4 / 5 Rossana
Well fact and as it has designed. It IS prpers daily bourse . Such only desire has been there any more when options by heart. This good gazes and are very functional.
5 / 5 Machelle
A price combo from a purse and clutch is this partorisca spends up. A fashion is pleasant and subtly. The desire was there very any more room in a purse he, but this has treated such partorisca a price.
4 / 5 Hsiu
Has liked him this can so much spend material pretty. It likes him so that it has occupied from from the pair from clearly from colours. I einschleifen surely with them visit when. Highly weiterempfehlen.
5 / 5 Jeannetta
From this second times have used this bourse, an oar is there rasgado from a bourse. Very disappointed in a quality from this Travelon bourse.
5 / 5 Mikel
Recognition the conspiracy and hate to spend the purse. I have bought this and have liked him this! It can rain or the snow and does not take wet. A no-cut the oars give peace from alcohol. It IS a purse from this travesía adds global !
4 / 5 Kenyetta
There is done amiably when required have I have i the bourse the small plus for joined has from this this Native Europeans have not leaving backpack.
5 / 5 Reda
This bourse has have the room for all has required. I do not owe that this worry in a threat from pickpocket, which all the world warns all to this long from about, reasons cual this enclosed zips and one have confirmed join. I add spent!
5 / 5 Elmira
Am enamoured with this purse. Has change to from the mine old purse this and I have the big bourse this is to say to say to weigh and when been has it I jump done all in an out like can not think that the LIGHT was. Prpers The shoulders do not hurt when I tote this and very that a purse can be ensured.
5 / 5 Olimpia
Has very bought Travelon the purses this looks for which to perfect one. A big plus is weighed that in prpers shoulder too much. This purse is perfect! Surely I can find that I require this despite, is light. I can dip the big pill in him and is still perfect!
4 / 5 Fanny
A bourse is that it sees such, done from cloth from good quality, very-designed, compact but capaciously and perfect for travesía.